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Electric motorcycle me petrol bhar dia || Prank with Revolt RV 400

Electric motorcycle me petrol bhar dia || Prank with Revolt RV 400

Just like you Charge -okay okay yes Hello and welcome everyone back to my youtube channel Greetings to elders Love to youngers and Hi to all so now let’s go to the petrol station on the RV 400 the electric bike you all must be thinking that why am i going to petrol pump on an electric bike all that i have to say you’ll get to know everything why is the divider destructed, mahn! so again it’s 60% and i’ve covered 2 km i don’t know how is this happening but.. but.. but.. so we are at the petrol pump to get air filled NAMASKAR for Air i have to come here only can you fill petrol in this? -yes can you fill it? -yes are you sure? -you can it filled there? that means you can fill it hahaha But HOW? How will you fill it? -from machine You can’t fill it with the machine -why? You can’t -Where will you fill? it’s an electric bike Hahaha Wait a minute Who are you? -oh! It’s electric driven yess How can you fill petrol Uncle is saying that he can fill petrol in it -actually i didn’t know hahahaha i’m just kidding relax yeah buoy! -Is it chargeable? yes yes [email protected]& -that’s why i was wondering that -why doesn’t it make any sound see here can hear sound now? -yes -then this is better than petrol bikes -How much does it cost? There is no running cost it’s for 1.20 L 1,18,500 now it makes sound too -where is the charging system? you can charge it from here just like you charge a phone -oh yes how you charge your phone just like it -and it’s battery status is shown here it’ll show battery percentage there it’s 60% now like it shows in phone -how many km does it run in full charge? there are different modes if you want go fast then it’ll run for 80-100 km and if you go slow then 130-140 km now you won’t fill petrol in it, right? -I didn’t know, that’s why It’s electric that’s why i keep it on mute just because noise pollution should be decreased so it doesn’t make any sound -You can plug here and charge I asked Uncle ji if he can fill petrol in it? he said yes so i told him to fill it then hehehe ok then Follow me on Instagram so that was the scene there i didn’t go for petrol but i asked if he can or not so he just said yes, why not? actually, he didn’t know that this is an electric bike and it doesn’t have a petrol tank it’s a complete electric bike and many people don’t know about it yet that it’s an electric bike whatever it’s cool so thankyou very much for watching this video and i would like that you watch my previous videos also which i’ve made and if you enjoy watching them then do hit the like button and specially on this one don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel right now see you in next video till then bubye stay tuned and JAI HIND!

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  1. Bro can you give me some suggestions on how start my own YouTube channel about vehicle…..?
    And plus keep doing it I really love watching your videos 😍❤️👍🏼

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