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Do You Take Mountain Biking Too Seriously? | The Dirt Shed Show Ep. 136

Do You Take Mountain Biking Too Seriously? | The Dirt Shed Show Ep. 136

– The weekend is here. In fact for some of you
it’s already started. There’s no time to waste. – Yeah, get involved. Plus you can win a year’s supply of tires. – Oh my God, it’s the Dirt Shed Show. Let’s do it! (rock music) All right, this show is
absolutely jam packed, but I want to start
this week talking about our theme for the week
that is inspired by, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, Doddy, this rather shocking moment. Ooh, he hit him. – Can’t say I’m surprised, to be fair. – No, that is Brian Lopes. – Doing his thing.
– A legend of the sport, giving Geoff Kabush an old thump in the chest, like you do. Now, the story, do you you
know the story to this, Doddy? – I think I can imagine
where it’s coming from. – Yeah, well basically, Brian
Lopes didn’t want to get wet from the champagne podium shenanigans. – He’s a very clean man. – They’d already actually done that, and he had got wet,
and had put up with it, and was like, “Fine,” but he told Geoff, do not do that again in
the photo call afterwards. Geoff couldn’t hold it back. He just had to tip a little
bit more champagne on his head. Lopes was in his only set
of clothes to go home in, and as you can see, let’s
see that punch one more time, makes a good sound. (laughing) He’s not happy about it. – [Andrew] He’s a competitive guy. – He is, I mean, now, first off, I don’t know Geoff Kabush. I’ve heard he’s a really sound guy. – I’ve heard he’s a cool guy as well. – I do know Brian Lopes, right. – So do I. – And I can tell you, right,
he is a really sound guy. – He is. – He’s a great guy, yeah.
– He really is. He’s very competitive. And he did tell Geoff, don’t get me wet, I’m going to punch you, right? And he straight up, he did. – It probably goes a
bit further than that. – It’s got me thinking this week, right, and first off, we don’t
condone punching anyone. Is it taking man– – Well, except for when
Blake punched me that time. – That was pretty funny. – I did deserve that punch. Okay, so we’re talking about, can you take mountain biking too seriously? I mean, Lopes clearly taking an evening of podiumness too seriously that day. But what you think, Doddy? We know a lot of pros. They take it pretty serious. – Lot of people go both ways. I mean, the racers, mostly
they take it seriously. Kind of got to in the
nature of racing, isn’t it? – But then there are
characters like Minnaar, who, he does play a serious part, he does train a lot, but he knows how to have fun and be relaxed around it. He knows where his place is, you know, he knows where his abilities are. – Yeah, yeah. I mean, some of those
guys out there are racing, not taking it seriously. When I go to a bike park, everyone I see is taking it, is in a very relaxed mood, having a great time. That is not serious at all. And I feel like, for me,
that’s how it should be. But the pros, maybe, I don’t know. Josh Bryceland, look at him. He’s found the sweet spot. – [Andrew] He used to be serious. – [Martyn] Yeah. World Cup racer, now he’s
kind of floating around doing an Enduro here, doing great media, and basically is a bigger
star than he’s ever been. – [Andrew] He’s having such
a laugh as well, isn’t he? Danny Mac, what about Danny Mac? Does Danny Mac really take it seriously? Can you really be that
creative and serious? I don’t know. I think it’s about having fun. Mountain biking allows you to
express yourself quite a lot. So I think that could be a
big important part of it. But I don’t know if
racers think like that. Don’t know. Be interesting to know what
those guys think, though. Why don’t we do a bit
of a fun poll this week. First option is, “I’m a fighter,
I’m all about the racing.” Second one is, “I’m a lover. I like getting out in the nature.” Third one, “Josh Bryceland is my guru.” Don’t know what that one means. And the fourth one is, “Lopes to UFC.” Let’s see him up against,
what’s that Irish fellow? Conor McGregor. Lopes and Conor McGregor. Let’s make it happen. – Okay, so time for the poll
results from last week’s show, and that was all about, “What is the greatest mountain bike ever?” Now this is a pretty good one. It sparked a lot of conversation, especially with us, actually. – Yeah, we were talking about it all week. – And we kind of
