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Embarrassing Mountain Bike Moments | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 141

– And he went downhill going, ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I was like screw my shoulder, I’ve cracked my balls. We are talking embarrassment this week, humiliation, that’s right. We’re going to confess and
we want to hear from you too. – Yeah, we’ve got an amazing
bike vault this week, some really cool insta bangers too. – Right, we’ve got an
epic first try Friday, and an epic video coming up as well and it’s just been released. – It’s all happening………. It’s the Dirt Shed show. (electronic music) (vault clicking) – Okay, embarrassing
moments, we’ve all had them. Bikes seem to bring
embarrassing moments to you and I’ll tell you what got
me thinking about this, lads. We had this text from
Winterfell 7102, and he said…. – He’s a regular. – Today at school, yeah he’s a regular, he’s a regular, he’s
been here a few times. He wheelied into the bike racks at school, front wheel planted it
right in there perfect. – That’s cool, that’s cool. – But then he lost his balance, fell over, and bent the front wheel in half. Everyone there to watch. To make it worse, he tries to straighten the front wheel out in a cool way, using the bike stand,
and bent his disc rotor. – Oh, no, I think he was
trying to impress the girls. – So he says at the end then, he says, not only do I have a bent wheel, but I also have a bent rotor, please send me some mentor encouragement. So let’s confess some of the things that have been embarrassing
in our careers. And then hopefully you guys
are going to get in on the comments down there and tell us some of your embarrassing moments too. So Doddy, what have you got
as an embarrassing moment on your bike? – Numerous, I think
probably one that stands out is when I rode over my own feet. – Oh, how did you do that? – In front of a bus stop of people. Just peddling up this hill
and the chain snapped. (laughter) And I hit my balls on the top two because this bike didn’t have a drop post. It had a real high saddle,
slid down the tube, my feet went under the wheels, like …… (laughter) And it just toppled over
in front of the bus stop. – I don’t think I can beat that. I can’t beat that, that’s ridiculous. – I would have laughed
if I was at the bus stop. – I would have definitely laughed. – It’s a brilliant picture of
your feet under the wheels. – It really hurt. – I’ve got numerous ones
riding because I used to do obviously live shows, like Blake and I’ve had lots of things
happening in front of big audiences, but the
most embarrassing moment I’ve ever had on my bike is
when I was alone, actually I was absolutely on my own. I had a big row with my wife about what we were going to have for tea. But it was one of those
rows that gets huge out of nothing, right. She wanted Spag Bol, I wanted
Chilli, it was massive. I stormed out, I’ve never done it before, I stormed out, I’m going out on my bike. And I went down a Porthcawl Beach. It was amazing down there, and I was like, I’m just going to ride
my bike for half an hour, not talking about dinner, and I got down there and
my bike wasn’t in the car. – Oh, no, that’s ridiculous. – And I sat there. – Did you have a good drive? – I had to drive home
and who was at the door, with my bike? – Ohhhhhh. – Lisa, like, forget something? – She wins. – She crucified me that day, so that was incredibly embarrassing, and humiliating so…
what about you Blake? – I can’t beat that, it’s crazy. Well, I do have one
where I was at a contest and I was showing off. It was practise, big jump,
right by the rider’s lounge. – Yes. – Did this huge back flip no handed, but I went so far and fast, past the jump, I landed, and
I just, as soon as I landed, I just blew up. (laughter) Shoes came off, everything came off. – Shoes came off? – Always a good crash
if your shoes come off. – Bike and I just sat there,
no shoes on, in the dust (laughter) with all the guys laughing at me. – So we’ve all had some
embarrassing moments on our bikes. It happens to us all,
but I really would love to hear about some of yours. The comments section down there
is great to hear from you, but I love it when there’s
a little story in there, getting a bit of a feeling
of what’s happening to you on bikes and
