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(ENG) [유럽샒로그2] #3 리얼 퐁듀 조지고, 산에서 바이크 타고, 야외 온천에서 정신잃는 영상 / 뜻밖의 취향⛑🚵‍♀️

(ENG) [유럽샒로그2] #3 리얼 퐁듀 조지고, 산에서 바이크 타고, 야외 온천에서 정신잃는 영상 / 뜻밖의 취향⛑🚵‍♀️

[ep 3. Bike riding to the hot springs and eating fondue.] Today’s the second day, no, third morning in Swiss. I woke up and did my makeup. [Still feeling out of place]
The view is still pretty. Let’s pick out today’s outfit. The fur jacket I wore yesterday was white, there’s a black one today. Black fur jacket. This one is yellow.. what do you call this? If this is like a fur jacket, then this is more like a soft fur jacket? This one.. this is also a similar fur jacket. Soft fur jacket. This is something like that. Like this. You know what I mean? What should I wear? What should I wear inside? Would this color be cuter? I should try it on. ah, why am I undressing it like this. I can just unzip it. [It’s a zip-up, all I need to do is unzip]
That’s funny. I can undress like this. What do you think? [Answers her own questions]
Should I try on the black one? Yes. oh? This looks good too? Should I wear a hoodie inside? I can wear something on top. Like this. I can wear something black. Ta-da. If I’m going to wear a hoodie inside, I think it’s good to wear the black on top. What should I do. This is the first option, the second option is the yellow one. [Ended up choosing the yellow zip-up.] Do you see it? [Clothes worn in Swiss=Products from Swib]
Today’s outfit of the day. I’m wearing the same leggings as yesterday. I will wear long socks today. Ah! Oh my god! Wow, if I wear these socks today, I’ll be the leader of fashion. It’s matching. ah, this is it. It had my foresight. This is it, if I wear these socks today. Then, I’m done for today’s outfit This is exactly the type of Europe trip I wanted. You would go all the way to Europe just for socks? I wanted to be more stylish on this trip then the one before [What?]
I paid more attention to my clothes I even packed my trench coat. I feel good. [Hong feels good because her socks are matching her jacket] I feel better now. On top of this This is it. – It’s amazing.
– It’s done. It’s amazing. With this. It’s perfect. Good! I’m going to straighten my hair with the hair straightener I bought from the airport I was going to tie back my hair today, [Planning on wearing the helmet while riding the monster bike]
I thought about it, and I’m going to wear a helmet. It’ll be no use if I tie my hair up high. I didn’t wash my hair but I’ll still let down my hair. Won’t it be flat anyways? When I put on the helmet? This is good for bangs. Hey, we can boil water now, should we try it? [Borrowed a pot from the staff]
There was no pot here, so I borrowed it from the staff. I packed a lot of stuff? I wanted to eat it so bad. Korean food is the best. But, what should I eat? Among the things I packed.. – ah!
– Wow, finally! First of all, this one. Ramen with rice. Wow, I like this. [Finally eating the Instant food that I brought from home]
Should we eat the spicy chicken noodles and rice with the noodles and rice? I love it! Should we eat outside? – Yeah!
– Yeah! Ah! The weather is so nice. I left the yoghurt outside, it’s chilled. Ah, It looks delicious. You have to throw out the water for this one. Then I should pour in water for this one, and pour in this one later. Just pour in hot water and it can be eaten right away! It’s our first Korean food. – Wow. JJambbong sauce
– Is 500 millimeter of water enough? I don’t think 500 millimeter of water is enough? It needs 280 millimeter of water. The inside looks like this, there’s noodles and some rice at the bottom. Add the sauce, pour in water and eat. Jjambbong sauce. There was nothing special about breakfast.. I didn’t want to eat it again, so I’ll just eat this. Add the sauce. hey, I missed this taste. With this done, pour some water in the spicy chicken noodle. Then, throw the water out after 2 minutes 30 seconds. You can eat it after mixing the sauce. This also contains the same ingredients. Wow, the view is amazing. As expected, The view is amazing. This is the taste of jjambbong. It smells great. It’s done! It’s done. Wow! Lock it. It’s gonna get bigger. Wow. This is great. Lock this. There’s a spot you can cut to throw out the water. I’ll go throw the water out. [Threw out the water]
