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Benefits of cycling
[ENG] 자린이의 겨울나기 프로젝트☃️❄️춥다고?! 실내에서 타면 되지! 고정로라 인도어트레이닝 첫번째 훈련기!

[ENG] 자린이의 겨울나기 프로젝트☃️❄️춥다고?! 실내에서 타면 되지! 고정로라 인도어트레이닝 첫번째 훈련기!

Long wait is over SeWhee is BACK in BIKE GAME! A.K.A Miss CLipless Pedal Let’s Go!❤️ I WANNA BE A GOOD CYCLIST……… GO SEWHEE GO! NO MORE NEWBIE PEDALING! The war has just begun! THIS IS THE SPARTAN WAY! The way of the spartans! The Spartan Training! NOT Spaghetti!!
(SeWhee’s sense of humor is terrible) (IMMA NOT ANGRY) (NOT SLEEPING) (NOT RESTING) (NOT EXHAUSTED) YES IMMA VERY, SO MUCH, REALLY, HAPPY! Let’s Begin~ SeWhee: Hello my subscribers! SeWhee: I stayed in Moscow for a while so… SeWhee: I uploaded clips about travel mostly these days SeWhee: Many of my subscribers have been asking me
when I am going to ride my bike again… SeWhee: Today finally!
I will have some indoor bike training today! SeWhee: Here I am out again with my camera turned on! SeWhee: I really hope the weather gets warmer soon.. SeWhee: It’s still very cold out side… SeWhee: So…! 24km round trip!
SeWhee: I will head to CheonhoDong now!!! Let’s go! IMMA START RIDIN’ NOW! (no one out here…….) Racing….Pedaling…..Cycling…Riding… Fast and Furious…. SeWhee: Ah..oh my god… SeWhee: I have a problem with my bike chain now.. SeWhee: I will have to put my bike chain back on… SeWhee: If you see how I pedal… SeWhee: some say it looks so silly… SeWhee: people say “Why do you pedal ur bike so silly?” SeWhee: My hips should stay on the saddle SeWhee: I should push and move forward…. SeWhee: Maybe I have too much vibes on my soul… SeWhee: Or maybe I just have a bad habit… SeWhee; Whatever the reason is…i don’t know but… SeWhee:I pedal like i am dancing….. SeWhee: i have this chain trouble very often…. SeWhee: I hear the metal sound again so I stopped now SeWhee: Ahhhh my god.. SeWhee: I use clipless pedals..I fall… SeWhee: I use normal pedals…the chain falls off…. god……….(deep sighhhhhh) SeWhee: when will I be able to ride in peace… SeWhee: Things continue to happen but
I am having so much fun though…. SeWhee: I really love it..I enjoy so much…. SeWhee: I will put this chain back on and move on! SeWhee: It’s so cold and I have a runny nose… SeWhee: But I still feel so goooooood now SeWhee: I am the only one out here
I feel like I own a private bike track! This is the way™️ -Mandalorian- I am here at CheonhoDong so quick~! K-Velo Academy & LaPiatto SeWhee; Hello~! Long time no see Mr. La Piatto! LaPiatto Owner: Where is your bike? LaPiatto Owner: aha you have it with you? Nutty Nutty LaPiatto’s Cafe Latte! SeWhee: Is it a rabbit? LaPiatto Owner:what??? No…autumn leaves…. Warning: Only good people can see a rabbit!!! SeWhee: I really enjoy riding my bike!
But falling is quiet scary though.. LaPiatto Owner: You visited Russia a while ago right? SeWhee: Yes I did! LaPiatto Owner: Any gift for me?? (I forgot………oh my god) (Let’s just laugh) I AM VERY,SO,MUCH,MANY,TERRIBLY,SERIOUSLY SORRY SeWhee: I have never thought about it at all..
I won’t forget it next time!!!! A cup of warm Latte is warming my body and soul
before the lesson~! Good Coffee here….Good Coffee…. I can drink this all~~~day~! Delicious! Oh~Yeah~~ Slurrrrrp (SeWhee is having a hangover soup??) LaPiatto Owner: You know this guy is coaching
the national team right? SeWhee: Who? Really? ???: I am! I coach the national team!!!! (5sec latency….)
SeWhee: Wowwwwww SeWhee: Hey guys I am here at LaPiatto and..
Guess who I am with now? The~The~The~~!!! Five time gold medalist in Asian Game!!! SeWhee: former national team I correct? ????: No!! Not former!!! SeWhee: so you are a former national team cyclist? SeWhee: Former national team cyclist and
currently coaching the national team!! SeWhee: How should I introduce you?