disagreed with each other, at a lot of points it sounds like. – The polls are a surprise though, right? – Definitely. But this poll’s definitely
surprised me with the results. So, I mean, up top, Sam Hill’s Mega, 57%,
can’t argue with that. Lot of people loving Sam’s bike. Rachel Atherton’s Trek Session in 14%. – That’s pretty good, isn’t it? – That’s good. I probably wouldn’t put
that one as high up as that, but it’s a nice bike. Nino Schurter’s Scott Spark, 16%. – What? Come on. – That is an awesome bike. – It is an awesome bike, but
16%, that’s just not right. – [Andrew] It needed more than that. – [Martyn] Much more. Much more. – And this one really disappoints me. Greg Minnaar’s Honda, 8%. Only 8% of people? – Should we give it a fist bump? – Yeah, (beep) yeah, that is
one of the coolest bikes ever. We loved it, yeah. – But I do like this one,
but it’s sad to say 2%, is any bike ridden by John Tomac. – Well I think that’s
unfair it only got 2%, because there’s just so many bikes, could have been a Yeti,
could have been a Raleigh, could have been a Giant,
could have been a Tomac. He did things on all of them that just looked or was special. – All about that Yeti C26 with drop bars. The most ridiculous bike. – Oh God, I’d go with the Raleigh with the Token rear wheel and the– – He had Token on pretty much
all of his bikes, didn’t he? – Did he really? – He just rode them. – Oh, the funny elastic band tires. Elastic band spokes, yeah. – Kevlar. – So, you know, surprising
results in the poll, but we’ve got some great comments. Love how you guys get involved
on the topic each week, on the comments as well as the poll. It’s great to hear what you think. Owen Birch says, “I
think Brandon Semenuk’s Trek Session” should have been in there. And Curran Madden says that
Brandon Semunuk’s Trek Ticket should have been in there. – Agreed.
That’s a nice bike, that. Or Nicholi Rogatkin’s P3. So yeah, top slope style bikes. – Very nice. Yeah, yeah, got a nod from
Neil off camera there. – Andrew Wagstaff’s got a good one here. He goes, “Greatest bike ever. Martyn’s Nicoli from Back on Track.” – Yes! – “Inspirational bike that
changed a lot of people’s lives.” – That is the greatest bike ever. And Will Matthews says he
thinks my Canyon Sender. Yes, he’s right. That, it, now hang on a minute. – It turned into all about
you now, hasn’t it, suddenly? – Yeah, I’ve sort of cheated on this bit. – This always happens. – Moving on from me and my ego. – Kevin Fox here, get away. What about the Sunn Radical? Now that was a bike and a half. – Yeah, that is a good shout. – A lot of people said that was one of the best bikes that ever existed. – Yeah, Nico, Ann-Carroline Chausson, would it have been 1993? – Yeah, a bit later, four, three, yeah. Wow, missing out if you don’t
remember that one, fantastic. – Won a lot of races, that bike. – Yeah, that is great. It’s great seeing you getting involved. Some great bikes suggested, there. That was a good debate, wasn’t it? – I liked that one. – That was a good one. I wonder if our Lopes punch one is going to cause as
much of a roar this week. – Was it a punch or was
it more of a tickle? – (laughs) Okay, and now it’s time for the Neil with News Donoghue. Yes, yes I did it right. – So the Red Bull Foxhunt
took place over the weekend. Now, there’s two versions of this event. There’s a men’s and a women’s race. The women’s took place in mid-Wales, in Rachel Atherton’s home town. However, she couldn’t
take part in this event because of her shoulder injury. So Katy Winton took her place. Now, it’s a mass start race
with the hare and the hounds. All the ladies start off and then Katy has to try and chase
them down and pass them. So carnage ensues. Young Mille Johnset from
Norway took the victory, and Katy Winton actually
got to 21st place. In the men’s race, there
were over 450 riders, and this took place in Ireland, so again, there’s lots of carnage, Loic Bruni’s POV video is
absolutely unbelievable. So as you can see, Loic
Bruni did get stuck in some pretty heavy
traffic, and had to be pretty ruthless to make the passes. Now, in this race there
are actually three hounds. Last year’s winner,
Colin Ross, Gee Atherton and Loic Bruni himself. Now, young Irish Enduro
champion Kelan Grant took the win by over
25 seconds in the end, and Gee actually clawed his
way back up to ninth place. – Thanks, Neil. Good news. Sorry about that intro. – That’s fine.
– Was not the best. – Don’t worry.