Do you think it’ll be spicy if I add everything? No, spicy is the best. – It looks like this.
– Wow, It looks delicious! – Look at this!
– I love it. I’ll try this one first! All the rice is flying away! Ah, smells so good. So good! Wow! It’s kimchi! [Wherever you go, Korean noodles with Kimchi is the best] There’s nothing as good as Kimchi. – It feels more like food because it’s mixed with rice.
– This one tastes better. -This is really stimulating and delicious [I recommend this product if you’re going to be out of country for a long them or when there is no cooking facilities]
This is revolutionary. A Revolution! – Is the Kimchi good?
– Yeah. It’s spicy! Yeah, it’s sort of spicy. It really feels like I’m on a hike. It’s more than I expected. Yeah You have something here. I’m saving it for later! – Ah really?
– Yeah! You’re eating it now. [Slurping] [The past me is eating well.] I finished the noodles, I’m going to eat the yoghurt now. The one with the meringue in it has no spoon. The blood orange yoghurt is really delicious. – Look at this. Chocolate pudding..
– Oh my god! What is this? I’ll try just this one. – Is it good?
– Dude, this is crazy. [It feels like a thick yoghurt but it tastes like chocolate pudding]
It’s like pudding and a yoghurt, but it doesn’t taste like yoghurt, It’s more like chocolate pudding! – I think it’ll be better with the meringue.
– Dude, if you mix it with the meringue, I’ll try the meringue. [Placing the meringue on top]
It tastes like happiness. Where do we go to ride the monster bike? [Where we hiked yesterday=Gemmi Pass, where we are going today=Torrent]
It’ll go out in the subtitles, maybe. The future you will probably do it. It’s like you’re not responsible, but you do. We’ll go out now. [Current time is 8:50 in the morning, (An impossible time for Hong Se-rim)] It’s almost like an espionage operation 8:50 AM We are prepared and ready to go. Today’s outfit of the day. Get the elevator please. [Feels good to have matching socks] Matching clothes. The weather is great. It’s perfect. My clothes are perfect for today. Doesn’t my hair look good with the yellow? The socks tied everything together. [A fashion leader wears at least two bags..]
The point today is that I’m wearing two bags. The air is nice. We are going up. [The view of the town was pretty] [We climbed up to a place called ‘Torrent’]
Wow, it’s really pretty. There are goats in the back. [What you see in the background are clouds]
Wow, the clouds are like drawings. Just in case you are curious. What do you mean. Swib.. Swib is a brand from Swiss. They came here to do a photo shoot with the models over there. And we third wheeled to come here. You get it? Over there over there! The handsome models, camera team and the Swib staffs are doing a photo shoot. [We followed them by chance.. we are just humbly taking pictures of the scenery, and eating food.] – Do you want to go there?
– Sure, let’s go. [The view is unbelievable.] Trying to make Hong Se-rim exercise. I’m tired. This place is amazing. [not photoshopped, not taken from the internet.]
Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t that a cloud? Is it. The view is unbelievable. Goodbye. There are goats here! Look at the view! It’s crazy. It’s a goat! Dude, this place..what’s with the view.. There’s a baby goat. Hey kid! Oh my! It’s so cute! Wow, the view here is amazing. I think it’s better than yesterday. [Swiss Leukerbad’s Torrent]
Here at Leukerbad… is it going out in the subtitle? [Where monster bike and the clouds are at]
