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Dirt Bike Riding vs Swimming Pool Jumping (Day 1950) |

Dirt Bike Riding vs Swimming Pool Jumping (Day 1950) |

(upbeat music) – Morning, guys,
welcome to the vlog. As I’ve said before,
it’s monsoon season, which means almost every day, we get a little bit of dust, a little bit of wind,
a little bit of rain something and that means Bryce has pool duty
pretty much every day, so he’s getting
into a routine now, that every time he wakes up, he comes straight downstairs, goes out to the pool,
does a skim, does a brush,
checks the chlorine tab, that sort of thing. And this morning,
Sierra decided to help him. – I’m doing my morning chores. – [Clintus] Unload
the dishwasher. Mm, today’s G Fuel flavor
of the day is peach mango. It’s really good,
it’s really good. I haven’t found,
there’s only one flavor that I don’t care for,
that’s the mystery flavor. I don’t know if
that’s partially because I don’t know what
actually flavor it is, or because it’s
really just not my favorite, but so many good
flavors, guys,, use promo code Clintus. I’ve started to
slowly phase out making a cup of coffee,
I think, come wintertime, when it’s cold out, like I might
want a hot cup of coffee, but for now, in
the summertime, man, nothing like a ice
cold G Fuel, let me tell ya. My G Fuel tower is
getting bigger and bigger. I’m missing one
tub, it’s in the trailer. Pink lemonade,
should be there on top. And then I threw
away a tub of Fazeberry, that was at Meemaw’s
house, it was expired. So that’s my
current collection of tubs, and then I’ve got a
box of Tropical Rain, and then I’ve
got packets over here just for when
I travel or whatever, take those with me, but yeah. Cherry limeade, newest
flavor, my new favorite. Lemonade is also
really good, fruit punch, grape, watermelon, those
are probably my favorites, but all, okay, seriously,
all of them are good. They’re so good,
they’re so good. – We are out of the house, eating lunch with Meemaw. Kids got a
little Johnny Rocket’s. What happened to
your shakes, guys? – Bloop. – Bloop.
– We spilled it by accident. – [Tiffany] So he’s
gonna remake the boys’ and then you got
burger and fries. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] Quite
the lunch there. – Yeah. – [Tiffany] And then us. We got Wild Fire,
waiting on that. – Ours is gonna come
with burgers, probably. – [Tiffany] Yeah, probably. Drip, drip. Happy kids right here. – Hot? – Hot. – Alright, back at
Meemaw and Papa’s house, kids are gonna go swimming, they’re excited to
use the diving board. First one in, Bryce? – [Mason] You have to
put on the sunscreen. – Do we need sunscreen? – [Tiffany] Yeah. Doi. You’re not gonna be
the first one in now. – Do we have any more sunscreen? – No. – [Bryce] I’m jumping in. Okay, first, we’ll see how much. Let’s see. 89, 90. – [Mason] Sting my face. – Pencil. (water splashing) Woo, that’s hot. – [Sierra] Does it feel good?
– [Tiffany] Oh, yeah, it is. – [Bryce] It’s 89 degrees. – [Tiffany] Alright,
who’s next, Mace? – It’s kinda cloudy. – Wait, is my
sunscreen fine though? – Wait a couple more seconds. – [Tiffany] Go. – Okay. (water splashing) (giggling) (upbeat music) – Alright, boys and girls,
I just wrapped up a conference call
and an awesome stream, so much fun, so much fun. I played
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, my current favorite game, and I played Rainbow Six
Siege for the very first time. A lot of you guys have
been asking me to play it, I’ve been putting it off,
ah, I don’t need a new game, I don’t need a new
game, finally I said, you know what,
screw it, it doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt to play it, it doesn’t hurt
to try something new, I love first person shooters, especially on the PC,
so I bought it for the PC, played it for about
an hour, hour and a half, had a lot of fun,
it’s definitely gotta get used to the gameplay and
the guns and the operators and all that stuff,
but tons of fun, and of course
Bryce loves playing it, so I might buy
it for PS4, as well, just so I can play
with him and Mason, and his friends,
but for me personally, love it on PC. Alright, so it’s
about 4:00, 4:20 ha ha 4:20, my dad, (doorbell ringing)
my dad is here, we are going dirt bike
riding once again, guys. It is cloudy, it is overcasted,
and it’s been raining off and on for the
last couple of days, so traction should be money, and dirt biking should be fun. (laughing) (engines revving) Yo, dirt bike
riding two weeks in a row with my dad, this is awesome. And after today’s ride,
we basically decided that we’re gonna make
this a weekly routine, we’re gonna
ride every Wednesday, unless one of us has
something that comes up, just we know, moving forward, the next, at least
the next month or so, Wednesdays, 3:00,
3:30, my house, going dirt bike riding. Hopefully Bryce
can make it next week. He was with Tiffany and
Sierra at Meemaws and Mason, so no ride for him this week, but maybe next week,
maybe next week. So yeah, so this is just a
couple miles from my house, and we’re able to
ride from my garage, which is nice, as
I’ve said numerous times, this is like a little track, so there’s about three,
four, five, about six berms, I think, six turns,
this one’s real sandy, this is like really
soft and mushy sand, definitely could
see Bryce falling, falling down on that one there, it’s really bumpy,
though, like this is like an old area where rivers
and canals and washes, that’s what all
these little ridges here we’re riding across,
