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Essential MTB Skills To Progress Your Riding | How To Improve On The Trail

Essential MTB Skills To Progress Your Riding | How To Improve On The Trail

– Welcome back you beautiful people, now we have a number of
videos, skill videos, from beginner all the
way up to intermediate, so here’s another video, eight ways how to progress your riding to the next level, ’cause everyone wants
to step it up a level. Let’s kick it off with this one. (punchy theme music) Body position, yes, we do
talk about this quite a bit but it is quite crucial when it comes to: riding trails, climbing trails, cornering, going downhill, all of that. So, we’re going to kick
it off, body position on a steep climb like this and then when it gets a little bit rough, that’s when your body
position changes dramatically, and I’m going to point
these out to you right now. (intense music) Climbing, body position is key. When you’re moving up onto a steep climb, I like to move up on the
saddle, bring myself up onto the horn, curl my arms
in, drop my body position, and then push, and when
I’m pushing and pedaling, I’m pulling and pushing into my bike. Getting the weight all over the front end, but quite central as well, because you don’t want
to lose grip on the rear. Especially when it gets tight
like this one right here, where it’s a bit rocky, you want to just pick your line way before you get to it, because you want to get all the way up the climb without putting your feet down, ’cause that’s the challenge. So body weight is down, elbows
in, right up on the horn, and you’re just putting the power down and looking for your line. (upbeat music) Right when it comes to a
big obstacle like this, after a huge climb and
you need to get over this, it’s all about that
quick responsive action, about getting your back wheel over, so it’s like lean back, and pop forward. Being clipped in it’s super easy because you can just rely on those clips to keep your momentum
going, you’re pedaling, but you’re still lifting that real wheel. Now when on flats, your want
to curl your feet down just to bring it up as well so that means your weight
is going to be going down and shifting forward really quickly, but it’s all a quick motion
through this section. (music continues) Right there’s a fine line
of having too much weight on the rear, and too little
weight on that rear wheel, to gain traction. When you’re climbing
on a steep section like that where it’s rocky,
loose, and bit steep as well, you got to find that line, and you’re always moving your body weight, just to compensate when it comes to a situation like an
obstacle in the trail just like that rock one there. You want to move it back and
forward, back and forward, just to keep the traction going, and your momentum over that obstacle. It’s all about body
position when it comes to that situation. (music continues) (presenter breathes audibly) It’s super easy to say,
but man, breathing. Your breathing exercise when climbing will just chill you out as well, ’cause it’s a long climb,
you want to breathe properly, and you don’t want to get tired, so through the nose, out the mouth. Sounds really really weird, and easy to say, but it is a key thing, trust me, all sportsmen
do it, and sportwomen. (music continues) Okay what you goes up must go down, so when it comes to
descending on body position, it changes a lot as well, your
weight is going to shift all the way over the back
end, now when you come to a situation just like this is a nice little worked
step, a big step down, your body weight’s going
to shift over the back, ’cause if you find yourself
your weight’s on the front, it is going to feel very awkward, and it’s going to push your
bodyweight over the front, and feel like you’re
going to go over the bars. So on a situation like this, you’re going to prepare
when you’re coming in, you’re looking ahead, you
can see this is coming up, so you’re going to start moving
your body weight slightly backwards, and then when you
get to it, you’re going to let the bike roll over, and
you’re going to push your weight more over the rear. That’s going to help balance
you out when it comes to descending. Nice! (music continues) When it comes to riding
down the trail, it’s key to ride level pedals, all the time. Even if you’re coming
down a flat bit like this, you don’t know what’s
going to be on the side of the trail that can clip your foot, when your feet are like this. You want to keep level pedals
and especially when it comes to rough sections, get in level pedals, you’re in attack position,
you’re in control, instead of your foot down like this, you’re just going to hit
everything that’s on the trail. Rocks, roots, whatever,
always ride level pedals, it’ll help you for sure. (upbeat music) Oh, breaking bumps,
breaking bumps, oh my god, oh, I don’t like this trail! Look, you’re looking down like this, you come you see all these roots, you keep going your still looking down, you actually don’t know
what’s coming ahead, because if you’re still looking
down you’re saying like, “oh my gosh, look how rough it is ah, “look all these breaking
bumps, breaking bumps.” Then boom! You’re introduced with this and you didn’t even know it was here because you kept looking
at your front wheel, it’s key to look ahead
because when you come to a situation like this, you
want to know what’s there! ‘Cause there is an alternative line, even though you were still looking down, you wouldn’t be able to see that either. Always focus and look ahead. Ah, yeah, ooh there’s a drop, nice, woo! (music continues) Instead of sticking to
the center of the trail, it’s all about looking
ahead, like we’ve said, but looking for little gaps, little jumps to spice up that ordinary
trail, I’m all about that. Now that is a perfect lip for a little bit of a hip
transfer onto the side of the trail there, so you
using the whole trail, not just the center of it. So this is two things in
one, you’re looking ahead, you’re looking at spicing up the trail, not sticking to the center, and also using the whole
trail ahead of you, not just that little single path there. It’s all about being super creative, man. Looking ahead, making that
ride a bit more spicy. (intense music) Then when you come into this turn, you want to keep that
nice, strong body position, that attack position, you don’t
want to be straight-legged and up, and you don’t want
to be all crunched down, because this is quite a g-arp turn, so you want to be quite neutral, bent legs, bent arms, looking ahead, your body weight’s going
to be shifting out to the side of the bike, so you’re
going to be dropping down, your bum’s going to be pointing out of the turn, your outside
leg’s going to be dropping, and you’re looking ahead and
your body weight’s going to be right about over your BB,
especially when you’re coming into this g-arp turn. (intense music) All right, everyone loves to go fast, but it’s a progressive thing now but when you fast down
the trail, you need to hone in all those skills you have because it can be a little
bit more intimidating, the risk is a little bit high. Also, you just got to do it
within your means as well, you don’t want to go too,
too fast down the trail, and not understand how to control your bike going down the trail, so progress it, but it is always fun to step out that comfort zone, just to go a little bit faster down that local trail of yours. Now, I’m going to go as fast
as I can down this trail, within my means. (music continues) Look at that beautiful view, whoa! That’s Finale Ligure right
there, we’re in Italy, so hopefully this video’s helped you out, progressed your riding to the next level with these skills that we’ve shown you throughout this video. Now if you want to stick
around and you want to continue to binge watch GMBN, click
this video right here, it’s another one, how to manual, get those skills going out on the trail, also don’t forget to hit
that globe to subscribe, ’cause you’re missing
out on some rad stuff. Give us a thumbs up like
if you love riding fast, I’ll see you next time, see ya!

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