Sun-Jae Jang? LaPiatto Owner: Coach Sun-Jae Jang! SeWhee: I am here with the coach Sun-Jae Jang! SeWhee: Hello! remark: Very outgoing and easy going! SeWhee: I met him here today so SeWhee: I asked him to teach me and he said yes … SeWhee: I should record an evidence of that so
I can learn from him later in the future! SeWhee: Let me record it! SeWhee: You promised to teach me~! SeWhee: Is it true? Coach Sun-Jae Jang: Yes I promise! Anytime!! Coach Sun-Jae Jang: You can make a reservation
though LaPiatto here… Coach Sun-Jae Jang: I will teach you anytime~!!
I will spare my time!! Coach Sun-Jae Jang: We can go out riding together
in this up coming spring! SeWhee: You all watched this right? LaPiatto Owner: She is not ready…to go out riding…yet… SeWhee: correct..I can’t go out riding yet… SeWhee:(not yet..) Shut Up and Practice a LOT first SeWhee!! Moving to the basement of K-velo for the training! SeWhee: Thank you~! SeWhee: Here I am again~! K-Velo members’ bikes are installed on cycle rollers! SeWhee: Which one is the cycle roller? Coach Duk-Woo Kim: That is the cycle roller! SeWhee: Ahaaaa! SeWhee: So all of those rollers spin? Coach Duk-Woo Kim: Different from the turbo trainer..
cycle rollers do not hold your bike… SeWhee: You have to spin them with your strength..
If you stop they stop.. The training is about to begin at the bastment of K-Velo! We can freely change the direction on the Cycle rollers! Less resistance than real road Even if It’s indoor
We must be careful of falling!!! SeWhee: Wow just like riding on a real road! Coach Duk-Woo Kim: Less resistance than real road but Coach Duk-Woo Kim: That means
we can train much harder!! Coach Duk-Woo Kim : It’s very difficult to
keep the balance up here Coach Duk-Woo Kim: If you can keep the balance well..
You can take off your hands… SeWhee: Can you eat a corn dog or ice cream like that? Coach Duk-Woo Kim: A piece of cake!
I can eat some noodles up here too! You can Do IT TOO SeWhee!!!( In your Dream™️) SeWhee: When I was a student..
People eating ice cream on a bike looked so cool.. Coach Duk-Woo Kim:I used to do that a lot
when I was young up here~ SeWhee: wow…amazing…. SeWhee; That is really amazing… Reviewing those things I learned last time! SeWhee: Hold those breaks… SeWhee: Sit on the saddle…! SeWhee: move my foot away! SeWhee: Clip in and a pedal up! SeWhee: Kick and sit, Look forward and the other clip in! ( clip in fail…)
SeWhee: If I fail…look front again and… (Who formatted my brain??_ Who is she and What is she doing? A newbie? No..she said she has been riding for 3 years… Get out of here~That’s impossible~! What am I really doing here now…. IMMA…flying without wings……. Step1
Keep your hips stay on the saddle Step2
Flex your lower abs and
Do not let your pelvis move behind Step3
Keep your hands on the correct
place on the levers Step4
Relax your shoulders and
Set your elbow position correctly=If you don’t follow the rules
Your shoulders, arms and body will be stressed out
You will have difficult time riding your bike=After you complete your riding position
Take off your hands and check if you are not balanced forward Let’s try again? SeWhee: Clip in, Kick and sit… Lapiatto Owner: If you do like that..
You are on the ground already…right? SeWhee: Right..what’s going on here… That…I want to ask you…
What’s going on SeWhee???? Lapiatto Owner: You push your foot forward like this~ SeWhee: Aha… Lapiatto Owner: You forgot everything? Translation: You are one of a kind Lapiatto Owner: You have to remember this position
when you ride your bike! Lapiatto Owner: Pracitice now and get use to it! SeWhee: Am I doing it correctly now?
How about my head? Lapiatto Owner: You should look 20m forward so..
About here~here! Lapiatto Owner: Look about this area and
