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E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike | How Much Riding Can You Do In An Hour?

E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike | How Much Riding Can You Do In An Hour?

– We’re here today for a power hour deep in the woods. We’ve got three absolute weapons, two of them are bikes, and one of them is this weapon, Henry Quinney from GMBN. – Yeah today we’re going to look at, well even an analog bike enthusiast, such as myself, will never deny that e-bike is the fastest
from point A to point B, but if we take a set amount of time, such as an hour, how much of it do we spend going uphill? How much do we spend going downhill? And, what’s the percentage? So we devised the power hour. (intense rock music) – So Henry, what sort of riding do you actually do then? – Well I just love riding my bike, I’d say I’m kind of a weekend warrior. You know, in the past you’ve had world cup racers, Olympians, professional athletes of all disciplines,
it’s finally about time your average dude got
some air time (laughs). – I dunno about an
average dude, I’ve heard you’ve ridden the height of Everest, multiple times I might add, in one sitting, right? – Yeah, but you know, something like this is actually out of my comfort zone, power isn’t something
I really have much of. I can cruise along, but my
outputs aren’t very high. What about yourself, you
do a lot of free ride, quite explosive I imagine? – Yeah just free riding,
street kind of stuff, I ride trails now again,
sort of cross country riding as well, but pretty
high intensity rides, you know, an hour is probably my max, but I don’t go for those
big, you know, rides. I certainly haven’t done anything like Everest, for sure. – Well yeah, but I’m excited for today. – Yep, it’s going to be a good one. (upbeat music) So I’m 38 years old, I weigh 90 kilos, and my weapon of choice today is the specialized Kenevo Expert, this is a 180 mm travel bike, weighs in at 23 kilos,
it’s got 700 Watt hour battery on there, 250 Watt motor, rolling on 27.5 wheels, this thing is an absolute downhill machine that can do everything. (testcard beep) How old are you, 32 init? – 27 (both laugh) (testcard beep) I’m 27 years old and 85 kilos, and this is my nuke proof Mega RS 27.5. I truthfully have no
idea how much it weighs. The kitchen scales belong
to stay in the kitchen, and nowhere near my bike. 165 mm of travel in the
back, 170 on the front, and this is my bike, I
use it for everything, and it’ll be absolutely perfect today, powered by these old cotton buds alone. (calm music) – The track we’re using today is a typical trail spot here in the UK, it’s a good mixture of riding from fun, flowing downhill sections, to fire road climbs back to the summit, it’s filled with technical features and turns on the descents, which then blasts up a nasty climb, that starts as a smooth fire road, then changes to a loose,
rocky, steep uphill shoot. The lap is a figure-of-eight,
with 55 meters elevation, and a total
distance of 1.1 kilometers, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but ride it multiple times, will definitely add up pretty quickly. Right henry, are you ready for the power hour to begin? – I think so, although a bit of thinking to myself, maybe we should
include some challenges. – Ah some challenges, not
liking the sound of this, I know you’re a pretty nasty guy, what have you got planned? – Not at all, I’m thinking five points for the highest speed, five points for the
highest peak heart rate, and five points for the highest average heart rate. – Let’s get the show on the road then, are you ready? – Yeah. – Three, two, one, let’s go. (intense rock music) – Grrr, ah, see ya later
– See ya soon mate, yeah (both laugh) Okay, turbo mode engaged,
it’s just a pretty nasty little climb, even on the e-bike, it’s just super hard packed rock, did quite a lot of wheel spin, especially when you’ve
got to choose the line, we’re into the woods now
so the ground is changing. Just coming up to the first lap, first lap was done in about three minutes, 45 seconds. (intense rock music) Just kind of going trail mode for a bit, just to save a bit of a battery. I’m going to engage turbo on the steeper part of the climbs, and all the downhill, probably running in boost mode as well. It’d be pretty brutal on a normal bike, I do not envy Henry at all. Lap two coming up. Just approached 15 minutes in, this is lap five, so if
I can keep up this pace, it’s going to be about 20 laps, so I reckon we’re going to see Henry on the climb on this one. (upbeat music) And there he is as he
come out of the woods, I can see him disappearing
off into the distance, so my e-calculations were correct, just knock down the assistance levels a little bit, already
used a bit of battery, and I don’t want to be getting, making work harder for ourselves later on, so I’m going to save the battery, then I can ramp it up when I get more tired later on. All part of the e-bike
game, battery management. (upbeat music) There he is up ahead, I’m
going to keep it quiet and go for the stealth overtake. Henry, I thought you’re a mechanic, are your brakes rubbing a bit there pal? (Henry laughs) Oh well, here he goes. – [Henry] Here we go. – Just done lap seven,
done the downhill again, so I think it’s this wood’s quite drastically tiring me out quite a bit. Incoming! (laughs) (upbeat music) I think I’m just going to ride turbo mode because battery is
