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[ENG] 클릿슈즈 잘 사주는 교회 오빠(?) 과연 교회오빠의 정체는 무엇일까요?

TIMBIKE HANNAM Church Brother: That bike on the top~
is the shop owner’s bike! Church Brother: very expensive know? Church Brother: Expensive bike’s like that..
You can just take it from people, GTA you know? SeWhee: Good idea lol! A Whole New World🎶 Welcome to The Bike World🚲
Church Brother: This is the Aero model! SeWhee: Wow~! Church Brother: Aero models are for the fast riding!
Fast and Furious! SeWhee: There are less wholes so the air can’t come in! Church Brother: This is the lightest! Church Brother:: This one is an Aero type of helmet too! Church Brother: Less air resistance you know? GUESS WHO IS THIS BIKE EXPERT?
STAY TUNED! I am here to buy some Bike gears today❤️ Until now…I thought my helmet size was small…. #frustrated #BIGHEAD #GIANTSKULL
I was so sure about my size…but… my size… SeWhee: Guys…medium is the right size for me… (I decided to accept this reality..^^) Trying on various colors and designs of helmets!
😮MEDIUM SIZE😮 😮MEDIUM SIZE😮 hehehe…good..pretty.. Imma so excited… 😮MEDIUM SIZE NOT SMALL😮 SeWhee: I have a 50$ white helmet at home now… THIS HELMET FEELS DIFFERENT! SeWhee: Wow this is so pretty..
😮MEDIUM SIZE😮 IMMA SO EXCITED! When you buy a goggle, try it with your helmet on!
SeWhee: Aha together like this… Staff:Please keep your helmet on and
feel free to try as many goggles as you need! 😮MEDIUM SIZE😮 SeWhee looks happier than ever… wow You look very excited …. SeWhee: Do you have any goggles for night? SeWhee: Can I use this at night? Staff: This model comes with extra clear lens! (Clear lens and mirror lens are included)
SeWhee: Aha! So I can just change the lens!wow SeWhee: I will take it! Doe…doesn’t it look nice?,,,,,,
SeWhee:Why are you laughing?…. Bike beginner SeWhee is Konfused,, BUT SHE KNOWS WHAT SHE WANTS FOR SURE!
SeWhee: I think this looks better…! What do you think, guys? SeWhee: I will try on that black one~! Staff: That one is small size~! maybe I can wear small? WWW. SLIGHT HOPE.COM
SeWhee: Maybe small size will fit me…. Church Brother: Try on that small size SeWhee~!
Try it on! Church Brother: Please mention my name and
my wife’s name in this clip! SeWhee: Ok! But how? SeWhee: Can I use your real names? Church Brother: Of course! or what?
John Doe and Jane Doe? SeWhee just can’t give up the small size….. [MISSION IMPOSSIBLE]
Medium Size SeWhee!!! SeWhee: ventilation is important right? SeWhee: the small size will fit me for sure but
I just want some space , you know? KNOW YOUR SIZE! WUT? Medium size won’t fit?
SeWhee: What the…. SeWhee: Is this Medium? Staff: You can adjust it ! Thank GOD💕 SeWhee: I will try this black color!Medium size! 🖤🖤WOW BLACK LOOKS GOOD TOO!🖤🖤 SeWhee: I think this black color is Kooool! #curiousgirl
SeWhee:Should I wear black goggle on black helmet? SeWhee In Black! SeWhee: White or Black? Church Brother: White color is better! SeWhee: Aha! Church Brother: I have many goggles but
I wear white mostly SeWhee: I feel you!
I am going to use one goggle till the death do us part Please don’t be so sure SeWhee!!!
Staff: I doubt that! You will buy another one later… CURIOUS GIRL.MOV Staff: This one is more pretty~! SeWhee: Aha, this is the most pretty one? Staff: It’s very popular and I wear that as well! SeWhee: This is the most popular and pretty SeWhee: Cool and comfortable! And very safe! SeWhee: It fits me~! Thank god! Thank you Medium~!! Staff: You are the perfect medium size itself! IM GONNA CRY TT
SeWhee: Aha~~ Staff: Perfect medium size! ←This one is better?!!→ SeWhee: This is better? really? Church Brother: The other one has a racer look and
This is more fashionable~! SeWhee: I want both of them…. Don’t be so greedy~!!! SeWhee: Being fashionable is important… SeWhee: What? Staff: Buy them both! SeWhee: I am broke… SeWhee: This is number 1 SeWhee: This is number 2 Staff: I will install colored lens for you! SeWhee: I will try this mirror lens~! 1. Burning Orange Mirror Lens 2.Blue Mirror Lens 2020 NEW ARRIVAL! I LIKE ! Shop Owner: She should be in her early 20’s right? Church Brother: She? Can I tell your real age? SeWhee: People will find out eventually lol Staff: If we google you, we can find it out right? I love you TIMBIKE….
