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EPIC FREERIDE TRAIL! They Demanded this be TORN DOWN! | Jordan Boostmaster

EPIC FREERIDE TRAIL! They Demanded this be TORN DOWN! | Jordan Boostmaster

Ok dropping in! I would like to introduce you to a trail
that no longer exists this was known as the ‘Man Line’ it’s a short freeride trail
with some epic stunts on it that’s it what do I mean it doesn’t exist? Well you
can look for it and you won’t find it you see the builders had to destroy this
a couple months ago because of a notice from the higher-ups who didn’t like what
they saw and they forced the builders to tear it down since they deemed it too
dangerous and was illegally built I love the build construction These guys really know what they’re doing when it comes to
building epic stunts this is not for the faint of heart
this is beyond double black even beyond bike park Pro lines it may look flowy
but it’s also pretty technical this is the upper half and there is a lower
portion which is a little easier to ride featuring a few jumps and a cool on/off
rock and a wood drop at the end This beautiful creation was constructed by
three builders Anddrew, Nick and Ben If you like what you see so far take a look
at the squirrel catcher for this trail it’s a longer skinny than I thought! “yeah and if we ever got to build the next one it would have been ten times the
length” I love skinnies and all but I’m not even sure if I can do this it’s
a long skinny to drop the skinny is probably around four inches wide it
might be around 12 feet long so after you drop off that you do this little gap
into this big Hucker through the goal posts goalpost trees there and there and
then over this little bridge transfer over this little jump and then
into the final big steep sender I brought my skypilot along and I can’t
wait to ride this normally you guys wouldn’t be able to see a video like
this on my channel because I wouldn’t be allowed to film or even want to share
these kinds of secret trails with you guys but because of this unique
situation where it is the last day before the builders tore it down they
wanted to make this live on in some other form so to celebrate the life of
this trail the builders invited everyone they could to come on out and they said
bring your cameras and go crazy so we had a party on the
trails that was insane are you okay max had to cool it for a little bit before
going back to it hitting a tree midair can really shake you up this goalpost jump is a bit of a mind
game I’ve got to figure out how to do this wanna hug right because of like the
way the lining goes but obviously you can’t I mean I three i justold
I just go up here right here little bit of an angle and if there’s just so many
things on this trail I just kind of mess with your head cuz like yeah you just
kind of go straight through the trees it’s simple right before I try out any
of those features I’m going to take my bike and rides in the lower section
since I know I can do this easily enough whoa baby whoa Wow Wow
okay this berm is great but this landing is kind of funny so you got a tree here
sorry there yeah baby oh man all right found myself a little
watering hole at this point all the boys left to ride some other trails and I
missed out on that while I was here by myself trying to get water but as I wait
for them I’m gonna do a little bit of practice and just see how this feels
this jump it actually doesn’t look too bad
it’s just these trees that are goal posting it but as you can see everyone
runs in just a little bit to the left here so you’re not going to hit that
tree like that one guy max hit but you’re still you just got to make sure
you aim right when you land I love skins I love that they made this
as the squirrel catcher but I really don’t know if I can do it so let’s
practice oh boy what is starting to a trail huh
look at this this puts me in a very awkward position probably shouldn’t have
done this it’s I think most of the guys say that this
is the hardest part of trail I think I agree I will just say that this was
filmed earlier in the summer and I have gotten better at skinnies since but yeah
I know I’m not very good at this it’s the height that’s what’s so sketchy it’s
just the height of this thing and the punishment no gloves this time let’s
feel every bit of handlebar grip and brakes okay that was actually better I
think that I can just do it all right I’m uh gonna try the other stuff hmm there’s only so much I want to do while
I’m alone but eventually the boys came back and now I want to hit this okay
i’ma gonna do a run in too fast yeah fine yeah oh I just landed I Wow okay all right well I got most of the line
now at least and it’s really fun this guy sends the entire thing first
tribe didn’t even ride this at all yet Wow nobody has linked it all first try unfortunately I won’t be doing the drop
today I’m okay with that though it’s not worth mangling myself in my bike there’s
always more 50 on up there okay dropping in yeah it’s such a fun line unless you do that why was that that was insane
I can’t just out of it I thought I was one of them speak hi this is freeride and this is some of
my favorite stuff to ride on a mountain bike wooden features cool jumps out in
the middle of a forest this is my kind of riding and it’s such a shame that it
had to get torn down but at least we got to document it in this video before it
got destroyed all clear Oh good fine special thanks to the trail
builders for building this and also trail builders everywhere for building
awesome trails thank you all thank you guys so
much for watching this so I want to give you keeps thanks to my patrons please
give a like and subscribe if you haven’t already stay tuned in to got lots more
awesome content on the way

100 comments on “EPIC FREERIDE TRAIL! They Demanded this be TORN DOWN! | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. Sick trail, wild trails like this are my favorite! There are a lot of trails like this in Poland. They do sadly get demolished too, but many of them live on. So much better than Bike Park riding.