going to last that long, I was a bit worried at first, dropped a couple of bars, but as I say, we’re nearly half way through now, so I think we should be fine. To get in out of the downhill, but my recovery is almost a flat bit, flat bit of tire road. (upbeat music) Alright, number 10 coming up, 34 minutes, so we dropped a bit of
pace, understandably. (upbeat music) (bike tires rumble over gravel) (upbeat music) Ah that’s lapping cooked,
absolutely cooked, hard core, he just round the corner, I’m going to get him once more. (upbeat music) Pretty beat to be fair, that was, kind of underestimated how hard, well how long an hour is when you’re going that hard on a bike, like, the thing I found more, I think harder than the climbs, was how tech the downhill was, like. – [Henry] It was really
easy to under steer on it, did you find that? – Yeah, yeah I found sliding around all over the place, and it’s actually quite fast, but it is quite tech at the same time, and
to link it all together, you really need to be
sort of forward thinking, whereas like I was getting pretty tired, like half way through, I
kind of, it sounds bad, but I kind of hit a wall
like going down a bit. – Yeah, I was thinking like, going through like how,
because you’re going quite fast, it’s the
timing that’s so difficult. – Yeah. – About three laps in, I was like, ’cause you go into a red
landing then aren’t ya? And I just thought, Henry just eyes up, heels down, point your belly button, and that’s it. – Yeah, point and shoot. – But I was, that climb there, I was bent over like a pretzel. And I was begging, and
I was just thinking, I actually thought, the thought I was holding onto, and
you’re going to laugh, so I thought, women go in
labor for like 21 hours, and I’m complaining about
an hour of hard work. I was like, this is luxury really, focus Henry, it was fun. But fair play man, three words. – Three words for this ride: Hard, muddy, amazing. – Yeah, erm for me,
challenging, uncomfortable, and I haven’t pushed myself like that for like an hour for a long time, so I’m going to say, take a
bit of pride in that, like – Pride – I really was stoked
to actually be able to, – Same here. – Put some hurt down and fair play man, that was rad. Well that was a pretty grueling hour, and I’m kind of happy it’s over, do you reckon you could do that one again? – Well, body says yes, battery says no, I’ve got two bars of battery left, I was in turbo mode for a lot of that, – Yeah. – So it’s eaten up a lot of battery, so I think the best idea, go grab something to
eat, stick this battery on charge, and would you
be able to do it again? – I think I need a good
sit down and a cup of tea, but I think with a gun to my head I probably could. – Well let’s go grab some food, analyze this data and come back. – Yeah. – Pretty hard work that ride, right? – It was, I was breathing like a winded rhinoceros with a head cold through some of that. (laughs) I was absolutely routed. What’s that looking like? – Well, we got some
challenges that you set at the start of the ride,
do you remember that? – Yes. – So we have five points
for the highest speed, wow, it was super, super close, – Yeah? – I managed a 33.79 kilometers an hour, versus your 33.2 kilometers
– Ah so you pipped me? – Yeah, so pretty level, but I just snuck in with the five points. – Five points to you good sir. – Five points for the
highest peak heart rate. – Yeah. – Henry, you absolutely smashed it there, 180 beats per minute, versus my 143 beats per minute. – So yeah, that was all right, I’m quite happy with that, I thought it was going to
vibrate out of my chest. – That’d explain that tone of red you had going on all day I think. (Henry laughs) And lastly, five points for the highest average heart rate. – Yep. – Well, it’s safe to
say a massive difference between you taking it here again, 166 beats per minute. – Average? – Yeah
– Well that’s all right. – And I’m 113 beats per minute average, so, bit lower than you, – Big difference, but honestly, I was on my rivet, I would of gladly accept the death of open arms through some of that, I was absolutely in the locker. That probably doesn’t tell the full story of the ride, because we’re also talking about the ratio of time going uphill to downhill, how many
laps did you get in total? – I managed to do 15 laps
– Oh wow – in total – So, and it looks like
you managed to do 10! So I got 50% more ride in. – 50% more ride in, which I ‘spose gives you a ratio, I think we’re kind of just skimming over stuff, of three minutes climbing
to 1 minute descending. And I was maybe not quite there, I think I was five to one. So you did get a fair bit more riding and less climbing as well, the balance was completely different. – Yeah, it’s pretty interesting isn’t it? – So there we have it, and if you guys at home, and you ride with a GPS or a you know, a Garmin device, let us know how many meters you can clock up in an hour, be it on a digital, or otherwise, ’cause I think it’s a
pretty cool idea to explore. Now if you want to stick with the channel, click down here to see how I got on being converted, or at least trying to by the mighty Steve Jones to the ways of the e-bike. – (laughs) And if you want to see e-biking taken to a next level
versus a world champion, check out this one playing down here. Give us a thumbs-up if you enjoyed it, don’t forget to drop us a comment in the box below, click the globe in the middle to subscribe to EMBN

