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Benefits of cycling


– What’s up, guys? Welcome to day 1514. We’re back in the Arizona
desert to ride some dirt bikes and guess what, guys? I brought gas. (light music) That’s right, boys and girls. We’re back, ready to
get some riding done. I’m excited. The Swags will be
joining us here shortly. Tanner’s definitely riding. I don’t know about Tyler. I don’t think Tyler’s that into it and Uncle Mike, if you remember, he hurt his ankle. He’s not supposed to be riding but I think he’s going to try just because he’s a stubborn guy. We brought our EZ Up so
mommy has some shade. She packed us a cooler for
some drinks and whatnot. I got a full tank of
gas for both bikes and we are ready
to rock and roll. I’m excited. Are you excited?
Let’s get excited. The real question is are you guys excited? – Yeah. – [Clintus] Because you
didn’t ride last time and you petered out after one ride so the question is
are you going to ride? – Yes. – [Clintus] Are you ready to ride? – Yes. – [Clintus] Let’s do it then. Let’s go, come on. Then there’s mom. – I’m ready to watch. – [Clintus] You’re ready to vlog. – [Tiffany] There’s the Swags. Wait, there’s only one bike. There’s the other one. – Suited up. – [Tiffany] All suited up. – Ready to rock and roll. – [Tiffany] Somebody’s excited. – I’m excited. I’m excited because
these two actually said they wanted to ride. She said this morning, she’s like, we’re going riding with the Swags. I’m excited. She’s actually excited to ride and look at her, she’s
the first one geared up. I’m excited. – [Bryce] I forgot. – [Voiceover] There you go. – [Tiffany] You having fun? – [Bryce] Sierra, are
you in first or second? – Second. – [Clintus] What’s up, guys? Back with some more
dirt bike action. Yeah, are you excited? I’m excited, man. We’ve been riding
a little more often than we had in the past and I feel like because of it, we have this momentum going. The kids are riding, I’m riding and I even got to
a point where I was, you know what, screw it. Kids don’t want to ride. I don’t care. You guys are going
to go sit in the desert and watch me ride then
because I want to ride and so this is just
the first of many rides and of course we have
the Swags with us now so that’s going to be
a little push for us to ride more often because now we have
somebody to call up and say, hey, let’s go riding. Alright, cool, let’s
go riding this weekend. This is just the first of
many rides with the Swags. I’m looking forward to it. – [Bryce] Uncle Mike
looks so big on it. – [Tiffany] You’re crazy. – See that, guys?
That was second gear. He shifted to second gear. Listen, you might hear third. Listen. – [Clintus] So Bryce
definitely rides faster and harder than Sierra. That’s why he crashes
more than Sierra. Sierra’s never really actually
crashed on this bike ever because she takes it safe, she plays it safe. Even though she rode a
lot longer than Bryce, she rode almost 40,
45 minutes total. Bryce only rode for about 10. Bryce rides harder and so he was in third
gear most of the time. He probably could have
kicked it up to fourth. He might have. I don’t know, it’s hard
to keep track of the gears when watching this back. It’s hard to count them all but I mean, he found his speed. He found, this is as
fast as I want to go so regardless of
whatever gear he was in, at this point really,
it doesn’t matter. I hate the fact that people
try to count the gears. Oh, he’s only in second gear. Oh, he needs to shift. He’s riding as fast as
he wants to ride, guys. Everyone just needs to chill out but he definitely rode
on more different trails. He likes going over these jumps even though he’s
not getting any air. He just enjoys riding on
more difficult terrain where Sierra enjoys the flat stuff. You see here in this clip, he actually goes off the trail and likes to do these drop offs. He did all these little drops. Tiffany was like, oh,
he’s a little daredevil because he just kind
of went off road but he definitely rides harder, faster and he’s definitely getting
his confidence built up. He loves it. – [Tiffany] This kid is getting daring, getting brave. Look at you, daredevil. Getting all crazy. You’re doing good. – I can’t hear you. – [Tiffany] You’re doing good. – Good? You in third? I heard it. Third gear, guys. Third gear. After riding these last two times, I definitely feel like I’m ready to go back to the motocross track and going back to
Canyon and whatnot. Giving myself another
couple of laps. Not only do I have my
confidence built up, I also feel like I’ve got
a little more stamina. I can ride longer. Granted, I’m not, riding out in the desert
doesn’t wear you out nearly as much as the track. I mean, after two
laps on the track, my arms are spaghetti.
