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Docu – By Bicycle through Kazakhstan – Part 2

Docu – By Bicycle through Kazakhstan – Part 2

Good morning
-80km south of Astana- We started yesterday in Astana
-80km south of Astana- We made about 80km Now it’s 5.30A.M We just woke up to a thunderstorm with heavy rain It’s a bit better already But we pack our stuff now It looks grey again over there We’ll see, we should pack our stuff And move on! And maybe find… Shelter in a better spot Maybe a Bus stop or something Or? Yes? Yes! Ok,go! It just stopped to rain That’s good, still windy! Neverthelesse try to pack our stuff fast It’s better Kazakhstan #2 This was good in the end We didn’t get wet luckily But we started nevertheless Without breakfast That’s… The first thing to do now Find a place for Breakfast Food! It’s wet, we have to clean the shoes But i found a perfect tool With that it’s easy and good Can you give me slice too? We just was in a small village Bought some stuff for lunch And The mainroad went around the village We killed two birds with one stone We could shop and take a shortcut The problem is Here is the mainroad And also this fence And now here is also a big puddle Doesn’t look too good Wait, not straight with the bike It might be muddy, or? I check Carefull We also look for weak spots in the fence Right it’s dry? That’s the post Nice, that guy was coming from the front before And he made some signs like this Crap Over there is eyerywhere fence We don’t go 8km back Crap Here is a joint Here are two fences and we can open it Go through and done Nice Felled trees Looks wild Look at this old buildings, nice Awesome Good evening, done for today We cycled 100…How much? 114km! Quite good, wasn’t too exhausting Or? No, but we woke up so early So now we are happy That we pitch up our tent Cook something And lay down The tent ist still wet from the morning We pitch it up and hope it will dry We are now 30km before karaganda Also a bigger city in Kazakhstan We want to go there tomorrow And see the city There is a mine or something Maybe iron ore Somehow they transport it with trains Now there is a train on this hill Now they dump it It’s steaming Might be some leftovers From some heating process Or something like this They don’t need it Maybe that’s how this hill was made They dump it all the time We are in Karaganda We look for a cafe now and work a bit That’s the plan Now we are on the way To a monument In Russia, when you get a question like ‘Gde, Gde?’ And when you are annoyed you say ‘W Karagande!” And it means: Where, where? In Karaganda! We made a picture with the staff of the restaurant Quite nice! Then they filled up our water And we got a bottle of Morst It’s a… Drink made of yam an water Tastes good! Now we go to a shop and then out of the city That’s the positive side of going by bike You can go almost everywhere Out of the city It’s already 7P.M Made 40km now Now we look for a campspot Our campingspot today Nice weather today, blue sky Not too hot Just nice Altough the main part of the day we was in a cafe Worked a bit, but got some things done Edited a video and applied for iran visa Wrote an article about EXPO Nice Short stop At this cafe We just started, we made 7km so far Olga gets some water Because… There are about 100km without a city In front of us now At least the map says this, we will see In the evening we want to be in the village in 100km So for the day we should get enough here Very good Who could imagine this Now we have some mountains here in Kazakhstan Or at least it’s hilly Different… Than I expected Ok, in the north we had steppe And In the west Is also a lot of steppe But I thought it’s just everywhere steppe This Is our lunch camp Bikes together And put a plane over it for some shade It’s quite hot But with this and the wind it’s okay A mix of steppe And some mountains So we have some change Really nice Water Nice Into the steppe 200m or something and there we camp In a small village We want to refill our water here In the next about 120km There will be no village And it’s super hot now, I even got an emergency message yesterday That it should get up to 36°C So we have to fill all our bags We opened the tap, but we can’t close it There is a spring or something But it doesn’t stop Hello, how do we stop it? We opened the tap, but we can’t close it We don’t know how Nice! Thanks! This is how it goes here Here is the supermarket 5 onions 5 carrots Two bell peppers One bread Sunflowerseeds, two small packages last longer You have spaghetti? Long pasta Eggplant spread And corn Cookies Cookies are good! The groceries for the next days I spent 3200 Less than 10€ 9€ We decided To not