funny stories like this crack me up. But we’re also cheekily thinking so what is embarrassing about cycling? I don’t know if we’re going
to get away with this lads. – Oh, we are, we are. – We’re going to try it. Tongue in cheek, we want to know (laughs) this was Doddy’s idea, what is the most, and Blake’s, I had nothing to do with it. What is the most
embarrassing bike to ride? – This is a good poll. – It is a good poll. – It’s a poll, so up above Doddy’s head these are your options. Is the most embarrassing bike to ride, a fat bike? – No, I like fat bikes, but that could be embarrassing. – It’s not our views
that are important here. Second option, is it a tandem? They’re pretty embarrassing. – I quite like a tandem. – I like them too,
shhhhh, don’t tell anyone. E-bike (laughs) – Ohhhhh. – E-bike. – I like an e-bike too. – Is an e-bike the most
embarrassing bike to ride? Let us know if it is in the poll. What about this option? I think this is going to
get universal approval on the embarrassment front. Unicycles. – Yes. – Yeah. – Unicycle, or last up,
what about recumbents? – What is that? – That’s not even a bike. – What is it? – That’s those horrible sheepy things, you lie down…. you have a flag. – Oh, the ones with the big flag. – No good, no good. – Oh no, skip it, let’s put
road bike in there instead. (laughter) Let’s have that. – So you’re last option. – You like road bikes, don’t you? – Recumbent bikes got a scratch, road bike is your last option. What is the most
embarrassing bike to ride? Let us know and get involved with the comment section down below. – So now it’s time for poll
results from last week’s show and that was to hardtail
or not to hardtail. – Yeah, interesting. – Yeah, interesting one this. Two percent, never been on one. Two percent of you… – Two percent, come on. Hardtails are amazing bikes. – One percent not really
interested in you guys, sorry, you say that you hate them. – Move on, move on. – 51 percent of you, yes, got it right. I began on a hardtail. – Wow. – I began on a hardtail. – Damn straight. – So imagine that….. that is… Half our pollsters began on a hardtail, that’s how important that
bike is to this poll. – That’s a genuine mountain bike. – Three percent, I’m a fully rigid rider. – Rigid. – Rather you than me. – Yeah. – That’s hard work. – Yeah. – And a massive 40 percent,
I’ve always ridden hardtails. – Yeah. – So hardtails are big
…………….in our pollsters. – Yeah, and then go straight
to the comments as well. There’s some really good ones here. So Bike MTB, I love
hardtails. I ride a Whyte 805, nice bike, that. I love it and people
say you need a full sus to be a proper mountain biker, but you can shred a hardtail,
ask any dirt jumper, eh Blake? – Yes – Yes. – Completely true. – A lot of hardtail love. – A lot of hardtail love, for sure. – Head over handlebars
says, I’ve only ever ridden hardtails because every
full sus I’ve ridden has just felt wrong. Hardtails may be a bit slower, but I think the ease of
maintenance, lower cost, greater smiles, smiles for miles, make up for it, plus they can teach you a lot about control. – That’s true, that is very true. – That’s a good point. I definitely think you get
more feedback on that bike. – So for all them full suspension
riders, buy a hardtail. You’ll probably increase your riding. – One more comment Doddy. – Yeah, Kamil says, let’s be honest, hardtails are dead for
general mountain biking. – What? – No. – The only place where hardtails
will stay is dirt jumping. – Yeah, okay. – But once you try a full sus
on trail, you’ll never go back Full suspension bikes
are so comfy, make trails more enjoyable and faster. No need for a hardtail. – Oh…. – I disagree. – I disagree. – I disagree, I hundred percent
agree with the fact that a full suspension bike, they do enable you to ride faster, more aggressively, but hardtails always have a place. – Yes, definitely. – But especially a fat bike hardtail. – And let’s also not forget,
hardtails are more affordable for a lot of riders, see, so you’ve got to take that into account. – But that said Kamil, thanks
for your point of view. I love hearing from you guys, so whatever your point
of view, let us know, get involved, become a dirt shedder. We love it, getting in
there, getting in there. Right, let’s get on to the news. Neil isn’t here, but
