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Do E-Bikes Narrow The Gap Between Riders Of Different Ages And Weights?

Do E-Bikes Narrow The Gap Between Riders Of Different Ages And Weights?

– Are E-Bikes the great leveler? Do they bring equality to
the hills and to the woods? On a physical level, do they
bring mountain bikers together, or do they split them apart? But more than this, do E-Bikes
narrow or widen the gap between riders of different
ages, weights and abilities? (soft electronic music) So, you might be wondering,
why am I surrounded by these E-Bikes and conventional bikes. And it’s because, today,
we welcome back to EMBN, Specialized’s own — – B-ding! (laughs) – Georgia Leslie – Hiya.
– Georgia, how you doing? – Not bad, how are you? – Good stuff, yeah, I’m alright, yeah. – Real question is, have you
been watching Love Island? – (laughs) Course, I’m sure
everybody’s been watching Love Island. – Good, of course. – Thing is, you ready to ride some bikes? – Are you ready to get serious
about riding some bikes? – Absolutely. So there you
go, that is today’s question. Are myself and Georgia closer together, or further apart on e-bikes
compared to conventional bikes? So you’ve brought some bikes with you. – [Georgia] I did. – Talk us through the bikes
we’re going to be using today. – Okay, so we’ve got
matching Levos, Levo Experts. You’ve got an extra
large, I’ve got a medium. We’ve got matching tires, Butcher GRIDs, very important for a hill climb. – Absolutely, and what about
the conventional bikes? – So we’ve got two Enduros,
you’ve got an Enduro Elite. – [Steve] Whoa, whoa, whoa, in pink? – [Georgia] In bright pink.
I did that on purpose, I have to admit. It is your color. – [Steve] Thanks, thanks. – [Georgia] It really suits you. – [Steve] Again, matching tires? – [Georgia] Matching tires, yep. Both got Ohlin’s forks, and — – [Steve] Same gearing? – [Georgia] Same gearing,
yeah, so ready to go. – First up, lets get
some facts in the bank. – Lets do it. – How heavy and how old are you? – I’m still 54 kilos, (Steve laughs) – Even though I’ve been
eating lots of pies, you know. And I am 20. – Oh, crikey, wow. – Got a question for you. – Yeah, what’s that? – How light, and how young are you? – How light and how young am I? Well, I am actually 50
years old, and 94 kilos. (Georgia laughs) – Old and fat. – What, you? Lets go, come on. So here we are, on the start line. We’ve got our conventional bikes, specialized Enduro, a brace
of Enduros, 160 mil travel, and we’ve got a hill climb ahead of us. Georgia, how’s this gonna go? – Do you know, I’m kind of
skeptical about this one. – Skeptical or scared? – I think a bit of both,
actually. You’re quite scary. – Who’s gonna have the fastest climb on a conventional bike? – Well, you’ve been practicing. – Oh, don’t give me that,
you’re on the bike all the time. Look, straight up, straight
question, who’s gonna win this? You or me? – You.
– Because? I’m twice your age, and I’m much heavier. – You rode road bike in Lycra yesterday. (soft music) – So here we are, oldies versus youths,
England versus Wales. I’m going to go first, to put
some massive pressure on you, because of your king sized torque. Count us in. – Ready? – Yeah. – Five, four, three, two, one, go. Go, go, go, go, go! He’s going a bit fast. Well, since Steve’s — (bleep) – I’ll have to count myself in. Three, two, one. (soft music) – Oh my God. (Georgia blows hard) – First hill climb done
on the conventional bikes, in 30 degree heat. I have to say, Georgia, out of the gate it was
pretty brutal to start with. And then I got around the
corner and I was panicking all the way, thinking “Georgia
is gonna be absolutely smoking me in this climb”. I was in bloody Eagle, I was in — – So was I. From about here. – I was in the lowest
gear to get up the hill. And I was actually, I
was blowing like hell, sweating like hell. You look pretty fresh, what was your time? – It’s a secret. – Oh, come on. – Oh, okay. Hang on. – So, this is the key thing. How far apart are me and
Georgia on conventional mountain bikes? I’ll get my timer out. – He definitely beat me. Hundred percent. – Really, so you think
then that I’m going to be faster than you on this hill climb? – Yeah. – Bearing in mind that I’m 50 years old, and you’re less than half the age, and considerably lighter.
Sure common sense — – But you’ve been training. It has been known, Steve
wore Lycra yesterday, and went out on a road bike. – Common Sense — Secrets are coming out. – Georgia, shut up a minute. Common sense is gonna tell you
