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English Wheel – How To Make a Fender Flare & Techniques – Eastwood

all right mark here with Eastwood’s rd
corner today we’re going to talk about metal
fab and in particular our new English wheel so you’re asking what do you need an
English wheel for well when it comes time for you to stop paying people to
fabricate for you where you want to expand your metal fab skills wheels
going to be the next thing you’re going to purchase here this piece here we shape with you can
see you got the compound curves going on here this is where you need an English wheel
the wheels going to do some stretching you can shrink with them now this is a
bowl that we just whipped up real quick here but also what we’re doing these are some fender flares were making
right here so these for these right here would pay for the cost of an English
wheel what we’re going to show you in just a
couple minutes now we can take this piece 20 gauge here
turn it into a flare but first let’s go over some of the
features of this machine yeah some of the things that make this the
best most affordable unit on the market today in the bench top size first thing
you can see is the rigid frame we got these doublers on here all structurally bolted together so that
you have no flex don’t trust a two-hundred-dollar welded rectangular to
wheel the second is you can index both your
main 8 inch wheel and your anvils 90 degrees will show you that where you can
turn this 90 so you can work your material here for larger pieces or hear
this both that safe space in your placement on the workshop next thing is
as you can see it can be bolted to the bench or simply clamp it right in here
to advise make it very portable and I’ve seen some of the features of this unit let’s go ahead show you how it works and
makes the fender players yeah alright so now we got our flare cut the
shape out of the piece we started with what we’re going to do is show you how
you take your metal from Les and stretch it to get that contoured flare that
we’re after before we hit the wheel we’re just going
to quickly rough it with the panel bag first we’re going to give ourselves a
mark approximately two-and-a-half inch flares what we want on this one here so
we’re just going to run a consistent or right around there what this is going to do give us a line
to start stretching all we’re doing with the bag here is just rockin it in the
wheel is going to do all the finish work let’s go ahead and get started another feature on this wheel that
you’re not going to find on others in this category is your adjustability up
here you have two bolts that allow your main 8 inch wheel to both be set left right and fore and aft also your
lower and bow you have four different adjustments down
here so what that does is that allows you to dial this in perfect to suit your
needs we’re going to go ahead and put a little
tension on here and then when you’re rolling you want to roll with your contour what
we’re doing is we’re following around this stark will just want to run against
it or 90 degrees to keep that moving and it doesn’t take long at all they’re getting your shape cock all right now you can see what we’ve
done with stretch this area here and you can see how we’re bringing in a real
nice but when there was a little more stretching on the ID here and then
finish it up with the wheel all right as you can see we just hit it
with the flap just real quick just take some some of the marks other you can see
we’re bringing this thing right and here’s what we started with we started with our straight panel you
can see what we brought into that that’s going to turn into a real nice fender
flare so this is why you’re going to need
something like this using the English wheel to out perform or projects take
your metal fab to the next level again some of the features you’re not going to
find in other wheels at this size is the construction of the frame very rigid so
you don’t have any type of flex in here indexable wheels and again finite adjustment in here which will
allow you to bring these wheels in both XY axis here diamond exactly where you want to do
yourself a favor click the link below go ahead and get an English wheel start
fabricating parts today yeah yeah

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