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Hello friend of the hangover formula 1
welcome to another video, I’m Matheus pucci and today we’re going to talk about
this Mercedes system called “das” that you both asked me to bring it here on the
channel. I will try to be the most objective possible in the explanation, no matter how
many portals have already been placed, I will also bring here for you and I hope
that in a very simple and clear way for that you understand. Let’s start with the
following: The video should appear here when side for you on one of the two sides of
the screen where you will see that Hamilton pull the steering wheel close to
your body and with that the wheels are “straighter”, causing the air
resistance to be decreased, giving speed straight end for the Mercedes car.
When approaching the curve, Hamilton then put the steering wheel in the original
position and then the wheels open a little bit, so that you have better
performance in terms of curves. And it may seem like a very simple
thing, but it brings a big gain in theory, this movement made in the straight line to make
the wheels more aligned, more straight, makes with the tire to maintain an ideal
temperature, wear less and with that in the curves perform better. That is
why the pilot makes a movement of pull the steering wheel towards the body
leaving the wheels aligned and when it is coming in the curve the steering wheel returns to its
original position, causing the wheels to then make the curve angle, which is
what we call toe-in and toe-out, which is precisely this movement of
the wheels, either inward or outward. O point is that the teams started to
criticize, to say that it seems even to active suspension, as Helmut Marko said and then it should be banned because the active suspension is even banned. But
Mercedes has already spoken to the fia, the fia has already said that it will be banned
only for 2021, that is, they will have to live with Mercedes’
ingenuity. At first the system is all mechanic, which means there is no apparent
problem even though I searched there in the article, there in article 10 if I’m not
mistaken, in the regulation of formula 1, of that could not have any kind of
movement or alteration while the car is in motion, in the direction.
So Mercedes got a way to cheat that part of the regulation and make
sure that, even with a moving car, the direction is changed
and there is no type of external interference, such as
electronics, is all mechanical, which facilitates approval of the Mercedes
method. If the gain is going to be so big so, as I said earlier is
theoretical, we will have to wait for australia and the other
grand prizes to be able to take approves. But the fact is that Mercedes
put together very good equipment that it already had with the invention that
can bring an extra gain. This is worrying for rivals and let’s see if that will
help Lewis Hamilton reach his seventh world title or if red bull and Ferrari
will be able to hit head on with the Mercedes, even with this ingenuity.
I’ll read here to end a little bit of what Sérgio milani wrote, a text by him,
the text is there in the description for you see in full. So the text says
the following: This type of system allows you to work with the camber and
wheel convergence, which I talked about toe in and toe out, and besides
having an aerodynamic influence, ends up helping to control the
temperature of the tires. So that’s what we were talking, you have control of
this part of the direction that helps in aerodynamics giving more straight line speed
and you help the tire temperature, generating less wear, causing the tires to
be in a shape when cornering better, where he can get around more
quickly, finally having a car more in hand. All this saves you a certain amount
of time and Mercedes found a gap in regulation to implement that
system. I hope you have reached the objective to speak in a simple and objective
way the Mercedes system, what is the effect of it in practice on the car. Of
course, to see this, let’s say in the vision x-ray and how it works inside
is a little different. Mercedes is hiding the game, James
Alisson is always talking in a very superficial and we will have
to wait to really see in practice how does it work. Leave your
like, subscribe to the channel to more videos. A big hug, thanks what’s up what’s up

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