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Espresso Or Cappuccino? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

Espresso Or Cappuccino? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

– At the Giro d’Italia 2018, we thought we’d ask the pros whether they prefer cappuccino or espresso. And, how many of each? (funk music) – Espresso or cappuccino? – Espresso, 100%. – How many? – Normally three to four a day. – Cappuccino in the morning,
espresso in the evening. – Cappuccino or espresso? – In Italy, espresso ’cause
I don’t know if they’ve … I don’t have dairy, so asking for soy milk, you’re gonna just insult Italy, basically. – How many espressi? – One. Otherwise … Again, Italian espresso you’ll
start getting the shakes. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Cappuccino, 100% cappuccino. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Espresso. – How many? Double is always good. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Espresso, because I
try to avoid as much milk as possible during the races. – Cool, and how many espressi? – Today actually, none. But, then I would come and
eventually to one to two to the end of this week and then three in the next week and four in the last week. – Nice. You have an espresso plan. That’s very cool. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Espresso. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Cappuccino. If I’m in Italy, cappuccino. – Great. How many? – Just one. With one it’s enough. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Espresso. – How many? – Three up to now. Three. – Good man. (laughing) – Espresso or cappuccino? – Cappuccino. – How many? – I think two. – Cappuccino or espresso? – Depending on the stage. Today definitely espresso. – How many? – Two. – Good answer. – Two doubles. – Two doubles? That’s actually four. – Two (laughing). – Thank you very much. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Lungo. Americano. – Oh my God, we have a different answer. A lungo. – Yeah. Espresso, I appreciate it, but it’s done with so quickly. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Both actually. – Both? Wow. – There’s a lot of time
between the start time and breakfast time and everything so, actually a couple of double espressos. – A couple of double espresso? Wow. That’s a lot of coffee. – Why not? It’s nice. Got to get going. – Espresso or cappuccino? – Now, espresso. – Why now? How many? – One. – Cappuccino or espresso? – Espresso. Siempre espresso. – Siempre espresso. How many espresso? – As many as I can get
down in the morning, that’s for sure. – Well in my entirely unscientific survey, I think espresso wins the day. Click here if you’d like
to find out what they eat for breakfast.

100 comments on “Espresso Or Cappuccino? | GCN Asks The Pros At The Giro d’Italia

  1. Ah we outlaw performance enhancing drugs… seems like no one has ever thought about the boost you get from being hyped up on caffeine! sounds like some of the pros have a real habit brewing there… Good video and thanks Emma for getting to the bottom of this dark subject ☕😂

  2. Americano is not a real coffee, ask for one in Italy and they will look at you like "I don't know what your talking about" it's a made up Starbucks drink.

  3. I thought itwould be a foregone conclusion that Espresso would win, as a lot of Pros don't use milk when competing or training!

  4. A tip for Emma to slowdown when she speaks. I have been binge watching GCN videos and I find her videos annoying simply because she speaks a bit too fast. I thought its only when she is cycling that she is out of breath but no I think that is just how she speaks in general.

  5. I like Emma's subtle discourse on linguistics and Italian plurals. Espressi! It definitely sounds better that way. I am about to go get two now.

  6. In Italy. I do macchiato. Closest to cafe latte in Australia.

    But at home. I go Asian. Malaysians call it Kopi Cham. Not like YinYeung from HK where I grew up, I mix Longo with Milo and a touch of milk. So a very long macchiato with Milo before the morning ride and I can slip solid food until reaching work even a 2 hour sessions with the boys

  7. Would've been a lot less hard to watch if you would have edited the question out of it after first 3-4 times. Just pop the answers, it's annoying hearing "Espresso or Cappuccino?" every 5-10 seconds, in the same accent, voice, etc.

    Good video otherwise 🙂

  8. I go for espresso, to actually taste the coffee, or filter coffee. Anything more than a macchiato just feels like drowning in a vat of milk.

  9. My main man here is Chris Hamilton of Team Sunweb, with Nicolas Roche of Team BMC a close runner-up. And nice work, Emma, great question. As for me, hand me a dark-roast brew and I am a happy camper. Hand me two and it is sunrise at a beach in California.

  10. Love the way Emma mixed it up, sometimes Expresso first, sometimes Capacheno first…….keep em on their toes 😬

  11. This whole time the reason why I'm not as good as the pros is because I like cold brew coffee instead of espresso based coffee

  12. Chris Hamilton is my guy! Only sweet breakfasts, too quick espresso… I'm curious about his next answers. Also love Viviani's quick reply.

  13. No Sagan in the video, so why the is he as the main picture? Dont do This again. If you Dont have, Dont use him… point!!!

  14. I guess a question like Asthma or Healthy? would prove a lot more value (it still puzzles me how can a person with breathing problems be a pro endurance athlete).

  15. Would espresso just be quick and perfect for an on-the-go drink, while cappuccino would be better for relaxing to because you can enjoy the froth?

  16. #1 RULE, ESPECIALLY IN ITALY: NEVER, EVER ASK FOR AND/OR DRINK A CAPPUCCINO AFTER 11 AM. Cappuccinos are meant to be drunk (?) in the morning, especially for breakfast. While espressos are fine any time of the day.

  17. Can Emma do similar interviews at the womens tour of Britain or similar event? It would be good to start to get to know the women as well as we know some of the men.

  18. Emma is killing it as an interviewer… See her win the Haute Route 2012:

  19. I think Ben O'Connor is still waiting for Emma to bring him one coffe… he was a little bit confused 😀

  20. Given that strong caffine consumption ways leads to the inevitable crash, I don't think any cyclist should be drinking it.
    It also constricts the arteries and you don't need that on a hard workout.

  21. No sugar in either, so I'll take the fat in the cappuccino. No milk just heavy cream…so I guess espresso with cream.

  22. I’m surprised no one said Venti Skinny Hazelnut, Sugar-Free vanilla Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whip, Half Caff, Ristretto, 4-Pump, Cinnamon, Dolce, Soy Macchiato… 🤷🏼‍♂️

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