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Dominateair, Expandair and Inflateair Hand Pumps

hi this is Aaron from action performance gear and I want to tell you a little bit about our dominate air expand air and inflate air hand pumps now these pumps deliver reliable performance and excellent value to the cyclists looking for a lightweight pump for everyday use so first up in the line is the dominate air this high volume pump features an efficient single action design and it comes with or without a fully serviceable inline pressure gauge that you can easily calibrate at home the barrel of the pump is 6:06 three t6 aluminum so it’s strong and lightweight 6:06 three is a higher higher quality aluminum that resists denting better and is more durable than the more commonly used six-oh six-one so the pump stays looking great and continues to function smoothly and consistently even after prolonged use and on the end of a pump here is an ergonomic t-handle that improves leverage and offers generous knuckle clearance we use an aluminum pivot pin here for maximum durability we’ve also added knurling to the grip points here to improve grip so you’re getting a confident handhold even in wet or cold conditions inside the pump is a funky red anodized aluminum pump shaft so you know it’s extremely durable and on the other end of the pump is a CNC machined aluminum valve cap with our adapter universal valve connector so this instantly fits either Presta or Schrader valves and it locks on thanks to the aluminum thumb lever lock on the back and then you’ve also got the pressure gauge on the front here on the gauge version so this is really a fantastic little pump with a 120 psi pressure rating except in the line is the expand air so same deal you can get it with or without the serviceable inline gage and expand our pumps feature a durable engineered plastic barrel and a telescopic design that enables us to make these super compacts you’re also getting the same organ on ik t handle for extra pumping leverage and then on the other end of the pump is a CNC machined aluminum valve cap with a reversible press two Schrader valve connector there’s also a thumb leaver here to keep things locked in place the expanders also have a 120 psi pressure rating and then finally in the lineup we’ve got the inflate air pump so this is a medium volume pump and features a durable plastic design like the other pumps we’ve seen it’s got a thumb lock lever and a CNC machined aluminum valve with reversible pressed a Schrader connector so this is a great little hand pump that definitely won’t break the bank so there you have it axioms dominate air expand there and inflate air hand pumps these pumps are lightweight durable and offer a really great value to the everyday rider axiom ride more and live better

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