44 comments on “E-Bike Vs Mountain Bike | How Much Riding Can You Do In An Hour?

  1. Lets be honest here..ebikes are used mostly by unfit middleaged men like myself.
    It lets me take on long rides that would kill me on an acoustic bike.
    Its not a competition…the two can live alongside each other with ease….but we all know whos the fittest out there.

  2. Obviously Henry is super fit for that ratio. Pretty impressive. When I compare myself I'm nearer 2 to 3 times more runs than when I was on my old non-ebike.

  3. If I am using my emtb as an uplift I can generally get twice as many runs in vs myself on my regular bike on if I am riding my local trial centre 9 mile loop I am only 6 min quicker over the lap on my emtb vs my XC bike so it really depends on what type of riding you are doing to how much advantage an emtb gives you.

  4. 30 point for a bunny hop!!… I have a normal and ebike and the difference on the trail is huge. Normal evil calling bike feels like a feather compared to my intense Tazer but to explore new trails or a area it's the easiest way. If maybe a ebike will weight around 14 kg then the challenge is on.

  5. 16.5 km and oh 2 bars left on 700 battery? Seems not to be the best result – even assuming turbo mode. Do you recognize big difference in range between Eco and turbo mode on yours levo?

  6. When I take my old Orange 224 that's Bafang electrified to Aston Hill I often pass the same young guys pushing up 3 times. So I get up to 3 times the riding in and I'm 30 years older… I own better bikes but for a blast that's what I pick. Henry did really well if you ask me.

  7. the test should be, same person same coarse, over 1 hour. one e-bike, one anilog ..i ride both and find my calories burned, heart rate and effort about the same, i just do more on the ebike.

  8. How can you compare heartrate without subtracting the age difference ? Of course a younger person would have higher peak and avg…
    Other than that great vid… bike with no motor is better exercise. No surprises…
    Goes without saying. Bike with motor is more fun

  9. Yo folks Old pro here it's a strange test if you switched them around it be an even bigger slaying..but if the gent on the acoustic bike did some power training and some epoxy wth blue gold injections he would be more up there..Criss rides slowe on uphill effort, weak. You put a hard charger on that rig no contest..but sure criss had more fun but more guilt..shutters are wankers and should be shoot,so fuukoff.

  10. Yo folks Old pro here it's a strange test if you switched them around it be an even bigger sluater..but if the gent on the acoustic bike did some power training and some epoxy wth blue gold injections he would be more up there..Criss rides slowe on uphill effort, weak. You put a hard charger on that rig no contest..put sure criss had more fun but more guilt..shutters are wankers and should be shoot,so fuukoff.

  11. Recently got an Emtb and can do rides in half the time – ride it hard and im blitzed at the end of the ride get a great all body workout….on my normal Mtb lungs and legs get busted great for an hours ride but not much fun beyond that unless its a plod – love both bikes and riding soooo much more which means fitter than i was….win – win 😁

  12. Chris is obviously putting a few kilometres on the Kenevo… what about a long term report on the beast? and any changes he has made…

  13. #GMBN #EMBN Would it be fair to say that your bike of choice depends on why you ride? IE: ride for fitness or ride for fun. Let’s hear it Steve!