You know what I’m saying? The third lap is brutal trying to hold onto the bike whereas out here in the desert, a lot of it’s smooth, flat, whatnot. I open it up right here, I get it to fifth gear
but it’s pretty flat. It’s pretty narrow. It’s not like you’re using
a whole lot of energy when you’re on flat stuff like this but it’s still fun. I still really enjoy
riding the desert and more than anything, it was just a cool
place to bring the Swags and the kids because it’s so open and there’s so much area
to just kind or ride around and it’s not all boring. There are a couple table tops. There’s a couple little
jumps, little bumps, lot of drop offs like this one right here. It’s actually like a triple drop and I can just hit it and
ride over the whole thing but following Sierra around, like I said earlier, Bryce is definitely
more daring than her. She pretty much took
it easy most of the day but she rode longer than Bryce. She rode for almost an hour combined of all
the times together. – Shing shing shing. – Sierra. – They’re good for fighting and they’re good for a snack. – Sierra, fight. Ow, geez, that actually hurt. – [Clintus] I went a little
further out on this trip and found this little mini track. I mean, I wouldn’t even call it, it’s a track because it’s closed. That’s the only reason I call it a track. It had a couple of
whoops right there, kind of like a
little triple rhythm but really small though for a mini bike or something and then just this one little berm and not much really. I just like exploring
and finding new paths and so this was definitely
one of the paths but this is probably the coolest part. Riding with Mike. I’m excited. Like I said, when I heard
the Swags were getting bikes, I was like, really? They’re getting bikes? Let’s do this. Let’s go. And so it’s cool because it
brings me back to my days with my brothers. Right? I have somebody
to follow around and you naturally
want to push yourself when you’re riding with somebody
because now it’s like, I’m going to keep up with him, he’s going to try and
keep up with me and we both naturally
make each other better and so this was cool, putting around with him. We’re not going very fast.
It doesn’t matter. Mike is still getting
used to the bike and building up his, plus, he’s got an injured leg. He shouldn’t even be riding. This part right here
we kind of hook it up. I probably would have gone faster but I was not on the road. See, here, I’m actually
off on the side of the road and I didn’t know if there
was anything in front of me like drop offs, caverns,
rocks, that kind of thing so I didn’t quite go
as fast as I wanted to but this is another trail that I found. This actually is the road. It takes you to the main road and once I get out of
the sand right here, man, I hook up all the
way to fifth gear and this road was a smooth road. This was actually nice to
hook up on with this bike and just floor it. And then this is
the trail that runs alongside the main highway. I didn’t want to go too far just because they didn’t
know that’s where I went and I was kind of by
myself and far enough away that they couldn’t
hear me scream. But this is definitely
something that I want to explore next time we’re out
here riding for sure. – [Tiffany] He’s on the Swags’ bike. – So of course, I wanted to take an opportunity
to ride one of the 250s when we’re out
here with the Swags just to solidify my
decision of buying a 450 because when I bought
my 450 and I went riding, the first couple videos I made, there was a ton of hate in
the comments section saying, you should have got a 250, man. You’re not even riding
that 450 to its potential. Ugh, you wasted your money. Blah blah blah. And I can confidently
tell you guys now that I made the right choice. I like the 450 way
better than this 250. I like having the extra power. I can ride that bike to its potential. I have ridden it to its
potential in the right locations. I’m just not pushing myself and riding as fast as I can
at every possible moment because I don’t want to crash. I don’t want to hurt myself because if I break an arm and I can’t edit the vlogs, I’m screwed and
you guys are screwed. Really, the 250 I had to shift a lot more. The gears are shorter. There’s not as much power. There’s not as much snappiness. I like my 450 way better and really at the end of the day, third gear on a 450 versus fifth gear on a 250, what’s the difference? The speed’s the same. Just took me more work to get there so I’m good. 450 all day, for the win. Alright, guys, we have
made our way back home. Showered. In chill mode. Bryce is watching
“The Bachelorette” with Tiffany. Sierra is watching
“Star Wars: A New Hope” in here in her room.
I love it. And I am going through email. Ton of email came through today. Busy work stuff and I’ve been busy
doing non-work things so anyways, I’m catching up on my work and then I go to edit this vlog because tomorrow is
going to be crazy. So many things to do tomorrow. – What are we doing?
– Last day of school. – I got to get the trailer and get the trailer
loaded up for our trip. We’re leaving for a week or so. But anyways, both these
guys went riding today. They both did fantastic. Bryce didn’t ride a whole lot but he reminded us that he
was riding fast and hard and that’s what tired him out but you had fun, right? – Mhm. – Yeah? You enjoyed it? And this little girl, she went riding a
couple different times. She ride for 20 minutes and then come back and chill and then got back on the
bike another 20 minutes and came back out so it was cool and she was looking really good. Watching her take turns
and slowing down and stuff, you did really good, Sierra. I’m very proud of you. And they both shifted and they both went up
and down the gears. They both went into third gear. Bryce may,
did you go into fourth? – Third.
– You stayed in third, okay. – I was thinking about it. – Me too. I was like,
I don’t know, should I? – They’re ready. But they got it, guys. They got this. Everyone just needs to chill
out in the comment section. Okay? Alright? But yeah, once we get back from our trips and everything, maybe July, we’ll maybe look for
another bike for these guys. Get a second one so
they can ride together. Try out a four stroke, see if it’s the way we should go. Honestly, you both are
getting the two stroke. – She gets the, if you get a new one,
I get the new one. – Well, that’s what
I’m saying though. You guys are getting
the hang of it. I think we’ll get the four stroke, you might like it but
you might be like, I actually kind of
like the two stroke because it’s a very different bike. But anyways, guys,
we’re going to call it a night. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video,
be sure to give it a thumbs up. Tap the “i” in the sky. Where’s that at? Over there?
Is it right there? It’s right there, guys.
Tap the “i” in the sky for the last four years’ videos and we’ll see you guys tomorrow for the last day of school as we pack up the
trailer and the bikes and head up north. Bye. – Vlog on.
– Vlog on.

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