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EMBN’s E-Bike Christmas Ride & Slide | With Joel Anderson, Georgia Leslie, & Steve Geall

EMBN’s E-Bike Christmas Ride & Slide | With Joel Anderson, Georgia Leslie, & Steve Geall

– It is hours, days from Christmas. We are on the international border between England and Wales. Come and join us for our Christmas ride. – And slide. (cheerful holiday music) (man grunting) – And we’re joined by
an absolute stellar list of riders today for our Christmas ride. We got Joel Anderson. This man is an absolute
star machine on the bike, he is the UK’s answer to Brandon Semenuk. – And a complete opposite
end of the spectrum, we’re joined by 1988 World BMX Freestyling Champion, Steve Geall. Probably the first freerider
in the UK on a mountain bike, still does the best tabletops
to date, in my opinion. None of this new school
stuff, quite old school. And also is responsible for
a really cool step throughs and making everyone wear
chicken (beep) camera shorts. (laughing) – So, nothing’s actually changed. And finally, we are graced by somebody who doesn’t actually spend that
much time in the UK anymore. She’s Britain’s answer to, I don’t know what, it’s Georgia Leslie. (laughing) (phone ringing)
– Oh hang on, hang on. I got a call from someone. – Who’s that? (beeping) – Good morning to everybody. My fratello Jones asked me a little clip for Merry Christmas and
I’m really happy to do it but I want to do it in Italian. So, (speaking in foreign language). In short, go out and ride, have fun. (kissing) Kiss from Italy. Ciao, ciao. – Happy Christmas all you EMBNer guys. Just want to say Happy Christmas. I just did so I don’t really
need to anymore, do I? So, have an epic epic time
and get out there shredding. Hey, hey, to the sky! (upbeat holiday music) – So, seeing as we have some of the world’s finest mountain bikers, the first challenge will suit these guys down to the ground. Let’s roll in and have a look. – Wow. – Is this it?
– So here it is. – Is this it? – Here it is.
– Are you for real? – Look at it. Honestly, for years,
this has been my nemesis. I thought you guys could
show us how to do it. I mean it’s absolutely massive, huh? – Well this is just like a
mole hill, Steve, come on. – No, come on, look at it, seriously? – Hmm.
– What? – It’s just a pile of
logs and a bit of dirt. Is this the best you got? – Dude, this is huge. – Nah.
– Huh? – No way, it’s tiny. – Honestly, I wouldn’t do
this to hang over, honestly. – Right. – Are you going to do it?
– You can hit it, can’t you? – You’re going to do it? – Gilly can hit it first I think. – Really?
– Yeah. (upbeat holiday music) – Whoa! – Wow! – So Georgia, a week
coming up to Christmas, what’s on the plans for
this year’s festivities? – I think it’s going to
be lots and lots of food. – Lots and lots of food? What’s your New Year’s resolution? – Oh, I don’t do that.
– Ride your E-bike more. We haven’t seen you too much on that.
– Okay, okay, okay, fine. My dad will be happy
with that one as well. Ride the E-bike more, yeah. (Georgia yelling) (laughing) Now that was a great start. – [Steve] That was perfect. Ohh! (beep) – Oh my god, what the (beep) is wrong– – [Steve] What the (beep) is that? – Doddy, what do you love about Christmas? – Time with the family. A bit of mud perhaps on the
weekends if you get on a bike. – Bit of mud. Now I know that the mud around where you live is absolutely hideous. – Yeah, we got the finest
clay and limestone. – This is clay and limestone. So I think, after you, sir. (sighs) – Round the yew tree.
– Brilliant. – Christmas yew tree. (joyful holiday music) – [Steve] Nicely done! Whoa ho ho, can’t believe he nailed that! – Woo hoo! – [Steve] How the hell did he do that? – This bit is not flat though, you know– – [Steve] How the hell did you do that? That’s ridiculous. How did you just get on the grip? Oh (beep). Right, okay. It’s actually quite
grippy compared to normal. – [Cameraman] The mud and
the rocks are really similar to the Uni Woods actually, in Bath. (grunting) – Oh my god. (laughs) Right, nice. (cheerful holiday music) – [Josh] This is going too well. – Whoa! (group laughing) – Oh, please don’t film me Josh. – [Josh] Just get on with it. Go on Georgia. – This is not my way of
coordinate, I’ve got clips on. – [Josh] You’re good, you got it. Look at that, too easy! (laughing) – Oh (beep). This is horrible. (beep) (Doddyy laughing) – [Doddy] Sorry, Josh. (mud sloshing) (beep) – [Doddy] Sorry! (laughing) (phone ringing) – [Georgia] Oh I got message! (radar beeping) – Merry Christmas everyone.
Hope you get out there to ride your bike this holiday season. Don’t let the snow stop you. See you guys all in the new year. (joyful holiday music) (screaming) (group laughing) – [Josh] Perfect. (group clapping) – [Josh] Oh, my god, how did that happen? How did that happen? Oh my god. (laughs) – [Georgia] What is this? (group laughs) Why is it that he can’t steer? (laughs) – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Whoa, how the (beep)
do you get down that? – [Steve] Think he’s got it! (grunting) – [Josh] Again! (laughs) – Is it this way? – [Josh] Yeah, then left. Nicely done. – [Doddy] Quite surprised I
managed to stay on for that. (cheerful holiday music) (grunts) – Good job.
