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Do You Play Any Other Sports Outside Of Cycling? | Ask The Pros At The Ovo Women’s Tour

– Do pro cyclists do any other sports apart from cycling? We’re here at the
Women’s Tour to find out. (upbeat music) Do you do any other sports aside from cycling,
especially in the off season? – Mountain biking. Yeah, so I guess it’s kind of cycling but just getting around a bit of fun. Yeah, that’s about it. – And do you find that’s
pretty complimentary to your road season? – Absolutely, it’s makes me get excited to get back on the road bike and it kind of keeps the skills in check. But super fun, yeah. – Definitely. I love running, roller blading
or cross country, skiing. When I was younger, I would do a lot. And I like to move a lot. I love to be in the mountains but lately I was watching this crazy video on Netflix called Mountain, about how
people perceive mountains. So then I realized that
actually I’m that small, compared to them. (laughter) – I’m sorry, so yeah. – [Female Reporter]
Nice to check that out. – Yeah, it’s super nice
one, very motivating, so. You have to check it out. – [Female Reporter] Do
you have any other sports? Obviously you have a
very packed road cycling and cycle cross cycling seasons. Do you have any other
sports that you like to do? – For cycle cross, I love to run. Sometimes a little bit
of boxing for the arms, for my back. I always like doing core training. But sometimes a little bit of yoga. But then it’s enough for me. – [Female Reporter] Yeah,
thank you very much. – And you you play any other sports aside from cycling or cycle cross,
for example, in the off season? – Well, not really anymore. I like to swim a bit but I’m not a real swimmer. Just some relaxing stuff. But, yeah, I think I’d like
to do some other things but now I keep it with cycling. And in the past I did
some high speed skating as a real Dutch. So, yeah, that was really
nice to do in the winter. But now, I keep it on two wheels. – So, do you do any other
sports outside of cycling? Say in the off season? – Just yoga and I like
to do a bit of hiking and I just bought a mountain bike. So, I’m going to be mountain
biking this off season. [Female Reporter] Great,
well hopefully that’ll be very complimentary to
your road cycling as well. – Yeah, it definitely
helps with the skills and just something a bit different. – Do you play any other
sports outside of cycling, like maybe in the off season? – Yeah, then actually I
sometimes play floorball. I think you call it. – [Female Reporter] Okay, that’s nice. – Yeah, and I used to play football but now I only play the floorball in the off season sometimes. – [Female Reporter] Cool,
it’s good to mix it up. – Yeah. – No, I always want to
keep doing rounders. I used to do rounders
at school and I always really loved it. But I guess it’s a summer sport but I’m always pretty busy in the summer. But, yeah, maybe in July or something. – [Female Reporter] Where yo
more of a batter or a fielder? – First post, yeah. [Female Reporter] High pressure. – First post and back stop. We had some sort of proper connection. (laughter) we got a lot of people out. – [Female Reporter] That’s important. – Yeah. – Do you do any other
sport apart from cycling? Especially in the off season. – Yes, when I was young I play football. [Female Reporter] Oh, nice. – Yes, and in off season I
like going to the mountains, hiking. Working on the climbs. – Running, swimming or
even in line skating. Let us know what you enjoy
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