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Did Esme Young ride around topless on a motorbike? – Would I Lie to You?

Did Esme Young ride around topless on a motorbike? – Would I Lie to You?

I once spent a pleasant afternoon riding around topless
on a motorbike. LAUGHTER Oh, good for you. Hang on, where, where were you going
on this motorbike? That is the last question
I’d have thought of. LAUGHTER Wow. We’ve got different angles,
me and you, haven’t we? Quite. Indeed, yes. LAUGHTER Who were you with? A friend. Was he, was he riding and you were
at the back, or the other way round? I beg your pardon? LAUGHTER What was the man’s name, Esme? It was, erm, Phil. Phil. Phil. And what, er, relationship
were you to Phil? He was my boyfriend.
So he was your boyfriend? What, when was this? Erm… I mean, just give us
an approximation. Oh, decades ago. How many decades? Erm… Oh, no. No, what?
Don’t make her say that. All right. Which century? LAUGHTER The last century. Is that worse? Is that worse? LAUGHTER Is that worse? Definitely worse. I’m no good at these things. He’s a very, very rude man. Yes. What’s he wearing? Er, I don’t remember. Well, hold on,
let me rephrase the question. Did he have anything out? LAUGHTER Well, he had his arms out. LAUGHTER APPLAUSE Can you, first of all, tell us
why you decided to go topless? Was it just because
you were being devil may care? Well, I’d been sunbathing. Really? Right. Right. In my knickers. Just your knickers? Well, no, actually,
I had a scarf tied round my top. Oh, and then you took that off,
on the motorbike? That’s very dangerous. It could have got caught
in the wheels. LAUGHTER I tell you what, if my idea earlier would have been
that Phil had something out, he could have caught THAT
in the wheels, couldn’t he? I don’t know who this Phil is,
but he’s very impressive. You should never have dumped him. LAUGHTER So you are, you are lying,
sunbathing, and he suggests, “Why don’t we go for a spin
on the bike?” Yeah. You jump on the back of the bike, and at this point you’ve got
the improvised bra thing on. Mm. Mm. So when you start riding, it’s on. At what point in the journey did
you decide to get rid of the scarf, and where did you put it? Well, what happened is,
cos we were going so fast, the scarf fell round my waist. You were holding on to him, I guess. So you weren’t in a position
to put it back on? No. And how long did this last? About 45 minutes, an hour.
45 minutes? LAUGHTER Where was this in the world? Er, Surrey. Oh… Oh, Surrey. I know Surrey
well, whereabouts in Surrey? I think it was called Bug Hill. Right. Do you know Bug Hill?
Yeah, yeah. Oh, OK. LAUGHTER I’ll never forget, it’s where
I once saw a topless motorbiker. So I suppose, in a way, though,
they’re not totally, they’re not totally exposed
to the elements? How big ARE they? Well, I don’t know, I don’t look! LAUGHTER I tell you what, it’s a
very windy day if they’re out there. LAUGHTER That’s not very nice.
You were doing the size of them. I wasn’t going like that… You were doing this. They were… LAUGHTER I don’t know how big the scarf was. LAUGHTER I don’t know about these matters. What are you thinking, Vicki? I, I think it’s true. You think it’s true, as well?
I mean, she’s a wild child. I really enjoyed it. It felt
like an episode of Heartbeat. LAUGHTER It did a bit, didn’t it? Yeah. I’m going to go with my team, if both my team members
say it’s true… Well, it was our,
it was my gut feeling. OK, so you’re saying that it’s true? OK. Esme,
was it the truth or was it a lie? It was… ..true! Yeah! APPLAUSE

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