– Good job. (laughs) – [Josh] Careful you
don’t shake up that beer. – I’m not going to–
– Go, Georgia! – I’m not going to get round this corner. – [Josh] Yeah you will. – (laughs) Into the (beep) stump. Where does it go? – [Josh] Right then left. – How? Oh my god, I’m clipped in
and this is a terrible idea. I really don’t like this. (screams) I thought it would be easier
to come straight down (gasps) (cheerful holiday music) (laughs) – [Josh] Did you just do that? (laughs) The phone was going flat out all day long. Oh, hold on, who’s this? (beeping) – To EMBN, a Merry Christmas from a very warm Cape Town, from 3DG mountain biking group. – [Crowd] Yeah! – [Josh] How are you enjoying the ride? – Oh you know what, Jones,
I think I’ve been on my bike for a total of one meter. I’ve slid my way down everything. (screams) – Georgia, look there’s
the Christmas spirit. – Oh yeah! (cheerful holiday music) – [Josh] Oh, jib it right out! – (grunts) Just need to
check the gears, man. – Hey listen, Christmas Day
is a couple of days away. Vegetarian dinner? – No, meat all the way. – Really?
– Yeah. – You a turkey man, beef, pork? – Nah, beef.
– Really? – Yeah, beef maybe
pork, a bit of crackling – [Steve] A bit of crackling–
– Yeah, sauce on everything. – What adventures you’ve got
on E-bikes in the year ahead? – A few bits going on.
Can’t really say anything. – Woo. Let’s crack on. Let’s crack on. (cheerful holiday music) (swoosh) – Joel Anderson, how’s
it going, you all right? – Hola.
– Hola. So talk to me a little bit
about your recent movie that you shot on the
Kenevo, “Shredding It”. What was the inspiration
for the course design? – Well, the free agents
wanted to build some features that I hadn’t really seen
and you couldn’t really get in a bike park. So fortunately, Specialized
UK helped me out. – Nice. – And managed to build some
pretty weird things but. – [Interviewer] What was the
weirdest feature on that track? There was some pretty big
quarters, big hips, curved wall– – [Joel] I think the weirdly
scariest one was the woops ’cause you just jump into them and you just really don’t
know what’s going to happen. – Just smash through them.
– Yeah. – [Interviewer] And the
E-bike was the ultimate tool for smashing back up as well? – [Joel] Oh yeah, all that weight so low. It was just lovely. – Your dream bike?
– Blast through, yeah. – [Interviewer] And what’s
your plan to winter? What are you up to over Christmas? You’re going away, aren’t you? – Yeah, after Christmas, again to New Zealand for three weeks. – [Interviewer] Nice. – So going to meet up
with Conor Macfarlane and going with Tom Isted. – Nice, so loads of
freeride action going down. – Yeah we got two, we got Farm
Jam and McGazza Fest to do. – [Interviewer] Oh nice, be local then. – So it’s going to be so much fun. – That not on an E-bike right? – Nah, I can’t take my
battery on the plane, can I? – Otherwise you’d be there, right? – Yeah, love to take it. (ringing) – Hang on a minute,
guys, someone’s calling! (beeping) – Hi guys, I’m riding my
bike in China at the moment. Having heaps of fun. We were camping on two thousand
meters, almost freezing. Today the sun is shining. We are having a good time. For you, I wish Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year. (cheerful holiday music) – [Josh] Oh, he’s not going to stop! He’s not going to stop. (cheerful holiday music) – So that was a slippery start to the day and it gets even slipperier. We’re now down at the pub. Pete, thanks so much for
putting up with us down here. – You’re welcome and a
Merry Christmas, everybody, from the Saracen’s Head
at Symonds Yat East. – Boom! – Slippy Symonds Yat East. (laughs) – Pete, Doddy, is that all right? – Sure.
– Does it look all right? – Is that okay? – Uh… well– – Keep recording. – Well you can drink it.
– Pete, is that all right? (ringing) – Hold up, who’s this? Got a message. (radar beeping) – Hello, friends from EMBN. It’s Eduardo from Chile, Andes Pacfico, the organizers of Montenbaik Enduro also. I want to wish you a Merry Christmas here on my commute to
work in a very sunny days from Chile next to the Andes. Cheers to everyone and
continue watching these guys. (ringing) – Cheerio, shut up, guys,
got a call coming in. Oh, who’s this? (beeping) – Hey, (speaking in foreign language). – To all EMBN viewers, we
wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from
Tahiti to the rest of the world. We wish you a wonderful
ride for this new year. – Happy New Year’s! (speaking in foreign language) – Happy New Year! (swimmers scream) (water splashes) – So that’s it from our five-star
Christmas dinner at EMBN. Clearly I’m double parked. Don’t forget to check out Joel
Anderson’s new E-bike film, which is insane. – It’s ridiculous. – Keep an eye out on
Steve Gill in the future on his E-bike adventures. Sam Robinson, well he’s
clearly going to change to E-bikes in the future as well. Doddy, lovely to spend some time with ya. – Yeah, likewise. – I mean, these guys, the main thing is, if you haven’t been e-biking
this year, best of luck. Hope you guys pop your cherry and have your first E-bike ride. For the rest of you guys,
have a great Christmas. That’s it, right, Merry Christmas!