  2. After it got wrecked he went ahead and started calling out other trailbuilders and slinging shit like a baby. Shit was cringy

  3. Didn’t all of woodlot almost get shut down because these guys cut down live trees and built this in one spot they weren’t allowed to?

  4. Apparently I am mistaken on what free ride is but what you said towards the end of the video completely blows my mind. To me the name free ride means something that isn't a made trail. It means going out and making your own trail. That's what seems logical to me anyway. Basically if that's the best free ride then something's seriously messed up. I am fairly new to this but come on.

  5. A like yuor video guy and guy's of the nice jumpstrkas and a good motivation for the rider's bike's in yuor paid yeeeaaaa sig sey intos session's of the free mountain bike the 👍 From the Santig of Chile 🇨🇱 nice day saluds a Tod's the guy's rider's 🗣️ WiiiiiiiPPP.

  6. Where I live 80% of the trails are illegal or social trails and the ones that are official suck for the most part. There are 3 dh or freeride trails like this that would get adopted into the system but the forest service is ignoring the proposal for better and more trails- that they got over 10 years ago!

  7. Great vid but, THAT IS BULLSHIT!!! There are people in this world doing bad stuff every day. These guys put their heart and soul into a sick line in the woods and someone decides it is wrong? What the hell?

  8. Sick trails and jumps. Love to see more of this. Building it inside a logging area makes road access to the trails easy but also means that you’re gonna get on either the logging company’s radar or the government. Too bad these trails weren’t built in a remote location where they could stay out of the spotlight

  9. As a trail builder in Florida where trails are hard to come by sometimes it makes me sad to see something like this get removed. I hope that one day that builders will get permission to build whatever they want as long as its in an approved area. None of this has to get approved stuff. Riders know what trails are good so let them build. Keep up the amazing videos you are one of my favorite channels out there.

  10. That looks ridiculous! Good thing the go pro effect tames the GNAR factor and makes this video safe for human consumption!

  11. I was building trails in my local forest and sadly the same thing happened, they tore it down 🙁 I was planning on making huge stuff like this someday too

  12. Very sad, all this time wasted. It happen the same problem with me and a bunch of friends, we build a secret trail with jumps and everything, it was like 5 minutes of ride but then we invited a few friends who invited a few friends,… and just like that it wasn't a secret anymore then a young guy broke his arm and the next week we had visite from police and they destroy the trail

  13. Were they forced to tear out the lower section? The jumps on the upper section are insane but that lower section looks like a blast

  14. What would be a good bike for a beginner that's never done any off this stuff before? (16M)

  15. The last shot wraps it up so perfectly. The days end, a campfire, the boys and beer. One of those moments we should make a mental note to make sure we never forget. Great video…for the most part encompassed all the things I love most about riding.

  16. Jordan, thanks for the props.As an old wildcat trail builder it’s sad to see something go, but it’s like Lincoln logs- sometime it’s the building that’s fun

  17. It is because of the bullies in government that this trail has to be torn down. "Crown Land" is an illegitimate concept, the state has never made anything productive in that land, so has no right to it. The builders made it, they own it.

  18. Unfortunately we live in an authoritarian nanny state. Wish they would spend their time and our dollars helping the homeless and distressed animals instead and let the citizens play how they like.

  19. It too bad that this trail had to be torn down. There need to be tails for all skill sets out there and these guys are at that level, make that a tipple black if you have to keep some people off.
    I'm not going of those jumps hell no, I know my limit. but I sure can appreciate those than can.

  20. Honestly why is it thaat hard. Like yes sure its some crazy stuff but dirt merchant for example doesn't exactly seam easier. So why?

  21. why wouldnt u want to share a video of a secret trail :I
    obviously its secret, spare me that comment lol, i dont wanna know where it is, just wanna watch u guys ride it 🙂

  22. An interesting behind the scenes look into some more burly trails. I love this type of building, but it is also easy to see why it has dwindled in recent years. So much up-keep!

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