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Epic Climbing Workout: 40 Minute Tempo Cycling Training On The Passo Falzarego & Passo Valparola

Epic Climbing Workout: 40 Minute Tempo Cycling Training On The Passo Falzarego & Passo Valparola

– Hello and welcome along to GCN’s latest tempo workout session. Today we are going to be
joining Simon Richardson on a couple of beautiful
climbs in the outer region of the Dolomite. First up, it’s the Passo Falzarego and we’re straight on to
the Passo Valparola. First of all though,
you want a good warm up. We’ve only got three minutes to do that. In fact, it’s already down
to two minutes and 40, so start spinning those legs. Get the blood flowing and the body warmed up and ready for what’s to come. Okay we’re already on the climb now but we want to take things steady during the warmup. We’re actually ramping up the pace. This session is all about
improving your climb and even your speed on flat roads too. We are effectively going to be doing three seven-and-a-half intervals at tempo, but each of them is
peppered with shorter effort at almost maximum 10 out of 10 effort. So doing it for seven and a half minutes. We start with 2 minutes of tempo with a 15-second max effort interval. Another two minutes at tempo and a 30-second max effort. Another two minutes at tempo and finishing each seven and a half minute with 45 seconds at max effort. There will be three minutes of each with easy riding between each one and then at the end, there’s a nasty little surprise. Another two minutes of
tempo and one minute flat out, to the top of the climb. Okay, we’re halfway
through the warmup now. Keep it up at around 100 RPMs. Get your mind focused and ready for what’s to come. Now, when we’re doing these intervals, you can adjust the resistance either on your trainer
or using your gears. I’m using Elite direct so I’ve got the resistance set. I’m gonna be using my gears
to get the correct resistance for the effort levels. One minute to go of your warmup. Okay, gradually increasing the effort. Remember, we’re going to
be starting the first lot with two minutes at tempo. I’m going to try to keep it around 90 RPMs for each of the tempo efforts and at 100 to 110 for each of the shorter, higher intensity intervals. Under 30 seconds to go. Nine seconds to go. Find the right gear, if
you’re doing it that way. Okay. On to the tempo. Find a gear that puts you around 90 RPMs. And a seven out of 10 effort. Stay seated. Join Si Richardson up this climb. And then remember, after
these first two minutes, straight into a 15-second
flat-out interval, and straight back into tempo zone. Okay, we’re one minute in. We have one minute to go. Now if you’re lucky enough
to be using a powermeter this session, doing the tempo efforts, you need to be around 80 to 85 percent of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP). But, if you’re just going
with feel, that’s fine. That’s at seven out of 10 effort is what you should be
feeling for this duration. Thirty seconds to go until we do our
high-intensity for 15 seconds. You wanna stay in the saddle for the shorter ones. Ten to go. Five. Two. One. Flat out for 15 seconds. Take it up to 100 to 110. Five. Two. One. Back down to tempo. Back to seven out of 10 effort level. Remember, another two minutes of seven out of 10 effort for a thirty second 10 out
of 10 shorter interval. I try to mimic the bike position that you want to get better
at out on the open road. So if you’re looking to
improve your climbing, spend some more time up here on the top. If you’re looking to get
better on flatter roads, then you can get aero on the hoods, or aero on the drops. Forty-five seconds to go, into our next one. Breathing should be without control through this tempo effort. Keep the pedalling smooth. Try and keep your upper body still. Then we’ve still got quite a way to go to the end of this session
to the top of this climb. Fifteen seconds. Next one is 30 seconds long. Five to go, choose your gear. One, now flat out. For 30 seconds. Twenty. One hundred to 110 RPM. Ten to go. Five, three. Two, one. Back down to tempo. Already starting to bite a little bit. The great thing about this session, is that it teaches your body
to recover from an effort while you’re actually still
going reasonably hard. So you’re not getting complete recovery between each shorter effort. And that’s gonna work its magic when you’re out racing and doing group rides on the open road. Trying to get that breathing
under control again. Don’t forget, as ever, to take a drink. One minute to go. Then it’s 45 seconds flat out. Simon’s gotten well up there hasn’t he? Thirty seconds to go. Keep remembering your
position of the bike. Keep your upper body very steady. Keep your legs at 90 RPM. Get yourself ready for
the last shorter interval of this third tempo effort. Ten seconds. Five, get in gear. Two. One. Forty-five seconds, 10