– Was not the best thing. What do you think about Lopes’s punch? – Well, let me hit you
with a Brian Lopes story. So back, well I didn’t know him very well, I was always big mates with Steve Peat. Steve Peat was big mates with Brian Lopes. And I flew to Angelfire World
Cup in 2000-and whatever, Three? Four? And my bag didn’t show
up with all my clothes and Lopes just hooked me
up with a full set of kit, Oakley everything, top to toe, so, in my book, he’s a nice bloke. – He is a nice bloke. He’s a nice bloke. Competitive. Let me drive in his Porsche once. – Did he?
– Yeah, that’s pretty good. – That’s a good story.
– Yeah, he’s a good guy. Right, let’s get into what you
guys have been talking about on the channel this
week with your comments that you’ve been leaving
down below on all our videos. What do we got, lads? – Well, Harry Main has been in touch. – Yes!
– We talked about this. He says, yes, let’s do a video. Would be mega cool. He’s subbed to our channel
and been watching it. – Yeah!
– Pretty cool, right? – Harry Main into mountain
biking at the moment. We’re definitely lining
up a Harry versus Blake or Harry goes riding with Blake or Blake goes riding with Harry. We’ll work it out. It’s gonna be amazing when we do. And Harry, thanks for
the sub, that’s awesome. What do you got, Doddy? – Dave Kelly says, Manon
Carpenter’s recently retired from the International Downhill Circuit. Surely worthy as a
contender to be a presenter. – We keep knocking on the (knocking) Come on.
– Come on, Manon. – Where are ya?
– Pick up the phone. – It’s a good idea. This one comes from James Rixon. Who says, “Is Neil the
Simon Cowell of GMBN?” (laughter)
Does that mean I’m grumpy? – I think what he’s saying is you won’t sing along to our songs, I can’t imagine Simon Cowell doing that, you got all the info and the experience, like Simon Cowell’s got, and I think… – You’re tough to please.
– A bit of an asshole. – You’re hard to please. (laughter) – Don’t wear your trousers quite as high. – No, not always. – I was supposed to
defend you in this bit. You’re leaving me nothing. (laughter) Let’s move on from this comment. Right, so, Sam Chisholm says, I sat next to Sam Hill on
a gondola at Fort William; it was so cool. – That’s what I call a scene smasher. – Yeah, last week’s show
was a Sam Hill special. And, you know what, I get a
bit starstruck around Sam Hill. I did go up and say hello to
him at Whistler this year. – Yeah, you did.
– Don’t know if you know. I went to Whistler. It was amazing. I went up to him and said,
“Hi Sam, I’m a big fan. Nice to meet you.” He went, “Alright, mate”
and just sort of… He did kind of like the Queen handshake and sorta pushed me
away, like go on, yeah. – I spoke to him… – It was like he didn’t
wanna, didn’t wanna chat. – I spoke to him the night before the first day of the EWS finale. And he was drinking a beer
and seemed very relaxed. – Yes, well, apparently
once you get to know him, he’s a very chill guy but he’s quiet. He’s a quiet dude.
– He is, yeah. – He’s a quiet dude. What else do we got on the comments? – Andy Jarjour, “Blatant bias against hardtails in the Bike Vault. The four hardtails at
the start all got nices then when you saw the full sus bikes, you didn’t hesitate to hit the horn.” – Uh-oh.
– Who was holding the horn? – I think it was…
– I was. – It was Neil. It was Neil’s fault. Neil, you’re such a Simon
Cowell about hardtails. – I love hardtails. – You do. I don’t think we got any
bias against hardtails. I really love hardtails.
– Definitely not. I don’t know, I think… – Especially if they’re fat. – Yeah.
Oh no. (rock riff) – Blake’s not here this week. He’s off dying his hair and surfing so it’s up to me to First Try Friday and Jacob Smith Peters sent in,
whose mate, Zack Couture who is trying a wall ride. I like that name, by the way. Is that his real name? – Coming in hard.