  14. My average heart rate on my Whyte T129rs was 156bpm peaking 172 . On my Canyon Spectral On 7.0 , I average 143 bpm and peak 162 , much safer for my 57 yr old heart! Less arm tingles and fear of death, more smiles!

  15. I'm assuming the guy on the regular mountain bike won the (highest) heart rate and average heart rate challenges? He kinda gave himself an advantage there.

  16. I was interested to see the results of your challenge. Not that the E-MTB thrashed the MTB but that you only had 2 bars left in a 750Wh battery after only an hour of riding. On the face of it you would think, at whatever the boost level with a legal maximum average of 250W, you should get 3 hours ride time + roll time out of the battery. It appears you would have struggled to get half this.

    There seem to be 3 main possible reasons for this:

    1) At the kind of amps being draw from the battery, it cannot provide 750Wh.

    2) The motor/control system is not very efficient.

    3) The average maximum watts of 250 is being exceeded.

    It would be interesting to see this tested. I don’t expect your sponsors, assuming they provided the bike, would like to see you hack at the cables to put a watt meter between the battery and motor to test point 1 but you could fit an eMTB with a crank or pedal based power meter and a rear hub based power meter to find the human input and the bikes input to test 1&2 together and the to see if the maximum average power is being exceeded.

    I await your test.

  17. Interesting comparison but heart rate only relevant if it was the same person doing the challenge across two outings as heart rate average and max are very dependent on age but more so on overall fitness. Now Chris, go back and do it again on Henry’s mtb 😎

  18. 2019 Giant Fathom E3 23.22km over 1.05 hours climbing 440m

    Had 2 bars left. I'm 48 and weigh 100kgs

    Oh yeah… Top speed was 66kmph with warranty restriction

  19. Would be interesting to see this same comparison but in Eco only. I ride in Eco 90% of the time, 10% Trail, never Boost, so climbs are still quite demanding but faster. I also spend lot of time above 25km/h on the flats. Yesterday I did 83km and 1200m of ascent tour and it was quite the workout, I felt almost as tired at the end as I am on my normal mtb, but needless to say it is way more fun on emtb. You can argue it is bit less effort for the same ride on emtb than on mtb, but more biking overall and doing longer and more demanding tours cancels that difference, so you definitely get more riding for the same effort and needless to say you conquer such terrain and rough fire roads and trails you can only dream about on regular mtb. Normal mtb is so boring now I go back to it less and less. For me EMTB is just the perfect balance of work and fun that I was dreaming about through my few decades of mountain biking

  20. Hi Chris, could you be so kind and tell me from which brand your mudguard is from? It seems it fits perfectly for  the kenevo. Thanks a lot greetings from switzerland

  21. Seems it all about pride in the pain(heart rate etc) for Henry. Personally, I don't relish the thought of potentially expiring on the hill because my heart/lungs can't handle the intensity. On my Moustache Trail 8 I still get a great workout as intense as I feel up to(prudently more Eco, less Turbo) and have lot of fun. I'm an old fart at 54 and just a few kilos over my high school weight.

  22. Valiant effort for Henry… but Chris obviously had the advantage going up and his descending skills are great too.

  23. Having the highest heart rate isn’t a good thing???
    I’d think it’d be minus point. Just because you can get your heart rate super high doesn’t mean you should.

  24. Apart from the sheer fun of riding your bike with a mate off road I don’t see the point of this as let’s face it the result was not entirely surprising nor hard to predict. Like to see more epic off road rides to places you couldn’t normally ride without an ebike – this would be much more enjoyable.

  25. Really liked this. I actually thought an eBiker could do more like 100% more, but maybe not. Depends how fit you are I suppose.

  26. A little late to the show but my biggest accomplishment was 2o miles, 3,600 feet in just under 3 hours. That’s with a 20 mph crash where I separated the first of my two shoulders this year🤪

  27. Hi I ride 4/5 time per week on a YT capra pro race and for two hrs my peak is 166bpm but do hit 178bpm and my average is 112bpm and am 54 but will be going e-bike soon if I can sell my trick YT. Age is against me but e-bikes will give you a good work out but better on your body if you are doing a high impact sport like Motocross etc as so many are doing this now as my quads are destroyed after a race weekend of deep sand practice and races.

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