eyes up! Lapiatto Owner: not like this with your head up but Lapiatto Owner: What happens
if you just move your head up like this? Lapiatto Owner: You will look like a…
meerkat from behind! Friendly fire!! Stop Shooting!!!!! Hello My friends, meerkats! Lapiatto Owner: Stay flexed here Lapiatto Owner: Your abs should be tight always
so your body won’t fall back… Lapiatto Owner: If you get used to this
Your bike will run smoothly without so much strength! Lapiatto Owner: So practicing the correct position from the very important! SeWhee: I should keep practicing! When you think it’s LATE
IT IS TOO LATE,, ^^ Lapiatto Owner: Let’s take off your hands now! Lapiatto Owner: You can stay still now right? Lapiatto Owner:Later on you can ride
comfortably with your hands off the bike CAN I EAT NOODLES ON MY BIKE THEN?™️
(SeWhee could be always H.U.N.G.R.Y) Don’t worry you are not even close:)
SeWhee: This is so difficult… What am I doing wrong? Why is it so difficult for me ONLY? What’s wrong with me? SeWhee: so my shins… SeWhee: Should I put some strength on my shins
when I press or lift pedals? LaPiatto Owner: Both!! LaPiatto Owner:Both when you press
and lift your pedals!!(If you do effective pedaling) LaPiatto Owner: But if you do press only pedaling..
There will be no strength on your shins! LaPiatto Owner: You have 4 leg muscles but
You don’t know how to use your shins properly! [supplying water…….] My subscribers in K-Velo Always welcomes me~!
K-Velo Member: Hi! I always enjoy your clips! SeWhee: Hello~~!! K-Velo Member: Please don’t worry too much!
My wife had 12 clipless falls in a single day! K-Velo Member: When I tried clipless pedals first time..
I fell 6times to the left 15 times to the right in a day SeWhee: I am….just like that now…:( K-Velo Member: So I went back to normal pedals..
and came back to clipless pedals… K-Velo Member: SO your clips remind me of my
beginner days… K-Velo Member: So I always support you…! SeWhee: Really? Thank you so much…
After I’s very scary… LaPiatto Owner: Hey stop chatting and focus! I SHOULD PRACTICE HARDER… Many people are supporting and helping me…. IMMA be a good cyclist… IMMA be a cool cyclist…. I WILL DO MY BEST!!!=even if you set your clipless pedals tension low
If you try to unclip it to the wrong direction
IT WON’T WORK!!!!!!NEVER!!! SeWhee: Many people unclip like this right? LaPiatto Owner: No You can never unclip that way! SeWhee: I mean many people try that way right? LaPiatto Owner: Right!
many beginners make that mistake!=Your Instep should be flat
Use your heel strength, unclip at once!Baam!!! 1.Unclip 2.Keep your riding position and your balance I watched that “clipless pedals ..fall youtube clip…” and that Chanel youtube clip? wow how do you know? My son is a middle school student..
and he watched it on youtube! wow thank you for watching! Tell people you met SeWhee today! Take a selfie with her! I should ride well… Thank you sooo much! SeWhee: Today… SeWhee: I trained hard on the turbo trainer… SeWhee: For about 2 hours and 30min~I think! SeWhee: I had a riding position lesson as well! SeWhee: Where to put my strength when I am pedaling SeWhee: Effective pedaling position and how it works SeWhee: I learnd about those things today! (Sighhhhhh….) SeWhee: It was a very very valuable lesson for me! SeWhee: I am very exhausted so I can’t breathe well! G.U.L.P SeWhee: Even when it’s not a bike season..
This is really a great exercise! SeWhee: And because there are many
bike people out here SeWhee: We say hi to each other SeWhee:I had so much fun here today! I’M GONNA BE A SUCCESSFUL Happy and Famous Cyclist when I grow up!! I learn slow but I am weird sometimes but (maybe always??) Tell me 10 times
I forget 11 times but I will Keep Trying Let’s have some fun!

