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Don’t Leave a Laptop in a Car, This Might Happen

Don’t Leave a Laptop in a Car, This Might Happen

Let me be honest with you: I’m not exactly
the epitome of graceful. Even when I try my best, coffee still ends
up on my newly washed and ironed shirt, and if I’m carrying two and more things in my
arms, I’m bound to drop at least one of them. But the other day, I surpassed myself: I left
my beloved laptop in a hot car. I didn’t know then that almost all laptops
tend to work best when the temperature is from 50 to 95°F. Any colder or hotter, and
your gadget starts to wig out. For one thing, laptop lithium-ion batteries
are notorious for NOT being heat-friendly. (I had to learn this the hard way, but I’ll
tell you about that later.) Even if you leave your device in a hot place
only a few times, you risk ruining it beyond repair! See for yourself: with every 15° rise in
temperature, the battery’s lifespan gets cut in half. And once the heat damages it, there’s no way
you can restore it. The disaster happens this way: when your laptop
gets too hot, all chemical reactions inside its battery speed up. It all has to do with that fancy “lithium-ion”
part of the labeling. Under too high temperatures, the negatively
and positively charged ions inside this type of battery start to move faster than usual. More movement usually means more heat. And, well, that means a shorter lifespan for
your poor battery! Now, I’ll be honest (again) c– the newest
laptops can easily deal with much harsher conditions and temperatures (with some of
them being able to take 140°F like a champ! Though, I wouldn’t test that if I were you…). But sadly, my computer wasn’t one of them. I also learned the hard way that the battery
isn’t the only thing that can get harmed when you abandon your laptop in a hot car. Any hard drive consists of delicate and fragile
components; and when the materials they’re made of get heated, they tend to expand, which
means permanent damage or even failure of the hard drive. Apparently, to avoid such dramatic consequences,
I had to shut my laptop off all the way before leaving it in the car. Even if it had been in power-saving mode (and
it wasn’t), it would’ve still generated heat. And inside the hot closed vehicle, left in
the sun, the laptop’s motherboard and hard drive are likely to burn out. I should’ve made sure my laptop was and
would stay out of direct sunlight as well. A white or bright cloth placed over the computer
would’ve protected it by creating a barrier between my device and the heat of the car. And yet another blunder I made: I was supposed
to let my laptop cool down completely after shutting it down (which I didn’t). Don’t judge me too harshly – I didn’t
know any of this at that time! So, imagine my horror as I come up to my car
and discover that I’ve left my laptop inside! Even worse, while I was away, the sun moved
and is now shining directly on the glossy surface of the lid! When I touch it, my hand jerks back on its
own – the laptop feels scorching hot. With my heart rate rising in a panic, I try
to switch it on, but all my attempts fail. Well, I guess it’s time to pay a visit to
the service center… The man who greets me there takes a look at
my computer and then says to me in astonishment, “I see you’ve tried to damage this thing in
every way possible!” Charming. When he sees how puzzled I am, he explains
how my bad habits have almost completely destroyed my laptop. Spoiler alert: leaving it in a hot car wasn’t
the worst of my mistakes! – I often used my laptop until its battery
was down to nearly 0%. I thought it didn’t matter at the time, but
by doing that, I was degrading the battery much faster than necessary. If you want your computer to serve you longer,
don’t let it run out of juice completely – better charge it more frequently. – Also, I have a cat. And you know what cats love? Toasty warm surfaces, like a laptop! My weakness for giving in to the little rascal’s
every demand seriously let me down. Every time my fluffy companion cuddled on
my computer’s warm keyboard, a substantial amount of his fur got into the system’s fans. By the way, that was another reason my laptop
used to overheat. – Once or twice, I accidentally closed my
laptop with earbuds inside. Hey, you can see by now, absentmindedness
is my middle name… Guess what that got me? Scratches and dents on the screen! Luckily, I didn’t pull my earphones from the
computer after I finished listening to something. That’s how I avoided the worst outcome: damaging
my laptop’s headphone plug. – I’ve heard about a misconception lots of
people still believe: if you leave magnets next to your laptop, it’ll eventually ruin
your device. Just to be on the safe side, I asked the service
center technician if I should be alarmed if a fridge magnet accidentally (welcome to my
life) falls on my laptop. While looking quite disturbed, the man assured
me that it wouldn’t change anything about how my computer worked. On the other hand, if it was a powerful industrial
magnet… And you placed that powerful magnet next to
an electronic device, magnetic disturbance could result in data loss! You see, a laptop’s hard drive has some
magnets of its own. They’re used to save and store data. Phew, it’s a good thing I don’t have an industrial
magnet! – What’s the most convenient and fastest
way to clean the laptop screen? I was sure that you can do it using wet wipes! It turns out I was wrong yet again: cleaning
the screen with liquids tends to damage it. Any liquid, even the most natural cleaner,
can lead to corrosion once it gets on the screen. As for soaps or chemicals, they can destroy
the special screen coating. The best way to clean the screen is by wiping
it with a dry microfiber cloth (like the one people use to clean their eyeglasses). – I also used to think that since a laptop
is a portable device, you can carry it anywhere you want at any time. Nope. When your computer is on and running a program
that needs access to the hard drive, you should leave your gadget be. Don’t transport it, don’t move it from one
place to another – it’s best to not touch it altogether. Otherwise, your impatience may cost you some
lost data. By the way, laptops also don’t take kindly
to being shaken. So, avoid using your computer while riding
a motorcycle, running away from people (it could happen), or traveling in the back of
a car. But back to my conversation with the expert
on all things laptop-related… “Have you ever spilled anything on it?” When the man at the service center asks me
this question, he looks at me pointedly and arches one brow. I can’t make myself look him straight in the
eye and start mumbling something along the lines of “not really… maybe once or twice…
it was coffee…” Uh-oh, I thought he wouldn’t notice since
every time it happened, I dried the spill almost immediately! Well, looks like the liquid from one of those
incidences managed to get to the insides of my computer. It caused some problems unnoticeable for me
but obvious for an expert. Also, I wasn’t supposed to use my laptop as
a coaster for a hot cup of coffee. Apparently, this damages the screen matrix,
whatever that is. As you can see, I wasn’t the most careful
laptop owner, and now, I have to pay the price. The man at the service center tells me I can
leave my laptop with him, but he doesn’t know whether it’ll be possible to revive my computer. Fingers crossed! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

