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[EP:65] indian biker stuck in snow fall at IRAN 🇮🇷 / ഞാനും ആമിനയും മഞ്ഞിൽ കുടുങ്ങി 😁

^Music^ Hello guys, greetings to everyone! I’m in Iran. Tehran. Last few days I’m over here. Look how I look. I’ve a t-shirt, a thermal wear, a jacket and over that my riding gears. I look fat now. See the helmet, I’ve covered the face with a towel. From here on, we’re going to the cold places. It’ll be very cold as I saw the temperature was in minus. So, this is where I was staying for past 3 days. This is the hostel. After coming to Tehran, I searched for many hotels. The hotels in Tehran are very expensive but here the dorms are very cheap like we can afford it for 200 – 250 rupees. Single bed will be like 500 – 600 rupees. Cheapest place. Also they offer many things like tea, food, etc. Good staff they’re. They’ll care like a guests who’re coming to your house. He’s the Manager. I’ll provide the location of this place in my description. So check it out. Tomorrow if someone visits here, it’ll be handy for them. So we’re going to Azerbaijan. Today is the last day in Tehran. Can’t say as last day of Iran, as I’ll be reaching Azerbaijan by tomorrow. Amina is over there. Here we have parking space. So guys, we’ll leave to Azerbaijan border. We’ve 450 km drive and time now is 8 AM. After reaching Iran, this is the first time I’m riding this early. Because it’s 500 km and I need to cover it by evening. ^Music^ So we’re going via the coast route. So we can take a shortcut and ride up, it’s an awesome road. It’s in-between mountains. Roads are in mountains. Since it was morning, we had traffic in the city. I just escaped from it. We’re going through old road. The above one is the new road. This is a small town. We’re 15 kms away from Tehran. Turn left and turn right is what it’s showing. Oh god! Where to turn right? So the thing is, we’ve got a small problem. Earlier I showed you an highway but it is not open yet. So, the map was showing me to connect to that highway. So I need to return back the way which I came. Almost 10 – 15 kms. So need to go back. So this is the old road. See the mountain view. So we can return back from where we came. See the snowy mountain. This is a small town, Sulkah. Here is where we have reached after getting stuck. Haven’t filled fuel as I forgot. Bye bye.. Anyways, we’re lucky to see this town, nothing else to think of. Let’s go. So after riding another 15 kms, I’ve reached the place where I came earlier. Straight. Google map cheated me. Not Google map but another map. I’m not saying the name. That was an app which was recommended by many people from Gulf. No use pointing to app, road is blocked. So again into city traffic. So, my hands are freezing. So I stopped here as he called me to have tea. He called me to drink tea. I said no need but he insisted me. So I stopped here. So I need to remove helmet. I’m listening to Tujhe dekho… song. It’s very cold. Very cold. So I don’t feel hotness of this tea. I’ve already shown how tea water is boiled. I’ve kept my gloves near that steamer. This is at 10 AM, this much cold. Usually I start ride at 10 but today I started earlier. This is Bananas from India. Fruits imported from India. And behind is, I don’t know what it is. Seomthing black in color. Like radish. No Cigarette. I don’t think night ride will be possible. Even after wearing thick gloves, my hands are frozen. It’s a supermarket. See our honey cake. Honey cake we used to eat in India. In many shops, they’ve this steamer for tea. This is hot water in both steamers. We can get a cup and put some tea, sugar and then can drink tea. He used translator and is explaining me the status of the way which I’m going. Road is covered with snow. We’ve got problems with snow and cold climate. This is the status here. I don’t know what he said. I think he wished me luck. They’ve given me a priceless… They’ve given me a priceless suggestion. Not to keep mobile like this. As there are chances for robbery. Asked me to take care of my bike and mobile. They were continuously saying the same. So definitely we need to take care in this route. They won’t say a thing without knowing it right. This is a small town and I’m searching for gloves. Searched in footpath. I need a best quality one. Because we have foot level snow. Leg, body and face is fine! But gloves is the only problem. I got rainproof gloves and stuff. But not snow proof. Almost costs around 4000 rupees but not recommended for snow. Very crowded. I’ve not crossed 50 km from Tehran, it’s been almost 2 hours roaming. Because of searching gloves and taking a wrong route. This is the first time I took a wrong route after being in Iran. Tehran is a big city. So I’m stuck here and there. The thing is, 1 km away, with this huge highway I was roaming around small town. With 20-30 kmph speed. I didn’t know about this. I can only follow maps right? I stopped and searched in maps to find this highway going to the same place. Qazvin is our next destination. ^Music^ I came to this shop for a reason. It’s 12.30 PM noon time and this is a good place. Since it’s very cold outside. Very very cold. Only problem is the gloves. Even legs are getting cold. So they’re setting up heater for me. And I’m chilling in this place. I’ve ordered a burger and having this tea. I’ll show you outside the location. See there is nothing in sky. This is a bus station. Bus halts here for tea or food. And this place is full of restaurants and shops. Like snacks, fruits etc. That is the main thing here. This is the restaurant I’m in. Just like we see some foreign vehicles, people are surprised to see my bike. They’ve working hard for me.This thing is not working. They’ve fixed it now I’ll show you another thing. I’ll show you a trick, to encounter the cold weather. See this! Every now and then, I stop and keep the gloves on engine. Since Engine is very hot, the gloves also gets warm and hot. Will keep gloves on both sides. Will keep one on this side. And the other on the other side. When engine gets hot, gloves get hot as well. It’s a good idea, you can try it. Very cold. Good to see. ^Music^ So we’ve got a new problem. Snowfall. See