– Sounds like a stage name. – Didn’t go quite as planned. – Wow. – Not quite enough
commitment there perhaps. Looked like he had the speed. I thought. – What, he’s riding left foot
forward and I think you’ll probably find that’s kinda
opposite for wall riders. It’s easier to hit one the other way, especially if you’re new to it. But you need to really
lean into the wall, right. You need to stick to that
thing you’re trying to do it on. – Yeah, tricky. It’s a big wall ride. I’m sure you’re gonna get it. Thanks for letting us see
the first try, though. Not easy to show your first
try, but you’ve done that there. Thanks for sending it in. We’ve got to give him the badge, dude. (rock riff) – So Tech of the Week this
week on The Dirt Shed Show. Had a couple of nice little
hack ideas, and bodges, coming in from some of
the viewers out there. I just wanted to bring attention to those. First one is from Cassega Sostat, and he runs a dirt jumping bike, I guess with 26-inch wheels, and he was fed up with getting punctures but he didn’t want to
convert it to tubeless so being a sort of intuitive sort of guy he put some sealant inside his inner tube so that’s quite a smart idea actually because it’s gonna seal
up any small thorns. So if you guys wanna do that at home, you can do this with either
Presta or Schraeder valves. If you just get yourself a core remover. I’ll just show you on
a Schraeder valve here how easy it is just to take the core out. Don’t need to make a hole
in the tube and seal it up. That’s not the best way to do that. Take the valve core out
and then using some kind of injector, there’s various
ones on the market, you can squirt in the appropriate amount of sealant, straight into the tube. It’s exactly the same
with a Presta, as well. Nice little hop up, just for
your regular inner tubes. It gives you some of the
benefits of running tubeless. Good work. Another cool one from John Graham here who was fed up with carrying
inner tubes around so he’s wrapped one around his hub so he doesn’t have to carry it anymore. Nice idea but a little
bit tricky to get to. You don’t want it to get
caught up in your bike, if it sorta comes loose so the way that we would recommend to carry it, if you don’t
want to carry it in a bag or in any other way, would be, either A, cutting a water bottle in half and just ram the tube inside
there with some tire levers and other bits and pieces that you need, or invest in one of
these dedicated straps, like Neil’s got on his bike here. This particular one sits under his saddle and it carries a couple of tire levers, a CO2 cartridge, and an inner tube, and you can pretty much forget about it once it’s on your bike, always there for that time when you do get a puncture. (rock riff) – Wow, check this out. This is your amazing chance
in our competition this week to win a year’s supply
of Continental Rubber. Amazing. We’ve got some summer Mountain
Kings and Trail Kings here. – Got some aggressive sort of Enduro downhill focused
tires, called the Kaisers. – Plus a set of Barons for
intermediate and mud riding. A full set of tires for all conditions. – Amazing products. Doddy, how do they get
their hands on this stuff? – All you got to do is
simply answer the question, it’s just on screen below here. It’s very simple. What is the name of Continental’s famous extra-special tire compound? So is that, A, Black Tomato, B, Black Grape, or C, Black Chili? Best of luck to you on that one. (rock riff) (whistles) – Oh, Neil’s back. Stop, stop whistling that song. – Time for Hacks. ♫ And Bodges, and Bodges – No. Daniel Heely has got this one. Why I asked for more hacks
last week, is this a hack? He’s used an old reflector mount to mount his Go-Pro to his bars. It’s kind of ingenius but
it looks a bit ugly to me. – I think it’s…
– Functional? – [Martyn] It’s functional. It would work.
– It’s not the worst. – And what’s more important,
it’s a Go-Pro mount, right? So what’s important is
how did the footage look? That’s what we wanna know. – Form over function
or function over form? – Got a cracker here from Matthew Hunt from British Columbia and he
was preparing for a night ride and his mate had forgotten his lights. – Come on, let’s see it. Oh my God.
– So he took a massive old torch from
the back of his truck, stuck it on that with a bit
of gaffer tape and inner tube. – He’s got five quids
worth of gaffer tape. – He’s putting it up in a little bit. – But look how much the torch is sticking back towards him? – Oh man.
– That’s a huge torch. – [Martyn] I’m not sure about that at all. That’s a bodge. – That’s a bodge.
– That’s a huge bodge. – [Doddy] Massive bodge. – Okay, mine one this week is insane. – [Neil] That just looks
like he’s just taking his spare tire levers for a ride. – No, this is Jude Gots,
has broken them handlebars. – You’re kidding me. – And he has taped them back together. – That’s good work.
– Is it? Is it? – Not sure how much I trust that. – With gaffer tape and tire levers. – Mental.
– Apparently he made it at home, I’m amazed. – Keep truckin’ on that. It was a very good choice.