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  1. 담주에 또 까먹겠지!!
    제발 그러지 마요. 라이딩 시즌이 얼마 안남았슈. 세휘조 클빠링 안하는 날을 기대해봄. 화이링!!

  2. 아빠 닮았으면 식은죽 먹긴데…… 니가 운동신경은 엄마를 닮아 조금 …..
    공식에 맞추려 하지마라. 그냥 타면 되는거야.

    두손 놓고 짜장면 먹는것도 하나도 안 어려워… 왜냐구?
    자이로스코프 관성 때문이지, 서 있으면 전진하려는 방향의 값이 ZERO 이기 때문에 넘어지지만 바퀴에 질량값이 적당한 정도 이상만 되도록 패달을 밟으면 절대로 안 넘어지는거야.

    대신 겁먹고 주춤거리면 넘어진다. 전진하려는 방향의 값이 ZERO 로 딸어지기 때문.

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    아름다움+귀염움 뿜뿜+털털한 웃음..
    안가진게 없으신 분이세요

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    더군다나 어렵게 구한 좋은 자전거를 이렇게 소홀히 대하다니 실망입니다. ㅡㅡ;
    앞으로 자주 타시고 영상도 많이 올려주세요~

  5. 오랜만에 자전거 타는 영상 올려주셨네요 재미있어요 연습 열심히 하셔서 다시 클릿으로 넘어가시고 즐라하세요^^

  6. 자전거는 알면알수록 어렵습니다. 유튜버 님처럼 조금씩 몸에 익혀가면서 배워가면 언젠가는 멋진 라이더가 될겁니다.~ 열심히 응원합니다.~!!!

  7. 자덕에 너무 스트레스 받을필요는 없는것 같아요 전 지금하는 영상이 참 좋아요 촬영기법이 참 특이해요 좀 어설푸지만 속엔 깊은 뜻이
    오늘 눈이 내렸습니다 하얀눈같이 한결같은 마음으로 나아가세요

  8. 세휘님.. 자전거의 참 맛 3가지
    1. 자빠링맛😫
    2. 체인기는맛😖
    3. 콧물맛.😢
    세휘님은 다갖추었어요😝♥

  9. 모스크바 영상을 좀 더 보고 싶었는데 그새 한국으로 돌아 오셨군요.
    어쨌든 환영합니다(응?)
    겨울은 라이더들에게는 오프 시즌이지만, 열심히 훈련하면 능력을 끌어 올릴 수 있는 소중한 시기이기도 하죠.
    로드바이크는 픽시 하고는 많이 다르니 이번 겨울에 열심히 훈련해서 시즌 오픈 하면 앞서 나가시기 바랍니다.
    저는 MTB를 주로 타지만 가끔 로드도 타기 때문에 이 영상을 보고 조금은 도움이 되었네요.

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    자덕이 좋아할 만한 영상…
    이 얼마나 아름답고 좋습니까?
    앞으로 더욱 가열차게 고통받아 주세요.

  11. 케이벨로에 양코치님이라고 여자선생님 계시는 것 같던데…
    추운데 방한 마스크 하나 놔드려야겠어요.
    라파 걸루 사세요. 자비로…

  12. 즐기시면서 타는 모습 보기 참 좋습니다. 본업도 즐기면서~ 취미는 더더욱 즐기시면서 ~. 새해이니 복 많이 받으시고 액땜도 조심하시고요~ 잘 봤습니다.

