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Do we really need ABS in Motorcycles? (Ninja 300 Brakes lock under hard braking)

Do we really need ABS in Motorcycles? (Ninja 300 Brakes lock under hard braking)

hi this is Rahul with Hope you guys are doing well today’s video is about why we need ABS in India and this is footage from my recent Sunday ride with RCK and my friends the
group which calls itself and we were just sliding along the
highway Standard speeds of around 115-120
which we do… regularly on Sunday mornings. Everything
was going according to plan but then; this happened. Take a look… let’s take a look at that again… Now luckily… that didn’t hurt him. Because, he only needed to slow down a certain amount so as soon as he let go of the brakes
the lock cleared up and he lived, that time. this is what I’ve been saying for a long
time that we need ABS is in all motorcycles in India but at least the motorcycles which are
designed for plying on the highway they should have ABS because I’m sure most of the experienced riders would
agree with me that ABS is a a safety feature which is required because in India more
than other countries people do not follow traffic rules people suddenly cut
across lanes and they don’t even know that they’re doing it wrong like in other countries people might do
it by mistake but here people do it regularly and they don’t even know that
it’s wrong Um.. So what happens here is that we were riding on the high-way and just as you saw the truck suddenly came to the left and they had to evade (by) breaking now the RC390
comes with an ABS and that was the bike before the Ninja 300 so the RC
had to break even harder but thanks to the ABS his brakes did not
lock up. I was riding the Duke 390, I had a pillion; I also had to brake
but I had spotted this earlier. So I had an advantage. They both hadn’t spotted it. So they braked late Whereas we could see that the RC did not
locked up the Ninja did. And a lot of Moto journalists
have been saying that you should the provide a little bit
of an ABS feature on the Ninja 300 and especially when it’s costing for 4 lacs (400,000 INR) but I don’t think Kawasaki India is listening.
The moment I say ABS is required a lot of people will come in and say Oh! We are such expert riders We are MotoGP experts and we own superbikes A lot of aholes I find on forums who claim to know everything about biking and they’re
such expert riders that they claim that they do not need ABS and some even claim that ABS
is required for novice riders only because expert writers like them do not
need ABS and if you have ABS you cannot learn the
basics of breaking and you cannot learn how to be a better
rider. Well all of that is bull—- Plain simple bull—- because you can
learn how to break progressively and you can learn how
to use front break how much rear brake to use and how much a rear break to use, even if you have… ABS. Because ABS does not kick in unless you make a mistake. Or when the gravel or wet conditions are not letting the brakes function
properly. So it is only there when you screw up. So if you’re a new rider and you have ABS then you’re learning how to break late
your learning how to break hard; when you’re doing it right ABS does not
kick in. When you’re doing it wrong ABS kicks in and it makes you realize your mistake. If you buy bike
does not have a ABS and you try to learn these things as a new rider.Then obviously your bike
locks up you are in more of a chance to crash. So you learn it the hard way by crashing
but with ABS you can learn it because then the ABS locks up; I mean when the ABS is engaged you can feel that the ABS is engaged so you know that you did wrong. But even for an experienced rider ABS is important because, dogs can come in
your way. had no matter how much experience you had it get going at
around 120 kilometers per hour said early adult comes up and you break this is not a crack situation you
are not ready for that you break by your reflex and you may
lock up you may not but you may. and even if you
have such huge reflexes a huge training suppose you’re carrying a pillion
breaking dynamics changes a lot when you are carrying a pillion. and it really
really changes I mean. Everyhing changes at that point of time I have toured with a pillion on wet
rpad and I have experience of braking on wet gravel now that’s like one pillion then red the nation’s less traveled I was
making very nice and progressively and steal a managed to law the breaks up because suddenly their
attention change from good to bad and the fam docking about a few months
back while I was touring and I locked up and ABS saved me from then
on I know how important ABS is. So a lot a
smartass people might try to tell you that
ABS is bad if it makes you a lesser rider it gives you it doesn’t develop your skills,
plainly, simply that is bull— So ABS is required
for the motorcycles that are ready to ply on the highway. I know that for cost reasons it may not
be possible to put it on 100 cc motorcycle but 100cc Motorcycles to
150 cc motorcycles generally do not do those speeds that easily but our KTM Duke 390 or the Ninja do 130- 140 speeds on the highway very, very easy and they do not even feel unstable.
So we hold those speeds quite comfortably on the highway on the
open road. When the wheels locked up then we are left nowhere obviously the Duke and the RC we lock it up and ABS saves us but with the ninja even at the 4 lac price point the ABS in not there and I don’t know why
another point which I am trying to tell you is that if you think you
are such a smartass who doesn’t need ABS. There is an option just
are not and most more effective the family DDS
they know that standards high for them session for fish I first found
special Mahesh they might need it done it off so who
can turn it off if you want now another thing again one dimension is
bad I’m not happy much yet to come by a hundred this is a fake and 100 Malaysia I do not
like it because he is a is a along with the vs it is there come
by breaking Akamai baking is a completely
different technology and should not be confused Lee says they have come by great lyndon
the French Wakefield actually a engages that is the future a Honda
motorcycles they say absolutely do not like guys /url by Leo doing crack writing
I’ll yet colliery I like you lose a friend break a leg
today skills correct like course but if the back
precaution loses at that point a benadryl actually
not has Nikon dark will come by breaking my be a shaky early the controls from the
motorcycle rider lady yes it’s not so do not confuse
these two things and hell yeah leader yes thanks for
watching and the full video this ride will come up base soon on my
channel so please subscribe I hope you enjoyed
this video and thanks for watching and thanks for
listening to all my no blabbering issue next and NCUA they sold