the road. Not dust storm but snow storm. From here on, It’s full of snow. I’m not singing. Shivering in cold. On both my sides, it’s heavy snow and heavy snow fall. There are chances to skid. Chances to skid, chances to freeze, chances for health issues. Need to care completely. Very nice road. What a beautiful road. There are chances to skid. My helmet’s glass is full of mist. I removed my gloves to take a photo. Oh god! It is like keeping our hands inside freezer. Very cold not cold but like freezer. I’m unable to see anything. Helmet is covered by snow and I’m unable to see anything. I’m just riding bike by a guess. I couldn’t see far. Couldn’t lift the helmet glass as it’s very cold. ^Music^ I’ve reached down and last few visuals wouldn’t be clear. Since it’s snowing over the camera lens. May be another 35 – 40 kms. Cant say have completely finished. It’s afternoon. Next problem is, before night time, before getting dark, need to reach a town. The day is clear but night will not be. Will catch next town. My location is Astara, Azerbaijan-Iran border. 250 kms more. ^Music^ We’ve reached a small town. There will be raindrops, so please adjust. This is not rain, snow fall. Ice instead of water. Everyone is looking at me in surprise. Since I’m riding bike in this climate. In Tehran and Isfahan, we saw many bikes. We cant see a bike here. I think no one uses bike here. Can’t spot a bike. They’ll be thinking I’m crazy. Yes I’m crazy! 100% normal people cant live happily. At least you should be somewhat crazy enough. To enjoy the life. I’m in a petrol pump to refill. This is full of snowfall. Ice got inside my camera and it is stuck. Need to remove gloves and helmet to setup all these. And then, my hands were like numb. See the trees on this side. You can see the snow falling. Isn’t it very beautiful? It’s a separate feeling. But in this situation, I cant experience these feelings. We’ll leave. See this frame. Anyone would like to ride a vehicle through this road. And I’m listening to a good Malayalam song. Which song? Everyone plays this in Ladakh. Sing that song. He asked me to follow him. I’ve got stuck. See this area. I’m showered in snow. Another thing is, my body is numb as it is very cold and couldn’t feel a thing. He asked me to follow him. Need to clean camera then and there. It’s falling over the lens. Actually I’m stuck. I couldn’t drive here. Couldn’t apply brakes. See the car that has skid here. Many vehicles have met accident here. GoPro is not working. Couldn’t take any visuals. This is the location where I’m stuck. Very good snowfall here. Seriously got locked here. This is the status here. The thing is, I cant ride the bike. Police is not allowing me to drive. There is no brake. I’m riding in 10-20 kmph speed. See the bike. Covered with snow. Full of snow. My seat. Couldn’t see anything. This is the surrounding. My GoPro is not working. I’ve called a truck. We can put the bike in truck and drop it in next location. From there, we can leave tomorrow morning. Cops stopped me here. This GoPro is not working and that’s why I couldn’t shoot. So, they’ve put my bike here. I couldn’t get oxygen. It’s getting difficult to breathe. I don’t know who they’re. My situation. There is another truck. This car met into an accident. Hit another car. They’re tying to the truck. I’m inside truck and Amina is behind me. Even this truck is slow as it pulls another car. It’s extreme weather condition. No people are outside. Many vehicles are getting into accident. Couldn’t apply brakes. There is no option to drive. This is a small road. This road is this much and I’m riding in 10-20 kmph. Then cops came. They don’t know English but this guy can. He asked to come with them and asked to stay in room 5 kms away. I think the weather will be the same from hereon. Weather condition changes immediately. This is the situation outside. See the vehicle is covered with ice. He’s using wiper to clear the view. That’s the situation outside. He’s a good guy. Where can we get this feeling. When I stopped as cops came, they said it’s not safe. We need to go over there. Till there we can go in this truck. I though to taking a hotel. But this guy asked me to stay in his house. I was happy. So I’ll be staying in his house. Tomorrow morning I’ll go to the border. Tomorrow my visa will expire. I need to cross Iran border before 12 AM. 15 days visa is expiring tomorrow. 28th is when I entered and today is 11th. 12th night it will expire. I need to do something. -12 degrees it seems in Azerbaijan – Georgia border. Mostly, I’ll run into some problems. How will I ride for 350 kms from here. These are serious situations but we need to take it lightly and enjoy. We’ve reached the room. Here there is some day light. Amina is over there. So Amina is over here. See the road. They’re taking the bags. We’ll reach the room and see. I’m like a frozen chicken now. See the street. So I’m in room. I’ve scattered all my things here. Ishfan is his name. Beiman. They’re drivers. I like drivers. Mostly drivers save me. I’m in room. It’s heavy snowfall. In Azerbaijan-Iran border, it is -11 degrees. The border is closed. Tomorrow night my visa will expire. I need to find a way to reach. Bike is perfect. It is outside and will be covered in snow by tomorrow. I’m feeling happy. Even though we encounter big problems, we shouldn’t be afraid. There will be a way. You know as I was stuck in rain riding 10-20 kmph, using legs as my brakes. Now I’m a warm room. Waiting to eat some food. If we think positively and do it, it will be done. Visa is about to expire. There will be a way. Border is close and there will be some way. Thanks for the support. There is sad thing I need to say. When I was inside truck, I was reading comments. I saw a rude comment. I felt very sad. When I was in a bad situation, stuck in snow, shivering, frozen hands. At that time, I wanted to relax and see comments. There was guy who commented rudely. Felt very sad. Thank you for the support. Please do subscribe. Like and comment. Tomorrow we can see Azerbaijan border video. But I don’t know what will happen. We’ll see in next video.

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