take the Highway But take smaller roads again More into the wild Have less traffic And just Have more wilderness and nature And more lonelyness Lunch! Bread, yesterdays pasta Cucumbers and lot of water I’m so full after lunch I can’t turn the pedals How are you? It was good! The clouds are disappearing slowly And then it gets quite hot in the sun How the forecast said It was okay before But now it’s almost 4 P.M. Then it cools down again Now we just have some sunflowerseeds Sunflowerseeds Very nice Good snack for the break You spend some time And you relax And you have something to eat Where are you from? Where are you from? From Germany Hello! Hello! Where you go? Agadir Then to Almaty I come from germany on bicycle How long do you travel? One year Where are you from? From Germany Can we take a picture? You are travelling? Where do you go? To Almaty Why you go this way? It’s just straight! We want the smaller roads Which city in Germany? From there with bicycle? How do you go to Almaty? What’s the name of the city? And then… From Mointy to Saryschaghan There is no asphalt, just gravel It’s okay? Or not? It’s okay On the Highway is much traffic, here not You sleep outside? In the tent? Why you go to Almaty? We want to go to Bishkeke after it We cycle all the world Our todays campingspot We made 98km Almost like yesterday Again a nice campingspot With an awesome sunset Just had dinner, now pitch up the tent Only difference Today was A much nicer road Just a few cars passed Every second one stopped and people wanted selfies Or talked to us Right Agadir We fill up water Now we have a longer stage without water The Map says about 150km Probably there will be some houses Where we could get water Better safe than sorry Right, so we fill up now About 30 liter Doesn’t work We’ll look further Can you come closer? With the car Where are you from? From Germany Was there water? Doesn’t work On the other street is another tap You are from Germany? Yes Where you go? Almaty, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Nice Good luck! Good journey! We just made pictures with the police Really funny Nice people in this village They also said, every 20km or so There will be a little village or a train station We go along a railway now There will be some trainstations There we can get water, so We have about 23 liter now i think Quite a lot, but to be sure Not as much as we thought Where are you from? Germany How many kilometers you cycled? Where you go now? Now we go to Mointy Then Bishkek and Pamir To the Pamir? You have a map with you? Yes Can we make a picture? Of course You have a tent? Yes, we have a tent Which nationality you have? I’m from Germany Both? I was born in Russia In Russia? Where do you get groceries? We just bought some in Agadir You buy whenever there is a possibility? You get money from your government? No What’s that A camera Thanks! See you! Really nice They fit in two cars! I don’t know how Awesome Our companion for the next days This railway There are some trains coming It’s the main railway from South to north and to Astana From China and Kyrgyzstan There are some trains Good morning A little update Something stupid happened yesterday The camera is broken On the last pic it took It fell down On the objective Now it’s not working anymore We will see if we can repair it In Almaty Or we can buy a new one But… We decided That it’s maybe not so bad So we can make a break Don’t take pictures And also One week or two Don’t post pictures until Almaty Until we managed everything And maybe this is just good Just… Enjoy everything a bit more by ourselfs With our eyes Not with the pictures Good evening from Mointy Olga is doing groceries Then we fill up water Now the longest and most difficult stage is coming Probably 150km without Cities or villages The day after tomorow We want to arrive at the Highway And end our tour through the steppes of Kazakhstan It’s really cool I’m looking forward how we continue It’s already nice, but it might be even nicer 5 liter, 5 liter Down here 10 liter 5 liter, again 10 liter And one, two, three liter Four liter And my bottle 5 liter In total 40 liter of water This is how it looks In the village we just Asked some people And it really looks like It will be 150km Without villages Pretty crazy! As we said, 40 liter of water with us Two days Should be good! Today we’ll make 5 or 10km i think Depends on the road. At the moment it’s fine The road… The trail! By the way It’s not on google maps or Maps.ME We have a map… A paper map We bought it at the beginning of Kazakhstan From a Gas station From a Gas station company And all gas stations Of this company are marked in the map But, also