We are here to ride the monster bike. This is the place to ride monster bike – Ah, it’s cute.
– Hey kid! [Runs away]
It ran off, they are all running off. [The reason I brought gloves.avi]
Let’s wear the gloves first..let’s put it on one at a time. [Rare video of Hong Se-rim playing sports is starting now.]
This is the back brake and the front brake. – wait, wait. It’s heavy.
– ah really? It’s fun. The view here is great. I’m going first. [Monster bike riding on the gravel road with an amazing view!] [This is not a documentary. It is not walking into the world.] [Finally met Kang Joo-hee after an hour]
Are you having fun? [Sigh..] I can’t travel with you anymore. – We found something we both disagreed on for the first time.
– It’s the first time. [A sports kind of person]
I thought Kang Joo-hee didn’t like this, but I liked it more than I thought? [Hong serim enjoyed it while Kang Joo-hee is out of breath]
I like riding bicycles. I like kickboards, bicycles..I had fun, I did. And the staff took a lot of pictures for us. [The touring staff member set the right angle and took good pictures.]
Ah really? You guys should travel together. Take pictures of each other and all that jazz. The staff took videos of me riding down and stuff. [I never met Kang Joo-hee on the way]
I never saw Kang Joo-hee once, while I was coming down. – We met for the first time.
– Dude, are you alright? No! Are you alright? No! -It’s an experience I’ll never have. Right?
-Yeah.. an experience you shouldn’t have.. [Same wording, different meaning] [We have a long way to go. Do you see the town over there? Do you see it?] No… they didn’t tell me it was this far.. Why? It’s more fun than I expected. Resting time. Do you want a chocolate? Yeah? This is good. [We are going down again.] [not a documentary] [Crazy view.avi] [torrent / 9/28(Sat)]
[epic scenery.avi] so peaceful. The weather is so nice. The view is perfect Actually I didn’t really expect anything from Swiss. [I wasn’t interested in the natural environment of Swiss]
It’s because we aren’t actually a big fan of mother nature [I wasn’t interested in the natural environment of Swiss]
We prefer city life and shopping so I thought we would never come here But we happened to come here and rode this thing and enjoyed the scenery. -It’s nicer than I thought.
-Yes very nice. The weather is nice and the view is nice, even the air is fresh and there are lots of puppies. Big puppies. [hotel / 9/28(Sat)]
[Returned Bikes and came back to the hotel for a while]
We returned the bikes and came right here First we were told to eat the sandwiches we got so we’re going back to the hotel. It was fun right? [Yeah…] It was fun. I can’t control my face. It was fun. Are you tired? We got sandwich boxes for lunch but we’re eating in the hotel. But honestly I was happy to eat this apple. -Really?
-Yeah. I ate the apple. And what’s this, it’s cute. -What there’s also chocolate?
-Yes. Sandwich. -And this is apple pie.
-Wow there’s apple pie? [But SeRim I think you have to feed me..] [lol] [lol]
I can’t feel my wrists. Let’s eat lunch. This just looks like ham between bread. [I really thought.. We wouldn’t be able to make it..] There’s only cheese and pickle. Then shall we make our own? [We decided to blend it with other sandwiches…!]
-Put a slice of ham there and give one piece of cheese to me. Let’s mix it.
-Okay. Manufacturing. [Yum! It’s better.]
Is it? [(Talking about Monster bike)]
The upper area was more fun for me. [The beginning was a bit perilous+bumpy road.]
Yeah The upper area was terrible. I was like, “This is terrible”. So after eating this, this place is called Leukerbad [It is well known for spa..!]
is a very famous place for its spa So we will go take a bath in the spa after lunch. [Didn’t you tighten up your body while riding?] [Where?] [It feels like I did a full body workout.] Oh maybe it’s because I usually like riding bikes. When I was little, I used to ride my bike really often. I even rode my kick board often. This cheese inside is the kind of cheese you can’t eat in Korea. The flavor is very rich. I personally love cheese. -I even eat it even if it has a little bit of mold sometimes.
