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Dirt Bike Trail Riding Tips- Rocks

Dirt Bike Trail Riding Tips- Rocks

I’m so stoked welcome to this week’s
episode of dirt grinder today we’ve made it over a world all ten miles from a
little town of Avery here in Idaho and this trail here that I’m just showed you
that I just came down there we’re about to head up to start the ride today is
trail called long Liz very very gorgeous trail ties into the squad creek trail
system hopefully I’m really hoping we can get
to she foot mountain top today because I really want to get you guys some footage
of that so let’s go ahead I got the truck we got the bike we’re ready to go
I just got to get the gear on we’re going to start out on the trail so let’s
go ahead and get this started I’m going to keep you guys along I do have another
GoPro I’m going to try it out today so we’ll see how that goes and hopefully
it’s better for you guys and we have a little bit more stabilization other than
that I’m super stoked let’s go ahead and get on the trails so I’ll talk briefly about it they
talked about it briefly in my a very original video on this channel about
cardio conditioning and off cement how you
you can improve coming into the riding season well no matter how much you train
no matter how much you work there’s always going to be times when just going
to terrain or the situation that you’re in is going to be above and beyond your
training okay you can’t train for every type of situation same with basketball
football anything like that you can’t train exactly to what you can get close so when you get out and you start riding
more and you start putting in more time on the bike that’s when you’ll finally
realize more of your conditioning chicken so practice practice practice
guys seed time I said it’s multiple different kinds of videos getting out being on the bike that’s what it takes Oh well you guys I hope you’ve enjoyed the
video so far we made it most of the way not quite the full way up to the chief
foot mountaintop that I plan to take you guys to today you can see on the trail
the snow begins right here I’ve been dealing with snow up to this point as
well it only gets deeper right up there but I
want to take a moment here to stop I want to show you guys something so you
can see the camera is not going to do justice let’s see if we can get it to
focus here so this basically this giant hill right
here is covered with these rocks now I’m sure if you guys are watching this
channel so you guys love the outdoors you love enduro you love hard enduro you
probably watch the erzbergrodeo last weekend and I guarantee you that this
type of stuff you come across when you’re out on the trail I’m gonna show
you here me going up this like I said I wish the camera did justice but
obviously we got to do what we got to do here so basically I want to walk up and
quick here with you guys and kind of show you what I’m talking about so going
up here you could see like right here I’ll put my foot next to this rock like
that’s the size of that rock and they only get bigger when you get up here so
the cool part is when you see me in the video here cut his thing steep and it’s
crazy that you guys when you see this you’re going to be like this shit looks
easy but so now you get to like these rocks and you can see my foot on that
one so right here all this rock stuff right here you got a little patch of
dirt but it’s this isn’t steep there this isn’t shallow you guys like this is
steep so one of the things I want to talk about is if you come across
something like this maybe you happen to be riding along a trail and you just see
something like this and you want to test your ability see I’m going to show you
me kind of going up it and going it down it and from a couple different angles
here what’s really cool is what I’ve talked about in previous videos clutch
control how you distribute your weight I haven’t got a whole lot into that but I
will eventually hear how you distribute your weight on the bike how you maneuver
as far as putting your weight on which fit peg you need to feathering that
clutch with your left hand sorry I’m a little bit tired here walking up it’s
crazy but um yeah I’m going to show you guys me
kind of going up in going down it and hopefully I can kind of explain a little
bit of it I’ll put it maybe with some audio here after the fact it’s a little
bit harder to do I’m not good enough to be able to talk and ride up this really
technical stuff at the same time so I’ll add some audio later hopefully you guys
enjoy it but I just had to show you guys the type of terrain here and this is
what the guys at Erzberg do Karl’s diner all that this is the stuff they do but
with bigger rocks than these you’re having like all these big ones here in
the middle like that’s what you’re seeing them go over so I hope you guys
like it like I said I’ll put some audio with it and I’ll show you guys what it’s
all about so as you’re working through rocks one
of the biggest things is lying chase once you’ve established a line choice
you want to make sure that you’re up on the pegs using your body and weight to
maneuver around to keep that bike beneath you as you’re ascending or
descending clutch controls huge you’re either
slipping that clutched to maintain the most traction you can as you’re cutting
through these rocks working up or working again look at this beauty you
guys this is absolutely fantastic this is what I love about North Idaho maybe
you live in California maybe live on the east side and you’re in the Appalachian
Mountains but the Rocky Mountains have some
fantastic views and the terrain is unreal you got rocky stuff like this
which we’re about to go to the top here I’m going to show you a quick take some
photos up there but this is just phenomenal I can’t even explain and have
you grasped how amazing this is unless you were standing right here next to me
unreal see that mountain over there I want to
get to the top of that that would be so freakin cool man
so cool unreal absolutely unreal small little
Lake down there crazy crap goddamn I’m feeling baby
then I’m into matches my mind is living on gloves on and this night is never
over guess you start up that Maserati improve room iRacing popping pills and
I’ll be afraid they don’t bother naked and I praise you niggas this agent
shooters go out to do this Jesus Christ I’m a little late for my knees ain’t no
need to do this park it in front of Lord

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  2. In the beginning when you were running down that little single track , I thought a bear was going to be chasing you ….( ha ) !

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