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    Time to get my beer and chips out, as it's already evening in my part of the world. 🥂

  2. During the ride, Steve and Chris received some Christmas messages from their friends around the world, where are you watching from? Let us know below 👇

  3. Merry Christmas from Coquitlam, BC, Canada.I look forward to the new episodes in 2020. Thanks for all the laughs, tips, techniques, ventures, variety, the crew, the guests, inspirations, blood, sweat , and tears, and future ideas in 2020. I learned a new way to check my gears from Chris as well but I don’t think I’m as eloquent.
    I found this address btw;

    Santa Claus
    North Pole, Canada.
    H0H 0H0

  4. Have a great crimbo guys.

    Given these are my local woods I can vouch for how bloody slippery and off camber these routes are; the camera doesn't show it. Glad someone good also baulks at that gap jump. Enjoy.

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  7. Hi Chris and Steve, this is Cole From Los Angeles CA.
    I am 16 and I am a big fan of all your vids and love when you do reviews on E mountain bikes.
    I have my eyes set on the 2018 Haibike Xduro AllMtn 9.5. My Dad and I recently rented two 2020 Specialized Turbo Levo Comps. They were a blast but are over my budget. What is your take on the 2018 Haibike Xduro AllMtn 9.5? Thanks!

  8. San Diego California. Thanks for the passion and inspiration that got me from my hospital bed after my second hip replacement to the ebike shop to get my Turbo Levo. From timid 6 mile rides back in September to DRAINING the 700 watt hour battery over 40+ miles, it’s been a hell of a 4 months, and I can’t wait to hit Sedona AZ in January. Thanks to all at EMBN and Happ-E-Christmas!

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