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[ENG] Trafic Infernal🔥 | 💲Fara Numar💲 | #13 In Trafic Bucuresti

[ENG] Trafic Infernal🔥 | 💲Fara Numar💲 | #13 In Trafic Bucuresti

Countless Countless Countless Countless Countless Pedestrian priority before an Audi? Ha! None! What the hell is here? What the hell…. I wonder how much time I would be wasted at the last crossroad (with my car) From my experience, the traffic light would have changed 3 times on red light until I could pass We are going to Brancoveanu I don’t even want to imagine what is there I can bet is bumper to bumper starting from entrance to Carol park Until after City Mall I hate this hill I hate it What to say about those guys at Tour de France Who have hundreds of km riding like this Oohh… I was right Even more It’s bigger than from the entrance The slipping is starting How many cars I have overcome? Countless This guy overcome the whole line and now he want to enter And it seems that no one will let him You too? No You don’t I wonder how long it took me get here from where the line started 5 minutes
on da’ clock Wow, this policeman has some strong lungs I wonder if this is a selection criteria At academy They give you a whistle and…. Go on, 20 minutes Why everybody is stopping at the last second? IF they stop… I don’t know why I wonder In 8 years When I dorve and still driving in Bucharest I avoided Thousands Thousands of car crashes Just by anticipating the stupid thing that the other driver will do And in 8 years I didn’t hit not a single leaf Not a single wall when I was parking Not to talk about cars It’s sad that you have to avoid others Instead of others avoiding you So I have priority, you have to give me the way But I have to avoid you Instead of you avoiding me I stopped but… Girl: Thanks You welcome Enough cycling for today So I go back to my home And See you next time Cya

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  1. Tu chiar ai nevoie de promovare… Începi sa ai un conținut mult prea de calitate pt cati abonați/vizualizări ai. Super video!

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