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E Mountain Bikes Explained: Why Ride An E-MTB?

E Mountain Bikes Explained: Why Ride An E-MTB?

– Right Steve, E-bike are
very cool, but why would I choose to ride an E mountain bike? – Well I think freedom more than anything. E biking, I think it mixes
trail, and downhill really well. If you’re kind of more gravity orientated then it takes away your
reliance on a chair lift, or a smelly worn out uplift van. I think if you’re a trail
rider, then the trails become even more flowy. But I think ultimately, for both parties it gives the opportunity
to explore new territory, which might have been
previously out of reach. – Well, we’re off in the big
hills now, so tell me more. – You want to get in
the nitty gritty right? – Let’s do it. – Okay. Let’s do it. – Adventure, get to those
out of the way places that you might not previously have got to. Chuck a sleeping bag in your ruck sack and head to the hills. But, you don’t have to rough it, I mean with a bit of
organizing, multi-day loops, five starring it is quite easy. And one of the great things
about E mountain biking is it give you a full riding experience. You’re not sat in an uplift
van or in a chair lift that’s stopped in the
thunder and lightening in the mountains. No smelly vans, unlimited freedom. – Everyone talks about
the up-hill, steeper, faster, longer, yeah, well maybe, but it depends how fit you
are and what mode you ride in. What is for certain is that uphill becomes an engaging part of the
ride, not a necessary pain. Technical climbing is a reality,
crazy angles a possibility. – Sharing, the ride no
longer has to be the preserve of the fit club, in fact
the ride decides full stop. The great thing about E
bikes is that a mixed group of young and old need not
necessarily be spread out in the same way as with non E bikes. All ages and abilities can share the ride and what’s bad about that? Fit friends go faster and get
more of a whole body work out. Remember the more climbing
you do, the more descending you’ll be doing, which
ultimately means more effort. So contrary to what many people believe, an E bike for a skilled or fit rider can be even more beneficial. – So I’ve definitely found
that an E mountain bike changes the type of riding I do. When I was younger I
used to race downhill, and ride downhill all the time. So, pushing up hills, relying
on uplift, going to races. In my sort of late
years, after that I rode a lot of enduro and trail bikes
and I actually liked riding cross country. However, I’ve now got an
E bike and I find myself going back to my old places. So, going back and
riding downhill tracks, I can now get sort of
10 runs done in an hour and I don’t have to rely
booking on an uplift or pushing my bike to
the top of the downhill. Jump on this and it actually
rides really well downhill. – Do you know Don, I think
one of the great things about E mountain bikes, is
it’s a good introduction to the sport of mountain biking in general. One of the biggest barriers to the sport is the kind of up hills element. – Yeah, it can be not a lot of fun. Definitely on your first
few rides when you’re trying to get some fitness,
getting up that hill is really tiring. – Yeah, I guess it takes the
sting out of the ascent right? – Yeah, for me, I’ve
been mountain biking for twenty odd years, my
first time on an E bike, I got it. It’s just fun. Forget the arguing, forget
the politics, it’s just loads of fun to ride. – Yeah. So there you go. E mountain biking, a great introduction to mountain biking for everybody really. – Click on these links on the screen for a couple of more
videos from us at EMBN. Click on that logo just there to subscribe to get loads more videos. Give us a thumbs up if you’d
like to try an E mountain bike.

100 comments on “E Mountain Bikes Explained: Why Ride An E-MTB?

  1. Super fun and great for group rides to keep everyone together, no more waiting at the top of the hill for your slower friends!

  2. I emtb and love it, when I finish a ride, I never enjoyed my ride less because of the peddle assist. Pedelec is a tool, it changes the bike like other bike tech has. I dont see anyone riding a penny farthing down the trail because it is the "pure biking" experience. It is great how supportive GMBN has been with emtbs and it is good to see this expansion.

    Can there be some focus in breaking down the emtb hate so we can get our class 1 pedelec emtbs to gain full trail access. There has been some progress with the IMBA November updated position statement we still have major government agencies like the BLM and USFS that restrict any ebike from trail systems. Would love to see how this channel can help educate and be a catalyst for change with land managers.

