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Docu – By Bicycle through Kazakhstan – Part 1

Docu – By Bicycle through Kazakhstan – Part 1

We are in Kazakhstan Close behind the border The border crossing was good It took an hour or something To leave Russia and enter Kazakhstan 29 Days – 2120km Here are many insects Flies, mosquitos and other small flies You can’t make a break And if you start cycling you have a cloud behind you We arrived in Petropawl First stop on our Kazakhstan tour We’ll look for a hotel today I’m a bit sick, you maybe hear So we just want to have one night in a hotel We just went to the police And we wanted to registrate me Normally you have to do it as a foreigner But they said everything is fine and we don’t need it So we didn’t do it Olga is at this bank, changing money And some people already spoke with me Very friendly, this will be really good i think! Let’s make a photo This is video Photo? Of course Just had a shower Welcome to our appartement Here are our bikes Olga is having a shower Kitchen Refrigerator A big bed, some other tuff Even a balcony All this for.. Around 11€ Awesome And now relax a bit We also have a bathtube We can have abath And relax Tomorrow we move on Yeah, nice Here, you saw this? I think it’s also a refrigerator Yes This i a fridge for the wintertime When it’s cold outside, it’s just wood No, it’s even metall The front is from wood You can put your stuff here in the wintertime And it stays cold Smart It’s 10 A.M., we already packed our stuff And gave the keys of the apartement back And now we will move on Into the steppe Away from civilisation No shower, back to the mosquitos We have to go to Astana Awesome people They invited us for Lunch Into their restaurant But it’s in the wrong direction So we thanked and said no Amazing, the people are super freindly here Cheers Short break in this bus stop In the shadow Look at this enormous bench You’ll sink into it Crazy The flies are still here Better than mosquitos But these are biting But not so often But they bite! They don’t sting It hurts With small teeth Great Looks awesome It’s 7 P.M., we will keep cycling for a bit Sun is still shining, didn’t set yet Here is good, or? Nice This is our campingspot With a nice sunset Locals? I thought you were foreigners! Where are you from? From Germany Give me a water We have enough, thanks Fresh, cold water Who knows! It’s 60km to the next town From which city? Hamburg Georgia! Yes, delicious! No Cola, it’s a natural product Once… I met a women, a teacher! From Great Britain Walking From London to Wladivostok Make a picture Maybe i can pull you somehow? We go there You have to make a restday there What’s sunday on english? Holiday, Birthday… Weekend? I forgot… Bad student! No please here, with all the bikes Take two This is the healthy life! not sex etc. About this you have to talk with the grils I teach him the life You were in Petropawl? I life in Petropwal We go to Astana Holidays! Ok, i’m happy that you are interested We’re also interested Maybe we’ll see in Borovoe We arrive today. You don’t, it’s 100km How many km you cycle each day? Against the wind it’s bad? Wind from the front is difficult We move on! Good luck to you! We are in the Village Kellerowk We do Lunch here Do some groceries Fill up water We decided to leave the mainroad And make a little detour to go on smaller roads More into the wild Hello! Where is here a supermarket? After the store to the left And there is the postoffice! Traveller? Yes, tourist Allright To Astana, to the Expo Allright I thought locals… I thought some local boys stopped here for a break I don’t understand Local people People? People from Kellerowka stopped here I thought… Doesn’t matter How is it? Is it still far? To Astana it’s still far You have to go far With the bicycle In 7 days we will be in Astana Olga is doing groceries Over there is a store I’m waiting and chilling here And talk to the locals I bargained for the melon To how much? 2€ Not bad She doesn’t know if it’s good From Kazakhstan? Yeah These are also from Kazakhstan Bread Wind from the back! We have wind from the back Very nice The last 45km were against the wind And now we did a 2hour break Now the wind turned and we also changed the direction So now, backwind! We just met some cool guys They are driving behind us We made some pictures Good luck! What’s the name of your channel? You have a business card? 2 of the guys just came back They invited us for lunch We go behind them now To a cafe or something We’ll see what we have We said we are vegans Make a small break This is the city center There is the central place, i can show you Here is the city center Put your bike shere Tea, fruits, bread, sauce and veggies Everyone is very friendly He wants to make a picture with you Awesome The guys were actually policemen Now they also called their colleagues Now we have in the upcoming… Policestations Someone who can help us, because they all know us We just had very good food And Tea And nice talks They gifted us a bottle of Cognac And now… We leave the city And over there they want to see us again And they want to give us some beer there So we have a beer later Amazing Awesome The guys just passed us They gave us 1.5l drafted beer In a PET bottle And two 0.5l cans So we might have enough for today Absolutely amazing Done for today We made 105km Now we are in an old Hempplantage That’s how it is We are a bit away from the road We wanted to go to this house And i watched inside And the wise botanist Might recognize this plant Cannabis Something went on here I don’t know if it would grow here otherwise It’s everywhere Here too Everywhere But I think it’s not the right one for fun You need special varieties But It’s still funny Camping in Kazakhstans nature Hello, good morning! We have a new video style for you We want to show you our whole day *Link in description’ Where we go Where we are, the people we meet What we eat All this stuff! You are almost live with us We are now in northern Kazakhstan Around 400km North of Astana Today we do around 100km Now we first have breakfast It’s pretty windy We keep going! 