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E Mountain Bike Ride: 20km/12.5 Miles & Five Climbs | Maximising Your E-Bike Battery

E Mountain Bike Ride: 20km/12.5 Miles & Five Climbs | Maximising Your E-Bike Battery

– We’re with Steve at Alicante And we’ve got miles and miles
of mountain bike trails here. What we doing today? – Oh Don, I’ve got an
insane day plan today. Crazy climb, super technical descent, brilliant single track. It’s gonna have everything really. – Well I’ve got some epic scenery. But is my battery gonna last this ride? – Well, that depends on you, really. You’re gonna have to learn
to manage that battery. – Well, let’s do it. (dramatic rock music) – All right Steve, I’ve got
three power modes on this bike. So far I’ve only been using turbo. – Will you have to get that idea or you had it immediately? – Um, look, if we’re gonna
do a couple of climbs and descents today, that’s fine. You can kill the battery. But look, big day out, so you’re gonna have to be quite prudent with your power. – Yeah, I can do that on
the fly with this remote. And I’ve got that lovely
S button for whacking it straight back up into turbo. Which I assumed we’re gonna need on some of the steeper climbs. – Yeah, you know what we could
be doing some climbs today that you don’t normally
do on a normal bike. – It’s not miracle machine, though. 250 watts. I need to change gears still. I can’t just leave it in the bottom gear and try to get up the steepest climb. – Yeah, I mean it’s two things. Cadence is really key. You need to kind of keep
the bike moving smoothly. No kind of surges in power during the day. Because that will kind of get more out of your battery really. – Okay. Let’s get up this hill. Still about 400 metres
of sand and ten minutes. – Yeah. Let’s drop from
the first descent and done. Taste of things to come! (upbeat electronic music) – Three bars gone, but way
over half battery left. – Yeah, totally, I’ve only used one bar. Cause you burnt a lot at the start. – Oh well. That will teach me. (upbeat electronic music) – Wrap it Daniel. I reckon this normal riding turn, though. Isn’t it like pumping
for speed still using that quite a lot. Or load then I reckon. We’re about the speed of peddlers anyways, so it’s not really saving battery. – Yeah, but you know what, I think pumping, using the
ground is a good technique to use on these bikes generally because it saves kind of using the battery peddling through the undulations. – Yeah, you’re probably right. – So using the shape of the ground to generate drive. – Well I’m getting tired. Still at half battery. – Tonnes of battery. – We going downhill anyways. So. Go on. – Let’s go. (upbeat electronic music) – All right. We’ve been up there. We’ve been down there. Now we’re over here. I think we should probably go over there. – Neil, you can go wherever you want. You can go there, there, over there. But I’m taking five to chill. – I don’t think we’ve ridden
half these amazing trails yet. (upbeat electronic music) – Whoa. Another bar, another hill done. – I’m me thighs is meat climbing up, ey? – Yeah, three more to go. – See, that’s a tree point right earlier. And now we’re over here. – Yeah. I pooped out. – What? Come on let’s go. (fast electronic music) – That was a big day out, Steve. – Yeah it wasn’t bad. That was it. – Wasn’t bad. But you know, when you talk
about how much can you get from your battery. The thing is, there is no simple formula. It’s just governed by such
things as rider weight, what power mode, cadence,
ground conditions. But you know what, that’s just part of the
fun of riding anyway. – Totally. Four big peaks.
And sorts in between. It’s been a good day out. We got one more descent. Sangria and bits onto it. – I recommend double Sangria. – Oh. – Huah. (upbeat electronic music)

100 comments on “E Mountain Bike Ride: 20km/12.5 Miles & Five Climbs | Maximising Your E-Bike Battery

  1. Looks like Neil has a lot to learn about getting the most from his battery. There's a how to on that coming up soon, but we want to hear your ideas for the videos that you want to see, too. We'll make a few of the best suggestions, so let us know 👇

  2. Wow! In so early. EMBN you showed me what E mountain biking was all about. I hated E mountain bikes until your channel started.

  3. Nice video. I own a new e-bike, only made a couple hundreds km, and struggle to do manual because of the weight. Also, I am trying to set the suspension right, any recommendations?

