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[EP:69] INDIAN BIKER IN AZERBAIJAN, അസർബൈജാനിലെ കാഴ്ചകൾ.  😍

[EP:69] INDIAN BIKER IN AZERBAIJAN, അസർബൈജാനിലെ കാഴ്ചകൾ. 😍

[Music] Hello guys, greetings to all! I’m now in Azerbaijan. I don’t know how to pronounce the place name. You can see the surrounding. It’s a village area. Last night I stayed in this hotel. Today we’re going to Baku. From here it is 246 kms. It’s the capital city of AB. I heard it’s a nice road. No snow fall and it’s like highway. We can cover Baku in 3 hours. From today we’ll be exploiring beautiful places of Azerbaijan. Please subscribe if you’ve not done yet. Like & Comment. This is how you can show me your love. So we can leave, Amina is ready. See the mic. Camera’s adapter broke. So I’ve connected camera like this. To Baku. This is a small town. Even here we can see old model cars but there are many Mercedes. Not sure what it is. Many old model Mercedes cars are here. So today I’m listening to Gireesh Puthenchery’s old time songs. Azercell simcard. I’ve not taken sim yet. Once I reach Baku, will get one. You know how happy I’m. Very happy. You’re happy as well right? We’re seeing new visuals. When we cross a border of a country, the scenes are also changing. If there are no borders, all countries would’ve been similar. [Music] The houses here have a peculiar design. Feels like European culture. See the roof is made of asbestos sheets. This is a big house. There is no concrete roofing, may be they have it in first floor. See here Astana is on left, Baki Baki is what they call Baku in their language. We’re going to Baki. Right side from here, 249 kms. Listening to Gireesh Puthenchery’s songs. We’re entering the highway. See how highway looks, very neat. In Iran they said, roads are blocked here and can ride due to snow. Nice roads right? We can slowly speed a bit. Baku, 234 kms more. Sorry Baki, 234 kms. Let’s go! [Music] I stopped here to change my gloves. Air is entering inside through this. See the left and right side of the road, they’ve fencing. Here on both sides of the road, I can see fencing. Cows & Sheep are grazing on both sides. So it’s very safe, no problem. Cows and sheep are very safe. They can graze and can’t enter the road. Awesome road, clean and neat, safe. There are few vehicles. Till now everything is fine, we can see how’s it from here on. Almost covered 43 kms. In Iran I rode for 2200 kms. Here almost rode for 60-70 kms. Today 43 kms. Only 200 kms more left to Baku. We need to reach the room. See they’re selling. I won’t say this is a duck. This is a bird. Seems like a duck but not duck. They wanted to take photo. They’re speaking in Turkish. Is it a crane? It’s like a marriage reception. Blood is there. Kids are watching, so no need. Don’t know how to say Thank you. Then and there we can see these birds. We’ll leave. I wanted to shoot these for video but all spoiled because of photo session. Earlier I said about fence, you can see. We can see sheep here and there. Vehicles have started to change. Can see some expensive cars. Mohanlal’s Hari murali ravam song…. Though I’m driving in AB, my heart is in Kerala because I’m listening to old Malayalam songs. I love to listen old songs because of music, lyrics and meaning. I love it. In order to relax, it is best to listen old Malayalam songs. This is a rest area. Place to fill petrol and have food. Have some petrol, let me finish it. I slowed down here to show you these. All these days, we saw visuals of Iran. This is AB’s rest area. Wow! Good standard. I’m not filling petrol, I don’t have much money. So, we’ll leave. Here they will fill it. Unlike Iran where we fill petrol. I don’t have money, have to exchange after reaching Baku. I’m not exchanging money but need to speak to Malayalees and will transfer to their Indian account and get local currency is my plan. [Music] These are dried grass they’re taking. We can see many such vehicles. Moreover we can see they’d have rolled in fields as well. The thing is Petrol is about to over. As said earlier, we’ll pour. Are you listening to the song which I listen? Hope you’re listening. Now? This is the song which I’m listening now. Will get copyright, so I’l switch off. We’ll pour it. Filled the