– It’s a great hack. It’s a bodge. That is a bodge but
thanks for sending it in. Keep em coming. There’s the link below
where you need to send em. Can’t wait to see em next week. Good catch, Josh. (rock riff) ‘Kay, time for the Caption Contest. Look at this photo of Doddy
looking completely mental. You look mental in that photo. – You do love zip ties. – I do. I always carry em. – Doddy, what we got? – Head Over Handlebars, good name. Caption, “Mustache fallen off? No problem, cable ties.” – That’s your answer to everything. We did have a lot of them ones. That version was a good one but we had a lot of that basic caption. Next one is from Sebastian Suppes. “Doddy finally became self conscious that he’s the only presenter
without facial hair.” – I thought that was part of the job title. You have to have a crap
beard to work at GMBN. (laughter) – Crap? What? – Anders S, “Marriage ruined? Bam! Cable ties!” Fix everything apparently. – I don’t get that one. I don’t get that one at all. Last one is from Asup’s Action Sports, “I mustache you a question.” Mustache you. – That’s probably a winner, I reckon. – Reckon? You know what, you’re right. We’re giving you a bottle, not that one. – Can’t give away the horn. – A water bottle is on it’s way to you. Well done, you’re a winner. Take a look at this week’s photo. Look at that. That’s tricky actually.
That’s tricky. Good luck with that one. Give us a caption in the
comments section down below and you could win yourself
a GMBN bottle or PocPac, depending on what we’ve got available. (rock riff) Okay, time for this week’s
Viewer Edits from Reuben Far. He’s in Margaret River in Australia. It’s a Pin the Trail as well so we’re gonna be able to put it on the map. Let’s have a look. Alright, here we go. Raw. We got raw edit.
– It’s nice. – [Martyn] We got some
nice sounds coming in. – [Doddy] Bit of
influence from Blake here. Doing a lot of self-shot stuff. – [Martyn] Yeah. Looks like a nice, flowy trail actually. – [Doddy] It does. – [Martyn] Loads of little jumps. – [Doddy] Jumps, yeah. – [Neil] Good to see a rider
from Western Australia. I’m not sure I’ve seen much, I guess. Sam Hill’s a Perth man himself. – [Martyn] Yeah, we haven’t got many on the ole Pin the Trail map from there. – Look at this berm
– Braap Yes.
– That was cool. – [Neil] Fast, nice little manual. – [Martyn] Good edit. That’s how you do a wall ride. – [Neil] He got high on that. – Yeah.
– Maybe too far. – [Martyn] Alright, lads, we can’t sit here watching this all day. It’s very good. It’s very good.
– Forks working. – Like it. Right, let’s put it in the map. Light’s on. There we go. – Got a pin?
– Stick it in the map, dude. Nice one, Reuben. Thanks for sending it in. You’re probably gonna get
quite a lot of notifications on your e-mail now cause
you’re about to get around two million views, just under. Good luck with that. Glad we’ve made you a star. If you wanna make your movie a big hit then send it in to Viewer Edits. Links just down there
and we will take a look. And, obviously, from there on, Hollywood and all that stuff awaits. Best of luck. – We’re talking about big hits. – Yes.
– And now we’re on to Fails and Bails where there’s a lot of big hits this week. – Yes. – First one comes from Anthony Krizenso. Check this out, this is pretty big. – Yeah, it’s nasty this one. – [Martyn] It’s a day of
wall rides today, isn’t it? – [Doddy] That’s a face dig on that one. – [Neil] Some bad language there. – [Martyn] Yeah, we
have to bleep that out. There we… Whack. I love that we got two angles. – In the face. – I love that we’ve got two angles. That is quality, quality crashing. – Let’s see some more. – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. (whimsical music) (whimsical music) – Time to shout some bangers. Throwing out some things
that are really rad. Neil, have you got an
amazing banger for us? – Yes.
– I know you do. – It’s called, the Bike Dads on Instagram. It’s basically kids and their
parents shredding on bikes. – [Martyn] I think this is one of the best Instagram pages I’ve seen. – It’s really cool, yeah.
– So cool. – [Neil] It’s inspiring for me. I’ve got a little man whose
almost getting on a bike so I’m thinking this is pretty cool stuff. – It does look very, very good. I am gonna throw you to Manolo Olmo. This little bit of video just
made me laugh so much and I just thought, well, me and
Doddy are gonna go and do that. – Yes, definitely. – [Martyn] Bit of tandom downhill racing. Boy, he’s sending it. He is sending it down there. That is very fun. – [Neil] Did I tell you about the time I rode a Fat Bike
tandom with Dan Lloyd? – [Martyn] No. – [Neil] In Vegas, it was terrible. Absolutely scared the life out of me. – Yeah, you should
probably keep that quiet. – So you were stoking out back, were you? – No, I was in the front and I was wobbling all over the shop. – [Martyn] Ah man, I can’t
wait til we do that, Doddy. – [Doddy] Let’s do it soon. – Comments.
