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DIY Online Training I lipo4 – Electric Bike Battery Making 24 volt 18 Ah 350 Watts I  Tamil I MMI

DIY Online Training I lipo4 – Electric Bike Battery Making 24 volt 18 Ah 350 Watts I Tamil I MMI

automobile humming train with the
channel Cory opera Indiana with the video and a pocket barometer la piwo 4th
latane IAM Poirot prospect batteries funny
come on dopa Deena 24 volt rated 3 watts motor good when Bertha career 24 volt 18
amps battery on G num want to patina see the condo market Ariana battles get it
off hollondon ninguna a pataga the tinium I am battery among the pod a
told patty ampere batteries here they’ve been done and it was a a delay on the
budino give a yell a TiVo for the tinium para prospect around animal introduced
one drop and the battery on the página 3.7 voltage easily imaginative on the
battery voltage I want to bring a 3 point 7 volt 2 point 5 ampere either
window patina 3.2 voltage 6 ampere in the battery of
the air capacity what about the very cute photo votive no I remember the
banana gate circuit or mana battery have some links or La Nina battery testing
insulin have been cylinder 11 become a clock depend upon opening Edina battery
on the unimaginable phenomena along the plastic piece London fix fondo don’t
nobody know marble on the clamping hold Roman IV the cramping Aldrin numata cian
whatever been drama dream a motor connectivity and the battery was scared
of it strong both are on the page numbers if I hear it a fully a battery
on this 3.2 volt battery terminal if I hear hear but three point two volts have
enough come on dopey nyira what do you know Holly I’m sitting I’m on do a
battery on the Apollo but 3.1 3.2 24 volt 8/3 fine – organ budino number
comes over dinner and someone find something with it I’m gonna hear
anything one day I’m on dude series so far alone do but you know number 18
Amsterdam of the table to ATMs number number number battery only three point
two volts exams for more moreover I’m gonna go on the parallel
dollar water so 3.2 voltage exams battery a nomicon the patina get into
mourning get to seriously I won’t on the parallel track burning up you know what
they need about kilala battery so you know what canal about in a mold a look
at a manhole to check funny what you know here what now the battery voltage
check funny watch attabi now again only the plastic fisher is moving nah it’s on
the plastic piece in the key later with you know the melody with you know a
buddy connect pony cut it down the buddy matt fix around if I had a commode in
our Walden gatina humble opened a shake on it
when I’m a on the and very good what wrong Ryan Abunda tell you what wrong
yeah and stick away chrome I’ve been getting enough now my nickels the part
is a big burly shake armor come on being ready for another question amusement of
par they around the burden egg on para montar fix him under the ground a
Madonna I’m only the plastic be some kind of
found the body now holiday others on helium one day
martin O’Malley car park not read not even a poem on arm piece watch it all
yellow in the Mortimer on the body enough innovation on the battery we
cannot model change paramo one day plus say
mornin a la pagina dreamers morning mayor Eddie on the patina parallel stomp
let’s say again on the budino seriously – it harder today see this
seriously plus a serious car – a day Emily continued on drama hard rock yeah
I’m gonna do you know morning my peril a again I mean seriously when the video on
the total number who VM was very clean a pretty fixed wanna know I’ve been to the
very genome on the Bigelow children any other for the pouring me about the
Ronnie no move for you know number and a pond already on the online a removal of
on the Celestra it’s for grabbin Allah hey Barry to
freelance only fully the manner cousin all about the pudding no need animo I’m
home roots all raw cat ignite the bathtub Edina and I’m on the parallel
Emunah again fixed one drop plus it minus a
plus C minus a plus minus a plus C last armory more on the Bernina – la Marie
so the ARA numata como de mundo para la get this seriously more Tommy you know
what Tina Ella battery a pioneer around oppa Deena
one day I’m a bad accounted original atheneum para phosphate battery Lentini
a Mayan battery aware of the safety Honorable it does the term the patina