100 comments on “Do we really need ABS in Motorcycles? (Ninja 300 Brakes lock under hard braking)

  1. lolxxx every vlogger thinks he is a hardcore professional rider and calls others as squid/smartass ,,,, one needs to know his bike rather than relying on ABS,,,,

  2. The bus was indicating his intention to move in the left lane, and you ignored him…….and you say people ignore the rules….I'm not surprised you need ABS, 2:42 in. Self righteous brother.

  3. ABS not only helps in braking but also helps in cornering. With ABS the ECU and modulator controls the brake fluid pressure. This is a really good safety feature. In high-end bikes, a gyroscope is also there to check the banking angle of the bike.

  4. yeah here in philippines too we need also abs lot of driver here dont follow the road rules like what happened to me my bike dont have abs when the car suddenly stoped i hit my brake and my wheel locked up i crashed

  5. Thanks for the video. A bit late, I just fucked up my wrist and shoulder yesterday in a rear brake lock-up crash on a downhill on the highway on a wet day.
    I am a new rider,

  6. rider.. highways r not meant for flying with fancy bike.
    first safety rule for any rider. .
    don't fly.. enjoy the ride.

  7. the only way I will ride a motorbike in India is if they let me attatch a cow to the bike so no one will try to kill me….or even better I would feel safer on a elephant these guys have no rules and no roads

  8. do threshold braking and abs is active safety.
    did you say that 100 cc bike doesn't need it?
    I've ridden 100 cc bike at 105 kph
    so stop misguiding people​.
    lock-ups can happen at 30 kph so pls stop trying to be oversmart, using slangs doesn't makes you look cool.

  9. can u people pls tell me is there any 150 cc ABS based bike available in the market …? i am from Bangladesh and here above 155 cc bike is prohibited. i wanted to buy a bike with ABS system within 155cc. if it is not available then can u tell is there any chance to get an ABS system bike within 155cc very soon…?

  10. As a former ninja 300 rider, the 300 has shitty brakes. As a new rider it was kinda scary how easy the wheels would lock up. Don't ride the 300 in the rain.