– Let’s get it done. – Comments down below. Should me and Doddy go ride in tandom? I think I should be up front. – Yeah, back (mumbling). – Your big long legs
in back, it’s perfect. Inspired by Manolo, thanks. – So I’m gonna throw you to Speed Police. These are a bunch of guys. Don’t know who actually
does this account but they call people out for playing
video clips too fast online. Name and shame them, there’s some pretty funny stuff on there. – [Neil] Martyn, have you
been doing this, as well? – [Martyn] I’m hoping to get a
ticket from the Speed Police. I really am. – You will, you will definitely. – [Martyn] That’s not sped up. It’s not sped up. – [Doddy] Judge it for yourself. Have a look his clip and tell. – [Martyn] Yeah, go on,
need some more views. (rock riff) – This one is brilliant. It’s John Tomac interview
but I need to mention, we talk about John Tomac
quite often on here. – We do, yeah. – But this is a really nice interview. His son, Eli, races
motocross and supercross. He’s a very successful racer himself but, a bit of backstory, talks about doping in the 90’s and mountain biking. – [Martyn] It’s a great video. – It is cool.
– It is great. – Beautifully shot, as well.
– Really well put together. And look, Tomac is just like a touchpoint of a time in the sport. He was there at the start and then he just would not go away.
– I raced him. – And he looks so great. Yeah, you said. – So his last year was 2000. My first year World Cup was 2000. It was a bit of a weird
thing slightly, isn’t it? There’s the legend stood over there. – Yeah.
– It was cool. – [Doddy] Right, he had a long career. – [Martyn] Yeah, and this video only makes him more of a legend so
definitely take a look. It’s good. – Yeah, I’mma throw you
over to Matti Lehikoinen. He’s got this really crazy interview and it’s pretty shocking actually the sort of injuries he’s
overcome and come through. Quite graphic content and
have a good read with that. It’ll kind of inspire you
to realize what you can do and what you can push through. – [Martyn] Yeah, it was a great interview. I found it quite hard to read actually. It was all a bit raw for me. I recognized an awful lot of it. – He’s a great guy. One of my old friends actually,
he’s been very successful. He’s won World Cups
obviously, with the downhills. Yeah, it’s quite a sad story, I thought, but good on him for pushing through. – Yeah.
– Great rider. And I am gonna throw to
our friend, Harry Main. Our friend, Harry Main. BMX rider, he’s taking his mountain bike into the skate
park, doing some flips. Making it look a bit
more Harry Main actually. It’s pretty cool. But, yeah, I thought
cause he’d given us a sub, we’d throw to his video so check it out. (rock riff) Ain’t no party like a Bike Vault party. Has your bike got in there? Let’s have a look. (lock opening) – The vault is open. – It’s open. Dave Walsh is starting us off in Killarney, Ireland. – Whyte T-130, is it? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Like the bar set up.
– Tidy. Like those. – Tracker on it. – What do you reckon? – I reckon I’m gonna go with a, it’s Nice. It’s a nice start. – Definitely a nice.
– Definitely a nice start. – Oh, a Yeti. – I would probably squeeze it myself. – What do we got? It’s gotta be Super Nice, man. – I don’t reckon it is. – That’s a great looking bike. – I’m joking, that’s a
Super Nice. (horn honks) Look at it. It’s beautiful. Okay, next bike. Jason Wilms in Aruba. – Aruba? That’s way over there, ain’t it? – Good location but
look at that driveside, three o’clock pedals, everything’s right. – I like the cactus, too. – It’s a good bike. – It’s a nice.
– That’s a nice, alright bike. – I think that’s a Super Nice myself. – Whoa, he said it. (horn honks) – Super Nice. – Merida.
– Don’t see many Meridas – This is Link Brownie’s Merida. It’s the Fred Katisen
Reserve in Sydney, Australia. – It’s missing a bar end. You know, a bar end plug. – Right, that’s dangerous.
– Dangerous, yeah. – If it’s dangerous, does it lose points? In my book, it loses points for that. – Is that dropper post and it’s down? – Yeah. – Fully equipped. – Should we give it nice?