  4. Great video chaps, I've flown paragliders in that area, know it well. So the question is how did you get those great big lithium batteries on an aeroplane? Loving the channel

  5. You should definitely do a behind the scenes version of something like this, where you show how you get round the trails, how you film it etc

  6. So far, I sort of like this new channel. I believe that with e-mtbs being so new…. most of us that don't have an e-mtb yet…so most would be very interested in your e-mtb experience sharing format if you included different new or used e-mtb models into the rides and do bike reviews/tests on them as part of your current format. That way we get some info on how the e-mtbs ride and the e-mtb ride experience at the same time….a "2fer". You would have me glued to your new channel then as I am always scouring the net for e-mtb reviews.

  7. Motor maintenance video, its probably the only totally alien part to a seasoned rider.. My BB on my traditional mtb doesn't last 2 seasons. How is my levo integrated BB going to hold up?

  8. Super film fellas, and hats off to the guys filming as the cinematography (if thats the right word) is stunning, keep them coming.

  9. There should be a possibility to recharge the battery via braking like it is possible on all modern hybrid or electric cars.
    Sorry for liking my own comment ;/

  10. Merida 800E 160(Shimano motor) 100kg rider with one leg!. I'm still getting 50-60km out of a charge over 3-4 hours on fairly hilly Scottish terrain. Eco mode on the flat, Trail mode on the hills or techy stuff, boost to get me out of trouble, manual mode on the downhill clicking in and out of the modes as required. I still get a good workout(700 cals an hour so Garmin says compared with 1100 an hour on my non ebike but the same terrain). Getting more range out of the battery on a longer ride is a learned skill and much like regular riding you need to drop the pace a little for a longer ride.

  11. Guys, awesome job. Can we get a video or segment with a nice introduction from Steve?, Who he is, riding style/interests, races/events completed? Many of us already know Neil, and we would like to get to know Steve as well. =)

  12. Very good video! You learn quickly how to manage your battery on a e-bike,especially if you do normal (PEDAL YOURSELF) mountain biking. I have a Spez Levo and a Enduro 29. From all the climbing I've been doing on the Enduro I have descent base and can get up most climbs on the 1st assist setting from the levo,this enables way more laps of trails that down here in Cape-Town you really need to climb to get to.After a while you can always use the turbo also! E-bikes if you are already riding really helps,I would love those fat tyres on my Enduro for going down,but no way with the getting up the trail part! Good work again guys! Would love see some bikes featured,especially that Kenevo! Looks just like my Enduro 29!

  13. Have watched a all of these embn vids now and I really don't want to start wanting an e-bike… but that ohlins enduro/kenovo is super nice. Evil Kenovo… (phil smashed it with the tunes again, if it wasn't January and 3 degrees C in Salisbury I would be reaching for the linen and espadrilles)

  14. I got 28 miles from my Bulls eMTB and the level is mostly on full assist with 2 bars left. Although the Bulls battery is the largest in the market, 650wh capacity. Both Bulls E-STREAM EVO FS 3 and Specialized Levo use Brose motor.

  15. The bars thing doesn't make any sense, when Neil says he lost 3 it's 3 on 10 (numbers of bars on Levo/Kenevo), not 7 like it's shown

  16. did you hire bikes over there of take your own , if you took your own how did you get them there with the restriction on carrying batteries
    great vids btw

  17. Do any E-bikes have the ability to turn of the motor for descents and use the spinning of the wheels to create more electricity for the battery? If not then somebody should definitely make that.

  18. Great camera work and production. Battery management is really important. My basic philosophy is use the least amount of power, including none, to get the job done balancing effort, time and fun.

  19. I wish some company would build an eMTB with a gearbox and a computer built in. With some hypercar tech adapted to it like break regeneration, flappy paddle gearbox does your lightning speed shifting, etc.

  20. I was expecting a little more information with that title than you guys riding about having fun, Got no problem with that but there are many new to emtb so battery health, do's and dont's, how to look after your battery, that sort of thing..maybe in another video..This one I felt was pretty vague.

  21. I can see in the future that the bikes will be able to regenerate power to the battery when you are going down hill to let you ride even longer.