out of 10 effort, come on. Gonna raise the cadence. Thirty to go. Twenty. Fifteen, come on. Then we’ve got three minutes easy. Ten. Five. Two. One. And relax slightly. Alright. Keep the cadence high. Take the resistance right off. Or if you’re using your trainer, or using your gears, you’ve got two minutes
and 42 seconds to go before we do that again. Right at two minutes. Easy spinning til the
next interval starts. Now is the time if you want
to take some fluids on board. And now’s also a time that you might wanna
change positions slightly. If you wanna get out of the saddle, use some different muscles, ease off of the ones
you have been working. Just take it easy. One and a half minutes, halfway through this recovery period. Keep breathing under control now, that’s the important part. Probably at well over
1500 metres of altitude. Still a third bit of climbing to go. Twenty-six and a half minutes left overall in this session. So we’ve done seven and
a half minutes of work. And we’ve got a total of
18 minutes of hard work still to go, intermingled
with those rest periods and cool down. Forty seconds. Keep the cadence up, mine’s dropping. Twenty to go. Just to remind you, straight
back into seven out of 10 tempo effort for two
minutes in 11 seconds’ time. So get your gear ready. Try and get into the same
one you were in before unless you were finding it too easy. And go. Now keep it controlled. This should feel hard, but doable. Like you could just about hold
a conversation with somebody. And you could if you wanted to. It’s going quite some time. If it weren’t for those
nasty shorter intervals. Okay, keep your cadence at 90. If you haven’t got a cadence metre, you can follow the yellow
arrows going around and around on the screen. Gotta keep one of your
pedals inside of one of those arrows. That’s it, everybody. One minute and ten until a 15-second interval. One minute. Bit of a snow line. Thirty seconds. Twenty. Ten seconds to go. And five, get it in gear. Two, one. Go. Fast as you can go, eight seconds to go. Three. One, back to tempo. Don’t let it drop too much. If you’re using your heart rate monitor, you’re probably going to
find it gradually rising, even for the same effort as you warm up, and you struggle slightly to recover from the really intense efforts. Don’t worry about that as
long as it feels very similar, you’re doing just the right thing. I’ve let my cadence drop. Make sure you keep an eye on your cadence. Ninety now. One minute to go before our 30-second interval for the second time. Look at that road surface. Thirty seconds to go. Next bit is going to hurt so get your brain ready for it. Doing really well, come on. Almost halfway through
the really hard work now. Ten seconds to go. Four. Get in gear. Two, one. Go! Thirty seconds. Twenty. Got another gear. Ten. You got 100 to 110 RPMs, spinning. Five. Two, one. Alright, tempo. Keep in mind your RPM. Alright. We’ll try to recover at this effort. I know it’s hard. Focus on breathing. Right in and down to your stomach. Smooth. Steady out the body. One minute to go. And then, I’m afraid it’s 45 seconds and now I’m paying for it. Thirty seconds left. I reckon we’re gonna be
starting this next one just around this corner. Ten, you ready? Five, get your gear. Two, one. Go, 45 seconds. Get it up to 110 RPMs if you can. Thirty to go. Come on. Twenty. Almost there, come on. Ten. Five, almost resting. Come on. To the line. One. Easy. (gasping) Alright, keep spinning the legs. You have to let me get my breath. Keep on drinking. So, you have now completed 15 minutes of hard intervals. And all you’ve got to go is 10 and a half minutes. Try to keep the cadence off if you can. Still easy. Just keep your legs spinning. Drink as much as you can. If you want to, relax at the side. Breathing under control. It’s hard to keep the cadence up when you wanna relax, isn’t it? You’re halfway through. A minute and a half before we do the third and final seven and a half minute section. And you can get a little bit of rest before our last three minute section. Then there’s a nice cool down and your job for the day will be done. Looking good, Si, isn’t he? Look at him. Poker faced. One minute to go. Remember, it’s straight back in your tempo after two minutes once this rest period is over. Seven out of 10. Eighty to 85 percent of
functional threshold power. Okay. Last drink before we start the last one. Fifteen to go. Time to get really engaged. And gears. And go. Go straight back into tempo. Try to find the gear that you had before with the same resistance on your trainer. I must admit, it does feel smooth on this. Straight into 90 RPMs. Breathing should still be
controlled at the moment. One minute, 30 to go. Remember it’s 15-second
intervals to start with. Then 30, then 45. One minute, 10. Keep your body steady. Pedal around in circles. Try and keep everything
smooth, even your breathing. Forty seconds to go. I know it’s feeling hard,