this Road! Because of that we decided to go here Pretty crazy coincidence Otherwise we would have taken the highway Which wouldn’t be so nice And defenitily we hadn’t meet so many nice people Everyone who is passing us Stops and asks if everything is okay Takes a photo with us It’s very nice! Today we got invited for Tea and food And in the village where we just were They said we were the first tourists ever to come to this village Lunch! Under the bridge Of this railway, in the shadow Let’s check the temperature In the sun 38,6°C We made 82km Done! Here we put our tent A bit further, there? Perfect! Over there is the railway And in that direction About 35km or so Is the Highway again And the Balchach lake There we will make a break tomorrow And wash us Over there Is asphalt again There is a tire on your way I saw… I thought i’ll pass it Everything okay? Yes Full of joy i didn’t see it Look at this color! It’s amazing Awesome Saryschagan – Balchach Lake Here we are, Saryschagan Here we cyled Here is Karagandy Here, and then not on the Highway Over Balchach But we took this Road And then 300km Gravel Road, over Mointy Always at the railway Now we are at the Balchach Lake, which is huge It’s about 300km long i think What is interesting about it, this side… Is sweetwater and this side… Is saltwater And it doesn’t mix There might be different streams So it doesn’t mix up Quite interesting We are on the sweetwater side now Now we continue here at the lake Down to Almaty And then to Bishkek, to Kyrgyzstan This is how you get water here There is not water in every house Something different here Morning Here is our tent and as you see… We just pitched the inner part We didn’t pitch the outer part It’s more comfortable now It’s getting hotter during the night And like this it’s comfortable More air Nice We continue to pack now Then we move on It’s discusting On the street are the dead ones Damn it Plague of locusts! 10 A.M. The Thermometer… Just crossed the 40°C, 40,3°C! It might get hot today Carefull! He’s fully loaded with watermelons And we just shouted “Hello, watermelon!” And then He gave us a watermelon! Awesome! Really nice, really friendly people Here we look for shade Is it enough? Ah, on top Not bad This looks good 46°C it shows! 45,5°C The water has at least the same temperature Maybe it boiled? Refreshing! Dried out saltlakes We arrived In the village where we wanted to go Axaly! This is how it looks A bit lost… Hopefully after the hill will be more So we find a store Where we can get some groceries And also We need a water spring Or a well Where we can get water For today and tomorrow Ah, this is the store? Yes, looks like a store Nice That’s the store! Olga is doing the groceries She is checking for… Some bread And some canned food So we can eat something cold Because it’s so hot So we don’t have to cook That it’s normal to go into a supermarket And to have a huge choice of fruits and veggies That there is always meat Cheese and dairy products available Crazy, and here you go into a store And you hope that they will have some onions or carrots And beside that no other fresh stuff Then, the next Now we will also look for water We have to look for the well in this village In Germany in every tap You get cold and hot water – always Whenever you want It’s quite crazy What a simple life the people have here But nevertheless They are so happy and joyfull! It’s nice to see That the people can be so happy with so few things Everything here is… Like 30 or 40 years ago in Germany It makes you thinking Write your thoughts about this in the comments What do you think? I think it’s crazy We don’t realise how good we have it in Germany This journey Maybe can teach us So we value the things more For example Yesterday or 3 days ago Where we had to carry 40l of water Then you learn about the value of water Fill the water in your bag, where is your bag? Fill in the water Is here a spring? No we don’t have It’s very hot here, the sun! Yes, really! Where are you from? From Germany How do you prepare food? Campingcooker Campingcooker with gasoline I think he wants to give us water or so Yuri gave us some water! He bought 20 liter for us And gave it to us We filled it in our bags, here. I’m loaded again 20 liter Is it far to the supermarket? No, over there! Two supermarkets We will see them? Bread, oats How are these called? Prjaniki Kind of cookies Vegan of course! Nice What do we have here? Pasta, canned foods You said it’s 100km to the next village Very good To Almaty? Yes Almaty is there I was in Almaty with mum Carefull, a car We went by bus It’s nice there? Mountains ? Yes I don’t need help You want a Prjanik? We move on, just a bit more Maybe we’ll go a bit further, we’ll see Now suddenly, you got a beer out of a driving car? What should i do? You just take it! The guy drove here and just gave me an opened beer That means we will stop soon It’s cold? Yes We just go a bit away from the road There we put the tent We just made a four hour lunchbreak It’s 4 P.M. now We move on, we have done 40km so far We have a new temperature record Olgas thermometer showed… Really!