-Really? -But I’m not really a big fan of it..
– you’re not disgusted by it? I wanted to try this. [If you’re a youtuber this is the basic step!! Maltesers Mukbang]
Maltesers. Maltesers mukbang. Isn’t this the kind of food you should try if you’re a youtuber? [This thing inside tastes like a kind of meringue]
-Is this cookie or meringue?
-Doesn’t the texture taste like meringue? It’s good. This is just the kind of taste that can’t be bad. It tastes like your sugar levels will rise. But this chocolate is much richer than Korea’s coated chocolate. [It tasted really sweet because I’m not good at eating lots of sweets.]
But if you mix this with warm whipped cream, it will taste super sweet. I feel like I will get sick of it if I have a few more. [We’re ready for the spa!]
I’m going for the spa. [Rashguard-Swib’s]
Inside is my rashguard. It’s a bit small but I just wore it. If I go out like this it would be freaking cold right? I’ll wear pants over it. [The spa is right in front so I’ll wear my pants on top and take them off later]
I’m gonna look silly but I’ll zip up my jacket. Go go. Let’s go for the spa. [Leukerbad hot spring(spa) / 9/28(Sat)] Didn’t see my hair, did you. It smells like a public bathhouse. We look like we’re at the swimming pool – This is that.
-Hot spring? Wow it’s outside too. Let’s try going outside. Outside looks cold though. Let’s go in here. [(We filmed this with the help of the organizers…!)]
-Is it nice? Wow look at this. What is it? That’s epic. Wow this is so nice. Wow so cold. [The spa is like an outdoors swimming pool..!(+perfect view)]
Wow this is crazy. Oh my. Is there a place to sit here? [There’s a place to sit so you can sit and enjoy the spa with the view.] -Wow look at that.
-Damn Omg you can lie down. My face is gonna get burnt? Wow it’s caved in. Wow this is crazy. Wow. Hey hey it’s coming out [Something like a massage bubble(?) came out periodically]
Wait a minute. Wait. Help me. Save me. [(Got used to it soon)] -I think I’ll have to cover my face with something. My face is really burning.
-This is too hot. [Wake up lady…(lol)] Wake up. I’m done.. [Like heaven…☆]
Oh this is like I’m in heaven. Heaven where my face is burning. [I give my soul to the water…☆]
I just let my body flow through the water. -This is so nice.
-Open your eyes. They could become blind. [lol What’s the matter with her] [Drowsy..]
I’m glad to be born. [In that place where there were lots of bubbles] [I think I slept for about an hour and half..] [I can’t go out once I’m in…]
It’s been two hours and I don’t want to go out. Because it’s so nice. This makes you so drowsy. [We went out for a while?] [To get our camera(we left there)?] [And we came back in because it was cold..] But this really is a place for healing. [You know… It makes you think] [Do you remember the time we lay down on the beach in Barcelona?] [That was what I was thinking..!] [That’s exactly how I felt.] [Leukerbad hot spring(spa)/ 9/28(Sat)]
[That’s exactly how I feel] Today was like the perfect course. But usually I don’t like [1.Activity]
activity stuff [1.Activity 2.Something related to water=Dislike]
and water related stuff But today this is all so nice. I didn’t expect this to meet my preferences. [On the way back to hotel / 9/28(Sat)]
We finished the spa and because our hotel is right in front, we’re on our way to wash off Wasn’t it so relaxing? Drowsy plus relaxing? We were there for three hours. My hands are all wrinkly. But they said it’s a really nice weather in Swiss. -We were blessed.
-It’s a blessed weather. If the weather is nice like this in Matterhorn we were told that we would be able to see really beautiful sights Now we will wash and take some rest. [And eat Fondue and Raclette for dinner!]