  13. 기다리던 영상이 드뎌 뙇~ 영상 잘 봤습니다. 편집 짱짱~입니다. 영상 뒷부분 제 페달링 모습도 나오네요 ^^ 영광입니다!

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  15. 어이쿠 … 어이쿠 …
    ㅋㅋ 드디어 자전거 컨텐츠를 와우~
    자전거 탈 때가 젤루 귀엽슴 ㅋㅋ

  16. Dont give up. You will get stronger and faster on the bike. Cycling indoors in winter is a good way to get fit. And Zwift makes cycling indoors more fun.

  17. 저는 자전거 즐기려고 타는데, 세휘찡도 그렇지 않나요?? 목표잡고 기록 세우니까 기분은 좋았는데, 오랫동안 재밌지는 않더라구요. 그리고 체인 빠지는 건 페달링보다는 드레일러 세팅 봐야할 거에요. 크랭크가 인간의 다리힘으로 휘어질 정도로 약하지는 않아요

  18. 대박 전국가대표 현국가대표코치분이 약속잡고 코치해준다니…
    자덕이라면 꿈같은일이 일어나다니
    조세휘님 올해 대박나세요.

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  20. 러시아 잘 다녀왔어요? 라떼에 토끼가 있는거 저도 봤어요. ㅋㅋ 날 좋아질 때 까지 샤방샤방 라이딩 하세요.

  21. 역시 미인은 타고 나는것도 있지만 이렇게 자기 관리를
    철저하게 끊임없이 노력을 하는구나

  22. 쒜휘 쒜휘 조쒜휘님. 동영상 잘 보았습니다. 질문 있는데요. 쒜휘님이 직접 동영상 편집하시는 걸로 알고 있는데, 편집 과정이나 작업 노하우등을 간단히 공유해 주시면 더욱 좋을 것 같습니다. 대한 민국 '자덕님'들 퐈이팅 입니다요. ^^

  23. You look really happy having the coffee..a good warm up for your training on the rollers 🙂 Yah..the red Trek bike frame is nice lor!!

  24. 구독자분들의 압박에 오랜만에 자전거영상 올리셨네요~ㅎㅎ
    체인이 자주 빠지면 안쪽으로 잘 빠지는지
    바깥쪽으로 잘 빠지는지 봐두셨다가 수리점에 가시면 괜찮아질거에요~촐싹페달링때문은 아니라
    기어변속하면서 페달링할때 잘 빠지셨을듯 합니다.😁

  25. 클빠링은 누구나 합니다정말 어이없게도 하게돼죠첨엔 그냥 사람많거나, 코너, 설 때는 무조건 사전에 뺀다 생각하면 됩니다그러다 몸에 익숙하게 돼죠  ^^

  26. 다시 자전거 타시는군요^^
    로라방에서 실력도 쌓으시고 한강도 나오세요^^
    스트라바도 시작하셔야죠.ㅎ 핸드폰 어플부터 깔아서 시작하세요~~
    늘 이쁘세요^^ 안라하세요^^

  27. 오호 오랫만에 자덕쿠로 돌아오셨군여..ㅋㅋ 요즘 저도 키커클라임과 코어로 쯔위프트 한창 즐기는중인데 홧팅

  28. Awesome! Hang in there. You are doing great! Wish there was more English subtitles but I will take what I can get and still enjoy.

  29. 저 부상으로 운동접고 4년만에 취미로 복귀하려 했는데… 장선재 선수님 은퇴하신거 첨 알았어요ㅠㅠ

  30. Your cycling skill is getting better. Please keep it up and don't give up. 넌 할 수있어. Soon you can do this,

  31. 체인 빠지는건 자세와는 상관없는디유. 앞 드레일러 조정하고 체인가드 부착하세요.
    알루미늄 쪼가리 하나인데 만원도 안함. 장착도 쉬워요.
    그라고 영상 10도 이하에선 야외 라이딩 피하요. 무릎에 바람들면 나이먹고 개고생.

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  39. No se que digan los comentarios o la descripción del video o lo que ella dice pero es ciclismo y es una mujer y es hermoso

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