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Everything I’m Obsessed with Right Now!! (seriously, try these)

Everything I’m Obsessed with Right Now!! (seriously, try these)

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    Edit: but I can’t get it because I live in the uk.. 🙁 anyone know any uk shops that sell these?

  2. It’s always fun to watch your videos 😍 I love that you admire and love your body the way it is and make us curvy gurls be even more confident in our bodies 😍

  3. went to AE to buy the scrunchie…got super excited cause it was on sale! ended up ordering another 2 items, order came out to $40…story of my life

  4. I love you videos so much! They always make me happy and you seem so nice and really pretty! Just wanted to let you know that your a gr8 example and a role model to a younger girl! 😂🥰

  5. Hey love! Love your reviews, honesty 100%. I've been considering buying We Rate Dogs merch, specifically a I Said Hi hoodie BUT there's no reviews of any of their stuff! Figured that might be a good video for you 😉 I trust your opinions, and who doesn't want dog merch? Like… Come on, Tell Your Dog I Said Hi!!!!!!

  6. Love all of your videos! You have helped me embrace my curves and be confident in my "mom bod". Keep being you and don't let anybody dull your shine ❤

  7. Hey I’m new and I love your videos thanks for making these videos I’m 12 and I do have curves but use to hide them but now I’m so confident cause of your videos love you your beautiful 🤗thx

  8. TheBalm has had the best matte lipsticks for a really long time and you can get a bunch of minis for like $25 and they last a long time and they’re always on Hautelook and Nordstrom Rack!

  9. I went to try on Good American jeans, I wanted to see what the hype was all about, and as someone who HATES wearing jeans I was VERY VERY skeptical…I went in, tried on one pair and was BLOWN AWAY! I couldn’t believe how comfortable they where and how they hugged in all the right places… if I could buy these jeans I totally would!!

  10. If anyone was wondering were to find good sweaters that are flattering is Costco. It’s really cheap good quality and soft and flattering i love it

  11. I’ve been rewatching Gilmore Girls and everyone has a corduroy jacket with the shearling/ Sherpa collar! I’ve seen at least three different colors on Lorelei alone. Naturally I need one, so I was super excited to see this and managed to grab it! Thanks girl!

  12. ok you need to try Oribe matte waves and Oribe beach wave spray. OBSESSED. This is my lazy girl secret. I have frizzy wavy hair and when I use these my hair is so wavy and perfect and not crunchy or gross feeling

  13. I love this video!! I’m pretty new to your channel and I just wanted to say you’re just such a joy to have in my feed. Your videos quickly became my favourites. Keep doing you girl! I love it!

  14. I thought there was a lot of negativity surrounding scentbird? I’m not exactly sure but I remember seeing a video about how they leave out scents & sometimes don’t even ship out ur package monthly (also bad customer service??)

  15. So happy I found your channel! As a girl that’s not stick thin I love having a beautiful girl to get tips and tricks from! Keeping doing you!!!

  16. I never know how to style my body because I am about your size (but taller, I’m 5’9) but most of my meat is like on my sides on my ribcage if that makes any sense?? Like I don’t think I’m fat or anything like that but everything tighter on me I’m just so uncomfortable in because it accentuates my chub right below my bra on my sides. I also have a little belly right at the bottom of my torso (as everyone does) and I would honestly love to show people that it’s ok to have that but idk how without being SOOO uncomfortable about my sides

  17. I just found your channel a few weeks ago and i am OBSESSED. I love that you represent real women and real beauty!! Your content is AMAZING ♡♡♡♡

  18. Hey Sierra! I love this video! I’ve been looking for more winter clothes as all I have now are baggy hoodies and a few pairs of ill fitting jeans and this was really helpful to me. I’d love it if you could do more of these favorites videos and I love your channel overall. Have a wonderful day! 💕

  19. If you saw Sierras vlog she talked about hate…so sad cuz shes sooo nice and beautiful…to block out the hate so she doesn't see it send blue hearts so she only sees the hearts and not tha hate💙