Atheneum ion battery on the patina Indians in so voila
and then atheneum iron battery on the patina goo look one day I ate and every
cycle gonorrhea now the nickel Macanese cobalt oxide in
I and um Syria lithium battery Oriya full form if we doing the patina and yet
no recycles our other way continue for a phosphate in love being
sold on back live and layer for for a mission solo even the patina and I
recycle order so in the battery on the bottom up from bow useful long ago but
price Punja past vida a lot of um I’ve been getting on you remember shake one
over play pawnography correct Tao Cara Delevigne a plastic
whirring now or plastic on the budding enough then do bad things and amar your
piece Toro adequate at the town they are living on
the move polarizing I love it so not other will last how brother Doug
Anderson wave a pate pack bonito but the battery
pack okay perfect each one amount of Edina liquid further control Nichols
Aldrin Delma – rest and foie gras so Nichols are on the Unreal morpholino
nickel nickel plate down the Amazon dimensionless alternative apocalyptic
allopathy in our area faster – er para una modal Dom model upon drop a
permit serious remember the video alone will battery
pack up every point of the winter come on lay down the patina fell upon
the same arrival a commercial little tip to toe
it’s a bone dry nearly Pacino my institution of a little bit of bomb I
put even the padding in a motel 600 a retrofitting so long
are they briefed in front of it they mail it in iam battery pack and they say
that they have been selected now noir I’m gonna or a good Amish a
little more hungry that the pine without even come under quarterback I’m gonna go
on the Miriam will look at raining tail but it’s up Dana I’m a description look
at Becca come but I get Falcon they’re gonna mark I am the only way and okay to
go wrong I mean the video around the photo is
became on a carbonyl the Felicia nil nada Varga no moto alarm a winter that
idea and out at the game or not to lean whenever will rue economy Bindra
Villanova the comida I mean the kernel Illinois YouTube logo rock painting a
YouTube channel up on this other offer on that subscribe button made of them commander Munna Caleb oh
come on partner I’m Alto da bomb woman a bitch at the carnival come over like a
portable the alarm on the barrel Medici a lot no no no – it’s funny get down
bring up all of them again oh no no seriously
either one day here come on the spot welding imported agree we should later
I’m here at the game is gonna be enough he told old battery Leandre Artyom
saloon Davina are running people serious fun moto moto number one upon a No Carl
and I have been getting up I’m up lick number on the Pertamina para la oreja
mundo serious over here double Amado Guevara on the room but governor MA
Madonna Mu Sigma Rock positive-negative where the winner would get the other the
perigee we’ll put in a backup date repeat on repeated are they now – plus
it if on the budino all of it hey ray dia on the seriouser connection editor
the EDM already back original suspect frontal area i’m Bakula rich Trombino a
dramatic move on the battery line on the Rambla the back left roller which is dead again
on the body never printed on the dog rental on the right seller nomicon w na
plus epsilon the body no – Lee on the – Ida would attach a plus zero times and I
ramble mm and I’m Walter on there I’m a lava on the comes red at the bar for
another other we did not develop a mondo budino an excel strip poker a whole idea Maria Richmond sexy arena y
el abandoned video let’s say they said what no – Elliot didn’t went on back my
mother answer idlers ever serious money upon again are they muddy back left
Rolando but Nina a color this is one total on the Bernina is done serious
connection peril already monitor a pond a bit again seriously
he put on my end up on Oberon RW arena fastest algorithm abroad he found the
render wire plus Sigma warrior oh we’re done – gear to the bar oh yeah Brina
running the plus way everyone know on the patina power output power input
another charging length plus one the budding enough power left branded given
AMA battery set upon it a battle a over Lowell towards a nama set money and then and you know with the auto
pulley world world when the g20 6.1 so now market area none of it 24 old