we’ll try and handle it. Where is Neil? – He’s on holiday, isn’t he? – I like how I looked under the desk, because he’s so short, he
could have been under there. – He’s topping off his tan, isn’t he? – Yeah, yeah. – Where’s he gone this time? – I don’t know, he’s… – Cornwall. – Oh is he? – I think so. (electronic music) – Right, time for the news. The Urban Games has
been happening in China. – Very interesting. – Now, let me get the
name of the place right. Tendu in China is the, now the Urban Games is a new thing from UCI to kind of revamp and
reposition BMX Street, – Yeah. – Trials riding, plus, and this is kind
of controversial I think, XCE, that one lap race…. – Okay, yeah, the sprint. – You know, sprint CE. – I thought that was electric bikes, XCE. – No, no, no, fours up,
like, four across… – There will be one though, I’m sure. – I’ll bet there will be, yeah. – Four cross, cross country. Really exciting I thought. One thing they did that I
think is really, really smart, a brilliant result in the trials, Jack Carthy won it from the U.K., one fantastic rider, but what I loved about it
is they changed the rules. They’ve changed the rules for trials, so usually when you’re doing trials, you try and not put your feet down, because if you do, you get more points, and you want to be the
lowest score to win. Now what they’ve done
is they’ve changed it. So when you ride for a section, every time you get through specific gates, you get given 10 points. – Okay. – And then, in a section,
there’s six places that you can basically get that. So each section on the
course is worth 60 points. Now the person who scores the most points going through without making a mistake basically most points at
the end of the race, wins. So they’ve got this great graphic. So when someone’s watching,
they can see a red light comes on for every gate
they’ve got through clean and when they’ve got through, you can see the score building up. You can work out which rider’s… And it’s really nice, really. And I think that is a big change, but it’s really great, and these trials might be a bit more approachable for the, you know, virgin to the sport. – You’ve got to really be
into it to watch it otherwise. – Trials is hard to understand sometimes. And I think this is a great step forward. It was really exciting,
great win for Jack Carthy. Yeah, I think this Urban Games
has repositioned that sport really well, really exciting
time for trials, I think. Big news this week. – Matt Jones’ new video. – Yeah. – If you don’t know who Matt Jones is, he’s a slopestyle rider,
he’s a Red Bull athlete. He’s a dirt jumper. But he’s come out with this crazy video. He’s doing some insane
riding, it’s amazing. One trick in particular
that actually caught my eye was a flip Superman, delayed, no handed. – Yeah. – So that’s a back flip Superman. – To be fair, there were so many moments. – There were so many. – That air to tree ride. – I love a little bit of a stunt and right near the end
there, they throw in a really great stunt where he back flips to two foot plant on a log. – Yeah. – To drop in. – So he like dismantles. – And it was clean as well, wasn’t it. – It such a difficult trick and super fun. Matt is bringing it here. I think we’ve got to mention Stu Thomson has directed this film, and this guy just keeps putting out video after video that is hit after hit. He does all of Danny Mack’s
videos, or a lot of them. He’s done some great BMX videos,
he’s done some music videos but time and time again, Stu Thomson, he just delivers. But Matt has come up
with something special. – He has. – You must check this video out in full. Obviously you’ve seen a bit
of some highlights there. But yeah, news of the week is
Matt Jones has got some skills – He has, he’s been working hard. – Good to see. – Right, on to what’s
going on with you guys. What you said about the Dirt Shed Show and what was happening on
channel in the last week. Got some good comments. What have we got to start with Doddy? – Jack O’Brien says, can
you guys make a video where you put suspension
on Martyn’s wheelchair? – Yeah, I’d love that, I would love that. – I think we could have a go at that. – Could we do that? – That would be great. – Would that involve cutting things? And breaking my wheelchair? – I reckon we keep that one stock and we just make you another wheelchair. – Sounds good to me, sounds good to me. I’m working on something
