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Equipe Collection

Equipe Collection

The idea behind the Equipe Jersey was to offer an affordable cycling apparel with the looks and features of a high-end jersey. It has since become a staple in the cycling community, offering one of the best values on the market. It was first introduced on the start lines in 2009 by the USA crit champion Frank Traviesco. Over the years, the Equipe Jersey has evolved into a complete collection. It is now offered in a men’s and women’s cut, you can complete your kit with shorts, bibs, gloves and socks as well. Since then, the bold corporate markings have evolved into the hottest seasonal design trends. In 2017, the famous Equipe collection is back with four distinctive looks, pulling from key artistic influences. The first artistic expression is Minimalist. In this design aesthetic, we are bringing things down to a more essential level, void of the extraneous details and treatments that other approaches may favor. This is clean, uncluttered, and focused on a calmer design direction. For our 2017 inspiration, we offer a take on a nautical aesthetic reinforced by the clean intersection of horizon and water on the open sea. The second concept is Geometry. At a fundamental level, designers look towards shape and form for direction and influence in approaching their work. For our inspiration, we chose clear geometric shapes cut down to some tighter, more carefully dosed elements. Interspersed with this is an interesting interplay of tone-on-tone and texture for added depth. Neo-Classic: Drawing from some hip cycling fashion going back to our 1980’s roots and the wool jerseys of the period, Neo-Classic pulls together storied lines with a contemporary kick to render a fun, fashion-focused, atypical look. We’ve used a unique color palette and some more natural-looking fabric treatments to take to an interesting design direction not normally seen in our line-up. Expressionist: Let it all hang out. Similar to some of our riding styles, we’ve infused this approach with a little bit of extra fun and flash. The designs in this vein are inspired from two key paintings; a watercolor for the women’s line and a more avant-garde piece for the men’s. You’ll find a colorful design aesthetic that doesn’t hesitate to give an extra pop. After all, this season’s Equipe collection, with its four distinctive looks, is guaranteed to reflect your personality.

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