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Doom 3 Walkthrough (Nightmare, All Collectibles) part 12 RECYCLING – SECTOR 1

Doom 3 Walkthrough (Nightmare, All Collectibles) part 12 RECYCLING – SECTOR 1

Subtitles by fignyafsyakaya Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! PA System: Warning, flow-control system failure! Toxins identified! Execute clean-up procedure. Soulcube: Use us! Welcome to the UAC Maintenance Department. This video will provide you with the necessary tools and information to do your job efficiently and safely. A safe worker is a happy worker and your safety is our number one priority at UAC. Observe all signs and follow all procedures to keep you and your coworkers out of harms way. Clean-up is one the most important aspects of what we do in maintenance. This phase of our job keeps everyone safe, and research has shown that working in a clean and toxic free environment has a positive benefit on overall productivity. Power generation on Mars produces 2 by-products: steam and green goo. We vent the steam all over the base through vents, floor grates, cleverly placed pipes and pretty much any place else. The goo is a result of the MFS process reacting with core elements in the Martian soil. It is not radioactive, but it is quite toxic. Remove all toxic spills at once. Hazmat suits are the best way to protect yourself when a spill occurs and if you happen to come in contact with the goo Report immediately to a medical station for a scrub down. After a few days in confinement, you should be ready to report back to work. Report any rule violations to your immediate supervisor and don’t forget to read your employee handbook for additional rules and information. This is the audio log of Nicholas Sadowayj, member of UAC Mars HazMat Response Team, dated October 1st, 2145. We have concluded that the Martian atmosphere is wreaking havoc on the exhaust valve seals in the standard number 5 disposal drums. Engineers cannot explain the high level of contaminants in our internal atmosphere. The air scrubbers and filtration systems all seem to be operating at normal levels Yet a small layer of particulate is making it into the storage areas. That is the cause of the lock-down yesterday. EAP Director Charles Hollies informs me that the personnel won’t be harmed by these contaminants in the air but we’ve seen that they do cause a corrosive reaction when introduced to the rubber compounds used in the storage systems. Effective immediately, all number 5 disposal drums must be locked away in at least a Class 2-rated transport medium. Assessment ends. Soulcube: Use us! PA System: Pump station shut down. Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us! Soulcube: Use us!

5 comments on “Doom 3 Walkthrough (Nightmare, All Collectibles) part 12 RECYCLING – SECTOR 1

  1. Given the size of that oxygen tank, and the setting being in the future, less than 30 seconds of air seems completely nonsensical unless there is NO oxygen left and you are simply inhaling the leftover fumes from ALL of them. You'd think those tanks would hold like 500 hours of oxygen EACH or something…

  2. Damn dude, I know your health steadily drains and all, but the revenants and basically all other demons are pretty damn WEAK in this game…

  3. You would also think that being on Mars would mean less gravitational pull and therefore having the ability to fall from greater heights and still land safely, yet this pussified Doom Marine can't even take the impact from a 7 foot drop without losing health?! LMAO… Guess that's why in Doom 4 you can drop from ANY height with no harm done. "Impact Compensation".

  4. This game has no in-game subtitles. Please, turn on the youtube subtitles made by fignyafsyakaya (huge thanks!)
    The subtitles are based on Fograin92's subtitles for his walkthrough for the BFG Edition. You can watch his walkthrough here:

  5. Ughh i hated the Recycling levels mainly just cause of the skeleton rocket baddies and I believe its where you first encounter what i think is the creepiest enemy in the game those flying bug babies…god the developers created something truly creepy with that.

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