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DMC (I) Hosts Bike Rally From Mumbai to Goa

DMC (I) Hosts Bike Rally From Mumbai to Goa

All over the world there are motorcycle clubs that travel and enjoy a lot. Similarly, even India has many motorcycle associations. However, you all know that India does not have a Deaf motorcycle club. Deaf Motorcycle Club (India), DMC(I), is the first motorcycle club for and of the deaf in India. It was started by Amol Pagare who is Deaf and Amaresh Gopalakrishnan who is a Hearing, CODA. They are both avid bike lovers. The DMC(I) has 6 aims. 1. To kindle the spirit of adventure among Deaf riders. 2. DMC(I) presents an opportunity for deaf bike-lovers to go on long-distance rides. 3. DMC(I) makes Deaf riders aware of safe riding practices. 4. They spread awareness among the public, especially the government, that Deaf people can ride safely. 5. They raise awareness in society that Deaf individuals are experienced bikers and are equal to hearing. 6. When the DMC(I) travel all over, the government will see the experienced riders and grant them licenses. On 28th December 2019 DMC(I) for the first time, organized a programme in which 15 bikers participated. The starting point was from Kalwa(W) at 7:00am. The ride was flagged off and the riders head off to Goa. Between 28th December 2019 to 2nd January 2020, the bikers halted at various spots. Enjoy the videos & interviews. This is Amol Pagare’s mother. Earlier you would always stop Amol from riding a bike. Now how do you feel by allowing him? Now he must know. Earlier I was very afraid. He was very mischievous. Now he must be responsible. Even his friends are good. I have a question for you. When you saw these Deaf bikers, what did you feel? I can’t express! I am not able to express! Its a great thing you guys are riding together. I am feeling very much proud about you. I know Amol very well. I know Amol always does some or the other things. He always joins my cause rides like say no to child labour, we can defeat cancer and multiple rides. Great! How exciting! Why did you want to start the DMC(I). Please explain. Thank you for your question. For the last two years, I have been participating in many hearing events. Communication was difficult, I always had to keep writing and I was the only Deaf person among all. But I still tried to communicate. I saw that there were so many different associations & clubs but there were none for the Deaf. Whichever event I went to, I was always alone. When I saw there were no Deaf motorcycles association in India, I decided to start DMC(I). It was the first in India. Now there is communication and everything else. When was DMC(I) started? Its been a year. It started in 2019. A deaf person from Ahmedabad, Gujarat Vishal Bhavsar – sign name- has come by bike to Mumbai and will now ride to Goa. How do you feel? Hello! The reason why I joined this ride to Goa is because I saw mumbai has a Deaf motorcycle group and I wanted to enjoy. Did you see the pictures, videos & interviews? Wasn’t it great! DMC(I) founder, Amol Pagare has a short message for you all. What is our aim? Well you all know the Deaf community does not travel on bikes, they do not enjoy, etc. But the Hearing community did all of this. I wanted the same. I always dreamt of attending parties of hearing individuals, travelling, learning & experiencing nature, etc. I want the Deaf & hwearing community socialise with each other, so that the latter can learn sign language and the former can gain experiences. I want the Deaf & Hearing community to be united so that India grows. This will open the eyes of Hearing individuals as they will see that Deaf can do anything & Deaf people will see that there is a lot to learn. If you are interested in biking, travelling and being a part of the club, please do contact DMC(I)’s Facebook & Instagram page.

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