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Do Punctures Ruin A Mountain Bike Ride? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 108

Do Punctures Ruin A Mountain Bike Ride? Dirt Shed Show Ep. 108

– Spare tyre? – Yeah, I’ve put on weight, I think. Lads, I’ve got some new tyres! – Good choice. – Oh yeah, are you from GCN? – They’re not that thin! They’re alright. What I was thinking is
you guys could fit ’em! Put ’em on one each. – I know a good video, how to fit tyres. – Yeah, I’ve seen that one too. – We’ll be talking punctures, tyres, and watching these two fit me some new tyres, in the dirt shed show! (upbeat music) Welcome to the show. This week we have got a
great topic to discuss, because Sy Richardon was
over in Tai Pei recently, and he found this amazing tyre product. But it got us discussing, didn’t it lads? Punctures, do they just ruin a ride. – Well I feel that before I
start I should maybe touch wood, because I don’t really have
a carrier tube with me. I’m so reliant on the tubeless system, and I have so much faith in it working, that I prefer to take snacks. – Wow, so you’re presuming
it isn’t gonna ruin a ride. – I’m presuming, yeah. – That’s basically what’s happening. – How many snacks do
you take when you ride? – I like to eat at least 60 to
80 grammes of carbohydrates. – I always take a tube, well, unless I’m riding in
like a really small wood. But yeah, always take a tube. I ride tubeless on everything, and very occasionally get punctures. But, you need to be prepared. – I’m not sure, I think we
should be taking more precautions out on our ride, than just snacks. I mean, my personal view about punctures, I don’t know if you know, but I was in a rather famous film once on a road bike, it’s called Road Bike Party, you’ve probably heard of it. And in that film I only got one puncture, which was, I thought,
pretty impressive really. And the only reason I got that was I was doing loads of skids, so I basically burnt through the tyre. I couldn’t stop myself,
they were too much fun. So I think getting punctures
is all about how you ride. What I want to know is, in our poll, just above Scotty’s head there, is do punctures ruin our ride, are they just part of the game, or are you too busy to answer this poll? Let us know in the poll and
in the comments down below, how do punctures affect your ride? – So last week’s poll we
asked, do you ride on your own, or with your mates and we
got the results in lads, and they are shocking. They’re gonna shock you to the core, alone 19 percent, for love 5 percent, we’re not really sure what for love meant, can’t remember why I said that, and 74 percent ride with your mates. It’s a resounding win for
riding with your mates. – But what about the 2
percent we’re missing? – We don’t know where
the 2 percent went… – Maybe they don’t ride. – Yeah, it doesn’t matter
too much I don’t think. Don’t get caught up on the numbers Neil, don’t get caught up on the numbers now. – I’m a numbers man. – I think the best part
is that almost everyone, on the majority side I should say, have gone with they want
to ride with their mates. – Yeah, which is nice isn’t it? – That’s the best way. – What’s that say about me? I always ride by myself. – Yeah well you weren’t hear
for the poll last week– – That’s because I was
off riding by myself. – Let’s get your vote in live now, so you’re saying go it alone? – Pretty much always, yeah. – I’m not sure that adds
a whole percent to it. – Do you know what is bottom line? – Yeah? – We have seen him a lot on his road bike, and look at those arms, there’s a tan line there. – That’s alright, roadie
tans are fine, that’s okay. Right, so we got the
results in on the poll, let’s take a look at the comments what you had to say about it. Who we got Neil? – Hayden says, he rides
alone for the sole reason that none of his friends
ride mountain bikes. – Oh. – That’s a sad story. – That is a sad story. – He says he tried to find
other people to ride with, but at his age, they don’t really ride. – Oh, how old is he? He’s either very young or very old. – Yeah he’s very young – Well let us know. – Okay well, I’ve got a
really nice story here. And this is from The Bedroom Zoo, “I used to ride alone,” he’s 16, “but I just got my dad
into mountain biking.” And now they go every week riding. – Now that is cool, that’s the sort of story
we want to hear about. I’ve got a good one here,
it is from Jon Basham, sorry should have been ready there, “Took my better half
biking on our honeymoon, “thankfully we’re still together, “but now I just ride alone.” (laughter) Ryan Stewart says, “Hey
guys, awesome show.” Thank you. “I wanted to let you
know that I got my wife “into mountain biking, with a
lot of patience and support.” They now go riding regularly