5km more, then we do lunch Over there You can see a bit The mountains of Burabay national park We want to go there today, there are lakes etc We want to camp there But it’s still 75km We made 25km so far And the wind is coming from the wrong direction.. It might be exhausting But we’ll make it! Here we have water In a well Thanks This is good We wanted to go to a store To buy a juice or something But this is icecold… Water from the well This is awesome 12km to go Over there Is the city Burabay After which the national park is named And there is also the lake where we want to go So we can almost see it The last 12km now We slept very good after the hard tour yesterday And now we wake up To this amazing view Borovoe In the Burabay national park The people say, or someone said.. This is little Swiss of Kazakhstan Yeah, looks amazing Allright, go? I think around 20km We will cycle through this forest Beautiful, it smells really good Over there is a toll station We are on the A1 The biggest road in Kazakhstan But there is no alternative Let’s see if we can pass the toll station It rained for 10 minutes But we got through Many horses here The local Kazakh couisine Contains of a lot of Horse meat And Kumis Which is fermented Horse milk Hello This is the Mainroad Or the biggest road in Kazakhstan From the north to Astana And you see, 3 lanes And nothing up here, no traffic! No traffic here, this is really crazy So yeah, Kazakhstan is a huge country Has very few inhabitans compared to the area I think 17 Million people 9th biggest country in the world… I think But so, you can also cycle on the A1, on the highway! There is another cyclist It’s Arthur from Armenia On the Road since 7 months With his dog Nice We make a little detour to this village To look for a small store or supermarekt Make some groceries Beautiful These old houses With a small garden Where you grow your veggies Awesome This is the store, let’s see if it’s open Is here a supermarket? Supermarket? Food? This is a store Here and there are supermarkets Here and there are supermarkets What are you looking for? A supermarket? They are all closed now If you go here, there is “Mirike” You can see if it’s open or closed Why is it closed? After lunch it’s always closed Sometimes till the evening, but only that And this That one is closed We just have two shops And thats a hospital I already saw the hospital Ok, thanks! We made 76km Now we go here to the right And look for a nice campingspot Where are you from? Hello, from Germany Where are you from? From germany? You came by bicycle? Sick, it’s far Where from germany? Where do you go? Astana? Astana to the EXPO Then Almaty and Kyrgyzstan It’s about 200km How many Days you are on the road? 80, 90, 100…
(Missunderstanding – km per day) Sick! There we go and pitch the tent Here left? It’s good, no? We managed to pitch up the tent So it’s okay, i think it will stop soon It’s always very short rainstorms But very heavy We haven’t had it before It suddenly just starts to rain heavy And some minutes later it stops again Sun is setting Looks awesome And on the other side A rainbow Almost too much, or? Awesome As is said yesterday No traffic on the 3 lane highway Hello Is something broken? No, No, everything okay, thanks Where are you from? Germany For how long do you travel? More than a year now To where? To the EXPO? Yeah Safe travels! I imagined Kazakhstan different Here are actually many forests Trees and hills So i don’t want to say mountains but… So it was flat and steppe at the beginning But now, yesterday and today Here are many trees Mountains So it’s diversed, which is really nice Now again we left the Highway To go into the next village over there To do some groceries again The streets look interesting To make this clear again We are on the A1 The biggest street in this country And yeah, here are even pedestrians And ok, we also cycle here But i just can say it again Here is so less traffic It’s very comfortable We made 91km today Here is our campingspot Freshly mowed Quite good There is the street A good distance to it from here Now we have a beer, right? Yes Mugs And beer Freshly filled up You can buy it like this in the supermarket They fill it up there In these PET bottles Nice Pickled and salted watermelon Lookin forward how it tastes It’s a speciality from Kazakhstan Nice Interesting Is there some vinegar inside? A bit It’s good! Not so sweet anymore Not sweet actually Almost like pickled veggies Delicious With garlic Double baked bread Like zwieback With garlic Also a great snack, but we already know these After 90km Everything tastes much more intense The