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Drama At The Tour de France | The GCN Show Ep. 235

Drama At The Tour de France | The GCN Show Ep. 235

– Just put ’em upside down. (laughing) – Welcome to the GCN show. – From the top of Rist Canyon
in Fort Collins, Colorado, welcome to the GCN Show. – [Cameraman] From the
cobbled St. Gotthard Pass in Switzerland, – [All] Welcome to the GCN Show. (whooshing) – Fight! (energetic music)
(yelling) (bird caws)
(cheering) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! – Welcome to the GCN Show, from France! – This week, we have got an
incredible competition for you. One of you is going to win a brand new Orbea Orca Aero MyO. Plus, we wrap up all of
the drama and excitement from the Tour de France so far. – Plus, we have new bike, helmet, shoes and home trainer in Tech of the Week. We’ve got our usual Hacks and Bodges, plus we check in with Mark Beaumont on his round-the-world record attempt. – [Dan] Cheers to that. – Oh yeah. Sante. Is that French? – [Dan] Mm-hmm. – [Peter Sagan] Today, what I can do, I can just
accept the decision of the jury. For sure, I am not agree with them, because I … I think I didn’t do something wrong in the sprint. But it’s very bad that Mark fell down. I wish to Mark recover well, and that’s it. – So much has happened in the opening week of the Tour de France that, quite frankly, it’s
difficult to know where to start, but we’ll have a go. First off, Peter Sagan was disqualified from Stage 4 of the Tour by the race jury for putting his colleagues in danger after, during the sprint,
he came into contact with Mark Cavendish. – Yeah, and despite a protest
to the jury by his team, and then a subsequent appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, plus thousands of fans online protesting his disqualification, he did indeed have to head home, as did Mark Cavendish, in fact, with a fractured shoulder blade. Now, Sagan did apologise to Cavendish, first face-to-face
straight after the stage, then on the phone that evening, and then the following day
on social media as well. But, it’s basically us, as viewers, who are worse off in this situation, because two of the biggest
name riders in the world were forced to head home prematurely. – And, we have to hold
our hands up here, at GCN, take a little bit of responsibility, because all four of us, before the race, predicted that Peter Sagan
would win the green jersey. – Peter Sagan. – Peter Sagan. – Peter Sagan. – Peter Sagan will definitely
win the green jersey. I agree with you on that.
– Definitely, definitely. – I am sorry about that
prediction now, I must say. Anyway, it does make you wonder what Sagan is now going to do with himself for the rest of this summer. He might take a well-earned holiday, or he might do the traditional build up to the world championships,
i.e. the Eneco Tour, followed by the World Tour. However, current Olympic
Mountain Bike Champion, Nino Schurter, has invited
him over to the dark side, i.e. offroad. – Woah. Well, it does highlight the fact I think we left something quite critical out of our top five
sprinting mistakes video, as suggested here by Jeff Harris. – Ah yes, number six: Don’t stick your elbows out or you might heading home prematurely. Anyway, back to the racing, how close was Stage 7? – Oh, it was incredible. – I mean, you might have thought that, with two critical riders
absent in this sprint, that Marcel Kittel would
have things all his own way, but not so. Edvald Boasson Hagen
of Team Dimension Data could not have pushed
the German any closer. Somehow, the jury did
manage to separate the two at the line, giving the Kittel the victory by 0.00003 seconds, apparently. – It doesn’t get much
closer than that, Dan, but some other standout
performances from the other stages, Fabio Aru took the first
mountain top finish on the Planche des Belles Filles with a stinging attack, and then of course, what
a ride by tour debutante Lilian Calmejane on Stage 8. He won solo to the Station des Rousses, but where do you even start with Stage 9? – Indeed. There was barely a moment
to rest, was there? And not just for the
riders, but even for us watching on the sofa on
our television screens. Early on, there were quite a few abandons. Most notably, that
abandon of Geraint Thomas who crashed and broke his collar bone, so Team Sky one man down. And then, on the final