100 comments on “Don’t Leave a Laptop in a Car, This Might Happen

  1. Did anyone noticed. Thumbnail, It will burn to the ground it is a dialogue from a Marvel Show Promo. Loki says that I will burn this place to the ground.

  2. What if your body is cutted vertically in half and thrown away the other half? What will happen to your weight?

    It is less than half because your blood will spill out of your body

  3. In short:
    Keep laptop at room temperature (10-35 degrees)
    Don't give it a cat or coffee
    Try not to transport it (unless by train)
    The thumbnail and title are clickbait. Not exactly unusual for such a bad channel like this one.

  4. And that goes for all cell phones too… DVD's, Flat screen Tv's, Bluetooth speakers, digital stuff, Just about every electronic gadget!

  5. Him: talks about what not to do in like 100 different videos

    Also him:i DiDnT kNoW tHaT cOfFeE would WrEcK mY cOmPuTeR

  6. I always left my laptop and iPad near a sunny place because if you have no case your iPad or laptop well the back of it gets really hot

  7. Watching this on a heat damaged iPad or charging while playing a game then it heats up and make the battery life shorter

  8. I have my laptop resting on two 1×1 wooden lathes. it still gets warm underneath, but not like it did before I got the wood

  9. I bought my MacBook in 2012. I've left it in my car in the Dubai sun for hours. I've dropped it twice. Spilt water and contact lense solution on it. Worn the battery down to near extinction. Eaten food on it. Watch films, edit videos and a whole bunch of other heavy duty activities with it… and alhumdilla it works just like new. Amazing piece of tech and one of the best investments I've made in the past decade.

  10. can u talk about what laptop to buy? and the differente features, im curently confused with core i7 8th gen and core i7 10th gen

  11. If the battery thing applies to tablets, that makes sense since my i-pad had reached high temp many times, and my total battery life is about 75% 🙄🙄🙄🙄😶😶😶😥😥😥

    insert laughter here

  13. well, luckily it's really cold in England, we recently had 2 storms and my laptop in the car was completely fine!………until I got home and it took a while to turn on but………not damage done, right?…..heheheheheheh…..



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