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Driving a Wheelchair Motorcycle in Indonesia – Rolling On, Ep. 2

Driving a Wheelchair Motorcycle in Indonesia – Rolling On, Ep. 2

My transition was difficult at the beginning. I’m paraplegic because of a motorcycle accident. I have been in a wheelchair for 20 years. By the time I learned how to become independent as a wheelchair user, how to transfer from the bed to the wheelchair, and then when I got my modified motorcycle, I got more freedom. My name is Sri Lestari, I live in Solodiran, Klaten, near to Yogyakarta. Every day I ride my modified motorbike because I can’t go to work by public transportation. It’s very difficult for me. I work at UCP Wheels for Humanity Indonesia as a social worker. I love my work because connecting people with how to get a wheelchair and also how we advocate our rights for people with disability. I think most people never think what wheelchair users need, like we need bathrooms, special bathrooms for wheelchair users. We need a ramp to get in the building. Today I can’t go inside the mosque. This one, I can’t go inside there. Usually, when I want to go to a new place, I look for it on Google Maps. I’ll always check the detail information. I wish Google can make more detailed information, especially for us. Like when I go to buy the fuel for my motorcycle, that the bathroom at the fuel-up station is also accessible. If we can share the information in Google Maps, it makes it easier for us to get everywhere, and makes it easier to make decisions on where we have to go. In my dream, all people can cooperate and direct me very easily where i can find an accessible place, accessible bathroom, make the accessibility in all places.

100 comments on “Driving a Wheelchair Motorcycle in Indonesia – Rolling On, Ep. 2

  1. It is wonderful that Google Local Guides can all assist helping people with wheelchairs to find accessible places, It is really important. Thank you for caring and sharing this video.

  2. Great to see how google maps and google local guides are helping people with disabilities. Motivational video of course.

  3. Hello Sri Lestari, we have same name. I will be a local guide for google, so i can help people to find a place that he want.

  4. I dont understand with 149's dislike??? This video so inspiring,that you just cant give up with everything done to your life..

  5. Now I know and I proud of what I've done in Google local guide.
    It's inspire me to do more contribute in local guide.
    Thank you for the great video.

  6. salut atas perjuangan nya yg begitu gigih menelusuri hamparan bumi yg luas .Ok good luck for your video 👌👍👍😘

  7. Inilah alasan saya menjadi Pemandu Lokal Google. Membantu lebih banyak orang untuk menjelaskan suatu tempat dan hal-hal terkait melalui Google Maps. Indonesia memang masih menjadi negara yang sangat kurang kesadarannya dalam memfasilitasi saudara-saudara kita penyandang disabilitas. Semoga video ini dapat menyadarkan kita semua dan pemerintah. Terima kasih, Google!

  8. It so really motivate us to share more and more again about places…. Thought that google need to input the wheelchairs available in every discuss and contribution collom to collect more and more information.. so we can help in free for people… 😊

    I'm proud to be a local guides Indonesia

  9. já estive perdido em conta Gross. teria sido útil um smartphone e um mapa para ajudar a achar o meu destino. tinha ido para consulta médica. hoje tem o Google mapas.

  10. My heart gets tight when I see what life is like for these people. It's good that she can use a bike like this.

  11. kalo berkunjung ke suatu tempat, di google map bakal muncul pertanyaan
    "Apakah tempat ini dapat diakses dengan kursi roda", TOLONG DIJAWAB..
    karena itu akan sangat mmbantu teman2 disabilitas..

  12. Ini penyebab Google Local Guides selalu bertanya "apakah ada tempat parkir atau pintu masuk untuk kursi roda?" kalau kita mereview suatu tempat, yang sayangnya jawabannya nyaris selalu "tidak."

  13. You know what? This showed up as an ad when I'm about to watch a YT video. Honestly, I never watch any ads until the end except for this one, good job, Google Maps. 👍

  14. I want to see a korean song before i accidentally see this video as advertisement. My god, this is touching and very good video. Never happened in my life, at least until today, where an ad is more touching and impressive than the video i want to watch.

    Thanks google …

  15. Video ini menyampaikan harapan di tengah pemerintahan yang korup, yang mungkin nggak akan pernah memikirkan penyandang disabilitas di negeri ini kecuali sedikit dan untuk kepentingan pribadi.

    Kita bisa membantu. Maju terus local guide Indonesia!

  16. This is how google could help people with dissability, and google will never provide awesome performance if as a local guides we not contribute as well.

  17. very much amazed by how google maps really help the people give help to others with local guides function. great work you team. love

  18. Indonesia go International. Iam from Indonesia too. I will never complain again with my condition. Thanks for the video. Very inspiring me.

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