Shop Owner: I was going to tell you ..
you have that young 20’s vibe….but.. GOD WILL BLESS YOU!
SeWhee: Really? Thank you… SeWhee: Wow this looks really cool! SeWhee: This has a cyberpunk feeling, you know? SeWhee: time travel…..
IM GONNA FLY TO THE FUTURE! wow SeWhee: This one is very pretty too! RACETRAP TRAP
SeWhee: Trap and RaceTrap? SeWhee: I will visit this store often~! SeWhee: (Can I get some discounts? ) Church Brother: Can I show myself? SeWhee: Of course~!! 📹Persuading the mysterious church brother🎥
SeWhee: You told me you won’t be on the camera…so Church Brother:You should pay me…. SeWhee: I will pay you for sure~!!
IF I MAKE A LOT OF MONEY IN THA FUTURE! SeWhee: I have been riding bike for about 3 years now SeWhee: I bought my Specialized Roubaix and
I decided to ride bike more intensely.. A.K.A CHURCH BROTHER
SeWhee:There’s this Church brother I know… SeWhee: He always takes care of me
and always worries for me SeWhee: Church brother(?) and Sister(?)couple SeWhee: This Church Brother told me… Hey, someone should buy you cleat shoes
for a present when you start riding a bike~ SeWhee: He told me he will buy cleat shoes for me… SeWhee: I will introduce him to you all! Church Brother!
Reveal yourself please! Hello?
I am the Handsome Cool Rich Church Brother… The true Bike enthusiast and A lovely, kind, handsome husband of
the most beautiful actress SiEun Park HANDSOME COOL Actor
Church Brother TaeHyun Gin! Church Brother: Hello! I am the Church Brother Church Brother: Actor TaeHyun Gin! Church Brother: Please love and support SeWhee’s youtube and Church Brother: Please support me and my wife as well Chruch Brother: I hope you all watch
and enjoy together SeWhee riding her bike Church Brother: If you do that!
SeWhee will be nice and kind to you! SeWhee: Are you sure? Church Brother: Should I be nice and kind to your subscriber then?Goodbye for now! #I love church sister # I love church brother
Thank you so much….I will do my best riding my bike! Enjoy riding Always be careful
Don’t get hurt I gotta go now~…I am busy! Hello? Where are you going… SeWhee: Now I will unbox the cleat shoes now~! SeWhee:The Church couple is staring at me over there..
I will unbox it now~! How do I unbox it…. Whoooooops SeWhee: I destroyed the box! (My first cleat shoes look so beautiful!)
SeWhee: How come they are so beautiful?
Can I wear them on my Everyday clothes? SeWhee: When I go to the church ,for example..(???) Incredibly Pretty❤️
SeWhee: This is so beautiful! Unbelievable! Try them on!
Check the size! I love you Church Brother and Sister…..❤️
You guys are the best….❤️ Please don’t be on camera…..
I can’t afford to pay… SeWhee: Who will teach me about these cleat shoes? I will train hard with these cleat shoes!
SeWhee: We can practice on the church parking lot! Church Brother: Come to the river park near the church! I want to use them ASAP!
Thank you and thank you…❤️ Timbike Owner: Many people come here
after watching your youtube If you mention SeWhee here at HANNAM TIMBIKE
You can get some discounts!! 💰💰business is business💰💰
SeWhee: If you sell more because of my clip…
Can I get some rebates? lol Go SeWhee go! Church Brother: She will buy each of us bikes
if she becomes a sucessful youtuber! SeWhee:I want to buy you guys everything you need..
But I owe favors to so many people haha… My youtube is growing with helps from many people
And you all my subscribers
SeWhee: I can’t do anything without people helping me .. I will make it up you guys all ❤️
SeWhee: I have so many people to pay favors back… Happy shopping is over! SeWhee: I will just shoot SiEun’s back only because.. SeWhee: Because I can’t afford to pay her lol SeWhee: I bought some bike gears
and going back home! SiEun: Hello~ SeWhee: Thank you…so much! Whatever I say..They always laugh and enjoy…
Thank you always.. Time to say goodbye! Thank you and
love you my church brother and sister!❤️ SeWhee: Hello! SeWhee: I visited Bike shop for the first time
after I bought my Specialized Roubaix SeWhee: And bought some bike gears~ SeWhee: I bought things I can call “bike gears”
for the first time in my life SeWhee: I want to show them to you guys! SeWhee: I will unbox with you what I bought
and cleat shoes together Hello my new helmet friend~! SeWhee: I will unbox it! SeWhee: KASK PROTONE written here SeWhee: White color!
