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Dryer Not Drying? Cycling Thermostat Testing, Troubleshooting

Dryer Not Drying? Cycling Thermostat Testing, Troubleshooting

a cycling thermostat is a switch
that is actuated by temperature change if your dryer does not heat at all you
should test the thermostat for continuity at room temperature a continuity tests will determine if a
continuous electrical path is present in the thermostat at room temperature the thermostat
should have continuity no continuity means the electrical path
is broken and the thermostat has failed you can choose from a variety of
multimeters to perform the test for this demonstration we will use both
analog and digital models when using an analog model first rotate
the range selection dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance then calibrate the meter by pinching the
probes together while adjusting the needle to read zero when using a digital model again rotate
the dial to the lowest setting for ohms of resistance or resistance with tone if your meter
has this option before you begin make sure the
thermostat has been removed or isolated from the appliance some cycling thermostats have more than
two terminals since the inner terminals are for a
small heater only used to control the low heat setting test the park by touching the probes to
the outer terminals only if the meter reading shows zero ohms of
resistance the thermostat has continuity if the meters needle does not move or
the digital display does not change significantly there is no continuity
which means the thermostat has failed and will need to be replaced while the thermostat should display
continuity at room temperature it should switch off or display no continuity when heated if the thermostat does not switch off
when heated or switches off prematurely your dryer will be there overheat or
heat improperly a cycling thermostat will switch off
between one hundred twenty and one hundred sixty degrees fahrenheit
depending on the thermostat refer to the designation printed on the
part itself to test the thermostats response to
temperature change placed the component on an electric griddle or skillet and
set the heat to the appropriate temperature if the thermostat switches off within
five percent of that temperature the part is functioning properly if the thermostat does not switch off or
switches off prematurely the thermostat is faulty and will need to be replaced

60 comments on “Dryer Not Drying? Cycling Thermostat Testing, Troubleshooting

  1. How to remove it? If the contact does not pull apart easily, do I just take the wires attached and pull very hard? Do I pry the edges apart with a screwdriver of sharp knife and try again to slide the contact off? Is there a tool designed for this purpose? This is a small thing which results in not being able to "remove or isolate" the part, which is step one.

  2. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate it. The reason we don't talk about removing the thermostat is because it shouldn't be hard. However, if the connections were crimped by the manufacture, it may be smart to use a pair of needle nose pliers to wiggle the wires off. If this doesn't work, please refer to the repair help section of our website.

  3. I have checked all the thermostats and they all have continuity. What reading should the low cycle regulator have?

  4. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate it! When you say "low cycle regulator" are you talking about the heater on the cycling thermostat? They would be the small terminals on the regulating thermostat. If so, the two small terminals show an open circuit the thermostat is bad. That won't keep the dryer from heating though, the dryer would just not get the lower heat.

  5. I did all the steps showing on your video: set up multimeter to the lowest OHM setting (x10) , cross ends to caliper to 0 but you said to check only the outer terminals (silver) which I did and showed continuity , checked the inner terminals (gold) and they did not have continuity. I read in another Forum that I should check BOTH TERMINALS …for now I know that my dryer is not drying…should I replace the thermostat ? Or I should I check somewhere else?

  6. The outside terminals are the cycling terminals the inner ones are the heater terminals and the meter would need to be set to a higher ohm range to get a reading. If the heater was bad in the thermostat you would not get the lower temps but the dryer would still heat. The heater just warms up the thermostat more to make it cycle at a lower temp. The problem is most likely not the thermostat. Hope this helps!

  7. I have a Whirlpool LGN1000HQ0 gas dryer and I noticed the machine will turn on, but when it gets to the energy saving * setting it will turn off and not re-start at all settings. I have to wait till it cools and than it will start. It drys well, so problem with the heat, could it be the thermal fuse or the cycling thermo thermostat? I also noticed it has 4 prongs (cycling) and I tested them using a multimeter it beeps between the far away prongs, but not the close ones (purple wires), Thanks.