petrol. This is the road to Iran border. So we can see many trucks. To enter Iran, we need carnet. But in AB, it’s not required. So the vehicles are very less in this route. Many trucks are there. I think that, after reaching border, they might need to wait for 1-2 days to cross border. Waiting for 2 days. Nice road and great weather. Cold is there but sun is there as well. After crossing Iran border, the place has completely changed. There are no hills or mountains like Iran. Flat areas. Still 110 kms more to Baku. When seeing this frame, it feels like Bangalore. I can feel that. Vehicles are coming this way. Bangalore & Hyderabad roads are like this small hills, roads and left side empty area. There is a small shake in bike. I need to check that. I’ve added some extra luggage. This is the banana jacket. This is my shoe. I’m currently using the new one. Paid 150 rupees but worth it. It’s better than 6000 rupees worth Woodland. [sings song] We’ll leave to Baku. This is fish. They said something, we’ll keep the bike there. There’s something there. Fish! Lively lake fish. Forgot to say one thing, over there is the Caspian Sea. Varieties of fishes. Lake fishes. Even here there are fishes but dead ones. We wont ride like that. We go slow. Okay, I’m leaving. See you next time. They’re village people and very nice people. Fishermen. Lake fishes. Even here it’s fishes. On both sides of the road, we can see huge walls. Since there are houses on both sides, kids might enter the road. This is part of safety.Because they always close the highways using fences, walls etc. Since this is a residential area and to avoid people entering the highway. That’s why they might’ve closed. In our country, it’s the opposite. If a VIP comes and travels through undeveloped area, they will immediately built wall and paint it. [Music] So we’ve reached Baku. Traveling through Baku Town. Stuck in traffic block. Even here we can see old model vehicles. See a KL 10 registration car. 10 VO 430 Malappuram registration vehicle. Traffic. From here we need to take left. As said there are many Benz here. These type C-Class cars are here. Awesome bus. See the tyres are covered. How’ll they turn the tyres? I’ve a problem that to tilt the mirror, I can take my hands out easily. Since I’ve gloves. I need to learn the traffic system here. I couldn’t understand the signal light. I’ve stopped in red lights. Since there is no carnet, hopefully i wont have fine. There is no record for this vehicle. So there is no chance for fine. The thing is I wanted to make a call from his number. Did you see how difficult it is? I showed him I dont have sim. He don’t understand that. Yes took bike from India and came. I’m crazy right. I’m crazy! I’m crazy! Crazy! Thus, we have parked our bike. I’ve removed all my items. We’ve found 2 Malayalees after 25 episodes. Tell your name. Jayalakshmi, Kollam. Althaf, Kollam. We’re medical students. This is her room. I’m not staying with her but with him. We’ve parked bike safely here and going to his room. Many people said me that in Baku the temperature is in minus, very cold etc.. Even I was planning to buy a chain to tie up on my tyres. If there is lot of ice. Here there is no snow but cold is there. Cold is fine but shouldn’t snow. We should be able to drive. No other problem. People are fine. People wished after entering the town. Many Indians work here. Many Malayalees work, study do business. We can meet them all, this is the street. See the skyscrapers. I’ve reached the room. This is our bro’s room. Here is where I’m gonna stay for 2 days. I’ve placed all my things here. Similarly I can smell Biriyani. I’ll show you. These are bro’s friends. She’s from Gujarat. Introduce yourself. Fathima, Ernakulam. Amitha, Ernakulam. She’s from Perumbavoor and I’m from Edapally. What Biriyani are you preparing? Archana’s Biriyani. Let them prepare Biriyani. Now, I need to edit Then I need to sleep. See the seal which customs stuck on drone. This is the seal they stuck. We can just remove it and stick it back easily. I’ve not opened it. Need to edit. Then food. I’ve many work. Thanks for the support. Please subscribe. Like & Comment. We’ll see in next episode.

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