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Does a cheap chinmount work? [Eng.sub.]

Does a cheap chinmount work? [Eng.sub.]

Hi. I bought a cheap camera mount on ebay and I intend to test it out now join me. I paid 90 NOK (9.7 USD) including shipping for this mount before I started filming, I’ve driven on the highway at speeds up to 100 kmh (60 mph) and amazingly enough, the camera has not fallen off yet. First impression is that it appears cheap, and it is. The straps are attached to the hard plastic part although it is a softer plastic part that is supposed to form to the shape of the helmet. It doesn’t (shape propperly to the helmet) when the straps are fitted to the hard plastic part. the camera is mounted slightly lower than my eyes so you are probably looking right into the windshield. I’ll stand up in the footpegs very soon.
[I’m sorry for the wind noise, it gets better in the city centre] [inaudible] [inaudible] The helmet is a little front heavy but it works fine and I do not feel that my movement is restricted. The reason for buying this mount was because i wanted a camera angle that showed approximately what I see and it is difficult to fit a gopro mount to the peak of this helmet. this (mount) has so far looked like the best solution, and now i get to test it. We are now heading towards Oslo, and now we are entering a area known as Maritim. Then we are passing Bygdøylokket and heading towards Oslo opera house. [inaudible] Let’s stand up to get a different view. It will be exciting to see how the wind noise will affect the footage. I have an external microphone in my helmet, so im not recording my voice from the camera. I don’t like riding next to trucks, so i accelerate past. One (motorcyclists) becomes invisible (next to trucks). I just get to test the mount while commuting today. How it works in rougher conditions, is a test for another day. Now we are riding in the Opera tunnel Sorry for the snuffle, it is -1 degree celsius (30.2F) and a little chilly. There you can see the Opera house [on th right]. I’ll stand up sou that you can see as much as possible. And so that we get to test this camera mount propperly. Oslo opera house Thank you for joining me on a little ride. Hope you have seen how this mount works I think.. 90 NOK (9.7 USD) for this, is.. i think the mount has proven very good. If you have any good camera mounting tips leave a comment or send me a link to some cool videos. See you

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  1. Klart, til en helt annen pris, men du må sjekke ut Gripper mount fra Dango design. Jeg har denne selv å den fungerer til det meste av hjelmer, samt god å ha til å feste kamera på andre steder uten at det faller av. Enkelt klipse av og på.

  2. Hake feste er kjekt men har en tendens til å virre mye under kjøring har prøvd selv. Festa kamera til vind skjermen i toppen slik at den kan håndteres lett i fart litt bromling ble det –

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