that you’re gonna be faster. Look, enough of the
chit-chat, what’s the times. Right, I went with Four. Thirty Two — – Shut up — – Seventy Seven – Are you — (bleeps) – 4:32:77. Georgia? – [Georgia] 3:46. (laughs) Yes! Ha-ha. Again, Steve. Oh, smoked. – I mean, do you know what I mean? A minute. – Yeah, well.
– A minute. – A minute, on a five minute hill. – My bike’s lighter than yours though. – No, the bikes are identical,
don’t give me that — (bleeps) – Alright, fair enough. – One minute.
– Good job. – So, the question is, can e-bikes level those
big differences on times, between weight, age, and bikes? (soft music) – Georgia Leslie, England,
(speaks in foreign language) Go! – Ahhh! – Right, I’m going to count myself in. Three, (speaks in foreign language), go. See you later. (soft electronic music) – Oooh. (breaths heavily) Aah. (breathes heavily) Dead. Woooh (soft electronic music) – First round on the traditional — – Are you alive, are you okay? – Georgia, so first run
on the conventional bike. – Yeah. – I was on 4:32:77, right? – Yes, you were. – What’d you get? – 3:46. – 3:46, that’s like a minute, one minute. – A whole minute. – A whole minute —
– And a bit. – I was slower. I tell you what, though, we went into eco mode
on the e-bikes, holy — (bleep) was I absolutely knackered,
hitting that first corner. – I know, my legs were
screaming by that corner. – What is it then, is that a
massive lactic buildup, right? – You’d have to ask a scientist. (laughs) – I thought you were a scientist. – Shut up. – Here, I’m going to
shock you with some pies. (both laugh) – Five kilos of pies! – Hey look, seriously,
seriously. Alright, seriously. The shot, me on the bike as eco, I went up there in three minutes, 10:84. – You nailed that. I don’t understand how you’ve
done it so much quicker. – Honestly, I put loads of effort in. So that for me, that is
like one and a half minutes quicker than a conventional bike. – [Georgia] That’s insane – One and a half minutes quicker. Georgia, what was your time in eco? – My time in eco was 3:15. – [Steve] 3:15?
– [Georgia] Yeah. – [Steve] So that’s like
five seconds slower than me. – [Georgia] Yeah. – [Steve] Which is a total mystery. – [Georgia] We have no
idea what’s happened there. – But still, still 20 seconds faster than a conventional bike. So still faster. So the question is, me and
you actually did level up when we got to the e-bike. – We did, eco. – We equalized. – Five seconds. – We equaled on the
e-bikes, which is mental. – It is. – Which is totally different
to what me and Georgia did in the 1,000 foot dead feature, which was on EMBN quite recently. So check that out to
see that head to head. But Georgia, here we go, the big story. When we move to Turbo mode on the e-bikes, we had a bit of a, you know,
bit of pace to the bike. – We did. We worked out a plan, didn’t we? – Bit of a plan. So what did you get – Get to the steep bit, — – What did you get? – Go for it. One, fifty-one. – [Steve] 1:51? – [Georgia] Yeah, in Turbo. – [Steve] So compared to
your conventional bike, that’s two minutes, two minutes faster. – [Georgia] Two whole minutes. – So 1:51, I did, on the
Turbo level, in Turbo mode, I was 2:06. So ten seconds slower. – [Georgia] But, they’re so much closer. – So that means, we can
go for a ride together, and it’s all good. It doesn’t matter about the weight, or the age — – No. – The e-bikes, I think e-bikes
are a good leveler then? Right? – Oh, hundred percent. We just proved it. – Look, all we did was did one
run on one hill on a hot day, with a couple of cokes. – So true. – Coca-cola — – And a salad. – Yeah, so there you go.
E-bikes are a total enigma, certainly as far as the
eco mode is concerned, don’t know how I were quicker. – Baffled. Total baffled. – But yeah. Baffled, falafeled,
chicken salad, sooler. – Are you feeling okay?
Steve’s had an interesting day. – So there you go. So there you go. Are e-bikes the great leveler?
I think we’ve proved that. If you want to see more e-bike challenges, there’s a great one, myself and Georgia, 1000 foot dead, which
you’ll find somewhere in the dust over there now, because I think we should revisit that. – I think we should. – Also we did one with
Georgia’s close neighbor, Ollie Wilkins, you’ll find that over here. – Yes. – Georgia, thanks for coming down. – Thank you for having me. – We’ve got an Airbus
A380 coming overhead, so the cameraman will
have to forget about that. Don’t forget to subscribe if
you’ve not already done so, and do you reckon that
this deserves a thumbs up? – Oh, a hundred percent. Big one.