ascent up the Mont du Chat, it appears as though Fabio Aru attacked just moments after Chris
Froome raised his arm to signal a mechanical problem. – Yeah. To me, it did seem pretty blatant. And then, after that, a debate ensued on the polemics, of course,
of the unwritten rules. But, that was soon quickly forgotten. Shortly afterwards, on the descent, the treacherous descent
of the Mont du Chat, where Richie Porte had a horrible crash. In the process, he took
down Dan Martin, as well. Thankfully, Dan Martin managed to remount and finish the stage
in a pretty high place, but the same couldn’t be
said for Richie Porte, who was forced to abandon
the race in an ambulance. Not very good at all. – No. We are, in fact, just recording this soon after that stage finished, so we don’t know the true
extent of his injuries, but what we’ve read so far, it doesn’t seem like it’s quite
as bad as we first feared, because that was really a horrific crash. So, we’d like to wish
you all the best, Richie, and we hope you’re back
racing very soon indeed. Meanwhile, at the front of the race, we had a sprint from a group of climbers, which is always entertaining,
but especially so when one of the climbers only
had the use of two gears, one of those being 53 by 11, and that is exactly what Rigoberto Uran of Cannondale-Drapac used
to sprint to victory. A very small margin over Warren Barguil, and that, pretty much, is the definition of a WATTAGE BAZOOKA, so
that goes to you this week, Rigoberto Uran. – In fact, Toms Skujiņš, his teammate from Cannondale-Drapac, actually got in touch, on
Twitter, nominating Rigo, but we’d already decided, hadn’t we? – Yeah, we had indeed. Now, let’s spare a thought, also, for some of the non-climbers in the race, because for them it’s very
difficult to get through stages like that we had the weekend. Especially someone like Matt Hayman, who won Paris-Roubaix
a couple of years ago. He’s a very big lad, but waiting for him as a present, at the finish on the Champs-Élysées, if he gets there, in Paris, is a single Smartie which
his son has saved for him. How cute is that? – [Matt] That’ll get you to the finish, wouldn’t it?
(bugle call) (cartoon boing) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – Hot on the heels of last week’s rap masterclass from a
certain André Greipel comes another song in
the world of cycling. This one is called Qhubeka KubaKuba, and it was written and recorded by the South African musicians Mark Cheyne and Monde Msutwana. It is available to download
on iTunes and Google Play and a portion of the
proceeds will go directly to the Qhubeka Charity. Here’s a clip of it now. (singing in foreign language) – Belgian newspaper Het
Nieuwsblad has reported that the 2018 edition of the Giro d’Italia is going to start in Jerusalem, Israel. And, if that is true,
it’ll be the first time that a Grand Tour has
started outside Europe, ever. Now, you can imagine, it’s
going to be, potentially, quite a headache in relation to logistics. I can just imagine a lot
of the riders milling about without any team buses,
like we see in the tours in the UAE, for example. – Yeah. Yeah, that would be quite
something, wouldn’t it? Hark back to the good old days, where the best riders in the
world at the Tour de France were caught, kinda, propping themselves up on team car bonnets. Very easy access to us
as journalists, though. That’d be great.
– One would think, yeah. Anyway, some bad news for
cyclists living in Oregon, because they have become
the first US state to impose a tax on bikes. So, from this point onwards,
if you purchase a bike there, that is of $200 value
or more, you have to pay a flat rate tax of $15
on top of that price, which is quite ironic,
really, given that Oregon is quite a bike-friendly
state by all accounts. – Well, I think the only
good thing about that tax is that some of the money
that’s raised from the tax is going to go towards improving
cycling commuter routes, and also cycling projects. Now, a bit of an update on Mark Beaumont. As many of you will know, he’s attempting to break the world record
for riding around the world. Now, our very own Si Richardson joined Mark on his first leg, rode 380 kilometres, no less. Unbelievable, really, isn’t it? But thankfully, and
interestingly, Mark Beaumont is going to give us a weekly update, the first of which you can watch right now.