  11. Yea right…indian roads and drivers will take 100 years to change thats why we all should replace all our maruti junk cars with volvo…bcz volvo is safest car in a world…

  12. "Standard speed of 115-120". Lol. Which highway has 120 km/h? None of the Indian highway has it as for I know.

  13. what do you mean they dont even know they are doing a mistake in india they do that on purpose by an expensive car with full option and not touching the turn indicators at all

  14. on the a street? no reason not to have it. Motorcycles are not forgiving to mistakes. Fake accent? no, He just speaks very good, English. He learned to pronunce words correctly lol

  15. Jesus India looks so crappy. They don't even have lines in the road. Semis just parked in the shoulder like its normal, damn

  16. @ 0:54 for those that want to see the skid. Rear wheel lockup with slight shake, it's really easy to lock up the rear wheel since the weight starts to transfer to the front as you stop so you have to ease off the rear brake which is counter intuitive in a panic situation for new riders I think.

  17. You see, if ABS isn't important, the manufacturer won't go through all the trouble to place them in bikes. It is a time and money consuming process that doesn't even generate them money. GET ABS bikes and SAVE YOURSELF!!
    I'm an experienced rider and driver and I still got into accidents occasionally. You just can't predict what could go wrong or what the idiot beside you or in front of you could do !

  18. I get a feeling reading some of the comments that people in India have learned to enjoy and even defend the current situation where most vehicles here do not have any safety aids.
    Yes, in an ideal world where everyone was a good driver and was well versed with emergency braking the utility of ABS would be less or nill. However given the pathetic state of the roads, lack of rigorous driving tests and general lack of driving skill, India needs these safety aids to be mandatory.
    It is high time we stop accepting and even defending the lack of safety in our cars and bikes. Let these features become mandatory. The enthusiasts/purists can always turn them off.
    Let's focus on making and demanding that our roads become safer.
    Let us demand that Indian auto companies stop making excuses for not having airbags, abs, esp, child seats, safer crash structures, etc

  19. Most of the time breaking errors can easy beaten by proper breaking and good set of tire.. And also if yor bike has combined brakes like mine dont forget to re balance the combine system after changeing the brake shoes 😊

  20. I have Re tb 500 and Dominor….I prefer Dominor over Re just because of breaking….I sold my pulsar 220 for dominor and belive it give men that confidence to hit 110km + because some technology is there in my dominar to save me…what's harm in thaf

  21. I have a 1000cc 1999 honda super hawk, I can tell you from experienced abs would have saved me form my crash! A taxi changed lane with no signal no where to with bailout to I grab brake lost control and slid about 300 ft. Abs in a emergency can save your life especially if you're commuting on busy streets with cars everywhere.

  22. Seriously friend, we really need ABS not only in India, but also in outside.

    Because of been a victim more than one time, I can claim so.

    Like, one night I was traveling at approx 40KMPH without pillion, on my Duke390 (2017). Certainly a visual came up from about a distance of 10 metres, of a road block sign hanging by a rope, over a high road, where was no street lights.

    I braked immediately as my adrenaline pumped in.

    I would have crashed if my brake didn't have ABS.

  23. Agreed on the feedback part, where you know you've done something wrong. But, you wont get the opportunity to know what happens when you make a particular mistake. My first bike, pulsar 180, has taught me a lot in terms of braking. Recently, actually today, i rode a 200ns with abs, with is single channel front only abs and what happened is that i was taking a corner, and as a habit i pressed down on the rear brake and it locked up(i was doing north of 100). Now since this has happend to me on my 180 a few times, i know how to recover back from it, leave the brakes while reducing the lean and some more things that i cant explain in words. I'd ask you to recommend people to learn on non-abs and then get a abs equipped bike, but i guess im a "ASSHOLE"

  24. Improve your english buddy… Indian trying US accent is horrible… Be proud of Indian accent!! I am!!! 🙂

  25. 100% agree with your point but please avoid using shitty accents. The point of language is to get your point across and not to sound fancy. 👍👍

  26. what's fake accent? english is english. i'm not indian, and this video is not for indian only. he spoke CLEARLY, not like other indian.

