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EPA Monitoring Recycling Center Fire

EPA Monitoring Recycling Center Fire

the Environmental Protection Agency will spend all night monitoring a Whitley County recycling plant where a large scrap pile caught fire today it happened at Eastern Kentucky recycling in Williamsburg lex18 S Connor McHugh was there all afternoon as crews made sure the fire stayed under control from all around Williamsburg you couldn’t miss it didn’t really know what it was looms of black smoke and flames coming from Eastern Kentucky recycling it was like a little bit kind of like a firecracker or something like that and then I saw the smoke and he got pretty heavy for several hours firefighters had a tough task ahead of them it was a problem to explain 15 20 feet in there so it’s pretty well and go it took nine different fire crews in more than two hundred thousand gallons of water to get things under control you just hit hit on brother you put lots and lots of water lots and lots of foam and then once you get the fat you have to take the fire department put it out investigators don’t know what started the fire late this morning they say no one was hurt but for a few hours toxic chemicals likely burned into the air there is everything that comes in scrapyards and that he among them are still refrigerators bicycles everything in the worlds and my emergency management officials asked anyone nearby to not take any chances I just pretty much stayed in the house like they told me to do and just kind of worried about the elderly people maybe the kids workers with the EPA will stay on scene all night to survey the air and water covering the news in Whitley County Connor McHugh lex18 news

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