I am trying protone for the first time so
I picked very basic one SeWhee is singing….again Finally I have some good gears…. let’s get along well❤️ SeWhee: smells like new~!! Please read the manual inside!
SeWhee: There’s an envelope including information
about this helmet inside of the box! SeWhee: ? There’s something else inside! SeWhee: I thought there’s nothing else but~Look! SeWhee: Surprise~! SeWhee: What is this? I hope this is food… SeWhee: But it can’t be, right? Let’s open it! SeWhee: Aha!This is a fabric case for the helmet! (🐶SeWhee can identify things by their smell🐶) SeWhee: A helmet case~! SeWhee: There is a rubber band~
I can fasten the case~! YEAH~! SeWhee: I can carry around my helmet here~! SeWhee: Thank you~! SeWhee: Now I will show you my helmet! Hello~my handsome white~? SeWhee:KASK written on the both sides SeWhee: And on this upper left SeWhee: I can see Protone on it! Finding KASK
SeWhee: another KASK written here~! SeWhee: There is a lever I can adjust the size inside SeWhee: strap and clip SeWhee: Italy made written here! SeWhee: This is so light! SeWhee: This KASK Protone helmet only weighs… 215g ONLY
VERY LIGHT! SeWhee: It should be so light and comfortable,right? Everyone recommended me this white color!
SeWhee: This white color is very basic and pretty SeWhee: looks good you know? SeWhee: Simple and basic~! SeWhee: Let me try it on! BAAAAM! SeWhee: I tried many different colors
and designs at TIMBIKE SHOP SeWhee: If the sides are clunky
It looks very weird like an alien , you know? SeWhee:That kind of design is ok but This Protones was both cool and comfortable
SeWhee:I liked this slimfit design the most! SeWhee: So I bought this helmet! SeWhee: Bike enthusiasts who have many helmets White color can be matched with anything!
SeWhee: They all use white color the most! SeWhee: I am a beginner so~ SeWhee: I will enjoy riding my bike with this guy! SeWhee: I will show you my goggle now~! SeWhee: The goggle I bought today is~ 100%: Popular goggle company
awarded in 2016 Design& Innovation
SeWhee: RACETRAP from 100%, MATTE WHITE SeWhee: Hyper blue multi-layer lens in installed SeWhee: Let’s unbox it! You look so happy again..SeWhee… SeWhee: Whoops..upside down! SeWhee: The zipper isn’t working well because it’s new SeWhee:This is clear lens I can use at night! SeWhee: There is this crinkling sound S.W.A.G IM A SPEED RACER!
SeWhee: This is how it looks! SeWhee: There is this brand name on it here… SeWhee: In fact I don’t know much about bike gears….including goggles.. Advices from the expert never fails!
SeWhee: So I took the advice from the shop owner SeWhee: I bought this beautiful goggle and helmet
so I will use them SeWhee: And I will let you guys know
more information in the future! (I am an honest girl)
SeWhee: To be honest… I still don’t know much..
keep calm and ride bike! SeWhee: The cleat shoes finally~~~!! TaeHyun[Church Brother]
SiEun[Church Sister] (We are looking at you SeWhee!) Thank you~~!!!!! SeWhee:This cleat shoes , the precious gift from my
Church brother and sister… Famous Italian cycling gear company
SeWhee: It’s called Fizik SeWhee: It says Tempo R5 powerstrap! SeWhee: I will open it now!
My shoe size is top secret! SeWhee: The packaging is so cooool! (I want to try them on asap!)
SeWhee: It’s so coooool! (excited) Yeah~~~~~ (so pretty….I mean it…)
SeWhee: They are so pretty I want to wear them
on my normal clothings.. SeWhee: Aren’t they so pretty? SeWhee: Can I wear them when I go to the church? SeWhee: They are so pretty for real~ SeWhee: This is not a typical design
when we think about cleat shoes… SeWhee: What do you think? SeWhee: I really love them… SeWhee: The design is good enough to wear them for everyday on the street! SeWhee: very pretty and classy! You look so excited SeWhee! SeWhee: I have been riding my bike for 3 years but… SeWhee: I am just starting
to ride a road bike properly now so MY First Cleat Shoes!
SeWhee:This is very new to me..! SeWhee: With these cleat shoes..
I will do my best riding and enjoying my bike! SeWhee: Let’s get along well my shoes~~! SeWhee: I shared my shopping items
with you guys today! SeWhee: I now have most of the basic bike gears SeWhee: So the rest is up to me now~hehe! SeWhee: I am just a beginner who loves riding a bike! SeWhee: I am just a beginner so~ Please give me some advice and support!
SeWhee:Please be patient and SeWhee: Please watch how I enjoy riding and SeWhee: Please watch how I become a better rider
And support me ! SeWhee: Thank you for watching! Bye! See you again Soon!❤️ ❤️Please Subscribe❤️

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