    Please keep some content on the GMBN side as well, I think it helps normalize emtbs with mbt community, as you can see in some of the posts below, there is still a lot of irrational hate of emtbs with some in the mtb community.

  3. Because it is fun..if people dont like it…fine… but if you do what is the big deal. I tested it once and was the end of the run i still was sweaty af.. if prices werent quite high i would have bought one instead of the one i bought now.

  4. A few thoughts on e-mountain bikes. 1) They should have to yield to all non e-bikes. 2) See rule 1. 3) Have you seen all the obese people? They need to be banned for the ensuing health crisis! 4) If an 85 year old I know can ride a regular mountain bike then there's no reason we need ebikes. They just tear up the trail more.

  5. Wouldnt it be smarter to call it "GEBN" for Global E-Bike Network so it suits all the the other branches of GCN? It would also allow for more content and we wouldnt just be seing stuff from GMBN copied on an E-MTB because you can do raod E-Bikes too.

  6. Did you tried to travel by airplane with e-bikes?
    How to travel with large (>160Wh) batteries? Is it possible to send them to your destination by some cargo plane (some kind of special/dangerous courier package?) without issues and with guarantee they will arrive on time, when it's not possible to take them on board of your airplane as luggage due to thier capacity? It would suck if you plan holidays and your battery would be hold out by an airport security or at courier depo.

  7. I see a lot of E-Mountainbikes with coil spring suspension forks which don't look and/or sound very confidence inspiring to me. Are those actually fit for trails or should you avoid those and go for air front suspension forks like you should for a decent normal mountainbike?

  8. I'm sorry, more freedom and "get to more places"? You're by definition one lazy cyclist. You're talking about chair lifts and vans and I'm laughing my ass off. If off road riding makes you breathe hard maybe you should just keep at it with bar nights downtown.

  9. I absolutely see a place for e-MTB and the arguments here makes sense. However, two things to consider for all the e-bike fans here: 1. Organizations have spent years opening up trail access by arguing that non-motorized bikes are different from motorized vehicles. What now? Will the trails get more crowded? Will inexperienced e-bikers find themselves in over their heads? And, 2. people spend years getting stronger, working on minute variations in technique and trying to clear certain sections with a regular MTB. An ebike subverts all that, makes everything much easier and discourages actually working to get stronger and better. Is it really that hard to see why people would roll their eyes a bit an e-bikers? This isn't "snobbishness", it's mutual respect and understanding for what it takes to be a strong cyclist.

  10. I would love to try an E-Bike!
    I get fed up of hearing all the 'cheating' comments from people who haven't tried these bikes out. I'm sure years ago the same cheating comments were made when bikes started to get gears.

  11. Idk about this, not hating or anything but I think it's sort of looses the point, also for a price of this ebike you can probably get a dirt bike if you don't want to pedal.

  12. screw this, e bikes are for pussies just pedal up, why would u wanna take away the true feel for the bike this is Bs my god, thats such Bs

  13. Here is a proposal for a video, drive a stake in the heart of this stupid statement "ebike is for the lazy". Chain Reaction Cycles did this video a while back, From my experience I get a great workout on my emtb, I change the assist level to fit my workout so I can try to stay as aerobic as possible during climbs. What is better getting off and walking your bike uphill or keeping your momentum and riding your bike up hill with assist. maybe you can get some real medical experts to assess and maybe address how emtb assist can be a benefit for training, recovery and those with minor chronic sport injuries.

  14. Nope, trying my best here, but emtb are not making any sense. Freedom? Needing to charge? Electronics fail? Out in the woods? Freedom is pedaling, not having a motor. Accessing new places? Come on…really?
    Moutain biking is awesome, it'not easy, but it's awesome. Emtb (and specialy the industry that realize that they have new potential customers…people that are afraid to comit to mtb) are taking a great sport and try to make it a half motor sport. They will ever be really popular, maybe for a couple of years, but you can't promote activity by making it least…they will never be popular with me!!!
    Seriously, go ahead, get into Emtb, i don't care, if it's your thing. It will never be mine. All good tho, cheers.

