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Di2 Mountain Bike Technology Explained | SHIMANO

Di2 Mountain Bike Technology Explained | SHIMANO

We sweat our way up mountains… …where our efforts are
rewarded in every pedal stroke… …corner… …and air. Always searching for new places
that our bikes can take us. It’s what moves us forward. For over ninety years Shimano’s drive to
innovate has been fueled by cyclists. We’re constantly searching for
ways to make the ride better… …for every rider. It’s what led us to Di2. Electronic shifting is another milestone
in Shimano’s legacy of innovation. Since 2009, Di2 has exceeded the
expectations of the worlds best riders. And we have the results to prove it. Race and trail tested
all over the world… …Di2 has been completely
redesigned for mountain bikers. It would be easy
to say: with Di2… …we’ve done all we could
to create the fastest… …most efficient and
dependable drivetrain. But we’re not finished innovating. It’s what moves us forward. It’s who we are. Shimano Di2… …the technology
to change your ride.

9 comments on “Di2 Mountain Bike Technology Explained | SHIMANO

  1. The key question will be, how rugged are they? could be possible to withstand a hit that bend a normal derailleur without compromising functionality? and if it does, how easy will be to repair

  2. Awesome video and audio liked seeing it thru the water. Considering for Bikepacking since the cables get bunched up when attaching gear. I will search YouTube for a better functioning video.

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