69 comments on “Do E-Bikes Narrow The Gap Between Riders Of Different Ages And Weights?

  1. e bike mountain bikes are worth it cause of ascending hills. e bike road bike suck cause of 15mph limit. better off buying a decent road bike for the same money. weighing at least 2/3's less

  2. See Georgia was on a medium levo, how tall are you Georgia?
    You can ask a lady how tall she is right?

  3. Heart Rate would be an interesting metric. Someone at 20 should be able to run a higher average of roughly 200 without passing out.. at 50 your looking at 170 obviously +/- fitness a bit. Sill an odd result as clearly Georgia can output a higher sustained power/weight output (proven on the analogue)… I'd guess it's possibly simply due to the reduced time of the effort and Steve is able to use his higher strength over a shorter "sprint" time.. a much longer sustained effort may change the result back…?

  4. So is the ebike giving more power to the heavyweight rider? Surely is Still down to the power to weight ratio

  5. Love Georgia on the EMBN show. She bring so much buzz and life on the show. EMBN should make her a regular presenter.

  6. Great show again, Steve TRY HARDER 🙂 Well you made us laugh…. Georgia you potty mouth 🙂 keep it up girl you make us all smile

  7. Apart from the reference to Love Island (🤢), a great demonstration. Ok, the result of the non ebike climb was always going to be a no brainier, but the ebikes results confirmed my long belief that they are a great leveller, enabling all to get out and get some excellent exercise together regardless of age, weight, fitness and abilities 😎

  8. Great comparison guys just love Georgia a great ambassador for our sport the pair of you. Cheers mate hi from Australia. Tony

  9. Steve, check how your motor is Tuned to each mode. You might find that it’s eco setting is set to more assist than Georgias.

  10. How light and young? Georgia would make a great addition to EMBN. GMBN is supposed to busy on female members too! Great video showcasing how an ebike can level the field but also it's still a great way to bike. Specially us older folk who enjoy a good pedal.

  11. Not a completely 'scientific' test, but it does prove pretty much that two completely different riders can ride around together.
    My partner and I have ebikes for this very reason – her general fitness levels are a bit below mine but it means she doesn't get left way behind and lost, and I don't have to wait for long periods for her to catch up and recover.
    They're a great thing for a couple to get out and enjoy the trails together.

  12. Steve, did you compare the firmware on both Expert Levo's? If you were running the x.23 firmware on your bike, it might account for the difference in the Eco time, as the x.23 allows a higher current to be supplied to the motor, metered out by the inputs of the rider. If Georgia was running x.22 version firmware, then her Eco power output would be neutered significantly. In turbo, both x.22 and x.23 allow for full current to be supplied to the motor, hence why we have the expected result here.

  13. Steve, you could make a video about Georgia painting a fence or putting the bins out and it would be interesting. Bring her over to Suffolk and make a video about how to be 59 and still have fun on the trails without any massive hills.