  15. As an XC rider I doubt I'll need one of these any time soon. Cant really hate em, perhaps seeing a 50 year old flying past me on a climb is exactly what I need to motivate myself.

  16. I feel obliged to give my opinion, but I won't. I recognize that MTBing means something different to all of us… Just don't take my KOM's.

  17. The only thing I don't understand is why some people are such insufferable idiots. Do they think it matters what their opinion is on other people's bikes? Ride what you want, and let others do the same. No one is asking you to like it, really.

  18. I think E-bikes are awesome for people with a medical condition (previous cardiac event, overweight,…) or people who can't ride like in their 20s. However, I don't get the concept of riding an E-bike if you're able to ride a standard mountain bike. Suffering is part of the sport too! Cheers

  19. Ebikes are here to stay. Just imagine their diffusion once batteries will cost less than 200€ and the whole electrification less than 500€. I have a hardtail and I can just say that with it I make six times the yearly mileage I did with the conventional one, so much for the fitness effect of ebikes.

  20. I’d hate to push one or carry ebike when the trail isn’t rideable. The cost is way too much for the average rider. Did I forget to charge my bike? What if the battery goes dead on the trail? I’d still like to rent one this year.

  21. Stoked you guys are doing an EMTB specific channel. Ive had my Comp Carbon Levo for about a month now and loving it after a 15 year break from mountain biking. As an ex downhiller im riding trails that I never would of thought of with a downhill only bike, and my levo handles as good if not better down the hills than my old Norco VPS1 rig! Keep the vids coming!

  22. why not just call it motorcycles? thats what it really is… its not a mountainbike god damn-it…
    i mean, e-bikes are for old ladies like my grandmom. (shes acually got one)

  23. Firstly, lets all be civilised. abusing people for the bike that they ride is just silly. Being a roadie, I see this debate from a neutral standpoint. I see ebikes as just like any other discipline of MTB. Just as xc, trail, DH and enduro have their own unique skills, equipment and even restrictions, ebikes also have them.
    To those who are writing nasty stuff, pause to consider why some have chosen ebikes. they may have an injury or disability or lack of fitness. Or maybe they simply find that climbing detracts from the experience of their ride, and a motor makes climbing fun for them. It's not your place to judge someone based on their choice of discipline
    Just take a step back and look at it from the wider perspective. You are all still mountainbikers and you all still ride mountainbikes. And it doesn't matter whether a bike has a motor in it or not, because any bike that helps people to get out and ride is a good bike.

  24. Please keep these up, always had an interest in owning one and this is pushing me closer and closer for running my downhill trails up instead of down!

  25. Hardly a great introduction to mountainbiking. I mean, which novis would spend that kind of cash on his/her first bike?

  26. Buyer Beware…. These things are ILLEGAL in US National Parks and ILLEGAL to use on US roads without a license plate

  27. I know several people who had to give up riding due to their age and health issues who are now able to get out and ride again on EAPCs / Ebikes. It is wonderful to see them getting back out on their Ebikes and being able to experience the freedom and enjoyment they were missing. 🙂

  28. You guys just did more for eMTB in 4mins than anything else I've seen. It's unusual to find a hater that has actually ever ridden an one. I fact, I've never met one. But of course, just because someone knows absolutely nothing about a subject, don't mean they can't have an opinion. Brexit proved that. Keep up the good work.

  29. Tried ebike recently, loved it. I dont get the politics, its like piston engine guys arguing that gas turbine is not "real" as the Wright Bros intended … no, its just more complex and many more funs per second.

  30. The reason why I still think a standard bike is more practical it's because 🙁 Let's accept it charging batteries is a hassle, you can't really get lost in the forest for days or run touring (which would be amazing) in a remote place, if your ebike battery runs out faster than your GPS; try to run an ebike at -20C and you will see how it dies quicker than your phone, add that to the added complexity that all the electronics create that will need maintenance, I think that's the real problem with ebikes; I don't want to sound like a douche, it's just a sad truth, ebikes are efficient for transportation but for sports currently they are not so ready 🙁 We need dem fusion batteries soon!…

    I fully support we get there thu 🙂 so who knows the more people get there, the more this will be a formidable item; the same with the electric car, I believe they'll go hand by hand, because their problems are similar.