in the background. Doddy’s seen it, so …… – Shaggly says, got super
excited about it being all hardtails this week for bike vault. Thinking my bike will finally be on it. And that crappy feeling when it’s not. – Ohhhhhhhh. – If only you realise
how many entries we get, about a hundred entries a day. – A day…. yeah. – I laughed out loud then,
but I realised it’s not funny. Because it’s really hard. – He asked if we can have
separation more often and have full suspension one
week and a hardtail the next. Give us folks who have
a hardtail more chance of actually being featured. – Well, then have a fat
bike one, and then ah… – I think a bike vault’s
for everyone, myself. – Yeah, I think hardtail one
was really fun last week. There’s definitely a few
hardtails in again this week. But yeah, we’ll be keeping
an eye out for your hardtail, Shaggly, don’t worry, we’ll
be looking out for it. – Fionaimpala, do an
episode about trail dogs. Yes, breeds, training,
maintenance, smootchyness. – Should we get a puppy and train him? – What, GMBN a puppy? – A GMBM, trail dog, puppy. – That’s a great idea. – Let us know in the comments down low. – Right, can we get one on expenses? – We could get a rescue one. – What breed should we get? – Yeah, what breed? – Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. – This would be a second poll. – Should we do a second poll? – Should we do a second poll? – Yes, yes. – I think a Vizsla’s got to be up there, they’re great trail dogs. – Okay. – Hard to train, but really
nice characteristics. – Can I go for Rhodesian Ridgeback? – Oh yeah, that can also kill a bear. – I’m going to put the Mastiff in there, because that’s what I’ve got. I’ve got an Old English Mastiff. – Can I throw another one out there? Bit of a slower dog, but put
an Alaskan Malamute in there, because those things can tow a tyre, so I’m thinking uplift dog here. – Oi! – Uplift dog. – You don’t any bike, you
can just sit in the back. – Jack Russell. – They’re working dogs,
they like it, they like it. – It’s a good idea. There’s another poll for you right there. Next we’ve got Kian Ghiaei, and he says, why did Tom Van Steenbergen
spin his front wheel before doing his caveman
drop during the rampage? – Well because I think it’s all to do with centrifugal force. – Right – So when his wheel is spinning,
he doesn’t want to land off that huge drop with his wheel stuck and when he lands, it’s just
going to dig like a front brake like pushing….. – I think it probably
helps stabilise the bike in the air as well. – And it stabilises the bike, yeah. – Smart rider. (electronic music) – Blake’s favourite bit of the show, we’re going to get into
Progression Session and First Try Fridays,
go Blake, take it away. – Right, I’m going to kick
it off with Progression. This guy, Max Penny, sent this video in, and it’s a place where we love to ride, Windhill Bike Park, it’s a great place. But funny, he sent it in… and he… – You didn’t know this. – I didn’t even know this. It’s your nephew. – It is my nephew. – No way. – So check this out,
he’s doing the Pro Line. This Pro Line is pretty big, so check this out. – What? – Oh, bit of a front wheel …. – Need to progress forwards about a metre. – Definitely don’t want
to on the bars on that. – Got away with that. – But happy days. – Yeah, look. – Big boner log there. – Here he goes. – Sky’s it. – Easy. – Look at that. And he boosts that one. – So he races BMX. – Very, very good. – That is good progression. – Fair play for having had a go at that because when you’ve cased
a jump, it’s frightening. – I’ve seen some horrendous
crashes on that jump. – Fair play, great progression. Thanks for sending it in. (electronic music) ♪ Hacks and Bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ ♪ Hacks and bodges ♪ – Right, first up this week, we have got a great hack from Ati Lukimo. Look at this right. He didn’t hack a dog,
but it’s a great story. He saw a sign, really lovely golden retriever puppy had been lost. He saw the sign on a tree, and then out of the corner of his eye, he saw it. – He saw the dog? – He saw the puppy,
goes over and finds it. And this is the hack,
and it’s really clever. He used an inner tube as the lead. – Nice……………………. – Turned the dog back to the owners, Ati is a legend. – Brilliant (claps). – That is awesome. – That is quite a hack. – Brilliant. – Well, I’ve got one from Carlo. Look at this, it’s a pub bike. But look, he’s utilised
