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E-Bike Tech From Eurobike 2017

– What happens if you take
the uro out of Eurobike? You get E-bike. I’m very pleased with that introduction. Anyway, let’s go and take
a look at some P-E-T. Performance Enhancing Technology. This thing’s amazing. (upbeat rock music) This is about the closest
we have seen an e-bike look to a standard road bike. It is the Focus Project Y. They’ve managed to combine
the motor and the battery here in the down tube, which is
what helps it to look so neat. That will provide an
extra 400 watts of power at its maximum, but like a lot of e-bikes, it does cut out, it
doesn’t help you anymore, above 25 kilometres per hour. This bike weighs in at 12
and a half kilogrammes, including the four and a
half kilogramme battery. So that’s pretty good as well. And there’s a Fazua gearbox
in the bottom bracket there. It does mean that the
Q-factor is slightly wider, but to accommodate and to keep
the chain line fairly good, they’ve also widened the rear
dropout slightly as well. That, I think, is a
sign of things to come. E-bikes are going to be
like standard road bikes in the not-too-distant future. You have to love a
concept bike, don’t you? We’ve got a couple here
from car manufacturers. This is the PG Bugatti,
which they claim is the lightest e-bike currently
available in the world. It was officially launched
just a couple of weeks ago. So you can buy this. It’s a production model. It comes in at just 8.4 kilogrammes. There’s a lot of details on it which bring it down to that weight. It is a one piece carbon frame. If you look at the rear
here, there’s just one seat stay and one chain
stay there as well. It’s a small mid-motor
with a 55 kilometre range, which has pedal-assist. It’s got attuned brakes, so
at the front it’s rim brakes, and at the rear we have a disc. As I said 8.4 kilogrammes. It will set you back a pretty penny. At the very least, this bike will be 65,000 Euros. Yes, you did hear that right. And if you want the very top spec, you can get one for 130,000 Euros. So I think I might be just
leaving this one for now. Over here, we have a prototype, meanwhile, from Maserati. This is also a mid-motor
from a company called Fazua, which has a removable battery. Comes in at just under 10,000 Euros, 9,999, and will be available in spring of 2018 at some point. It’s slightly heavier than the Bugatti, but still a very
respectable 11 kilogrammes. And it will be available
as is it’s specced here, with the SRAM Force groupset
and the Zipp wheels. Orbea released three
versions of the Gain e-bike. The road bike here, the
gravel bike in the background, and also a city bike as well. Now as you can see, this is a very sleek and compact design. They are working with Ebikemotion, who have provided Orbea
with the X35 system. Now, they wanted to create a bike that was for people that are pretty fit and actually don’t need much assistance most of the time, just a little bit perhaps on some of the climbs. So the range of this bike is
around about 70 kilometres, but it will give you 2,000
metres of elevation gain and up to 200 watts of power. All of the bikes that you see
here are Bluetooth compatible, so they’re running with
a special Orbea version of the Ebikemotion apps
which give you navigation and a whole host of
other features as well. And the settings, there are three on here, in terms of how much assist you get, are all controlled by one single button up there on the top tube. And the compact design of
the system has meant that there is really no difference
in the transmission here between this bike and
a conventional road bike. The weight is just 13 kilogrammes, only a slight penalty
on top end road bikes. So for all intents and
purposes, this thing is going to feel very similar to a normal road bike when you haven’t got that assist on. Now that is an e-bike! One for the GMBN boys though, I think. Bianchi are here with
a brand new e-road-bike which they are calling the e-road Impulso. It’s got a a 36 volt, 250 watt motor which is made by Polini, who are designing and manufacturing those motors in Italy, in Bergamo, in fact, which is right next to where Bianchi are themselves. The integrated battery, which
is here in the down tube, looks pretty neat and
gives a maximum range of 200 kilometres. So there’s hope for me
doing a long ride yet. A lot of interest in this
bike here at the show. This is the latest offering from Stromer, who have skipped a
couple of beats and gone straight from the ST2 to this, the ST5. It won’t be available I’m
afraid until June of 2018, but amongst other things, it has a Shimano XTR Di2 groupset and also Pirelli custom two and a half inch tyres. Continental might well be
better known for their tyres, especially in the bicycle industry, but they’ve also been making motors for many, many years. They recently developed
a 48 volt hybrid motor for the Renault Scenic,
and they’ve used that exact same technology for the development of their e-bike motors,
which feature fully automatic and continuously variable
transmission modes. For some people, e-bikes
are about going further and faster, but for most people, they are really about convenience. And that is what Tern has
turned their attention to with this new model call the GSD, which apparently stands
for Get Stuff Done, at least that’s what
I’ve been told to say. They are deeming this cargo capacity on a city footprint. And that’s why they’ve
got the city bike behind. Because despite all the
storage that you can see on this bike, the length of it is actually exactly the same as a standard city bike. They’ve got a dual
battery in here which has a range of up to 250 kilometres. This thing is all about
convenience, really. So as you can see, plenty of storage room on this thing for your weekly shop or your weekly drinks there at the front. You can also transport
your kids on the back to nursery or school. And an adult, too, because
there are some pegs which come out here at
the rear of the bike. There is also a slight folding capability here at the handlebars. You can put the seat right down. And that’s for people who live in the city who are gonna benefit the most really from this type of bike, so that you can get it inside a lift or elevator if you live in a block of flats. Check this out, mate. I mean, check this out. It is from Mate who are a startup company from Denmark who began on Indiegogo around about a year ago. And they’ve already sold 6,000
of these folding e-bikes. A couple of quirky things on here. Firstly, they’ve got a proper throttle, so even when you’re not pedalling, you can actually go faster. I’m gonna give it a go
in a few moments’ time. Easy USB charging, which
you can access just here. The range on this bike
55 to 60 kilometres, even when you’re not pedalling, and up to 120 when you are. And it sounds like they’ve
a lot of interest in these. It is of course, a folding bike. And this is how small it will get down to. Love them or hate them, there is no doubt that e-bikes are here to stay. And I think, to be honest, I love them. Right, if you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it the
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