that’s what they are. They’re like washes,
and they, there’s actually a canal, there was a
canal, that one right there, I just passed it, was a
canal, there was actually a couple stone
and cement channels, so you can see what it is, so pretty much this whole track is a series of whoops, and little, I can’t even call ’em doubles, because
yeah, I could try to jump them, but they’re not evenly spaced, and some are deeper than
others and shorter than others, so it’s just a
series of whoop sections. I mean really. Watch this right here,
it’s just wuh wuh wuh, it’s so bumpy,
and I do apologize, I didn’t realize my GoPro
had come down a little bit, my goggles must’ve
hit it putting them on, it’s tipped down
too low, I apologize, but it is what it is. But I just love the fact that I can just
chase my dad around, like he pushes me,
’cause my dad, I hate to say it, he is faster than me,
and it’s just because he knows how long he
can hold the throttle on, he trusts himself,
he trusts that bike, way more than
I trust myself and my bike. But he is faster,
so following him around on this track is
making me faster, and it’s just a matter,
it’s a combination of trust, confidence,
and just body strength. After like two
laps on this thing, as jarring as it is,
my arms are already starting to get fatigued,
and it sucks, I hate it, but so much fun. (engine revving) Decided to stop
and get off my bike, record some
video with the iPhone, I didn’t bring the camera,
but I got my iPhone, always bring my iPhone
with me, so decided to get out and get some clips of my pop, just something different,
something different angle, that sort of thing. I got dirt on my face?
I got dirt on my face. Yeah, so now I’m
gonna get back on my bike. Only one GoPro, ’cause the kids took the other
one to go swimming so one GoPro, just
my angle, good enough. So the plan is to
ride this homemade track every Wednesday,
once a week at least, minimum, for the
next, like I said, three, four, five weeks or so. And then once the temperature’s
dropped just a smidge, right as we get
to the end of August into September, and it
starts going up just a smidge, start hitting up the
ACP on like Sunday mornings, start actually hitting
the real motocross track and in preparation for my
dad and his next big race, I believe he’s got a desert race coming up in either
September or October. And then, of course, in
November, we go to San Bernadino for Glen Helen,
the world vet nationals that my dad’s gone
to now multiple times. I’ve gone with
him the last two years and I am looking forward
to going again this year, come November, I’m
very, very excited about it, so that’s the plan, guys, lots more dirt riding to come. Hoo. Another good, solid ride. This is nice,
convenient, being able to ride right from the house, and my dad only living
like five minutes away. It’s working out pretty good. And this bike surprises me each
and every time he rides it. 1990, guys. This is due for an oil
change, you can see that in the little
window, it’s nice and black. I know the air filter
is probably due as well, so we’re due for
some maintenance before the next ride. Alright, dirt bikes
are put away, My Pop just left,
time to fire up the grill for some dinner,
Tiffany’s got some chicken marinating, marinating,
so we got some chicken, and I saw some
rice, I think, maybe? I don’t know, let’s go find out. Let’s go find out what
we’re having for dinner, kids. Mommy, what’s for dinner? – [Tiffany] Back to the basics. – Back to the basics. I see waffles, are we
having waffles for dinner? – [Tiffany] Oh, no. – Back to basics,
what are basics? – Marinated chicken,
some vegetables, and some rice. – I like it, I like it. This is the basics, this is
something that we used make all the time, different brand,
chicken fried rice. – Asian? – [Clintus] Asian
medley, and what’s the chicken marinated in? – Honey teriyaki. – [Clintus] Ooh,
I like it, I like it. Okay, grill’s fired up
and ready to go. Alright, here we go,
a little Asian style cuisine. Got some teriyaki
chicken, chicken rice, steamed vegetables,
and Mommy ended up making some noodles as well. She didn’t think
we had enough food. – I know, it’s
probably too much. – [Clintus] It’s not too
much food, I guarantee it. I guarantee it. Last one at the table. Only one that got seconds. – Sierra got
seconds of rice, too. – [Clintus] Oh, did she?
Oh, okay. You’re just a slow poke. Alright, wrapped up with
dinner, just took a shower, felt pretty good, second
shower of the day, actually, and the kids are–
– It happened again, Diva– – [Clintus] Sierra’s
playing Overwatch with Mason, Bryce is watching
YouTube videos? – I was waiting
for them to finish. – [Clintus] Oh,
watching YouTube videos? – Songs. – [Clintus] Music videos? Music videos. Oh, Imagine Dragons. – Yeah. Would that be copyright? – You can go five or
ten seconds, it’s fine. Anyways, guys,
tomorrow, back to school supply shopping,
and Sierra’s open house with her new school,
her teacher, that sort of thing, so we’ll get to see her
school for the first time, she’s super excited about it,
we’re super excited about it, I don’t know what
we’re gonna show you guys, what we can show you,
we’ll do our best. Privacy and things, you know, but like I said, back to school
supply shopping for sure. So you guys get to
see what they’re bringing for the first day of
school supply-wise tomorrow. Stay tuned for
that, and vlog on. – This is Jose
from Denver, Colorado. And vlog on. (upbeat music)

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