on black diamond trails. – Nice. On the North Shore? – On the North Shore. – That’s pretty cool. – So there, flip side, good. – Last one comes from Mitchell Henstock, he says he likes riding with his mates, however he can’t ride anymore because they’ve all
had their bikes stolen. Another sad story. – God, where does he live? – Hopefully they’re insured
and he gets some new ones. (rock music) – Okay now it’s time for some
news from these two geezers. – Woah, so the Absa Cape Epic took place, you talked about it a
little bit last week, it’s a legendary race, it’s a two man or two
person race, should I say. 700 kilometres, but it’s 1500
kilometres over eight days. One of the world’s toughest
mountain bike races. – [Martyn] I wouldn’t like
to do it myself, you ask, but I’ll do it. – But some legendary names
there, Schurta, Kulhavý, some massive cross country names. There’s a Canada Factory
team were leading the men’s race for the first four days. – But then came the Scott-Sram team, you’ve got Nino Schurta,
Matthias Stirnemann, who really just took charge of that race, and they lead in the men’s race. But, let’s talk about legends, because we’ve not mentioned them yet. Thomas Frischknecht, he
partnered up with Jenny Rissveds to actually take the mixed category win, and they absolutely smashed it. But let’s talk about the
women’s category as well, because you’ve got a
friend of the channel, you’ve got Annie Lass in there, she came second. What a result. – Yeah they won the queen
stage, Annie and her partner, so it’s the biggest,
hardest stage of the race, actually won that. Really impressive. – And then it was Esther
Süss, and Jennie Stenerhag, who actually took the win in the end. – If you look at the results, they’re really high up in the overall. Actually the master’s race as well, Cadel Evans and Hincapie won, if you look in the overalls, they’re sort of top 20,
so it was really fast. – Incredible. Cadel Evans was always gonna go well. I’m sorry, he was always gonna go well. – Well he’s an ex-mountain
biker of course. – Cape Epic wasn’t the only
race happening this last week, it was also a dramatic
start to the EWS series over in New Zealand. – [Scott] So, it took place in Rotorua, and it’s fair to say that
the southern hemisphere was a bit of a wash at the weekend, and it definitely skewed the results. You had Richie Rude having,
I don’t want to say a moan, but definitely was saying the
track conditions were tough. – Well he had to come down
to the very end of the race, so there had been 300
riders over those trails, it’s funny on Instagram, I followed the race, Jared Graves I think he
said “it was diabolical.” Joe Barnes said it was brilliant, so it depends on how you
like rolling in the mud. – Well he’s Scottish, obviously he’s gonna
like muddy conditions. But let’s get into the results, because it was Wyn Masters, living up to his name, the “Will he Wyn again” took the win, and then in second place
it was Matt Walker, part of that Van Zack’s crew, and then third was his brother Eddy. – [Martyn] Kiwi domination. Great weekend for the Master’s brothers. – And the ladies. – Ladies, well, the weather did try and destroy the men’s race, but there was no stopping
Cecile Ravanel in this event. She won six out of seven stages, katy Winton did manage to get a stage win, which is really great, track rider. – That’s pretty exciting, and we’ve got another round
this weekend in Tasmania, so, we’ll see what happens there. – It’s all happening. EWS has started, the season is underway, we’re all well chuffed. Great news guys, let’s get
straight into some of the things you guys were saying on
the channel last week. On the Dirt Shed show last week read, Boomer95 who said, “I got a
great idea for a new video, “do mountain unicycling.” – I’m sure we’ve talked
about this in the past. – I like it Boomer, I like it. We’ve got another one here
from Cameron Prentice, “Give us a tour of the Dirt Shed.” – It wouldn’t take long would it? – Well, that’s kind of it. – What you see is what you get. – There is no fourth wall, we wish, you are it, you are it. – We got a rat. – The rat is in there,
the rat tours around. – We’ve not seen him for awhile, actually. He’s been nibbling on
that onion and the chilli. – I’ve been missing him. – We’re gonna have some rats in here soon. – I think he went away with
Hans Ray for a little while. On some other videos that you guys were commenting on last week. The switch from flats to clips, JFKUSA123 says, “Do a video where you “teach Blake to ride clipless.” Great idea. – [Neil] We’ve talked about doing that, he’s gonna fall over
because everyone does that. – I like the next bit though, it’s not often you get advice from somebody who is new at something. – Now that’s true, it would be good to