his bottle kick bolts. – To hold a spanner? – To hold a spanner, but this
spanner’s a 15 mil spanner so what I’m thinking, these old pedals, they’re 15 mil. – Yeah, yeah. – So what he does, he goes to the pub, dumps his bike outside,
takes his pedals off, no one can ride his bike away. – Clever, clever. – That’s what I’m thinking. – And it doubles up as a handle, for picking up the bike. – Yeah, or you can take off your wheels. – Yeah, yeah, it’s a good hack. I actually think for a pub bike, I think it looks kind of cool. – Yeah. – Pretty retro, I like it. – It’s white, which is
clever because that means when you come out of the pub, you can see your bike in the dark. – You shouldn’t be drinking in the pub and riding your bike, then, right. – True. – That’s what I was thinking. I was always thinking that. – Okay, well this on is (inaudible). So this is from Thomas
(inaudible) from Denmark. He’s got one of those one-up tools that goes inside your inner
tube, holds the CO2 cartridge and (inaudible) but doesn’t
got the little adapter to use the CO2 cartridge on his bike. He didn’t want to carry anything. So inside this cranks here,
so this is (inaudible) got a hollow axle in it. So he’s got a handle bar plug, and he’s found the little z-fella adapter, pushes in, plug in straight in. – Brilliant. – It also makes the
crank look pretty cool, with the little plug in there. – I was going to say, I’m
going to do that to my cranks, and I’m going to put supreme,
one of these ones in there. – That’ll match your new key wouldn’t it? – It will match my new (inaudible). – Nice, nice, hacks and bodges
this week, off the charts. Thanks for sending in, keep ’em coming. And let us know, do you want us to keep singing that song or not? (electronic music) – Viewer edits this week
is a bit of a special because this is sort of a pro
edit but it’s so different I wanted to show as much as we could. So it’s a fantastic viewer edit. (finger snap) Let’s hit the lights. Have a look at this. – Crazy – It’s really different riding and Blake you’ve seen this. – I’ve seen this. – And you hit the nail on the head, he’s like riding, like,
street motorcycle stunts on a push bike. – You know when they
sit on the tank and… – Not going to lie, it’s got a slow start but once we get into
it, Camille gets riding, – He’s got four picks on that. – Yeah, now I’ve got to wait 40 days. Here we go. – There’s a few car park tricks I reckon we could learn from this guy. – Oh my gosh, look at that. – Where did that come from? – It’s crazy. – What about that? – Look at that. – That takes some strength. – I don’t think I could
do that on the flat. – He is doing it on a flat. – Look at that. – Lovely, lovely. – It is motorbike, isn’t it. – Love his wheelie control. – Oh, imagine he went over that wall. – That is so good. – Wow. – Oh, (inaudible) – Nice – It’s really, I like it. – This guys got some
skills, serious style. – That’s street motoring. – That is definitely street. – And backwards. – Oh, I mean, it’s great riding. – It’s really different as well. – You know who Camille is, he’s the Rodney Mullen of
mountain bikes, street. He’s brought the old back. – That is amazing. – Well, I tell you what Camille, that is a fantastic video. Thanks for sending it in, I really love it and we’re going to put the
link and the description down below, you must go
and check that video out in full, because it’s absolute banger. Nice one, viewer edits,
if you can get in there, send us your edit, make
sure it’s an absolute hit and we will get, maybe, 500,000 500,000 views (electronic music) – Right, Fails and Bails this week. And we have got a fantastic,
totally (inaudible) bit of riding from Joe Nichols out in Christchurch in New Zealand. Now this is really cool, right,
because this trail is new. It’s called Gnarly Nun,
it’s next to the Flying Nun. Now they had some big fires there. Flying Nun was a really
famous local trail, couldn’t be ridden,
but they got permission to build this new trail next to it. He’s out there, enjoying the riding again. As this prang, but he falls over so hard, a stick goes through his helmet. Through the helmet, I mean… – What misses his head? – Just misses his head,
gives him a bit of a graze but it could have been a lot worse. It was so bad, he was stuck to the ground, he couldn’t get up. – So he had to leave his helmet. – He actually had to