– It’s Nice. – I like the color. It’s nice. – Moving on to Matthew Boston’s lovely KHS in Temecula, California. – Nice, that’s the home of Intense. – And Aaron Gwin lives round there does he not? – It’s definitely nice. – I’m going with a, I like the color way on the bike actually. – It’s pretty cool.
– I like the color way. – Come on, Martyn, it’s
up to you on this one. – It’s a Nice. It’s a nice, Matthew. – That’s a cool picture. – Michael Cash. He’s at the Bone Collector
in Black Hills, South Dakota. – That’s a great looking bike. What is that? An old Nomad? – Now we’re being very strict and we’re focusing on the
bike but I’ve got to say, that is a rad photo but we’re not gonna give him a Super Nice on that. – That bike is flipping lovely. – So you’re giving it on
that bike, Neil, it is a… – I give it a (horn honks). – Super Nice. Yes. Okay, next up is Nick
Clemmon’s, what is that? – Is that an Ellsworth? – It’s alright they’ll let us know in the comments below what it is. – Giant, it says Giant on
the chainstay protector. – It’s a Giant.
– A Giant. – It’s a Giant Reign? I don’t know.
– Must be. – Yes. – It’s a Nice. – It’s a Nice. – Posh, I thought. That’s not a cruiser. That’s a wicked picture, though. – Peter Fleming. – Magically balancing, as well. – Yeah, that’s a great shot.
– It is. – Come on now. – It’s a Super Nice all
the way. (horn honks) – Super Nice. – Giant hardtail. – That’s nice. – I love a hardtail. Don’t know about you. – I love hardtail, too. – Yeah, Sebastian sent this one in. – This comes down to you, Neil. – Well, I’ve ridden one
of those bikes and it’s a flipping good bike so I’m
gonna give that (horn honk). – Super Nice. Super Nice. Oh my goodness me. – Look at that.
– A Genesis. – Tom Gander has sent in, that’s a… – That’s a really nice hardtail, isn’t it? – It’s not driveside.
– Doesn’t matter. – That’s an aggressive hardtail. – Yes, it’s really nice. It’s got plus tires on
it, I think, doesn’t it? – I think we all appreciate it. – Let’s hit it. (horn honk)
– That’s Super Nice. And that takes us out of
the Bike Vault this week. Tom finished it off with a Super Nice. Now you’re thinking,
could I get a Super Nice? What would it mean to get a Super Nice? Well there’s only one way to find out. Send your bike in to [email protected] and we will try and get
it in the vault if we can. Tell you what, there’s a big
pile of bikes in there but you can only find out if you give it a go. Send us your bike. (rock riff) Right, let’s take a
look at what’s coming up on the channel this week and it all kicks off tomorrow
with Sam Reynolds’ Pro Bike. Great freestyle and slopestyle rider. Definitely worth checking out. And then on Sunday, we got an Unboxing. Northwave, now that’s gonna be cool. – Yes, some winter shoes.
– Nice. – Then on Monday, we’ve got
carbon frame protection video about protecting your
frame and on Tuesday, we’ve got a MTB Home Hacks. – Wednesday, how to set up an Enduro bike plus, how to ride at night. A new series of night riding videos. Check that out. Thursday, of course, is Ask GMBN. We’ll try and answer all your questions and on Friday, back in the Shed. – Back in the Shed, of course. Thanks for watching this week. Lads, is there anything we
could throw these guys to that they would enjoy from this point on? – Wow, I took a tour, sorry Doddy, I took a tour of the Pits
at the Enduro World Series and asked the mechanics what they do to set up bikes and how much work it is. Also, the privateers, check that one out. – Yeah, and if you want to check out Nico Vink’s Scott Gambler,
that’s his FEST series bike. Click that right here. That’s a really cool bike, check it. – Yeah, and if you wanna be
cool, just like Harry Main, why don’t you click just here to subscribe to GMBN and give us a thumbs up like. See ya next week!

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    I absolutely love GMBN, and i LOVE the dirt shed show, but sadly, I have to agree that there is a clear bias against hardtails and against "cheap" bikes in the bike vault.

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  14. I own a Scott Spark 710 2017 since few weeks only, I'm 41 years old and I'm not practising sport often (last decade I was riding in town with some hardtail less once a month, really less than that). According to Strava, the Spark is awesome: I rode fast on rough terrain and the reason of that is NOT because I'm good, the bike is 😉

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