beer The bread chips I think almost everything tastes good after 90k You can’t do much wrong So i wanted to show you this on the map Here we are Here we want to arrive today, close to Astana Now i show you where we are Now you see here This waterdrop Which means here is a spring It’s marked here And Olga is going to it Over there And you see the people With their water tanks Getting their water This is amazing Somewhere in nowhere land, the springs are marked And it’s right And you go there and get your water This makes it so comfortable It’s awesome, the app is called “MAPS.ME” We use it since more than one year to navigate And maybe we took a wrong road once or twice So really not often And then you have the specials, with the marked springs And hotels Restaurants, gas stations ATM It’s awesome Got water? Yes, icecold Great Don’t forget the cam! Lunchbreak! We have bread Cucumbers What else? I’m not so fast! We have Pasta from yesterday And Eggplant spread Or Veggie spread Yeah, right Good Solarpanel in the sun, it’s charging good We have a review on our blog We wrote a review It’s really good Yeah, and we have Helva Very good 2 hours? 2 hours lunchbreak Now 41km to go Then we are close to Astana There we’ll camp And tomorrow morning we go directly into the city He’s doing a testdrive It’s heavy It’s heavy, unstable I don’t understand The luggage is heavy How is it? Yeah it’s heavy, 60kg all together Speed? Kilometer driven You started at zero? Where do you start? Germany With bicycle? How many countries? 24 countries Camera with USB Plug Now we just enter Astana Here is the sign Now we are at our Campingspot As i said before, we wanted to sleep one night outside the city Over there you see the skyline Tomorrow we go early in the city There we’ll have an appartement And pay now for one night less When we sleep here, but still have the whole day tomorrow There is our tent There is the Skyline Of Astana, we go there tomorrow Might be absolutely amazing this city Maybe one of the most amazing cities we will see on this trip We are looking forward Now we cycle… Through the old Astana, the suburbs It will look different soon We arrived at our appartement This it is A Blockhouse Up there in the 12. floor Must be our appartement We are waiting for the landlord Welcome to our flat Sleeping and living room Our stuff Bathroom with washing machine Nice kitchen And a view On the city, a bit… The city is actually more to the right But we have a view on the biggest Mosque in Kazakhstan The Nur-Astana Mosque afaik There are more skyscrapers Here on the other side The Astana Arena And now the most craziest thing, over there The steppe Nothing, and in the middle of the steppe This huge crazy city With big skyscrapers Crazy buildings and stuff like this This is just crazy We do a little evening walk We just had Pizza And a beer Now we just see the city in the evening Pretty amazing All these buildings, with the lights Very impressive On this building is a huge monitor Some ad is running We were here before These are statues of all the countries Which take part at the Expo And represent themselfes there With timber framework design Good good The towns landmark Baiterek Designed by the president of Kazakhstan It means something like a Tree of life That was nice That was crazy An evening in Astana We are on the way back to our appartement And yeah, just crazy… Hard to describe whats going on here So much money is invested here To provide some fun time for the people And to build crazy buildings Art and stuff like this Quite crazy But now we have to go sleep Tomorrow is the whole day EXPO We have to be there early Yeah, tomorrow the programm will continue That will be awesome too Good night We are at the EXPO. 9.30 A.M First station is the German pavilion We got two free tickets from them That was the German pavilion Now we was also in the spanish one That was also good Now we go to the Kazakh pavilion Now we see Kazakhstan That’s the biggest Sphere shaped building in the world Sphere shaped This is a real piece of ice from the northpole They brought it here Crazy I’m sailing This is a map showing how much time you need From Austria to Kazakhstabn Here is a bike Zero CO2 and 305 hours He is faster than us When everyone would power his TV like this You would be healthy Not the whole weekend on the couch Turn the pedals for your favorite show Jordan Look at this canyon, nice It’s like in Petra That was our trip to the EXPO That was a succesfull day We saw a lot We walked a lot It was quite exhausting But it was really interesting As an engineer i was touched by this Because it’s about How to provide the Future Energy For our Planet I think a big problem is That we don’t work together Every country tries on his own And because of this i like it That we do this journey Because i think we connect the people with this We inspire the people We show that other cultures are also very normal That we have to work together What i wanted to say is There is a lot of talking but not so many actions We should do more! More intense It’s not the future it’s the present That’s a good point It’s maybe not Future Energy How the motto is now Of course it’s in the future, but We have to take actions now, in the present As always, if you liked it, leave a thumps up We see us in the next video! See you!

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