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Electric VS Engine cycle

Electric VS Engine cycle

engine vs motor cycle which is better ? many people comment which kit is better for cycle so in this video i am going to compare both and what is cost of different kits ? and where we buy both products ? so all the things i am going to tell you first of all i am going to ride electric cycle this cycle work according accleration you can control speed and it not make any noise pollution or loud sound being ride as normal cycle power and pickup same as engine cycle with same load capacity and speed showing – wheel rolation you can control speed of cycle now going to start engine cycle you have to use pedal to start engine it product little bit sound i showed how to ride both cycle electric motor kit is avaible on prize is 7000 /- INR and engine is also avaible on prize is 22.000 /- INR both buy link is in description what is same ? and different in both cycle . let me show you engine kit is little bit costly and maintance is also costly electric kit is maintaince free you have only charge the battery you can see two chain system one of them is for motor and other for pedal use with good battery you can cover 40-50 km distance engine cycle have high cost due to have various parts see chain system which is similar as other one with opposite side chain attachment you have to maintain the engine for best performance have to lube chain, carborater clean maintain like as normal bike to start have to take pedal and release clutch electric cycle is for every one this is speed controller control speed by hand both kit have same load capacity and speed but prize is very different buy link is in description electric cycle is maintaince free and low cost over all of this engine have various parts as well high maintaince is need in th is both kits are installable in any type of cycle you can also update electric motor 250 watt to 350 watt but for engine only higher 80cc is come showing installed of various parts of this kit all things is come with kit have to intall battery by own mileage of engine cycle showing both km cost charger is also come with kit to charge battery i used bike battery you can also update this showing charger connection port also having voltage meter to show charge of battery key to on off sysytem 4 light on means 80 % charge 5 means 100 % having light and horn facility engine have only loud sound this is 2 stroke engine work on petrol both kits are avaible on link to buy or see products is in description engine make whole cycle vibration cycle have no comformtable seat like bikes so almost all difference is shown in video so which kit you like ? you can buy

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  1. Electric cycle bahut jaldi kharab ho gayi thi par engine wali bahut mst ha engine cycle is very good product engine is brilliant

  2. भाइ मे नेपालका हु फिर केसे लेना पडेग ईसको

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