… 49°C It’s crazy We discovered something on the road A small spider, but wait… 1,2,3,4,5… It got 9 legs? Just to show the size We made 90km We arrived in the next village I don’t know the name It’s small, over there five or six houses And here is a truck stop There we check for… Beer, water And chips! Also chips? nice! Hew is already waving, let’s go to him Shopping done, 8 P.M. now 10km more, then we have 100km Olga is already leaving I just say goodbye to our… Tent-Neighbour See youu! We found an old busstop With some art Here in the shade We put our cover And relax here We have the watermelon It costs 400 Tenge Approximately 1,15€ For the whole melon Quite good Nice, the season is just starting Lunch! Enjoy! Good evening Big news We can see the mountains of Kyrgyzstan I would like to show you On this cam you couldn’t see We just can see it a bit with our eyes This is really touching Awesome Morning The sun is rising and we too So we arrive early in Almaty today Before it gets too hot That’s the plan Good It’s 5.30 A.M. Do you see the mountains? Yes! I think now you can see them on this cam Awesome What a view Awesome Hello We arrived safe in Almaty We met Olgas relatives And her mum is also here Now we just took the cablecar Into the mountains Down there is Almaty You can see a bit We are on 2200m now Here is a ski resort Up there it’s about 3000m high Crazy The best is, that here in the mountains int’s just 28°C We’ll stay here Hello! Greetings from Almaty, we are at a sony shop And repaired our camera The objective… Was just a bit out of position They just had to readjust it Now it’s working again That’s Olgas mum, you know her from… The portugal and turkey videos Our appartement, good morning We were here for three days Here are our bikes Now we pack our stuff again Then we move on! We have breakfast now And then we move on to… Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan We found an apricot tree They are quite small They are almost ripe But already quite good It smells so good when you pass them And we thought… We have to try Good evening Almost done for today We made a little detour on this small road To look for a campingspot But it looks good here Over there, on the right? This small path, right Then go up to the right Yeah It was already a bit more hilly today What does hilly mean? Just some small hills One or two hills we had to climb In the background You might see The mountains of Kyrgyzstan They accompanied us the whole day Always on the left side Tomorrow a bit more to go 80km or something Then we have to mountains to cross On 1000m, still okay And then 40km more Then we are in Kyrgyzstan Then, we really have mountains! We saw it already in the morning… Now it’s raining Luckily we found this tarp for shelter But maybe we just continue To find a place where we can also sit Make lunch and wait for the rain to stop Weather is not so good today It’s raining and stormy We found this old gas station We can relax here And wait for the end Just a bit raining now, we continue Hello Next day Last day! In Kazakhstan We just climb the last pass About 1000m high And Then we go downhill 40km And then there is the border to Kyrgyzstan We were… 29 days in Kazakhstan We met many friendly people We were surprised about the diversity of the nature here We liked it a lot We will come back For me it was amazing… How different Kazakhstan can be Before i thought we will cycle 30 days just in the steppe But it wasn’t like that There was some steppe of course But we also saw mountains, forests and lakes It was really nice Really great And How Olga already said, the people! They were so friendly It was great! But also a bit exhausting It’s day 29 now and we covered some km I don’t know how many in total But about 2000 And we also had some days Where we covered more than 100km On average maybe 80 or 90km Sometimes exhausting In combination with the heat Up to 49°C But nevertheless What should we expect When you go here in July Summer! It is how it is It was amazing, now we go to the border! If you like the video Leave a thumbs up and a comment Write your questions Share the video See you in Kyrgyzstan! We are looking forward! Ciao!

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