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DIY Learn How to Make Easy T Shirt Infinity Scarf Tshirt Recycle Summer Clothing Clothes Crafts

DIY Learn How to Make Easy T Shirt Infinity Scarf Tshirt Recycle Summer Clothing Clothes Crafts

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from Today I’m going to show you how to make infinity scarves from t-shirts. These are easy and fun to do. The first
type of infinity scarf I’ll show you is one that you just wrap around your neck
once. To do this you’ll need a child size t-shirt like a small, medium, or large. Cut
the bottom hem off the tee shirt first. Next make a cut across the shirt right
under the sleeves. Use just this lower section of the t-shirt. Open up the
t-shirt and really stretch it. And there you have it… easy infinity scarf! I like to take a couple
of t-shirts, cut them the same way and layer them together. Add a pin for a complete look. If you
like your infinity scarf longer, I’d suggest going with a larger size t-shirt –
such as a 5x. And it’s the same process – start by cutting off the bottom hem. Sometimes it helps to fold the t-shirt
in half before cutting under the arms to get a really straight cut. Stretch it out
good and then wrap it twice to wear around your neck. By the way, you can get more information
at my website The next scarf I’ll show you has a fringe on the
end. You’ll start off the same way with cutting off the bottom seam – then cutting
across right underneath the sleeve area. Keep this top section for other t-shirt
video projects of mine. To add fringe at the bottom of the scarf, use your scissors to cut through both
layers of fabric. You can make small fringe or large fringe. Once completed, stretch each piece of
fringe to lengthen it. If you want you can add some beads to
the end of your fringe – pony beads work great for this. Insert a bead or two – or
three – onto the fringe then tie a knot or two at the end to secure the bead. Another option is to cut fringe on both
sides of your scarf – the top opening and the bottom opening. And if you want – you
can add beads to the ends as well. By the way to view this video in other
languages click on the closed caption link on YouTube and turn on subtitles.
From there you can choose from over 100 different languages. I hope this video has helped you! To get
updates of my brand new videos, click on the subscribe button on my YouTube
channel. Check out the description of this video for more information. And
please visit for more tips tricks on Creative,
Self-Sufficient Living!

17 comments on “DIY Learn How to Make Easy T Shirt Infinity Scarf Tshirt Recycle Summer Clothing Clothes Crafts

  1. Great idea!  Great way to recycle t-shirts or purchase from thrift stores. Great way also to use up extra pony beads left over from previous crafts.  Looks like these are stretchy t-shirts.  Thanks.

  2. Great idea!!! I can re-use my t-shirts without feeling guilty about getting rid of them. Some of them have been worn for a long time and the color isn't as great as it used to be but I dye them and do this instead. Thank you! 🙂

  3. porque si me suscribi no me llega nada de lo que subes ya tenia tiempo que no te encontraba …me gusta todo lo que haces

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