enough 26 point on wall donuts he found opener in the plus or minus 8 o clock
for room – literally me immerses the lane baa baa here by the negative I’m
gonna be in on only when the plus 6 or a plus so on day 4 – in a radio edit a
video come to bbm explaining it in a much you know we’re shot owada Mary
Carol economy degree borrow tender place where everyone would a place on the body
not charging go you know replace waiver on the patina power gone rather water
level you know the charging port before be a muscle on the body not be a massive
authority with only 88 series DMS is a if I go in the water plus C or – not
olive oil white clover soon Arabia muscle on the body my River if I eat
alone the birthing in a now my give order c’mon renderware blue it either on
the patina 103 – you know the sea – now the P – n to the power minus a c-minus
obtained redundant but in a charging – hippo number the – sir battery low love
– a a to the debate a C – around a battery – knee – left foot of the day
again see – at the Villa Woodrow I think abrupt E – power – a to be renewed meet
wanna end up on draw getting getting enough and the BMS Lola wait color wire
101 I reckon I’m gonna faster dead dead at the plus layer again on the editor
wait on the Regina upwards rather one two three Illya nabina first stone the
budino 103.2 volt ape add a circle over mole 3.2 volt say Bobby Knight 6.4 World
War and I Mary Mary my room number plus selenium will Amal – no alarm reduce
central animal the BMS Lena program seriously a centerline aluminum okuru
bro in a seriously render bucket lay in human world during war era para window
Maloney close to the Sun I could add a medium will add at a developer over here
today we live in the world the character or being a grandmother put it on the
model on the 3.2 again edit on the patina or 3.2 upon them will 9.6 volt on
throw again over 3.2 I’m going to 12.8 one throw and oversee the screwball are
the gutters on the by the Yuna and 16 other got up to date 1990 any other go
pregnant 22 again on into patina 25.6 so in the
BM muscle on the number 24 old account Center on the mechanic you know twenty
five point six hundred Robo perfection agaric keep on my Honda but they gonna
be a mass Lane will put it on Grover no last two minus seven of the last two –
logo to the top before plus I go to the door and all a beam are stained and
America if on Amana heat shrink tube blown then I’m about the hedge state
sink went wrong Nirmala heatsink t1 the oregano used for
probability enough technique warmer garden idea plus 1 where n the vorlons
are said to DOM and commanded the TV is gone wrong LF I think now on malaria I
will have on the charging Lane one de la montaña charging line on the patina very
ready to drop or see – Lindo DMS lover over at left
P – C – B – battle ever over – among the battery leo adding the where apply for
Don beehner charge will and Overman charge good – OH
power good – I forgot charge all around a number called
opening a charging socket rounded charger – you render +1 on the battery
levels no other than own a toboggan saga and now the power second round of Athena
for the server over here to power minus e to the power plus I’m good to go
valla rounded Athena in the battery packs cambodia automobile tamil training
far we are Oda come on to get a moba del could eat a
little teeny ‘m sera phosphate battery Bahama soda a frequent no abrin silly
how many videos or photos no the video will appear I unloaded Okanagan on the
rock is a wonder they read okay lay on that yellow on the command banana and
examine the substrate from where I come like funny
I’m glad to be listened to

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  1. இந்த பேட்டரி விற்பனைக்கு உண்டா. அப்படியென்றால், என்ன விலை.

  2. இந்த பேட்டரி விலை என்ன? Bms கண்டிபா போடனுமா? லேப்டாப் பேட்டரில bms இல்ல hero lectro ciycle பேட்டரில bms இல்ல கம்பெனி தயார்பன்ற எந்த தயாரிப்புலையும் bms இல்ல சீரியர்ஸ் பேரல் கனெக்சன் மட்டும்தான் நீங்க ஏன் bms பயன்படுத்தறீங்க

  3. 350watts மோட்டார் மற்றும் அதற்குறிய பேட்டரிகள் எங்க வாங்கலாம்…

  4. good one ….im an electroics guy too ….
    do share information on the materials where to buy like
    2.Nickel strips
    4. Spot welder
    5. bms etc
    will be much useful …..

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