– Cool. (whistling)
(bicycle bell rings) – What a long week it’s been, from starting off in Paris, over a week and a half ago. Getting all the vehicles,
all the logistics, all the communications, all
the connectivity, mapping. Really, really impressed. The team has worked incredibly well. I think most people can put
their hand on their heart, and it’s been difficult. It has been really difficult. We expected that, but
ultimately, you know, and actually, more essentially,
getting the team together and gelling and bonding, ready for this real, great big feat ahead of us. – Fundamentally, the last
week’s been really successful. With response to, you know, Mark has he’s exceeded his goal target every day. We weren’t actually planning
on him doing that this week. The aim, for me, actually, I was thinking I prepped him to do less
volume on day three/day six originally, just because I was thinking to give him some extra rest and sleep. It’s ended up being that
he’s been able to sort of control his effort that he’s put in, because he’s had a really lovely tailwind. The weather’s been good. Conditions have been great. He’s been able to finish
early on a couple of evenings, so he’s got the extra sleep in. And so, things conditions-wise
have just worked out really well this week, so
he’s been massively on target if not slightly ahead
of it, which is great. Good, mentally, for him. He’s really relaxed,
feeling quite calm about it. – I was looking at his
Strava this morning. Feast your eyes on the kilometres,
now, that he’s racked up on a daily basis. That is just on another level. His mental strength must
be just out of this world. – Well, just thinking about it makes my legs fill with lactic
acids, to be honest with you. But, anyway, sticking with stats, Stage 8 of the Tour de France was run off at an
absolutely blistering pace from the very outset, and one of the riders who was
in the thick of the action, from the gun, was the new
national German road champion, Marcus Burghardt of Bora-Hansgrohe. Check out this tweet and those stats. – [Dan] 360 watts for 3 1/2 hours. – [Matt] That’s only a few
watts less than Alex Dowsett did for the hour record.
– That is just ridiculous. We could only manage up to five minutes at the start of the Maratona, couldn’t we? – I will explode. I will explode. Just got to knock it off. – And well, being that the Tour
de France is on as we speak, as you can imagine, the rumour
mill is now in full swing. There’s a few rumours coming out of the Quick-Step Floors team, the first being that Marcel Kittel is close to signing on the
dotted line for an extension to his contract with the team. He of course won three stages
of the race already this year, whilst Amstel Gold and
Tour of Flanders winner Philippe Gilbert has
apparently already signed on the dotted line to extend
his contract by two years, which is quite remarkable given
that they haven’t actually confirmed that they’ve got
a sponsor yet for next year. – Yeah, Pat Lefevere clearly
really confident about things, which is good. Now, another bit of,
well, pretty good news coming out of the Tour de France. Jon Izaguirre and Alejandro Valverde, who both had those awful crashes, breaking bones in both their blunders, well they’ve both had successful surgery. They’ll now return home to
continue with their recuperation and, I think, from us here at GCN, we just wish them all the
very best in their recovery. – We have got an incredibly
cool competition for you all this week on the GCN Show. You have the opportunity to win a brand new Orbea Orca Aero MyO bike, which, if you watched
last week’s GCN Show, you will know has only just
been released to the public. MyO is Orbea’s online
design customization tool, which allows you to
tweak the colour scheme and basically put the
finishing touches to your bike. It’s recently been updated, so it’s very slick and very easy to use. In fact, I managed to even
use it myself this morning. This is my design. I went for a slightly understated, but very sophisticated
look, I think you’ll agree. What do you think of that? – It’s not bad, Dan. I mean, when I eventually do mine, which you’ve inspired me to do, in fact, I think I’m just gonna go
a little bit more garish, a bit more outlandish to be perfectly–
– You do like to be seen, don’t you?