  27. Hats off to d mentality of many guys who commented here . He was talking about something really serious and necessary in Indian roads , and those guys are only after his accent.

  28. a friend of mine bought a TNT 300 ABS….that was his first bike…..ABS helped him in a lot of situations….although a noob, he was an agressive rider(quite stupid right??)….I saw in front of my eyes, ABS saving his life nearly three times…..One day we exchanged bikes….i have a NS 200 non-abs….we rode out….the fact was that he was so dependent on ABS that he didn't know how to break in normal bike…he crashed my bike that day….thankfully nothing serious happened…….what i believe is a child cannot run without first walking….learning to ride on a abs bike does not help you learn how to ride….it only focuses on safety…..i say start on a non-abs bike….ride slow and carefully and once you've mastered every art of biking…move on to ABS

  29. perfectly reasonable arguments – thumbs up. thinking of getting a Ninja 400 and will probably get ABS if the local dealership has one.

  30. Group riding discipline is needed in your group. Basically we go together but I know whos behind me and whos ahead of me. Period. I don't want to keep looking my side view mirrors of whos about to pass me at all time of the ride. We can go together for 200mph but I know whos ahead of me and who is the only one behind me. Ride safe guys.

  31. When every typical Indian gets mad/jealous at an Indian for not having much of an Indian dialect but rather an accent that is becoming more western. Keep up the vids.

  32. I don’t see why people are hating on this. The whole point of the video is information not his accept or lack of. He has very good points in this video and it has been proven that abs on motorcycles does in fact reduce crashes and reduces the injuries when crashes are inevitable. Also his point about how abs doesn’t kick in unless you need it is true. The way they work is that they only kick in when the wheel is slipping, so there for just like when you’re driving a car you won’t use your abs every time you stop but that couple times a month when some asshole slams on his breaks with no turn signal and you need that abs or you’d have gotten into a crash. Why do you think it’s a mandatory feature in the U.S and most developed countries at this point. Yes I know this video is old but that’s my two cents as someone who has been through a couple of Mechanical engineering classes and has driven 230k miles in a car and 35k on motorcycles and I’m only 26.

  33. A lot of people will say that ABS is a bad thing.
    However, what they forget is that ABS remains dormant until a wheel actually locks.
    If the ABS kicks in, then you locked a wheel.

    Yes, proper threshold braking will certainly stop you more quickly than ABS could.
    However, you know the ABS is there as a backup incase a wheel does being to slide.

  34. ABS will help in linear panic breaking but switching the lane on inclined/leaned way you need more intelligent abs which support on cornering/leaned angle.

  35. Madarchod truck driver changing lane suddenly without keeping an eye on the mirror nor giving any indication.If i would have been in that guys place i would certainly have stopped him and beat the ass out of that cunt.What if these guys had more speeds,it could have been a disaster.These moronic drivers should loose their license.

  36. ABS has been made mandatory on all 2 wheelers above 125cc from 1st Apr 2019 onwards, which is a welcome move

  37. i don't like the shaking of the bike when abs kicks in i am use to non abs and i fair better when abs is not in control of my bike and i am makes it very hard to turn if the abs is shaking the bike.i am not saying on gravel or wet road that abs will not do its job i am saying i don't like it when my bike shakes when kicking in when its not needed abs should only kick in when 90% of front brake is applied but in most cases it kicks in when not needed or at 50-60% front braking and all the why up to 100%.i can and do apply a manual method of abs when i need to stop hard on my own.i also don't know if all bikes abs works the same

  38. You are 100% right about abs. And there are many smart arses who talk shyte about abs. But they are dead wrong. I crashed my bike because it didn't have abs

  39. Come to Romania my friend. Here if you manage to stay alive in traffic is a lucky day. Your group should take safety precautiouns

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