see someone like Blake, whose obviously a very experienced rider trying something new. I got to be honest though, I just want to see Blake
struggling with clips. – And you know how he loves
everyone else failing. – Yes, yes. – This could be his moment to shine. – Be very funny, I can almost
hear a clip in chant coming. Yeah, we gotta do that. – 318Arnie is telling me
“Neil” exclamation mark, “your cables” exclamation mark. “You might want to tidy them up a bit.” – Yeah, look at these. (woman screaming) You need to go take a spoon
of your own medicine there, Neil, I think. Last one here, S14SX says, “I’m actually going back to flats. “I gave clips a go for about 18 months “after everyone were like, efficiency, “you’re connected to the bike, “jumping is easy, “lol.” He’s had more stacks clipped in than he ever did on flats,
and he’s going back. And he’s just ended it
with, “that’s my two cents.” – You know what’s unfortunate? It takes a long time to get used to flats, clips should I say, it took me 19 months– – Well yeah, he just wants to
go one more month doesn’t he. So thanks for all your comments, keep them coming on all
the videos you see on GMBN, we love having a read of
them and a bit of a laugh. Taken a hit out of us guys, you know how it goes, see you in the comments. Okay this bit is usually
where Blake Sampson would walk in with a cup
of tea for all of us. – Has he not– – No, he’s off doing a first aid course, that’s not very mountain bike is it? – If anyone needs some help. – Well, yes. But if anyone needs a cup of coffee, me. – You want one? – But anyway, what it basically means, You stay there I’ve got
something good for you. What it does mean is
that Progression Session, and First Try Friday
comes down to us for EMTs. – Well let’s do it. – Let’s have a go. – I’ve still not sent
in my First Try Friday. – The first one comes from Joel D. Hesh, that’s his real surname. – I want to see some real progression now, some real progression. – He’s in North Carolina
and check out this setup, he’s made himself a little jewel slalom, which is a slalom course
out of some water bottles, and some cones. Check this out, that
corner on him at the end. – [Martyn] That is cool. – [Neil] He got the bike really laid over. – [Scott] He’s got some good lean on him. – [Martyn] Look at that, it just goes to show you can
ride mountain biking anywhere, that’s his front garden. – [Scott] I tell you what, that’s almost like a reincarnation
of your figure of eight challenge, kinda similar idea. – Absolutely nails it. – That is probably one of the best Progression Sessions we’ve had. Unlucky Blake for missing that one. That was very good. – The next one comes from Ewan Armour, and he’s riding some jumps in Langdale, I know it well, it’s up in north Wales. – [Martyn] Yeah your neck of the woods. – [Neil] Yep. So these are good little jumps
actually for doing whips on. So he’s practising . – [Martyn] Oh nice, backpedal. – [Scott] Backpedalling. – [Neil] SlowMo backpedal, and then another little
whip over the last one. – If you’re gonna get
caught pedalling Scott, that is how you do it. – What, so it’s alright in the air? – Seems so. – It’s called an E.T. backpedalling. – No E.T. is forwards. – What would it be T.E.? – That’s a T.E. It’s probably got a name,
someone let us know. – Okay, next one is from Ed Woodster whose riding the three big
doubles at Rogate downhill. Last one’s about 15 feet long. Ooh, it’s big. – [Martyn] That’s a scary double. – [Scott] That’s a good progression. – Progressions off the charts this week. Right so lastly, I’m just wondering Neil, I don’t know if you’ll know, but obviously you’re in
the First Try Friday clip, have we got anyone in the First
Try Friday club this week? – Yes, we’ve got Phillippe from Belgium, it takes him quite a few attempts. Doesn’t get this on the first try. – [Martyn] A stair set. – [Neil] He’s trying to ride these steps, it’s like a 90 degree– – [Martyn] He’s got it. That was nearly nuts. – [Scott] Watch your nuts mate. – [Neil] He loses some skin
on that wall doesn’t he. – [Martyn] Yes. It’s a tricky set of steps to get, but he’s not got it first try, he needs to keep rolling
on that first set. – [Scott] He’s done it. – [Martyn] He’s done it. – [Neil] Pretty tricky. – [Martyn] Fifth go. But you know what that means? – Does he get a badge? – I don’t know how Blake does it, but you’re in the First Try Friday Club, and I think it goes a bit like, that. – [Neil] Close enough. – That work? Well done Philippe, if you
want to get in the first try Friday club, or send us
a progression session, send it to [email protected] You can see it just there. You never know, you can be
in this bit of the show. Hope to see you there. – Oh you know what I need right now lads? – [Blake] You need me.