– A little bit. Sometimes, from time to time. But, I bet you’re
wondering how you can enter this competition. Well, there is a link in the
description below the video. Click on that and answer
a very simple question, and if you win, you get to win
the bike that you’ve designed over on the Orbea website. How cool is that? – That is very cool indeed, a bit like Lasty designing his own Trek that he never stops banging on about. It’s your own opportunity to
have equal bragging rights, I think you might agree. Before we finish with
competitions this week, though, we also want to draw your
attention to another competition being run by our clothing
partners at ASSOS. Now, they make the GCN kit, but they also make Team BMC’s kit, so they’ve joined forces with that squad to offer you the chance
to win a VIP experience for the last day of the
Tour de France this year. So, you’ll be joining the
team throughout the day. You’ll even get to join
them for their post-race celebratory party, which is
quite a unique opportunity. And there’re also 2nd and 3rd place prizes available, as well, so
head over to their website at ASSOS of Switzerland, a link to which you can also find in the description below this video. There you can find two questions that you will have to
answer to put yourself in with a chance of
winning that competition. – Or, at the very best, cracking prizes. – The ten-day Giro Rosa
concluded on Sunday, but nobody was able to
wrestle the leader’s jersey away from Anna van der Breggen. She’d taken that all
the way back on Stage 2, and from that point onward, she gradually extended her
lead over the remaining stages in a true show of dominance,
not just from her, but also from her team, Boels-Dolmans. – Yeah and Marta Bastianelli
now with the only stage wins for the Italians, in a bunch sprint on the penultimate stage, whilst the last stage was
won by Megan Guarnier, capping out a fantastic race
for the Boels-Dolmans squad. Meanwhile, Elisa Longo
Borghini was 2nd overall, and the podium was rounded
out by Annemiek van Vleuten. – The celebrations, though,
at the end of the race were somewhat overshadowed by
the fact that Claudia Cretti had suffered a horrendous
crash on Stage 7. She was hospitalised and
she has been in a coma ever since that crash. Now, support, as you can
imagine, came flooding in from all quarters of the cycling world, as you can see from the tweets flashing up on your screen right now, but we at GCN would like to add our voice of support to Claudia, too. We are all thinking of you, Claudia, and we very much hope that
you pull through soon. It’s Caption Competition time, now. Omitted from last week’s show.
– Yeah. – So we better announce the
winner from two week’s ago, where the photo was
this one of Peter Sagan. The winner is Christopher Jenkins, who put caption, “When the UCI takes capping
rules to ridiculous levels.” Get in touch with us on
Facebook, Christopher, with your address, and we’ll just get a GCN CamelBak water bottle
out to you as soon as possible. – Hmm, now this week, we’ve
got this photo of Chris Froome warming down after a stage
of the Tour de France in his yellow jersey. Dan’s had a long, hard think about this, so, Dan, set the bar as high as you can. – You ready?
– Yep. – [Dan] Wahoo! – You can beat that. – Yeah, leave your captions
in the comment section down below, and we shall
pick a winner next week. (high-pitched drilling) It’s time for Hack,
forward-slash, Budge of the Week. First one came in on
Instagram from tallynerdy. “I saw this duct taped lugged steel frame “outside my apartment today.” – [Matt] I hope that isn’t
repairing a crack, Dan. – [Dan] Uh, it’s a huge, huge bodge, and if you do happen to find
the person that is riding that bike, tell them to stop riding it. That’s my suggestion.
– Yeah, immediately. Well, next up, again on Instagram, is this from markjcarruthers. It’s a bike stand of sorts. It’s basically one of those
things that you, sort of, your babies jump up and down in– – [Dan] Yeah. A Jolly Jumper.
– Yeah, a Jolly Jumper. Your Jolly Jumper work stand
indexing with GCN Dad Hack. It really is a Dad Hack–
– Yeah, it’s got Si in the background, on the TV, hoping it is indexed
properly with Si’s advice. Bodge or hack, do you reckon, for that? – [Matt] A bodge. – [Dan] Yeah, I say bodge. This one is definitely a bodge. Once again on Instagram
from They’ve spotted these foam
grippers for extra comfort. They could have done a
better job with that, I would say.