We will have Fondue and Raclette for dinner so we’re very excited. This isn’t really a self-guided tour we have a set schedule and we have to tag other people along. But tagging along has its merits. [We tried so many things that we wouldn’t have known if it were just us!]
Because we don’t really know about Swiss. I think we’ve visited all the standard places like Interlaken Jungfrau Zermatt, if you like spas and want to try for some other place here seems nice too. It’s very quiet and nice. We’re here. [Hotel / 0/28(Sat)]
[Let’s rest a bit and go have dinner!]
We’ll wash and rest then go have dinner. I never get familiar with this elevator. [Again, matching socks]
I matched my outfit again. Can you see? Because I wore a pink top I have pink hair and pick socks. We’re going for dinner. [Sternen (Restuarant) / 9/28(Sat)]
[We got matching outfits..!] [Sternen (Restaurant) / 9/28(Sat)] [The plates are very pretty…-Majored in pottery] [With Caesar Salad..!] [This is called a Vallet plate (Because here is Valais)]
It’s a bit like Tuna. [It kind of tastes like Jamon, it tastes good with bread+meat+veggies]
This would taste good with salad. It’s good. This is beef? [Intaking fiber..] [Intaking fiber..]
-It’s good because it isn’t salty.
-It’s good because it isn’t salty. [How will the long-expected fondue taste like in Swiss….?!] It’s hot. You mix wine and melt it together?
It tastes like that. [It tastes like cheese and wine mixed together..] It’s not like normal cheese, it’s a bit like wine with the sweet and sour bitter taste. [It’s soso..?]
[ha..] [Hong Serim (26/communicates with her facial expression)] [This is the Swiss traditional Raclette cheese.] [Melting the upper layer.] [You scrape the melted cheese on the plate.] [Each table has a potato basket.] [(We were told how to eat)]
You slice the potato like this [(We were told how to eat)]
First you eat the cheese and then you eat it with other stuff. It’s cute. It tastes good. [You put potato with pickle and onions on your plate and have them together.] [You put potato with pickle and onions on your plate and have them together.(This is called Raclette)] [This onion is good..] -Is it? I haven’t tried the onion.
-Try it with some sour cream.. This is the best. If you dip pickle and potato in this cheese and have them with this onion.. This wine.. [Raclette is much better than fondue..!] [(The fondue) It wasn’t the fondue we expected.] [It tastes more sour and tastes like alcohol]
It tastes like alcohol. This is the most stable yummy food we had here. [So good that I drank the rest of the wine…]
I’m having my fourth glass of wine and I’m starting to feel good. [Hotel / 9/29(Sun)]
[Suddenly the next morning]
Hello everybody. We went to have dinner yesterday and I drank about six glasses of wine -I forgot to film the ending.
-You did? I never fell asleep that quickly. The power of alcohol. We woke up at 7:55. -6.
-Oh 6:55. it’s 1 or 2pm in Korea, I’m unfamiliar with this number. 6am. I’ll wear my cap today. I’ll get ready really quickly. The Raclette was so good. I kept eating without thinking. I ate a lot. But when you sleep with a full stomach. [When I go to sleep with a full stomach, I get more hungry the next day. Is it just me?]
I instantly feel hungry when I wake up the next day. Is it faking me? I feel empty.. Oh so annoying. Today we were usually supposed to go to Zermatt. But Zermatt is a well known place for Koreans. Because you can see the Matterhorn mountains. [(I didn’t know this)]
I actually didn’t really know this. I heard about it after I came here. I didn’t know anything about Swiss before. [Today we are supposed to go to another place from Leukerbad!]
Today we were supposed to check-in at the Zermatt hotel. [We’re stopping by a place namedbefore visiting our final destination, Zermatt.]