leave his helmet there. – I do like what he’s done. – Makes me shudder. – In brackets, not (inaudible), Doddy. – You’re not going to
get rid of that you know. – Well not if he keeps bringing it up. Right, so that’s got me in the mood for some Fails and Bails so
what could we do about that? – Run VT. (light music) (electronic music) – Is it alright if I start, Insta Bangers? – Yes. – Oh, yeah right, I’ve
got a great post here, from Dan Hemingway, a famous trials rider. His son, George, doing this
huge gap, he’s nine years old. – Nine. – That’s massive. – I love all the riders these days. The Hemingways, amazing
family, Dan, great rider, but Harry and George are two
riders to watch for the future. – For sure. – Definitely. – Incredible riders and great guys. – Well, I’m going to
throw to Hailey Elisee. She’s from BC Canada,
she lives in Whistler. Her Instagram, she does
a lot of travelling, of overlanding with the… She’s Ollie Jones and all that jazz. Check it out, it’s super cool. – And I want to fade to Iagogaray. He rides for Fox in Santa
Cruz, like an enduro racer but he’s just got a really cool page, lot of really cool mini
shred its and stuff – Nice. – Well worth looking at. – Right, what about some
shout outs this week. (laughter) Doddy, got anything you can throw us to? – Yeah I might give a
shout out to my nephew Max and his friend Mitch
Barnroff, who’ve just done this little video with McCurdie Films. It’s in the link below, so
have a little look at that. It’s well worth a look. So he hung up like John
Pearl in the pro line. – Oh yeah. – Pretty spectacular, but
then you get to see him shredding it really well,
so it’s well worth a watch. – Okay, I’m going to throw you to this. It was sent in to me, the link. – That is crazy. – Sent in to me, the
link, excuse me, from Jake Jake Babcock sent me this in,
he’s a regular on the show. And it’s this weird, two-wheeled
front end fat bike thing. – It looks gnarly. – It looks like it should go in a poll. – I just thought, wow, what is that? Embarrassing or not, but
thanks for sending it in, it’s weird. – I’ve got a good shout out. It’s from the 50 to one boys,
if you don’t know who they are go check them out, they’re flipping cool. But they’ve just come out
with this rad (inaudible). They’re out in Barcelona, shredding BMX. – It’s back to twenties. – Back to twenties, shredding
in the streets of Barcelona. – Great bangers and shouts this week. Now there’s only one
thing left to do really and that’s have bit of a bike vault party, so let’s get straight into the vault. (whirring) – Right, we’re into the vault. First bike is from Anatol Servo. (all talking) I think it’s fresh out of
the box, dude, that one. Fresh out of the box,
fresh out of the box. (all talking) (inaudible, all talking) (inaudible) That’s super nice. (beep, beep) Super nice. Do you agree Doddy? (all talking) – Columbia, Colorado – Home of mountain biking. – That’s a super nice bike. – I agree (beep, beep) (all talking) – A giraffe. – Fiona MacDonald. – No, it’s not, they’re
trying to trick us. – In the Kansanshi Game
Park, in Swansea, Zambia. – Is that Mom and Dad were born there? – Now hang on lads. Does a giraffe in the
background get you a super nice. – Yes. – Yes. Oh I broke the horn. – The giraffe in the background is crazy. (all talking) – It’s broken. (beep, beep) It’s not broken. – We’re back in the shed. Okay, this is from Joe
Rennick, Brecon Wales, there’s a dog….. – I can tell you a story about this photo. – Really. – Yeah. – We’ve done four super nices. – I know, but this guy
tackled me whilst I was out riding my own bike. – Now did you promise him a super nice? – I didn’t promise him a super nice. (all talking) But I did promise him to put it in there, because he did have a knife to my neck. – That’s a nice. – That’s a lie, he didn’t. – It’s a nice story and it’s a nice bike. – It’s nice. Moving on. – Joperds. – That is rad, I love… (all talking) – I especially like it
because it’s (inaudible). (all talking) – Is it a super nice? – That is a super nice. Any day of the week (beep, beep) – Kim Anderson, at Danish
Forest Run in Denmark. (all talking) Can vouch for that. (unison) That is nice. – Next one up, Kirsten
(inaudible) in (inaudible) – Wait a minute, there’s a