  20. I saw your vlog and thought I’d send you some love. You are truly amazing and inspiring. You radiate positivity and it’s absolutely infectious. You’re one of my fav YouTube’s and you don’t deserve an ounce of hate in your life. We all love you so much. Continue being yourself because you are a diamond ❤️

  21. Omg I just found ur channel and I am in love literally I am only 11 and I relate to everything u go thru even though I am not plus sized or have big breasts or a big butt but I have a tiny waste and huge hips and I cannot fit in anything and one of my friends always mistake my curves for fat and it always gets me so upset but ur channel has made me so thankful for my curves so thank u love u

  22. I looked at that jacket every time I went to JCPenneys for months and then I went to get it the other day in store and I checked online and it’s sold out, such a bummer.

  23. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but you have been acting super silly lately and I love it! It’s real Sierra 😊😊

  24. Saw your vlog yesterday and I wanted to let you know that I think you are beautiful! The first video of yours I watched was the trying size 12 in 12 stores and it made me subscribe and I’ve been bingeing your videos ever since. Love you and your videos! You have so many more people who love your videos and don’t even think about your size than people who spew negativity. I’ll definitely be a forever subscriber.

  25. I need to try the texturizing spray. I’ve always had thick hair so I never really needed it but since cutting my hair I have been looking for a good product to make my hair look more beach wavy

  26. Do you whiten your teeth?? If so with what? You have some pearly whites!!!
    Try Philosophy’s Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, amazing grace ballet rose perfume. Or any Philosophy perfume. So clean, light, airy. Get tons of compliments

  27. Honestly, you are so beautiful and I find your body so beautiful, I don’t know if it’s your confidence or what but I just find you so pretty! And I love your videos

  28. Hi Sierra…I am 12 and have tried every possible way to lose weight and for a time I was anorexic…but I wasn’t losing any weight. Please help…kids at school are so pretty and skinny. If I was skinny I wouldn’t be so ugly. I have makeup I wear but my clothes don’t fit right.
    Jacqueline Helton

  29. Hey Sierra! Just wanted to tell you that those two sweaters from American Eagle you’ve been obsessed with come in another color as well! Last time I checked the website, they had it in light pink with white stripes! And possibly even more colors then that!! 💕

  30. Sierra, thank you so much for making your videos! I can relate to you so much. I am also 22 years old and I work full time and attend college online. I too struggle with body image issues and your videos have helped me to not care about that as much. It is good to know that we are all just doing our best and no one is perfect.

  31. It’s so annoying when my whole head of hair becomes a head with one big hair curl 😒 Idk that all I need is a hair that gives texture….??!??

  32. I would definitely love to see more of these videos ! I got the greet AE sweater after seeing it in a couple of your videos. I love it and I’m definitely considering getting it in another color! I got the Oribe dry shampoo in my FabFitFun box (looks the same as what you have. Not sure if it’s different) and I love it ! I’m also seriously considering those hair ties ! I love your channel !

  33. I love your channel so much!! Thank you for teaching me how to love myself and for making it even easier with flattering outfit ideas <3

  34. Watching you is like watching Saturday morning cartoons. I just want to curl up with a bowl of Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms while watching…….❣️

  35. Hey! I got the scrunchie bandana. I have the navy blue and the red one is coming! How do you style it? I have tried and it’s really confusing. How do you put it around in your hair without the bandana getting in the way

  36. I love these types of videos. It covers a lot of random items that would never be covered in a normal haul/try on/styling video. We all have our favourite daily use items, and some are looking for suggestions on new products to try out!

  37. Can you recommend curvy jeans that aren't so tight in the legs, I don't like skinny jeans but have ample hips and thighs and not so tiny legs. Thanks.

  38. I have a 5 year old Banana Bread candle from Yankee that they no longer make….I rarely burn it just so I can savor it and smell it forever.

  39. I love all your videos. I was wondering what do you use on your eyebrows. If anything at all. And your foundation. Your skin always looks flawless.

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