– Blake Sampson bing bong. Everyone say bing bong. I say bing, you say– – Bong! – Yeah. – There you go. – Thanks bingers. – We’ve got so many hacks and bodgers. – So many hacks and bodgers this week. – Come and sit yourself
down, drink your coffee. I’m gonna take that one there. – Blake’s destroying the shed. That ones for you mate. – Right, let’s get going
with hacks and bodgers. We’re starting off with
Neil who’s got what? – This is from Will McMurty, this is a hack and a bodgies
made a chain tensioner from an old sheet of steel, and guide post from an old rear mech. – No I like that, because
we see a lot of these on the hacks and bodgies, but that’s a particularly neat one. Only thing is Neil, aren’t you
a little bit annoyed by that where he could have cut that zip tie down? – Yeah. It’s definitely half way
between a hack and a bodge. That would have been a hack,
but it’s got a zip tie. – It’s nearly very good. Go for it Scott. – So this one is from Jason Salter. He’s made a high tail of
his full suspension bike– – I bet his suspension feels a bit woody. – I’m giving that a bodge. – Thanks for sending it in,
now what do you got Blake? – I got one from Dan– – That is nice. – He’s from New Jersey in the US. He’s built a wheel jig. So he’s turning his wheel out
of bits of angle and bolt. – That’s a very neat job, that. – That’s a hack. – Will jigs aren’t cheap. – Very good, very good. – What have you got? – I have got, the wrong
way, I knew I’d do that, from Aaron Rogers a
gopro mount for the chest which he’s made out of the lid
that comes on the gopro box. That is a very very clever idea, that one. And last one, just flipping over here. – Dare I ask what this is? – This is from Casper Oleszki, spotted this while he was out shopping, it’s a kitted mudguard. I said knitted then. And look at this, knitted grip warmers. I mean, what the hell. It’s never come to my mind to knit anything for my bike before. – That’s a grannies bike. – It’s a grannies bike. It’s very good, that’s hacks and bodgies, if you want get your ingenuity
into hacks and bodgies sent it to, you can
see it just down there, [email protected], and you
can be starring in this moment with your piece of wizardry mechanics. – Time to go over last
week’s caption contest. Whish is really funny. We all had a great time. Anyway, great film, what
captions did we get for it? – Well, Russell Bainbridge says, “when you want to make sure
Martin isn’t faking…” – I’m not faking it, I’m not faking it, I might be faking it. – Okay on a slightly more positive note, we’ve got Matt Garner and he’s saying, when we’re shipping you off
to Whistler to see Stacy. – Now that’s a good idea, I’d have gladly got in the truck for that. That’s no problem. Long time to be in a container. And I’ve got one to end it, I think this is the winner actually, William Sirski says, “Time for Martyn’s First
Try Friday submission.” – You’re not even in
there, you can get a… – I was nearly in there. Anyway, great captions, terrible video. Nasty thing to do I think. But here’s this week’s photo, take a look at this dude, what do you think? Let us know in the
comments section down below and you might be the winner of
next week’s caption contest. My favourite bit of the week, viewer edits, where we make
movie stars of people out there. And popcorn. Popcorn is arrived, oh it’s hot. – Hot freshly made. I ran through the garden in the dark. – So let’s watch some movies, and see if we can get you at least one million views on your films. So let’s get going. Lights out please. Right, first video is from Dylan Dowden, this video of his mate Luke Kelly riding, really nice this is. – Trail looks fast. – He is fast eh? – I like the composition. – Yeah, good little movie this. Last up, we’ve got Matthew Glass, he filmed this edit over
a day with his mates, racing, crashing, and laughing. So, lots of trail fun that we all like. – Four mates, eight bikes. – Mud. This does look like fun, I tell you what, I got a little bit
panicked when it started, because I thought we were
on a POV fest, but no. – Ooh look at that. – Miraculous that. – The dude at the start
got a really nice table. – Right, to finish, I
really want to show you guys this one because I think