  8. When replacing the thermostat, how do i know which terminal goes to which color wire? they're both the same size and i see no indication on it thermostat…

  9. I have watched a bunch of your videos on dryers and have learned a lot. I have a Kenmore dryer Model # 110.C67492600. I blew the thermal fuse on my machine. I changed it and put in a new rigid steel vent. I have now noticed that my timer will advance from the
    "12:00" off point all the way around till it get there again, whether the door is opened or closed. The heater coil comes on as well (only during heated cycles), whether door is oped or closed. The dryer doesn't need to be started.

  10. We unfortunately can't offer repair help from our YouTube channel. I would recommend heading to the repair help section of our website (link in the description). From there you'll have access to model, part, and symptom specific repair help. I hope this helps!

  11. Great videos! I had a no heat issue and tested everything I could. I found no reason for my no heat problem. So I replaced the cycling thermostat thinking maybe it was switching off prematurely. I got it to ignite and heat up but it shuts off and never gets hot again. I just bypassed the high limit thermostats one at a time and still it just glows but does not ignite. How do I test the valve solenoids?

  12. Testing the solenoids is inconclusive. They have a very high resistance so you have to have the meter set up properly to get a resistance and just because the coils have continuity does not mean they are good. They often fail after a cycle or two of heat. If the igniter is glowing for 90 seconds without igniting a flame I would recommend replacing the valve solenoids. Keep in mind that if you order through us and the solenoids aren't the problem you can always return them and get your money back

  13. Wonderful series! However, I am wondering how common it is for the cycling thermostat to be defective? The original part in my dryer had continuity at room temperature, but lost it when heated to about 90F. When I received a replacement part from Sears (source of original appliance) it failed at the same temperature, even though it was brand new and appears to be rated for 135F. Did I do something wrong? (Part # is 134048900)

  14. If the temperature is being checked at the dryer outlet, a different thermostat may be tripping the heat off. If the venting is partially plugged or something is in the blower wheel restricting the air flow, heat will build up at the heat source and trip the high limit thermostat before the regulating thermostat . I would check the air flow. The bi metal thermostats do not go bad that often.

  15. My dryer turns off the gas after a couple minutes it was first turned on, and the drum would just keeps on rolling, the gas stays off after that, unless you I cycle the dyer again (turn it off and turn it back on). All thermostat shows continuity though, What could be the problem?

  16. I would recommend using the repair help section on our website (link in the description). If you enter your model number there and pick the symptom you're experiencing you will see a list of possibly causes for your dryer stopping mid-cycle.

  17. Thank you for this video. I could not find a schematic for my dryer and wasn't sure what the inner terminals where for. Now I know the cycling thermostat is okay.

  18. Thank you, Joe! Yes, our video team does a great job translating complicated information into concise videos. We're glad you enjoyed it.

  19. My old dryer, Whirlpool Mod.# LEN1000 PQ0 is on it's 4th element, ck/ok and all thermostats ck/ok. Is there any hope for a cheap fix (no heat) ?

  20. i really liked this video because i had no idea how to check what had a charge and what didnt. i also didnt know what device to use so thanks for the help.  

  21. clear like crystal, thanks, i'm rookie in this, and checking u're videos result easy, i'm excited trying fix the appliances 😉 wish me luke!

  22. My ESTATE electric dryer has the heating element "on" all the time. Everything checks fine! Continuity checks OK at all thermostats and fuses. Any ideas?

  23. I have an amana electric dryer. model number is ned4500vq0. It started stopping after about 10 mins running. It stops like this all the time. Only way for it to work like normal is to leave screen filter out.  Then it works like it should. also I have checked high limit and thermal fuse for conn. and it checks out good. Anybody have  an idea or something else to check. please let me know here or email at [email protected]     thanks Mike

  24. Ok, So I have an odd issue, I have a Maytag DE106 Dryer (a beautiful classic from 1979!) as nice as she looks… The 220 cord got loose, melted and grounded on the chassis so I replaced the cord with an even thicker one I found new which looks very close to the original part, I also replaced the heating element with a 240v and it tested good, and both of the thermostats tested good, also the dryer turns on and the timer ticks down as it should….BUT….Still no heat!
     (Edit) I stood by and watched as the timer clicked down to OFF and it shut off, and still no Heat. Could my 220 connection or the breaker be bad?

