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oh yeah Sharers major shout out to Hot Wheels who’s sponsoring this video they sent all this awesome product and are
helping us create it Sharers check hot wheels jump that we made out of
cardboard boxes Grace I think it’s gonna work yeah Sharer this gonna be the
start to the epic Hot Wheels backyard obstacle course we start all the way up
here the Hot Wheels cars gonna go all the way
down there hopefully it’ll have enough speed and power to jump and get some air
but there’s only one way to find out so Grace let’s go inside we got to grab a
Hot Wheels car oh we got a lot and I mean a lot to choose from grace which
one should I send down that epic backyard
oh this one looks good what’s it called it’s like a bottle oh yeah check it out
the carbonator this is awesome it’s got a little seat right there to ride in umm
yeah let’s send this down the track let’s see how it does Steve you really
think this track is going to work it’s pretty long and that jump is whew I
think it’s gonna work I think it’s definitely gonna work okay the
carbonator is going on first test here we go ready three two one lunch there it
goes there it goes there it goes come on come on Oh Oh take a little planning
just to get everything just right I think the track is a little bit then
let’s try it again try number two back to the top would do okay here we go you
ready yep launching three two one go go go the car is getting plenty of
speed but I’m thinking you may need a car with a little more weight yes a
little heavier Oh what this one out the aero pod yeah super heavy a dump truck
let’s try this one I think this is gonna work launching the Aero pod here we go
three two one go oh wow it’s going fast oh yeah we got the jump working that
means it’s on to the next step yeah next step is to build out the obstacle course
we got all these awesome supplies we got a giant cone we got a ladder
we’ve got soda bottles we got buckets we got baskets and to step things up a
notch at the very end grace come down here this basket will be worth one point
place that right here this basket will be worth two points and this basket will
be worth three points oh I know the first thing that I’m never put on the
obstacle course check this out I made this this morning well what is that it’s
a tunnel just connect the track slide it in whoa that’s like a perfect Hot Wheels
track mod yeah click it all together whoo that’s awesome let’s do a little
test and yeah perfect okay grace for this one I’m gonna use
the ladder technique Oh what’s the latter technique all you got to do take
this ladder and let’s disconnect part of the track disconnect it right here then
what we’re going to do is lay the ladder here but the Hutus track is gonna go in
and out of the ladder we need to prop it up right here yeah
just like that let’s see hang on oh I got just the idea
check this out oh yeah the multi-leaf boxes just like that
design just like this now we’ll run the track up and through here hmm
oh I got it we’ll just go like this all the way right here whoa there we go so
now we got a little louder Hill as the Hot Wheels car comes up here and may
lose some speed but as long as it can make it here it’ll catch speed as it
starts heading down and yeah that’s good okay so far we have the invisible tunnel
the ladder and I think I know just the right thing to add so let’s go get it
what is it look at that electric lime green orange
purple here it’ll be like a little soda City
the car will weep inside and out through each bottle and I’m going to show you
that I need to go get some more tracks and leave them inside and out so let’s
grab some curve pieces whoa check these out let’s make them
curved around the soda can you know what that means
guys disconnect the track right here just like that add a curve add another
one and another one last but not least a curve so now we have all the S curve but
we got place two soda can so let’s set them up like this and the
car has to go underneath without hitting them and not only is there one soda
tunnel there’s two so let’s put these ones right here oh yeah let’s do a test
to see how well this holds up they’re ready three two one go all the way
through yeah you know what I actually have
another obstacle to add anyway which one Cera’s come check this one out but
before we add the next step let’s test what we have so far first we have the
Hot Wheels car going through the invisible bridge then we have the Hot
Wheels car going over and under the ladder catching up a little speed at the
heads down through the soda tunnel bridge and then it’ll be to the next
step so let’s go get the next night up let’s go I got the safety cone of loop now that we have the cone we’re also
gonna add some loops to this so we’re gonna take this box and I move the cone
a little bit farther down I think we’re going to need some speed for this but
the tracks going to go from the soda tunnel bridges all the way down as the
Hot Wheels cars come off this cone we’re gonna head down this hill pick up a
bunch of speed and then they’re gonna go through this double loop system they’re
gonna go so fast through here then they’re gonna come out this end and
we’re gonna put the jump down here I’m gonna go off the ramp into the laundry
baskets this is going to be awesome yeah so let’s go ahead and connect the
track right off the cone right there everything to this loop box right here
right like that I think this is gonna work a lot of obstacles going on right
now let’s test what we have so far it’s going to be starting at the top of the
track it’s gonna go through the invisible tunnel and it’s gonna go over
and under the ladder bridge pass a ladder bridge through the soda bridge
tunnel over top of the cone through the loop to loop system and then if all goes
well it continues to make it off the ramp and into the air whoa sweet that’s
what we have so far let’s finish connecting everything just like that oh
let’s do a little test right here so after the soda tunnel it’ll come here
head down awesome let’s go ahead and move the jump all the way down here
Matt’s out a little more track looks good connecting the final pieces and
connecting the last final pieces oh yeah there we go check it out the backyard
obstacle course is complete I have no idea if this is gonna work we have not
tested this out yet but there’s only one way to find out
will this work grace let’s start testing you ready for this oh yeah yeah sure
I’ve been waiting all day for this I know it’s that’s it I got my three
favorite ooh those look good they’re all aerodynamic that one’s probably the
heaviest of them all yeah let’s try them okay grace you got your cards picked out
plus one and you’re up first ooh that one looks good
here we go I don’t know if this is gonna work this is a lot of obstacles that the
cars have to make it through before they make it off the jump but let’s find out
you ready here we go launching in three two one go
tunnel over over over oh oh so close okay my turn
Sharer Fam I’m gonna do this one this like dragster one this looks pretty good
pretty stealthy not very heavy though so we’ll see if it makes it watching it means that part okay here’s my next
one you ready yeah launch it and three two one go go go go go threw up yeah Oh
grace and in the same spot as last time maybe you have a bad technique you know
what I’ll try the exact super grace just did let’s see how far I can get it here
we go watching oh it’s the car the car interesting okay let’s go find another
super lightweight stealth car and I think it’ll make it all the way I think
you think that’s gonna work I think so as 24 and it’s blue I think Oh work okay
load it up let’s do it here we go grace ready launch it three two one go go go
come on make it a little farther Oh hmm okay shares you know what let’s grab
this one again the super stealth one let’s see how far we can make this one
let me launch this what I think I have a good technique you think you have a good
technique yeah this cars gonna go all the way shirts get ready it’s gonna go
through the whole entire course you know what grace I’m a smash like button can’t
give you good luck it’s got to make it all the way let’s do this there it goes
there it goes it’s going up the ladder back down through the curse whoa it’s up
it’s let’s see let’s see let’s see where to
go where to go where to go where to go in the back and knocked it over yeah
death three points great whoo war shares that was awesome this is our epic Hot
Wheels backyard obstacle course and major shots of hot wheels for sponsoring
this video we’ll see you tomorrow so until then you know what to do stay
awesome and share the love, peace!


  1. Graces first turn that actually got to the hunter course she did not get three points because it did not land in the basket it looks it landed next to the basket so you don't have those three points is at the beginning😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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  3. 0:43 that one black and green tank is a treasure hunt car meaning it’s rare it’s called the tankanator

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