giraffe in the background. – No way. – Super nice. (beep beep) – That’s one way of changing the trail. (all talking) – The door of the same family. Zambia, I love how it’s
looking over the trees. Okay, that’s a super nice,
if you get a giraffe in, you’re pretty much guaranteed. Right, next up (inaudible) – I like Cannondales – I like it, it’s nice. Isn’t Cannondale trying to
be something they’re not? – What hardtail? (all talking) – I just think that the frame forming don’t know, doesn’t feel Cannondale to me. – Yeah, it’s a massive frame,
I bet it’s like six foot nine – But it’s a Cannondale and I
always give them super nices. – These are big. – I really always do
give them super nices. It’s a Cannondale (beep beep) Right, okay, Luke (inaudible) – Look at that sunbeam. (all talking) – To me, it’s a super nice – That’s a super nice
one, Doddy (beep beep) – Super nice. – Aw, this is super nice madness today. (all talking) – Ricardo (inaudible) Italy it’s nice. – That is nice. – That would have been
a super nice if his hand hadn’t been in the shot. – Oh it is his hand, nope it’s his thumb, yeah, no, sorry. – But it’s nice, it had everything, it just didn’t need your hand. Right, next one, Rich
(inaudible) New Jersey. – That’s a nice shot. – Now what is that bike? (all talking) – Let us know what that bike
is, man, I’d like to know. – I really like it though. – I think it’s more than nice. – Do you like it? – That’s kind of super nice to me. – Super nice (beep, beep) – (inaudible, all talking) – I can’t, it’s blurry. – We’ve lost control at this point Josh. (all talking) – Too much sun. – Josh has got his head in
his hands behind the camera, but it’s a super nice (beep beep). – Oi, nice. Now that is a photo. – The best photo yet by far. – By far the best photo. Super nice (beep, beep). – If there was a level above
super nice, that would get it. (explosion, vault closing) – And that is….. – It reminds me of the picture
I did of my bike yesterday. – I mean, that one from Trent (all taking) That’s what we’re all aiming for, really. (all talking) I’m pumped after that. – I should have put my bike in. – You should have done. – That’s a good shot isn’t it. – But you didn’t, Doddy,
and that’s the problem. People, you’ve got to get
your bike in the bike vault to stand a chance to get a super nice, so send it in, Doddy’s doing
it, there’s the address, we want to see your bike, we
want it in the bike vault, and we want to give it
a super nice, don’t we? – We do, yeah. – We love it, you can
see how much we love it, send it in and we’ll have
a look and you might, you might be there
getting a pat on the back for just how great your bike is. (electronic music) – Well it’s been a great show this week. Last up, I just want to
push you towards our shop. It’s a great way to
support us, and we have got a pre-Black Friday sale going on. So there’s a link in the
description down below. You can see it on the screen. Follow that, where there’s
some amazing bargains from our store – Some of this stuff. – Some of this stuff, so
check that out for sure. And it’s leading up to Black Friday where things are going to get (all talking). Good stuff coming there, so
keep your eyes peeled for that. But what have we got coming
up on the channel this week? – On Saturday, pretty cool actually, reminds me of the old days,
we’re building a bunny hop metre which is such a fundamental skill for everyone to learn anyway. Then on Sunday, something
pretty cool going. I don’t know if you know about it, but we might have done a World Record. – Might have done a World Record. – A World Record. Shh, shh, don’t tell them
it’s coming up on Sunday, it’s going to be amazing. – Tuesday we’ve got a good
one because I might have to watch this one because I do this, 10 mechanical mistakes. – There’s something for everyone in there. – Yes, and I do….. – Myself included – Fashion mistakes, that’s
the other thing you do. – Fashion, yeah…… – Well thanks for supporting
us, make sure you hit the old globe here to subscribe and
what about some videos, lads, what videos have we got
we could send them to? – Right down here, what is a trials bike? – Oh, yes, you’ll learn
something if you watch that. What about you, what
about you (inaudible)? – (inaudible) there’s a
rad video for you to watch. – The same, but what we
do need is some thumbs. – Thumbs up like…..

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