  25. Thanks to I Just fixed my Samsung Dryer 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays  !

    Thank You Very Very much

  26. my amana washer will agatiate but will not spin. I have checked and replaced the lid switch and you told me my motor coupler was good when I brought mine into your store. I am thinking the drive block mabey bad. It used to make a loud noise when the spin cycle ended. To remoce the nut you need a spanner wrench? Do I need one or can use something else? Thanks for your help. 

  27. I have my multimeter set to 200, and it is displaying 0.4 on one thermostat, and 0.5 on the other.  Does that mean it's working, or that it's broke?

  28. good video but you should warn people that the smaller thermostat is actually a one time use limit switch. if you test it with the hotplate method, you'll blow it and have to replace it. you can look up the part number to determine the type. found out the hard way. 🙁

  29. I have an Amana dryer that is taking to long to dry clothes. Here is what I've found so far. 
    The heat coils heat up and ignite the flame. 
    BUT, if I have the exhaust vented outside, it shuts the flame down. 
    If I take the vent tube off of the wall where it goes outside, it still shuts down. 
    If I take the vent tube off of the dryer itself, it works fine. 
    The tubing is clean and clear and so is the vent to outside. I ran a long vac hose through it to be sure and I went outside and it's blowing strong air. 
    The flexible tubing is only about 3' long and the solid pipe in the wall to outside is about 2'. 

    What would be causing my dryer to shut the flame down with the flex tube attached to the back of the dryer, but not out the wall, and it works fine without the pipe attached to dryer at all? Is there a pressure switch that can sense that tube and going bad?

  30. what does it mean if the continuity is 0.3? good or bad? I have a Samsung Dryer Model DV50F9A8EV that has no heat. Element shows continuity , the devices on the heater housing show either .3 or .4 ohms of resistance. what else can I check for no heat? there also is no error codes on dryer

  31. Your videos are masterfully done and extremely helpful. They've saved me so much money by showing me how to repair parts of my washer and dryer without paying a technician a mountain of money. My dryer is currently not heating, and using all of the continuity tests I've narrowed it down to a non-functioning Cycling thermostat. Mine has three terminals and I am having trouble determining the replacement part number. It has many, many numbers printed all over it and googling each one leads to all sorts of weird results. Any help you can give would be appreciated.

  32. i tried this using digital tester and gets 0.04-0.8 reading.on high limit cycling thermal fuse.still good ir need new one.thanks

  33. What if Low setting is burning hot….Mine seems like it's getting too hot..I also have a venting issue too, it's been shuved in a hole in the floor behin it, & goes to the insulation inside by the a/c vent on other wall..?!!Thanks

  34. My Maytag dryer MEDC400VW0 only dries on the low heat setting , not the high heat setting. It also seems to take longer than usual to dry. Does this sound like the cycling thermostat or the timer?

  35. My Maytag dryer is heating but after 2 or 3 drying it blows a fuse in the house and just started doing it. I replaced the thermostat and still does it I took the cycling thermostat out and seems to be fine. any suggestions.

  36. Ok Hopefully someone can help me.. I just bought a Multimeter and it's my first time ever using one. Well I was testing my dryer thermal Fuse at the lowest setting (200) And it had no continuity but once i upped it to about 200k 2000k It fluctuated to 0.00 So i'm not sure if I should replace the fuse or not?

  37. So if this cycling thermostat passes the continuity test, do I have to try the hot plate method next before deciding if this is defective? Or is the hot plate method a secondary test?

  38. I have a maytag neptune gas dryer model # MDG6700AWW, it stopped getting hot last night, it's getting gas, all of the sensors, switches, thermostats seem to be showing continuity and still i get nothing, am i missing something?

  39. What if there's no continuity in the middle ones, brownish ones? I can't figure out my dryer's problem and that's the only thing I've found so far with no continuity are the brown ones, but the outside silver ones do have continuity.

  40. I’ve replaced thermal fuse, upper and lower thermostat, and heating element. I’ve checked the breaker. Have checked the fuses, what would be the next step?

  41. So i just tested all the parts mentioned on this video. Still no heat…everything tested good. Continuity shows for all parts… What else could it be???

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