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another beautiful day in North Idaho dirt grinder here today’s video sole purpose is to basically talk about conditioning cardio and seat time on a dirt bike coming to the enduro season spring here in North Idaho has become a challenging time from each I guess you would say your offseason in the wintertime coming into the spring the one you’re talking about you’re out of shape you’re never in shape enough that you think you are when it comes to these mountains and a big part of it is your seat time your balance your arms all the muscles that you use typically when riding dirt bike and riding trail riding or not getting used in the winter therefore they lack come springtime it’s a building process you got to build those back up get them ready for the summer so today’s video that’s something I want to kind of harp on you can see I started out on the ride today probably made it about two miles into the ride before I came across a tree so I decided to stop here and talk a little bit about what you can do to improve your riding coming into the summer maybe in that offseason if you live in areas where this winter or you take a break and you need to build back up riding dirt bike you’re going to notice that a lot of it especially in trail riding um to include I guess motocross as well there’s a lot of obstacles that are going to present you and into those obstacles is having enough cardio and endurance to press through and continue to press on I myself use the insanity program very easy to do by the DVDs you can run them from DVD player at home you got your bedroom living room something you got enough space to open it up just for a little base to where it’s all cardio and conditioning on body weight there’s plenty of programs out there there’s p90x want to buy resistance bands things like that a little bit of weights and go that route or just simply going out and running doing a little calisthenics push-ups sit-ups different things like that will help train your core your upper body and things like that that you’re going to use quite a bit when you’re riding my bike shifting back and forth another big thing is just mental preparation for the season visualizing and knowing the routes that you’re going to take and how to pick lines and stuff like that that’s a big key when it comes to ride throughout the video you’ll see on the trail that I wrote today I’ll have a little bit of footage here for you the different obstacles that you present yourself it’s just being ready you know get in that attack stance shoulders up chest up elbows out just over the front of the bars knees slightly bent in that tack position so that way you’re prepared have a tree Rock written from a tree um rut anything like that hits you you can avoid it or happen to press through it whatever you got to do just a few of the writing tips there you can see I got my gear set up I got the GoPro mounted on the helmet always take a backpack with a few little tools especially if you’re going out by yourself like I am today I do do a lot of riding by myself throughout the year typically if there is somebody else it’s usually one other buddy to other buddies you know and I for the most part will have a pack there for them bring water stay hydrated it’s a big thing I can suggest other than that let’s get back into riding I’m going to talk about some tips and tricks while you’re riding nothing too fast today it is the first part of the year just getting back and getting into the groove of things let’s go this is the first time that I’ve been on this trail this year it’s a pretty nice trail not too technical not too difficult I don’t know how far we will make it snow I know our stopping point of it kind of stand right on top right now so we didn’t make it through that way too much snow still a little bit too early so plan is we’re going to try to get back to another trail maybe we can see if we get up that one the hard part about the spring there’s a whole lot of snow thats off in a lot of spots where you get into these type corners they’re tucked back in these valleys the Sun never gets back in there so so snow just sits makes it tough when you’re out riding we are I made it over to the other trail 103 we’ll see what we can do on this one I know this one it’s been a while and I’ve been on it man these trails like this especially the first part of the year you get a little bit of get a little bit of water on the snow runoff thats what I love about these types of trails not to crazy I do have the brand-new tire on the Kenda equilibrium but I do have the Kinda Equilibrium on tire brand new so far I’ve had about maybe 10 miles on it’s all and boy do I love it fantastic tire think I can make it up here man the beginning of the year you don’t really realize how winter time will really throw you out of a loop as far as conditioning wise the perfect example right there you can see where I came up around that berm and there’s a tree across you’re in that attack position you’ll be prepared sometime for objects like that so that’s that’s things you got to worry about when riding on a dirt bike so part of cardio when riding is when you’re in that attack position you’re not using your arms as much anymore because they’re bent you’re relying on more of your legs to absorb the shock of different things then whether it be rut rocks whatever you give your legs that those shock absorbers that they need to be when riding it’ll help speed up your time as well as provement improve your riding abilities as you start riding more and you start doing that more you’ll become more comfortable it’ll be a little more natural as you’re riding going downhill get back your ass over that rear that backseat come down like that you come into a safe spot lock up that back tire that corner staying here you’re coming in tight applying a little bit of touch on the front brake locking up the back coming around you got a berm it’ll sit in that berm it’s almost like motocross riding when you come to a corner you’ll have that berm that you can just set that tire and switchback lock up that back tire cruise around that a lot of fundamentals but what I do is I dab that don’t pop that there we go so you just dab in that clutch in that front brake just a little bit if you need to slow slow down lock up that back tire on the corner especially coming downhill you can slide it right in there basically at the berm for you you listen to my motor I run it a little bit higher here there’s a tight one so I run in a little bit higher of a gear you can see I stalled it out there run it in a little bit higher of a gear just so when it comes down and into certain things I can get on it can you lug that motor a little more two-strokes can do that really well a little bit different on four stroke but okay so you gotta see you got a hard switch back here all back tire stay standing up lug that motor out of that you don’t want to get spinning and different things like that so you’re trying to avoid getting stuff like this I don’t know if the camera will do justice but you’re decent size ruts don’t you want to try to avoid getting a cross rut going on cross ruts can be a pain in the ass when you’re riding so I’ll either get in get out like right on a ridge of a rut and hopefully it will keep you in it what have you right here this looks pretty deep in the middle trying to avoid that one thank you guys so much for watching this week’s episode of dirt grinder please if you would hit that subscribe button hit that like button that’s how we can build this channel and promote content in the future I look forward to hearing from you guys and stay tuned for upcoming episodes

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