  14. i do agree with the conclusion of the video, only on a day of riding Steve's battery would be empty by lunch and Georgia can still do a couple of hours.
    And once the battery dies the differences will be even bigger then on the normal bike 🙂

  15. I don't think your comparison is valid as far as the question! " So just how much will an E-Bike level the playing field"? The levelling comparison is between Fitter, younger Riders on a normal Bike and not so fit older riders on a eBike , of course, the answer is yes. The other day on a climb I notice looking down the zig zag Berms a Rider behind my Companion who was also on a eBike , well I was absolutely canning it in Trail mode as fast as I could go and before the top had made a little bit more ahead but not much. This Rider is a machine who is super fit, at Pinnacle of his strength and fitness, my friend is 50 and I'm 75. Where do you think we would be if not for the Ebikes, probably 25 minutes behind if not more after eating his Dust, instead of going up in virtually the same time. Actually, I still can't get over how good he is. We stopped for a drink and he came up and just kept going without stopping. Another thing for me which may be, incidentally is a leveller is in going downhill. The weight of the Bike seems to make it want to go down fast and feel more planted and in some of the infrequent bits where you may have to put a couple of Pedal strokes in, the Assist gives you that push in speed which without you would have lost.

  16. That Girl bring so much energy to bike show….All bike show are present by man, serious man…maybe bring in a girl is a good idea

  17. Despite Steve being more than 2x Georgia's age (and almost 2x her weight :p), you two make a great team presenting!

  18. I must be infinitely fitter than I thought then, as I’m rocking a heavy as hell rear hub Carrera Vulcan E-Spec, and I ride all climbs on Eco. Yes it is certainly hard work, but nowhere near as much of a killer as going full natty on an XC or enduro bike.

  19. I wouldn't have guessed Georgia was only 20. I mean she looks young, but she speaks like a much more mature person.

  20. Steve, the result in eco mode can be partly (I underscore partly) explained by the relative incidence of the e-bike weight on the total rider+bike weight. The lighter the cyclist, the bigger the relative impact of the added weight. In absolute values, the lighter cyclist will pull out less power from herself and from the motor. This less power must still overcome the same weight penalty.

    Once you were in turbo mode, both of you probably reached the saturation power and so the lighter cyclist became faster again because now you were nearly at the same total absolute power but with a weight advantage for Georgia.

    Still, the difference is striking. (Of course, the lighter cyclist will consume less battery charge).

    PS Georgia is awesome!

  21. Got a theory EMBN , the heavier you are the more torque you can put on the crank sensors which spits back out a bonus power multiplier from the motor (In the case of Turbo a 300% multiplier). The only down side is the heavier rider drains the battery way faster. It would be interesting to see how many watts each of you used along the way and the total watt/hours used for the climbs. I just think a lighter rider cant get the same assist as they aren't able to push hard enough on the pedals because of their weight AND the bike shooting forward more easily and not resisting their weight either. On the Levo you could tune the maximum current to make riders more equal quite easily by trial and error.

  22. I absolutely know that E-Bikes narrow the gap. My friend can get an amazing 29 minutes on our 6 mile trail. My other friend gets a more normal 36 minutes on the same trail. I get 46 minutes without my E-MTB due to Old, fat, and no cardio whatsoever, etc.. In Eco and Tour mode, I can follow my 36 minute friend and on TURBO, I can follow the 29 minute friend! Never before have I been able to ride with them at their pace. I must say that I have decent bike skills, but no cardio, which makes it work out perfectly.

  23. Georgia I think you found a career if you want it! Your great behind the camera. Love your since of humor.

  24. It would be an leveller if more ppl had them. Im a loner on mine and have to endure the pain of my old penny farthing to do group rides haha. Its all about the fun…great vid!

  25. Fucking Great Video! She smoked you old man- As a college professor I know how you feel! Give her a job-she's got the mob chops.

  26. No they don't bring equality .if your not fit enough to be there in first place you shouldn't be there .. .. take up another hobby that's more suited to you.. don't ruin it for others because of your idleness

  27. I think some of the good comparison would be having someone like myself, who rides a bike with a prosthetic. Ride against an able bodied person. Would show how someone who is disabled can then using an ebike keep up alongside able bodied people. Would love to see some of this on the channel.

  28. Yes – my wife with arthritic hip finds it a struggle to walk and could not pedal up any hill prior to getting a Levo – now she’s pretty much there on climbs and safer rides only on the wilder stuff down hills i pull away

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