Before that, we will go to a place named Saas-Fee. A less well known place for Koreans. But lots of photographers stop by because it is their favorite city now. So we were talking about whether we shall go together or only the two of us shall go Just as they tell me to. When will I be able to go to a new area like that. Because even if I come to Switzerland again, I will go to the famous areas. I don’t think I’ll have the opportunity to visit that place in the future. I’ll go and take pretty pictures. But they said that the mountain is 3500m tall. So they say I can walk on snow. That means it will be really cold. I’ll have to wear warm clothes today. Today’s OOTD. But what did OOTD stand for? I always say it and always forget. OOTD. Because I’m wearing a hat today, I will wear this quilted jacket. Because today’s outfit is beige and white, I will wear a hat and a pretty white jacket on top Ta-da! But I think I’ll be a bit cold in this.. I don’t care. Kang Joo-hee said, “Won’t you be hot later?” after I wore several layers, so if I’m cold later Kang Joo-hee better give me some clothes. I’ll give you my heart. Did you just say you’re giving me your heart? Hey, are you proposing to me? I think this is a proposal! Why does this white bubble jacket look so bulky today? I’m leaving. This top matches my hair color. [The last breakfast before leaving the hotel!]
Today’s breakfast. What’s wrong with her? [We came to Saas-Fee by car!]
Huh? I guess you write Saas-Fee like that. [We came to Saas-Fee by car!]
S-A-A-S-F-E-E Wow look behind. Saas-Fee. -Thump thump
-Don’t I look like that doll, Holeman? I took it. I wore a white outfit today because the mountain is white. It matches the snow. Bye. Hey, a car is coming. A car is coming. We’re going to get on a cable car. Wow it’s really pretty here. -But the mountain looks better with snow on it.
-Yeah it looks different for sure. There was not much snow in Leukerbad. There is snow here because the elevation is higher. That’s why the people who came here for a photo shoot wanted to come here. So we followed them too. The people in Leukerbad were all going up with bikes to get on when they went down. But the people here seem like they’re carrying ski equipments with them? Because both Leukerbad and Saas-Fee are not main areas, it is like the countryside of Korea. So I guess they come here for the activities. This is what the scenery looks like.. I can’t believe what I’m looking at. We’re on the cable car..! [Kang Joo-hee working as soon as she gets home] [Do you see that cloud over there..?] I can’t believe it.. How crazy! When will we come to such place again. Hey careful where you step! [We took the intro video haha]
Kang Joo-hee ‘s professional side. I shouldn’t have wore my Vans. They’re getting kind of wet. I didn’t think there would be ice. Oh, sorry. [dumbfounded…] This is crazy. Be careful. It’s dazzling. [Me? haha] [too shocked to say anything else]
No. [the sound of wind from a 3500m tall snow mountain…] Wow it’s really pretty. This is a revolving restaurant in Saas-Fee. The view is amazing. It turns little by little, so we can see all of the sides. This is how the view looks like. It turns like this. You can see the clouds over there, and the mountain is here. We were taking a break while drinking hot chocolate here~! [Hong Sae Rim’s music recommendation : Lauv – Enemies] [telling her to cut] -Hey, look at the scenery behind you.
-It’s really pretty. We came back down. There are many children skiing here. -It’s breathtaking.
-It’s really pretty. This is it for Saas-Fee. [We are now going to Zermatt..!]
-Where are we going now?
-I think we’re going to Zermatt. [We are now going to Zermatt..!]
-I want to go to Zermatt fast, check in, and lie down. I’m a little sleepy because we woke up early. [We are almost in Zermatt..!] [We are almost in Zermatt..!]
Oh I could have taken a video of the cows up close, but we passed. Where are we going? Zermatt..! [The highlights for Zermatt, Switzerland will continue in the next vlog…!] [To Be continued…]