this is pretty special, but it’s slightly shocking, I’m putting a warning out there, there’s a slightly nasty shot at the beginning of this video. Because Richard Ayolecki took
a bit of a tumble on his BMX, broke his ankle, it is at
the start of the video, and it doesn’t look good, but this video is all about his recovery. From BMX on a mountain bike,
started riding some street, and having some fun, lots of positivity, which I love. Just go back a second, look at that ankle. – [Scott] Oh man I don’t
want to look at that ankle. It’s put me off. – I had the same break plate as that. Great come back for Richard. I think he’s got the best
nickname for the week, haywire. Viewer edits, always good, great for us, things that
you should go and watch, we put the links down in
the description down below. If you want to send your
viewer edit and be a movie star and get at least one million views, that’s guaranteed, not guaranteed. Then you will send them
in to [email protected] And you’ll be a movie star, so cool. – You’re guaranteed four already. – At least, we’ll all watch it. – Okay, fails and bails. Could be a bit of a nail biter. This first one is from Marcus Richter. – And it is off the Richter. (all gasping) [Neil] – He got out of it so good though. – And you know what Blake, that was his first try of that, if he looked at the camera
and shouted First Try Friday, he’d have nearly got a star, but he’s made it in a thousand bails, well done Marcus. And you’ve really got us in the
mood for a bit more crashes, so run VT. (upbeat music) – Instabangers, yes right. Instabangers, and I’m gonna
start off with a little clip that I spied on Chris Smith’s profile, a great rider. It’s you and him riding some great trails. – Yeah there’s a good shoutout. – Yeah so check this out, I think you should check out Ben Forbes, he was racing the EWS the weekend, and he had a bit of an issue, so he snapped his handlebar, and he got some assistance
from Joan Birelli, and what they did is they slipped
the bar in the stem a bit, put his grip back on what
was left of that bar, and he rode and he got
40th in the last stage. With handle bars like this. – He actually even went
back to the checkpoint hoping that someone would have a handlebar and there were none there. – That’s incredible, that’s some talent. – Right, this week I’m going
to throw it to CrankWorx and I think you should
just check out their page, follow their stories because
it’s great behind the scenes of all the action that’s gonna
be taking place this week. – Do you know what time it is now? – No I don’t know. – It’s time for Bike Vault. (exclamations) [Neil] – Where’s the squeaker? – I’ve got it here.
(squeaking) – We ready on the, were on the, – Oh, what? – Oh, and thrown straight up! – That’s in Monterey,
California, special– – This is Super Nice! – Super Nice!
(squeak) – Easy – Easy, very easy.
– That’s real nice. – Oh, um! – That one…
– Is a nice. – It’s a white. – That’s actually black. – I like, though, it’s nice. – It’s nice. (oohs) – That’s an interesting looking bike, you don’t see them very often. – Black Hills, North Dakota. – It’s got 26 inch wheels. That almost looks like 26
inch rear, and a bigger front. – I think that’s a Super Nice. – I think that’s a Nice, personally. – What do you guys think? – Nice. – It’s a Nice, it’s a Nice. Nearly, nearly. – Ooh! – Bradley Hansen, Santa Cruz.
– Twenty-niner. – North Shore. – I feel like I’m giving it a Super Nice just cause of the bike, so
I’m gonna give it a Nice. – Nice, yeah. – I think, yes, a twenty-niner
on the North Shore, you wouldn’t really, you’d
normally think, maybe, – Nice, nice.
– Yeah. (oohing and ahhing) – Nice!
– Look at that! – Brandon Moore, eh? – Brandon Moore has done a nice job. – Yeah, good one! – That’s Super Nice! – Super Nice! – That’s in Fruita, Colorado. – Oh! – Ni,
– Nice! – Super Nice!
– Nice! – It’s not light right.
– I can’t see it, what is it? No I can’t see it. – There’s no light on the frame. – Posh, posh.
– It’s backlit. – Okay, yeah, yeah. – Sunset in Peru. – He’s got his light, so he’s going out for a night ride, potentially. – I like that, I think. – I think that’s a Super Nice.
– Super Nice, yeah. – Super.
(squeak) – Oh, yes.