but it’s the last run now. We’re almost to the finish line up there through the mountains. Twenty to go. Focus on your breathing. Ten. Five. Three, two, one. Fifteen seconds hard. Ten over 10, come on. Ten. Five. Two, one, and back down. Straight into tempo. Well done. Sorry, I got lost for words. Not much blood left in my brain. One and a half minute to go. And then, the 30-second interval. Keep your cadence at 90. Don’t forget, if you haven’t
got a cadence metre, look out. Keep your eye on the yellow
arrows on the screen. Try and replicate that tempo. This tempo is going to feel harder than a steady tempo because of those intervals
that we do in between. It is hard for your body
to recover from those after tempo effort. But I’m telling you, you are going to reap the rewards from this session later on this year. Well done. Thirty seconds until our last 30-second interval. And 10 to go. Five. Get it in gear, two. One, go. Get the cadence up. Get the effort up. Twenty-five seconds to go. Fifteen, halfway there. Try and keep it smooth. Seven. Five. Two. One, break. Don’t slack it off. Back down to your tempo resistance. Two minutes of this. Well done, everybody. You’re doing really well, come on. Okay, we’ve now crested Falzarego. And we’re beginning to Valparola. That way, this bit’s not too long. So it does crest at well over 2000 metres above sea level. So if you’re struggling for oxygen, that might be why. Okay, one minute to go. Try and keep your effort up 90 RPMs. See if you can use the same resistance or the same gearing on your trainer. You’ve got 45 seconds to go for our last 45-minute
high intensity interval. Sorry, 45 seconds. Don’t worry. That frightened you, didn’t it? Thirty to go. Fifteen. Almost there. Five. Get into your gear. Two. One. Forty-five seconds from now. Go. Well done, come on. Keep that cadence up. Thirty to go. Twenty, come on, that’s it. Ten, nine, five. Two, one. Well done. Give it a minute. Take it easy. While the cadence has dropped, keep it easy. I gotta spin the legs. Now, a quick reminder in case you’ve forgotten. You have got a last and short interval to go. Tempo and high intensity again. But this time, two minutes at tempo. One full minute at that interval. So we’ve just gone over
the pass at Falzarego. We now turn right and there’s a very short last bit of Valparola. And at this point, we well
over 2000 metres of altitude. So if oxygen’s been a
small problem for you, that might be why. Keep drinking. Keep spinning. One minute to go. This has already been a great recess. If you stayed up with us, with myself, and Si on the screen, you’ve already done some
great work in this session. But we’re gonna cap it off and we’re gonna put the icing on the cake and we’re gonna eek out
that fine percentage of form by doing well over these
last three minutes. And then, you’re effectively
going to be done. Thirty to go. You can see where Si was parked from the side there. Fifteen. So 10 to go, get it back up to the tempo resistance or gear. Five, four, three, two, one. Okay up. Back to seven out of 10 for two minutes. Ninety RPM. I know your legs are hurting. We’re just gonna get
through to the finish line in two minutes and forty seconds. One minute and forty tempo, one minute flat stick to the line. Well done, keep it going. One minute, 10. One minute to go, tempo. Two minutes to go to our
finish line, come on. Still at tempo now. Ah, Si’s starting to weave. Forty to go. And 30. Fifteen to go. Get your brain engaged. Last bit of pain, only 60 seconds of it. Five seconds. Get your resistance, get your gear. Two, one. Go, one minute. Well done. Almost finished, come on. Forty-five. Thirty to go. That’s it, keep it going,
keep your cadence high. Twenty to go. Sorry, you’re gonna have to
give us some encouragement. I’m out of breath. Sprint. Sprint. Sprint. (heavy breathing) Go, go, go, go, go. Three. Two. One. Ah, well done. Nice spin. We’ve got a minute and
a half of cool down. We can push that longer if you feel like you need it. I kinda feel like I do. Well done, everyone. That was a great session. Twenty five and a half minutes in total of really good quality in that. And I can feel it. Alright. Try to keep the cadence up again. Maybe just in your easiest gear or your easiest resistance down on the turbo trainer. Thirty to go. Twenty. Oh look. Si stopped to admire the view. Okay, well done everybody. Thanks for joining
myself and Si Richardson. I was gonna say, if you want
to continue to cool down, please feel free to do so. However, if you are a real
glutton for punishment, you can continue straight
on to another session. Who’s going out for the dare? This time with Matt Stevens. You can find that climb in the bottom left hand corner down there. Or, if you’re interested in using the virtual online world that is Zwift or you’re using it already, and you haven’t yet used
interactive trainer mode, Si Richardson explains all about that and how to use it in the top corner there. So please subscribe to the channel. Global Cycling Network, by clicking on the globe.

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