  31. Wow – how fantastic to see you guys presenting an "e" YouTube channel – I subscribed faster than Bolt gets off the starting blocks. A big fan (already) from Cyprus!

  32. I was taken aback when I saw this channel pop up. I initially dismissed it, but after watching this video I'm interested.
    I'd love to see where these things go in the future, although I know for sure I won't be riding one for a long time. Expensive and dealing with battery life instead of just going really puts me off, but I'm sure when I'm older or injured (Hopefully not the latter) I'll really appreciate these bikes.
    I'm looking forward to seeing where these bikes go in the future 🙂

  33. even though Im good at it, I still often find myself hating the climbs on a normal bike so I cant wait until the day I get an ebike.

  34. Just bought the expert carbon. I'm sold. Just getting into the sport with my dirtbike friends, they are in shape, I'm not. This will hopefully let me keep up and not have a heart attack trying.

  35. I love that feeling when your at the edge of a cliff like that and you know if you slip you may still be able to ride dpwn.. that'll be awesome

  36. I was an avid mtb'er until I got diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (look it up – disease that worsens your physical abilities basically). I haven't done a sport properly in years and I can totally see myself buying this and starting out again, if I can pay the price someday of course lol. So personally I'm totally happy with inventions like these! 🙂

  37. I'm recovering from a bad roofing accident that left me with torn ligaments in the knee. My knee still pivots left and right and is loose foreward and backward after three surgeries leaving me bound to a knee brace. I got into cycling as part of my rehab for some low impact exercise and I would love to get into mountain biking, but my busted knee would keep me from doing any kind of climbing or long distance trails. Having an E-MTB would go a long way towards giving me some freedom.

  38. what's the best bike if price dosnt matter cuz I had one but It was lost in a fire and now the insurance replacing it

  39. Aside of people with limited ability they're just a labour saving tool which will make a cyclist less fit and more dependant on technology.

  40. where is the link to buy them? I went to their website but is not friendly user and they seem to be only in Europe

  41. This is a slippery slope that's going to end up with someone riding an electric dirt bike on mountain bike trails, hurting a hiker, and MTB's losing trail access.

  42. If I come across someone on an eBike when I'm out on the trails we avoid them like the plague, you ain't riding with us on that thing.

  43. Thanks for a great video. if you want to know more on ebikes, you should read this huge article, that covers all the basics:

  44. For me the biggest barrier to the sport is America's antiquated legislation as well as park managers retaining a non-progressive attitude preventing pedal assist ebikes from most lands and trails which is absolutely ridiculous. In most places in Europe that I've been to (Switzerland, Andorra, France and Spain), pedal assist ebikes are seen as regular mountain bikes thus pumping new life into the mountain biking sport. Not so much here in the "land of the free".

  45. Let’s be honest your fooling yourselves…. this is all about the selfish downhiller who wants a quick fix for an adrenaline run…
    I’ve thought about it, but at 57 I’m still up for hill climbing and getting fitter… but I’m a trails rider & not a flat out suicide DH rider
    Add in the extra weight, complexity & cost for servicing not to mention 3-4 x the price & often with lower spec parts at that, then its a big outlay. Now all that said, if you’re older, suffering fatigue and inability to get fitter then I understand and one of these bikes keeps you going rather than packing the sport in… So my advice is, get a standard bike and cycle for as long as possible until your fitness wanes OR you want to become a suicide DH freak in the mountains 😆But most of all enjoy the ride, be safe!

  46. Just need better finance options to enter the rich mans sport. Would buy one today from rutland cycles near me if finance didn't add another thousand to the already high price.

  47. i like e bikes but if i make my bike electric would be less fun for my endurance improvements. 2WD would be cool , gas engine motorcycle cant be 2WD.

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