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Eco Travel – Compost and Recycling Facility At A Jungle Eco Park in Mexico

Eco Travel – Compost and Recycling Facility At A Jungle Eco Park in Mexico

you might think we’re at a beautiful garden but we’re not we’re at the shell ha recycling center where garbage comes in and good for the earth soil goes out and today we’re talking to site repress site ray is the director for environmental education at shell ha and she’s going to show us all around the facility so you taking all this trash but can you really recycle all of it how much gets distributed a kien shelcha recuperar ahmo’s la mayor parte ello chenla por ciento es recuperado a plastic OHS pop el vidrio metales organic OHS y tan sólo al dente por ciento s enviado el jurado amazing eighty percent of what they collect here is returned to the Earth instead of buried under the earth the first step is right here with Tomas a que haga todo el material que sali del parque y tomas SE para el plastico vidrio cart on metelaze que pueden ser SI claros abri bolsa poor bolsa revisa uri couperin los materiales para regresar celosa la tierra si gracias Tomas is one a heck of a worker because behind me is two weeks of plastic in these bags instead of going into the landfill it’s going to central Mexico SES Sembia Mexico a la industria recicla Dora para volver a ser vitellius y otros objetos y no regreso de plastico en lugar de acabar en el tiradera Burpo we are standing in front of one week’s collections for paper and cardboard also destined for Mexico one week that’s amazing how about for one month a no-mess podemos recollect our hasta Quattro toneladas de carton ESO significa exone diecisiete arboles Salvato por cada toneladas de papel Rossi cloud we are on the Riviera Maya where lots of people vacation and lots of people consume liquids while they’re here this glass from shahe is collected it’s only two weeks worth yes correct es enviado a Monterey nen soil meant a dose toneladas para hacer SI claro de beauté yes the pro locati so there’s another way that you can recycle is called reusing and site her and her team collect some of these things and then they give them out to the employees how does this work se la macchina un funciona tiene reparacion simplemente Cespedes y de entrega a cualquier koolaburra door que lo quiera lo llevar para y no puedo tulisa des a manera no sin via alterra duro y pipe n fo you seen des en are smelling des des esta página de de Campo sin frases yer shahe horas de sewer air recibimos de las cocinas todos los productos que salen frescoes co sedo’s o que salen de los restaurantes que no se consume me o por los visitantes for mom owes kambiz con el material y luego agrega mosley badura para ayudar a las bacterias a crescendo y que pueden days compone now why this smells so bad is because shaha also composts bones and meat and that’s something very unique most home composting doesn’t include meat but this does and the reason is is they want to change everything into that organic compost soil as you can see the workers are throwing egg shells lettuce all kinds of vegetative matter and mixing it together then it moves on to the next step we’re in front of the third stage what’s next cetera la última a tapa del materia es Polti ARLA darle ida y por último pasarlo para trigger a una vez Tritt errado ya esta listo para ser utilizado en los jardines right here and my hand is go composto and this is the end product that you created right so when I do it a soil cell tulisa en las áreas veras que tenemos como es de jardin y dentro del parque ademas Losco Labradors pueden solicited Tierra para sus propios Cardenas a sus Casas wonderful and guess what it’s just not smell at all it’s it’s just soil and all that original smell has gone away how much of this to produce every year al ano recibimos aproximadamente acho sientas toneladas de de Seto’s aqui en el centro de copio say sientas toneladas aproximadamente son organic o’s restos de comida que se convierten despues de seis meses en ciento cincuenta metros públicos de tierra it’s perfect for your soil you should be composting all the time just like cidre is this video was made possible by Mexico’s Riviera Maya paradise is forever accommodations provided by Sen de tres Rios resort spa and nature you

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  1. Cool video,

    Just started a compost pile of my own, stole about 10 neighbor's yard waste bins on trash day before the garbage truck came and got about one or two tons of organic material for a 4x4x1 yard compost pile. I suggest everyone else in the world do the same, such a great way to encourage nature in your backyard and help the earth replenish itself.

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