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  7. 10:08 이부분 너무 짱구는 못말려 극장판 불고기 로드 같아ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ짱구 엄마가 가족들 만나려고 타고 오는 그시기

  8. 로이커바드 멋있쥬…패키지로 가서 온천만 하고 왔는데 담에 가면 몬스터바이크도 타야겠다

  9. 21:01ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ아 여기서 나 보는 줄 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ맨날 오오티디해놓고 까먹음 나돜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ개빵터졌넼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  10. 저도 케이블카타고 율라가서 내려올 때는 자전거 타고 마을로 내려왔어요 ㅎㅎ 근데 힐링되고 재밌었어요

  11. 주희님 세림님 두분 너무 너무 귀엽고 서로 잘 맞아서보고 있으면 일상 브이로그 그 이상으로 좋은 분들인 게 느껴져요

  12. 언니 저 5분짜리영상도 다봤어요^^..☆
    다음 여행브이로그도 존버할게요!!♡
    언니 전세계 다돌때까지 영상 건너뛰지않고 계속볼거에요!!

  13. 퐁듀가 그냥 그랬나 보군요. 미간님이 꿈쩍도 하지 않음 . ㅋㅋ 진심으로 얼굴로 맛리뷰 전문 -.-b

  14. 셂님 무슨무슨법때문에 영상 30분이상아니면 잡혀가시니깐 무조건 올리셔야돼요 무스무슨법있으니까 그렇게 아시고 그냥 숨쉬는 영상이라도 붙혀서 길게 올려주세용ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  15. 17:50 여기 뒤에사람 세림님보고웃는거같은뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  16. 그 전날 엄청 배부르게 먹고 자고일어나면 더 배고픈거 완전공감이여ㅋㅋㄱㅋ 그게 전날 음식량을 많이 섭취하다보니 위랑 장이 놀래서 소화시키려고 활발하게 활동하다보니 그 다음날 되면 배고프게 느껴지는거라는..

  17. 샒님… 베이지 카고바지 넘나 예쁘고 제스타일인데 스위브에 없는 것 같은데 ㅠㅠ 어디껀가요?…'ㅅ'…

  18. 샒님 브이로그 항상 잘보고있어요😆
    근데 21분에 흰패딩안에 입으신 베이지색 깔깔이 어디껀가요…제발 저 저거 사고싶어서 현기증나요😭😭😭

  19. 평소에 여행가도 풍경이런거에 1도 관심 없었는데 이 영상 보면서 스위스 뽐뿌 너무 많이 옴…..😂

  20. 노랑색 양말이랑 깔 맞춤 하는거 보고 결국 스위브 검색 ㅋㅋ노랑색 양털 취저라 양말이랑 구매 각입니다

  21. 이번 여행 몬가 현장체험학습 쫄래쫄래 따라다니는 학생들 느낌?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 자유여행이랑 또 색다른 재미가 있겠네요

  22. 분홍색 깔깔이 = 에잇세컨즈 구매
    조거팬츠 =바인드에서 구매
    강주희가 갖고 노는 인형 무엇? = 스위스 발레주 로이커바드 마스코트 인형
    하트 목걸이 = 지지가 선물해줬음

  23. 스위브 브랜드 잘몰랐는데 영상보고 샒님이 입고나오신 옷들 다 취향저격이라 사러갑니다[♡]

  24. 오늘의 세림님 먹방은 도망갔던 입맛도 돌아오게 하네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 배고파졌다.
    주희님 뒤에서 장난감 갖고 놀 때 졸귀 ㅠㅠ

  25. 스위스에 오셨으면 꼭 퐁듀를 드셔야지요. ㅎㅎ 하하 세림님 입맛에는 그리 맞지 않았나봐요. 스위스에는 쌀쌀한 가을이나 겨울에 퐁듀를 주로 집에서 직접 해먹는 답니다. 물가가 굉장히 비싸기도 하고 (외식하면 한사람당 기본 5-6만원) 외식문화가 한국과는 달라서 가족 모임이 있을 때 주로 집에서 모여서 같이 만들어 먹어요. 퐁듀가 정말 스위스 사람들에게는 국민음식같은 느낌이랄까? 그래서 우리나라 오뚜기 음식처럼 전자레인지나 오븐안에 넣어서 데피기만 하는 일인용 퐁듀도 있답니다.ㅎㅎ

  26. 전 스위스가 로망의 나라중 하나인데 보는 내내 대리만족되고 참 행복합니다! 근데 이와중에 스위브 노란옷? 예쁘네요🤭(진심)

  27. 호오!! 숨은 명소 사스페라닝! 담에 스위스에 또 가게 된다면 가봐야겠어용🧡💛🧡💛

  28. 세림님은 정말 특별한게 타 유튜버 100만 200만 많지만 세림님의 51만 구독자의 대부분이 진심으로 샒님을 아끼는 팬이라는게 뭔가 진짜 특별한 듯

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