  22. Do you have an advantage with the weight with stability in these trails? Its a shame not to see how many kilometer you have driven with the charges left. I do think it is some planning-management

  23. You could do with informative information at the beginning of each ride rider weight bike weight tyre pressures just so other riders can compare setups to see range comparisons riding trails in the uk that are accessible for all and giving links to trail maps maybe doing a top ten of trails every few months keep it interesting.

  24. Looks like a great spot and a great film. But 20km is hardly an epic or big day out. You did 1700m climbing which is pretty hefty over that short distance – so I'd like to know could you have ridden 40km with half the climbing? And would the battery performance be hindered if it was colder?

  25. Cheers fellas on another great video. How's about a video on how to properly set up the suspension on an e-bike. I've used the Shockwiz on my levo for a period of time with mixed feelings and results. Wonder what you feel is appropriate when it comes to compensating for the added weight

  26. Not a fan, I think this video just highlighted the restrictions of a ebike, having to manage a battery. if that dies, your day is done. If you are going to put a motor to a bike, it should last all day else why bother, I can ride all day on a normal bike and not have to worry about a battery. I think these bike's are for people who don't want to put any real effort in. Also 12.5 miles isn't a epic ride buy any standards.

  27. Would love to have seen the "rider input" and "motor input" graphs available from the Specialized Mission Control App for these two, to see what affect the Neil's use of the Turbo vs Steve's more judicious use of the assist.

  28. just been watching some other ebiker – he actually says " i can do what I want " I'm on a ebike ! as he wrecks the local trail ! 😩 so sad
    leave them for your dad !

  29. What happens if you run out of battery,im assuming then thery are much harder to pedal that a regular mtb? And who carries your drinks,the film crew?

  30. Great channel guys. As a Levo rider in Cairns and GMBN fan, EMBN is perfect. Would love to hear your thoughts on Levo vs Kenevo and also flats vs clips on e-bikes. I've changed to flats since I got my Levo and can only find positives. Motor hacks would also be interesting, like removing speed limiter. Keep up the good work.

  31. Great video guys..I have the Merida e160 900E and just want to ride it everyday. I havent run out of battery yet and have done a couple of several hour rides on one charge, almost forgetting that it does need charging. I do change modes to both save battery and stop myself getting too lazy with trail and boost modes, however on a hot aussie summers day, empty hydration pack and heading back to the car park, it is a blessing to up the mode and cruise back….same if you get lost, not wasting energy discovering new trails.

  32. Hi! Great video, I really wanted to drop what I was doing and book a flight to Alicante. That got me thinking though, do you guys bring your own bikes abroad or do you rent bikes on site? I think someone mentioned in a Swedish bike magazine that it could be trouble trying to bring e-bikes with you on a plane because of the battery which is regarded as hazardous cargo. What is your take on that? Have you any experience of that?

  33. Maybe it's the roadie in me, but 12.5 miles feels more like the warm up ride from base camp to the trail head. I wouldn't plan a ride shorter than 20-30 miles, and that's in the lumpy bits of California.

  34. wir sind hier schon seit über 9 Jahren vor Ort: Mega Bikegebiet!!!

  35. Great work fellas. I've just subscribed to your channel after watching a few very high quality videos. Thanks heaps for bringing this information to Youtube. I haven't yet ridden an eMTB; but I have one on the way – I placed an order for a 2018 Merida EONE-SIXTY 900E. I can't wait to get into it 🙂

    When you guys run those eMTB's downhill, are you in a power-assist mode or motor-off mode? I suppose for consistent downhill you'd be fine with the motor-off; but what if you're in a power mode and your speed exceeds the motor-assist. Do you get 'engine braking' of a sort – is there any resistance at all from the electric motor that is disengaged? I know Specialized say that their Brose motor completely disengages . . . but I'm curious about the Shimano Steps 8000 that will be running my ordered Merida, and indeed what the Bosch motors etc etc do when over the speed limiter?

    Keep up the great work. Thumbs up 🙂

  36. Changing to a front to a DH spec tyre just transformed my riding, massive grip and massive confidence in the corners. On longer rides the range is better with a less aggressive rear, a well worn in schwalbe Hans D

  37. 4:26 Steve sure loves swearing hahhahahaa no bleep? yputube ok if you swear as long as it is not in english XD

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