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Enduro Bike Vs E Bike Race | Which Is Faster Down An EWS Track?

Enduro Bike Vs E Bike Race | Which Is Faster Down An EWS Track?

(groovy horn music) – So we’re here in the
iconic Enduro location of Finale Ligure in Italy, home of the Enduro
World Series every year. And today it’s time for
another versus video. This time it’s Enduro bike versus E bike. (groovy horn music) So the Nukeproof Mega has
some history in this place. Sam Hill wrapped up the
EWS series last year in this very spot on this very bike, It’s 165 mil travel. I’m running flat paddles
just like the man himself. And it’s designed for this type of riding. It’s got a carbon fibre frame. It’s nice and lightweight. This is an all-mountain
Enduro killing machine. (groovy horn music) The track for today’s
test is one of the most photographed and videoed in
the whole of mountain biking, and the final stage of the EWS in Finale. The men’s downhill. It starts with a really mellow, single-track sprint through the bushes. But it soon opens out
into super grippy burns as deep as shoots. These give way to gnarly, rocky straits with massive holes and it feels like you might just end up getting
bucked over the bars and landing in the Mediterranean. A really mixed test of
high-speed pedalling and super rough intake descending, my grip stability, and
actually just confidence, are going to make a big
difference in the times. Okay, so I’ve sectioned the course, I know it pretty well anyway, I’ve ridden this a few times before. Now it’s time for my first timed run, and I’m on the Enduro
bike first, so here we go. (groovy horn music) (electronic music) So, the Nukeproof Mega to
me felt really familiar. That’s the type of bike
I ride an awful lot, and actually the type of
trail I really like to ride. Super capable, super light, and actually Sam Hill
has proved its capability on that trail already. So, I put down a solid
run and a good marker for the E Bike to compete with. (groovy music) So onto the E Bike, this is the HaiBike Nduro. So this has 180 mil
travel, front and rear, so I think that’s probably going to be a little bit of an
advantage over the Mega. It’s got an aluminium frame, but the geometry is
actually really similar to that Mega, so it’s
definitely an Enduro E Bike. (electronic music) So, it’s run two on the
E bike, on my HaiBike. With the motor on, it’s definitely gonna help me out at this start, but I’m pretty sure I’m
gonna hit that speed limit for the pedal assist pretty quickly, so after that it’s all down to the bike and it’s performance
itself without a motor. So, let’s get ready! (electronic music) (upbeat music) So onto the E Bike where you get that lovely push of the motor, so you’re up to speed really quickly. But I did find that almost immediately I was over the speed of pedal assist. So, there were a couple of actually quite long, fast straights where the bike really felt sluggish. So on the Mega, it felt like
I was still accelerating, but on the E Bike it felt like I was just keeping my speed. But getting into the rough stuff, the grip really made a difference, the bike felt super stable. What I kind of did notice was two or three actually quite steep chutes
into really tight corners, and that’s when the weight of
the bike did become apparent. I was trying to predict those, try and brake a little bit earlier. But overall, it did feel like
I was carrying good speed. So the Men’s Downhill Stage in Finale does feel like a classic EWS stage, but you always ride a different mix at the Enduro World Series, so check out this to see
some of those stages. (upbeat rock music) ♪ All my bones are dislocated ♪ ♪ I just can’t go on anymore ♪ ♪ Got this only four inches ♪ ♪ Then I entered everything I want ♪ (cheering) ♪ Closing in and buckle up ♪ ♪ I’mma catch your
ladies every single one ♪ ♪ And I know I will get my motor revved ♪ ♪ Topher City ♪ – Well, actually, what does the clock say? Well, on the Nukeproof Mega, I did a 1:57, but on the HaiBike I did a 1:54. So, where did the HaiBike
make those three seconds? Well, I definitely made a bit of time, I would say probably a chunk, maybe a second and a half, out of the gate. But to me, it did feel
like I lost that little bit on the fast pedalling sections. I think the lower two-thirds of the track was really where the E
Bike came into its own. It was proper rough, the bike felt really stable, and actually the suspension
works brilliantly, really taking out those bumps, but actually carrying
speed very well, as well. An interesting point for me was actually that I got fifth on Strava on that downhill track on the E Bike, which just goes to prove, I think, how capable E Bikes are riding downhill. Don’t worry, I’m gonna delete that ride, because I know that Strava and E Bikes are very controversial. If you wanna see some more videos, click over there for short
travel versus long travel. And over here for Steve’s video, Downhill Bike Versus E Bike. Give us a thumbs up if you
like these versus videos, and click on the link to subscribe if you haven’t done already.

47 comments on “Enduro Bike Vs E Bike Race | Which Is Faster Down An EWS Track?

  1. Each of these videos are proving the capability of ebikes. They may not be for everyone but you can’t deny, they perform excellently when ridden well.

  2. Good 😊 morning / evening to all hope everyone had a great 👍 RIDE , SLIDE , OR SHRED over the weekend Cheers 🍻 to all of you . YOUIES AUSTRALIA 👀

  3. Don’t delete. Strava lets you classify as an ebike ride. Also, Gmbn in general needs to pick longer multimile rides for comparisons.

  4. So sad to see those nice Euro ebikes limited to 250w/70nm when Bafang now selling 1000w/160nm motors. The really benny is going uphill, not tossing your bike in a car/truck/lift and being carried uphill…

  5. I often see you riding both the haibike and the specialized kenevo. Which one would you buy if you were using your own money?

  6. Let the E-bike fan boys hate, but, that was such a minute difference it could of came down to user error(Or Neil might of gone in favor of the e-bike). It's fair enough to say that e-bikes are so good now that they are not much different to the non pedal assist enduro bike, with the added benefit of the motor(Neil btw, is a great rider).

  7. Great video Neil; I'm glad you used the motor on the ebike for this comparison. I've just bought a Merida 160E (largely thanks to Steve's review on Dirt last year) and have sold my Specialized Enduro as the bike is so capable when pointed downhill, as well as having the advantages of the motor uphill. Keep up the good work, great channel!

  8. Strava has an option to record rides as an E-bike Ride. This means you are only competing with other E-Bike riders and prevents traditional riders from getting their knickers in a twist. My local trails have a healthy number of e-bike only segments and plenty of e-mtb riders are using the option.

  9. Another great vid surprising us with the E-bike result… the jury is still out on whether this is true about DH and I doubt it…. 0:57 – the gradient is NOT 36%

  10. The average grade of 36% seems very steep/wrong, as if the run length is 888m and descent 171m then 171/888 as a percentage is 19.25% or have I missed something?

  11. Awesome video ,  the more comparison videos like this that come out are just helping the decision to make that change

  12. Just so you guys know on strava there is an ebike exclusive area just select workout as ebike and it will only measure you against other ebike riders.

  13. i like how you campare e-bikes on downhill sections with other bikes. i see comments saying wrong test, do long distance. well obvi an ebike will win over a few hours on mixed terrain w/ distance. and lose on avery long race if it cant recharge the batteries. i want to see how it will perform where i like to play with the bike

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