– Yeah. It looks like they’ve done it
in about five seconds flat. I mean, there’s not a lot
of care gone into them. A nice effort, but badly executed, to be perfectly honest with you. Finally, we have this from Apex Athletic, seen in a local For Sale page. – Why?!
– I really wonder if it ever sold. I mean, what the heck is going on? – It reminds me of one of those motorbikes that people ride around
on, where they’ve got their arms in the air like this. It looks incredibly awkward. – How would you do a bunny hop? With your hands up here, like that, where would you get the lift from? – [Dan] Well, wheeling could
be, maybe, easier on that bike. I’m not sure. You always say finally,
but it’s not finally, this is the final one.
– I meant penultimately. – [Dan] Yeah. This, I think, is going to be deemed our only hack of the day. This is from Martyn
Kimberley, over on Twitter. “Don’t throw standard
wire bottle cages away. “Keep your lid and sunny’s together “with this handy GCN hack.” – That’s rather neat.
– That looks remarkably neat. I want to do that in my house. – [Matt] So, each bottle cage has got dual use, hasn’t it? So, hanging the helmet and
putting your spectacles on, or your cycling-based
spectacles on, as well. – [Dan] Yeah, very good indeed. We are impressed with that one. – Brilliant.
– If you’d like to send us your hacks or bodges, you
can do so on social media using the hashtag #GCNHACK. – On the channel this week, on Wednesday, how to make
your bike rides better. – Isn’t it about time that you went Euro? We certainly think so, so change the units on your head unit from miles to metric, and you’ll be immediately going further and faster on your rides. – Wow! – You won’t really, of course. You’ll go exactly the same speed, but it is nice to see bigger numbers and you’ll feel way more pro. – I feel more pro already, Dan. On Thursday, get this, how to go uphill faster without getting any fitter. Yeah? Yeah.
– I’m gonna watch that one. – That was my face. On Friday, it’s Ask GCN Anything. – Saturday’s Pro Bike
is Alberto Contador’s brand new Trek Emonda. We’ve got a special
unboxing for you on Sunday, which is of course your chance to win some more cool goodies, as well, and then, on Monday, we’re
back into maintenance set for Mechanical Monday. – And, on Tuesday, it’s episode 236, Dan, of the GCN Show. – GCN Show.
– Yeah. Another one. I think I’m in it again. – Are you?
– Yeah, might be. – I don’t think you are. That one’s me and Si, isn’t
it, back at the studio. Are you back home? – Uh, on Monday, I’m back in the office. – Oh, okay. Well maybe you are in it. (laughing) – From the German-Danish border, welcome to the GCN Show. Wait for me, guys! Wait for me! (intense guitar music) – We shall finish the
show, as ever, with … – [Both] Extreme Corner, – which, this time,
comes from the Dolomites, not Matt and I doing the Maratona, but instead Si competing
in a mountain bike race with the GMBN lad, Neil Donoghue.
– He’s done some riding these days, hasn’t–
– But not on a mountain bike. Have a look at this. (rock music) – Whew! – That. He looks good, Si, doesn’t he? – He did look
– I mean, we haven’t gotten official results in,
– pretty comfortable. – but word on the street
is that he trounced GMBN. Yeah. Trounced.
– Really? – Yeah.
– That’s one extreme word. Well, it is Extreme Corner at
the end of the day, isn’t it? – Yeah. Now you might have noticed that we are currently sporting
some July-themed T-shirts. – We are.
– They are available for purchase – over at, a link to which you’ll be able to find on the screen right now. Also on the screen is a globe. Clicking on that will allow you
to subscribe to the channel. – And if you’d like to
see me and Dan in action, in the Maratona dles Dolomites that we did a couple of weeks back, how about clicking just down here? – Meanwhile, as we mentioned,
Si did accompany Mark Beaumont on the first stint of his
around-the-world record attempt in 80 days. You can watch Si suffering
by clicking just down here.

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