– Oh, nice bike. – That looks like Ireland. – County Clare. – It is. – I think it’s another Super
Nice, that bike’s lovely. – That is Super Nice. – That’s slide’s doing well this week. (squeak) – What?
– Two bikes? – No! – Wait, is there a story? The thing is with this, though, there’s two bikes in the
vault, but they’re matching. It’s pretty cool. (interrupting each other) – But, are we, there’s,
there’s a standard on. – What happens if a double photo gets a Super Nice, is that a double squeak? – Give it a double squeak. (squeaking repeatedly) [All] – Wow! – Ooh, showing the trail,
Lorenzo knows what to do. – Super Nice! – I think he took at
leaf out of Neil’s book. – Super Nice! – This is a good vault! – Oh, I like that.
– Elite Twin. – He’s done will with the framing. – Yeah.
– I do like that. – That’s nice. – You know what, you know what? – Stephan Devaunch. – I’ve noticed a thing. – Go on. – The thing in the
bottom right hand corner. – Oh, um.
– Yeah! – Yeah, so he’s, that’s
– Oh, shame. – See that there? It’s a nice royal spot it’s got. – Oh, another one! – Uhmmm.
– Mmmmm. – That looks good! – North Yorkshire.
– Nice, Nice. – Hopefully that’s not their last one. – Ah, what? – Ah, the Bike Vault, can you believe that we’ve been made to do that? You can’t, nor can we, it’s good fun. If you want to get your
bike in the Bike Vault, then send it to [email protected], you can see it just down there, all you’ve got to do is send us a photo, and you might get into the Bike Vault, we’ll get a look at it, we look at all the other ones as well, amazingly, we do that when the camera’s not on. Okay, coming up on the channel this week, some big stuff. – So tomorrow we’ve got the third and final POV from Chile. It’s an amazing trail, that
was, down to the beach almost. Try that one out. – Looks fabulous. – And on Sunday, this is a cool video, I went around the Continental factory, I told you about this earlier. (guys agreeing) This is my factory tour where you get to see how a tyre is made. – Very interesting stuff
on expensive machines. – I can imagine. And then on Monday it’s Mechanical, and this week it’s all
about the home mechanic and hacks that you can do dirt easily. So look out for that one. And then, on Tuesday, well, it’s gonna be five places
you can actually use that bunny hop we talk about all the time in our Skills video, this is where you can take it onto the trails. – On Wednesday, we’ve got
a video on how to jump, which will be very useful
for someone like me, who’s gonna go out and master it. – And, on Thursday, of
course it is ask GMBN, where we’re gonna be answering all the questions you send in. – Oh, and on Friday, don’t,
it’s the Dirt Shed Show. – Ah, well remembered. – That’s where we’ll be, in the shed! Make sure you don’t miss it. – Don’t forget to click right here to subscribe to the channel, it’s free. – You can click over there
for my step challenge, where I put Scott through his paces. – Sounds good, did I pass? – You did, flying colours. – And then click right here to find out how you can set up your own
durabike and make it pro. – Give us a thumbs up if
you love the Dirt Shed. – We’ll see you next week! – See you next week! (laughter)

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  9. "Caption" when you have a problem, when nobody can help, when the A-Team doesn't answer your call, call Niel.

  10. #askgmbn here s a question, I wanna start taking downhill real serious, from 10  to 14 years I have changed 2 hard tale mountain bikes, went to like 10 competitions , got 4: 2nd and 4: 3rd place trophies, and I wanna switch to FS downhill, so I could hit the bigger trails, what do you recon?

  11. #askgmbn I cant keep a manual for a real long time, how can I practice that or improve? I tried finding that sweet spot, but always ended going thru the back door, and a lucky 360 save.

  12. Can you please do a video on what products you can and cannot get onto your disk brakes and how to clean them if you put something bad on them

  13. I grew up riding clips from a young age (7 ish) and switched to flats about a year ago. Definitely think they are better for making sure you have good technique and much safer as well. My 2 cents for now

  14. I have bodged my bike with a piece of wood before after my rear shock gave up… unfortunately it snapped and there me over the bars on the way to a gcse exam and screwed my shoulder up….!!!

  15. My tyres are studded with blackthorns and small nicks from flints, still no punctures since going tubeless. Before that I used to get a puncture atleast every ride, sometimes two.

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