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DIY Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial – Finger Knitting

DIY Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial – Finger Knitting

Hi everybody, this is Jessica from
and Bespangled Jewelry. Today I’m going to show you how to make a
cool chunky woven bracelet from an old T-shirt. To make your t-shirt yarn, first cut off the
bottom hem of the shirt using sharp fabric scissors. Fold your shirt in half vertically and then
cut straight across to make strips about an inch to an inch-and-a-half wide. The wider
the strips, the thicker and chunkier the bracelet. I’m using strips about 1 inch wide. When you
open up the strips, you’ll have a loop which we’ll need to cut. And I’m going to show you how to connect ends
together to make a continuous piece of t-shirt yarn that we can use to make our bracelet. First overlap two of the ends facing each
other by about half an inch. Fold them in the middle and snip with the scissors to make
a hole in both of the pieces. Now overlap them again the same way. The piece
that’s on top – grab the tail end and from underneath, pull it up through both holes
all the way and pull it tight. Now I have done this one more time so I have
three strips of t-shirt yarn connected together for a total of about 8.5 yards – a little
bit over 100 inches, which is going to make a bracelet woven on three fingers, which I’m
going to show you how to do. First you will grab one end of the strip with
your thumb and pull the long end between your first and second fingers, in front of your
middle finger, behind your ring finger, in front of your pinky and around, then in front
of your ring finger, behind your middle finger, then make one big loop around all three fingers,
and then pull the loops over that new big loop and slide your fingers back through. And this is what’s going to create the weave.
And you do that again – make one big loop around all three fingers and pull the loops
up and over and your fingers go back through to create the weave. Now you just keep repeating this over and
over checking your tension every once in awhile. This is a little bit like knitting or crochet
where your tension determines how even your braiding is. Now this type of weaving can also be done
with two fingers or four fingers – the four finger weave is going to give you an even
thicker bracelet and two fingers will give you a thinner one. I’m showing you this with 3 fingers – it’s
basically the same technique, you would just loop around a different number of fingers
in the beginning. So now I’ve done this about four or five times,
I’m going to let go of the piece I’m holding with my thumb and pull it. You’ll see the
weave is starting to develop here. Pull it tight and you can continue with the
same process – looping around all three fingers and pulling the smaller loops over and your
fingers through. And keep doing that until you have only about
4 or 5 inches left. Now, I sped up the video here so I am already done and I’ll show you
how to finish this off. Carefully slide the loops off your fingers,
making sure you keep them intact. And bring that tail around and through all
three of the loops and pull it tight and that’s going to make a nice secure knot. Now we can just tie these ends together in
a double knot. You don’t have to make it so you can untie this knot because the bracelet
is going to be stretchy so it should fit over your hand without having to untie it. Now I’m going to tie this one into a bow and
then just trim off the ends. And that’s it, we’re all done, we have a cool
bracelet that was woven from an old t-shirt! I hope you had fun and I’d love to see you
again soon! You can find me at for more free jewelry tutorials or visit my bead shop on Etsy at Thanks for watching!

63 comments on “DIY Jersey Knit T-Shirt Bracelet Tutorial – Finger Knitting

  1. this video was SO useful! My friend and i saw these on Pintrest and wanted to try them-the instructions given on the link were pretty confusing and we really had no clue what we were doing. I clicked on your video and it was extremely helpful, clear, and very simple steps clarified what to do.Thanks so much!

  2. Me too! The other video was longer and just had too much going on. This video however, was simple and easy to follow. I actually made my bracelet while watching the video a second time. It didn't come out as pretty, but that is because I cut my t-shirt all crazy.

  3. Keep trying, you'll get it! I didn't get it right the first few times either :/ At first the weaving part is confusing and it's hard to get the tension even, but with a little practice it becomes really easy. Don't give up!

  4. Cool idea and well done video, but you are not braiding or weaving…This is finger knitting. When people don't use the correct terminology, it becomes very confusing, and new learners don't know which is which.

  5. in Hawaii its called a finger lei we use yarn and we make it as leis for people who just graduated. I thought its cool how cultures overlap

  6. This won't work with a non-stretchy fabric. If you are using a stretchy fabric but it's still not working try making the loops a little looser! Keep trying – I didn't get it right the few times either. It takes a little practice 🙂

  7. I would love to, thanks for asking! I'll try to make a new project in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it already, I do have another cool T-shirt yarn bracelet tutorial. You can find it in my Upcycled/Recycled/Repurposed Jewelry Tutorials playlist 🙂 (link above in the 'about' section.)

  8. I already watched a bracelet tutorial like this from alejandra styles, but it look so complicated… but this video is more helpful.. thanks!

  9. After I made a few of these, my fingers got a little chaffed, and I had an idea.  I used a wooden salad/pasta pal (looks like a wooden hand with 5 fingers).  And I used a staple pull (not the jaw type, but the stick kind) to loop the yarn and tighten it.  My hands feel much better!  Love this idea!  Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. I love these bracelets!!! They are so cute…but mine always go wobbly…with SO many holes and knots…..Ha ha! Silly me…I've got to get more experienced right? Anyways…love the tutorial…:) 

  11. Woaw ..I really have to try making it .it looks great maybe tomorrow
    ..its a good gift for my friends this Christmas ..its cool and not common .
    Thanks for the tutorial. I love it.

  12. I really appreciate this video. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I'm gonna try this for my sis btd gift. 😊😊☺️

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